3D Modelling & Visual Effects Production

Humber's 3D Modelling and Visual Effects Production certificate program produces graduates who have skills in modelling, texturing and lighting, as well as in visual effects, compositing and digital cinematography. By studying both the conceptual and the technical, graduates have mastered the visual techniques needed to bring ideas to life.

The program uses a teaching process and course structure that requires content created in one course to be used to complete assignments in other courses, mirroring the industry's “pipeline” process and enabling graduates to transition seamlessly from the classroom to a real production environment.

Our Students

Toghrul Hasanov

3D Modelling, Lighting, Rendering

Toghrul is a 27 year old from Azerbaijan with several years of experience as an