3D Modelling & Visual Effects Production

Humber's 3D Modelling and Visual Effects Production certificate program focuses on both the conceptual and the technical, as students master visual techniques to bring ideas to life. Students develop skills in modelling, texturing and lighting, as well as in visual effects, compositing and digital cinematography. We employ a teaching process and course structure that requires content created in one course to be used to complete assignments in other courses.

This “pipeline” process mirrors that of industry, allowing students to make a seamless transition into a real production environment. The program is designed by artists for experienced traditional artists and animators who want to either develop or transition their skillsets for employment in the 3D and visual effects industries. The faculty take their years of industry experience into the classroom, straight from the studio. Their collective experience and passion in the gaming, television and film industries is the driving force that ensures the program meets the current and future needs of the industry.

Our Students

Ankush Bawa Profile Picture

Ankush Bawa

I am currently a student at Humber College in the 3D Modelling and VFX course. I graduated from Visual Effects for Film and Television at Seneca last year. I am focusing on FX. I made a building destruction shot where a plane is colliding with the building and there is a huge explosion.

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Arun_Midha Artwork

Arun Midha

I am currently a student at Humber College in the 3D Modelling and VFX course. I graduated from Visual Effects for Film and Television course at Seneca(York Campus) last year. I am focusing on Compositing, Prep and some CG skills for Films and TV shows. I have some experience as a prep and compositing artist back in India where I worked for Movies and TV shows. Apart from VFX, I love reading books,cooking,and playing games in my free time. I am looking forward to being a composer after I graduate from Humber.

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Dipak Gaur Photo 2021

Dipak Gaur

I am currently a student at Humber College pursuing the 3D Modelling and VFX course. I graduated from Visual Effects for Film and Television course at Seneca(York Campus) last year. I am focused on Compositing, Prep and some CG skills for Films and TV shows. I have some experience as a prep and compositing artist back in India where I worked for Movies and TV shows. Apart from VFX, I am a Tech enthusiast and love playing video games in my free time. I am looking to become a compositor after I graduate from Humber.

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Image of Dishan Shah

Dishan Shah

I am a VFX artist mostly interested in match-move. While learning VFX match-move had my interest. I know DCCs which are currently being used in industry like 3Dequalizer and Syntheyes. My demo reel includes various kinds of movie shots and other videos which display objects and camera tracks. There are shots which have motion blur and camera movements which makes it difficult to track. I have placed objects in the middle which helps in identifying the quality of tracks.

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Emmanuel Moshood profile picture

Emmanuel Moshood

My demo reel is an experiment in interactive virtual reality. I am creating a sci-fi interior scene for this exercise and will be showing the walls, floors and selected assets in an axonometric view. The end goal is to publish the final production using Unreal engine as a project where viewers can change materials, rotate around at will and operate animated fixtures of the projects.

Black background with a gold line drawing of a female with glasses wearing a beanie with Pom-Pom

Farah Sadek

An artist that works in both the physical and the digital world. Creating and pushing boundaries is what I strive to do. Often in my childhood, I would wonder in my imagination fabricating places and adventures. As I grew older, I found films to be nostalgic, where I can often reminisce about the state of euphoria I once had as a child. My profile is focused on VFX composting using Houdini and Nuke to create Partical Simulations for things such as fire, explosions and tornados to recreate life like scene from one of my favourite childhood Walt Disney Productions movies "Hercules" in 1997

That is Felix D Rozatrio in pixel art. A friend

Felix D Rozario

I'm an aspiring environment and prop artist. For my demo reel, I've found this amazing 2D art of a "Train Station" by Atnajoy on Artstation which I wanted to create in real time inside of Unreal Engine 4. I've only done AAA realistic environments and props so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn stylized art inspired from games such as Breath Of The Wild

Harpreet Singh profile picture

Harpreet Singh

I did my Bachelors in Electronics from GNDU back in India but I never enjoyed doing engineering. Later on, I got really interested in VFX, so I decided to apply for a 3D modelling and Visual effects course where my journey with Houdini began.

Jiyoung Park Profile Picture

Jiyoung Park

I am Jiyoung Park and I am a 3D artist & 2D graphic designer with experience in the graphic design industry. I also received a diploma in Interior Decorating Program from Humber. Based on my background, my portfolio is mainly focused on architectural and interior modelling and rendering. I love focusing on detailed work and interactive working with 2D and 3D graphics. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Juan Felipe Profile Picture

Juan Felipe Hernandez

This project started as a way to develop my skills. The idea of working on a stylised asset has been floating around my head for a couple of months. I was looking for a design to develop a small diorama. B Min Lee concept of art gave me the opportunity to work on a piece with cartoony proportions, abundant foliage and a lovely hand painting stylised texture.

Juan Mejia's Logo

Juan Mejia

Constant growth 3D artist and creative advertiser with strong experience and vast knowledge conducting market research, collaborating with sales and design teams to create targeted ad campaigns corporate design and the generation of advertising campaigns—high level in digital design and motion graphics. My project is focused more on building materials for a reading room, giving real details for each asset on the environment. Trying different techniques such as Substance, Photoshop and Maya. I care about the realism of my scene.

Karan Bindal Profile Picture

Karan Bindal

I am a Graphic Web Designer from New Delhi, India. My skills include UI Development, Branding and Identity Design and implementing prototypes into practical applications with Front End Technologies like Vue.js / Node / Express / Laravel. I also have learned skills of a 3D Generalist, where I can 3D model/sculpt and texture.

Kimberly Pearce -Portfolio Picture

Kimberly Pearce

Kim M.E. Pearce - a character artist and digital painter. She has a love of sci-fi, fantasy, and all manner of weird creatures. This new creator looks forward to making assets for web, animation, film, and even her own video game someday. With every project Kim brings a level of passion and professionalism that you'll see showcased in this portfolio.

Laura Sofia Ferrer Photo

Laura Sofia Ferrer

Sofia Ferrer/ Industrial designer from Colombia interested in product and environment design. Currently working in demo reel project focused on detailed modeling of the environment and objects of a patisserie. Passionate about learning new cultures and art knowledge.

Omar Ahmed's Logo

Omar Ahmed

I'm a 23-year old 3DFX Humber student who's passionate about creating 3D assets and bring them to life, and the reason why I was driven towards the art of 3D artistry, is because of the endless possibilities of bringing a piece of an environment or a tool to life, let it be for entertainment or to create a world or an item that cannot physically exist with its current resources, release even having more place for creativity to create a virtual world for everyone to venture into.

This artwork is a digital painting by Priyanka Uppal

Priyanka Uppal

Currently pursuing a 3D modeling and visual effects program at Humber college. Keen to learn. More inclined towards creating environmental scenes and assets that could narrate stories .Themes such as crime scenes or horror scenes interest me the most and can also be viewed in my work . Specialized from modelling in 3D Max , zbrush to texturing in substance painter. Good understanding of PBR flow, additionally have some experience with the lighting and rendering in Arnold, vray and unreal.

Rakesh Janardan Profile Picture

Rakesh Janardan

My name is Rakesh Janardan. I worked as a Junior FX artist for little less than 2 years in Bangalore, India. I want to continue my career as a FX artist.


Sonia Gutierrez Vigoya

For this project, I wanted to work from a concept and approach it from a different perspective. I chose the Coffee Cafe design of Derek Laufman as I felt inspired by it. My main goal was to explore the style and context of the environment without going too far from the original design and intention. Art Concept by Derek Laufman.

Sundarapandian Rajendran profile picture

Sundarapandian Rajendran

Hi! My name is Sundarapandian Rajendran. I worked as a Visual & Motion Graphic Designer at Zoho Corporation in Chennai, India. I want to become an FX artist. My demo reel focuses on creating mainly FX oriented Procedural Asset Creation, Particles , Rigid Body Dynamics, FLIP Fluids, Pyro, Soft Body Dynamics. All shots are done in Maya, Houdini and Nuke applications. My first shot is a “River” done using FLIP Fluids and various procedural method in Houdini. My second shot is a “Vehicle Destruction” done using RBD Dynamics and bullet solver method in Houdini. My third shot is a “Iron Man-Thor Fight” sequence. My fourth shot is a “Rain” not included in the reel and the fifth shot is House-Alien destruction still work in progress.

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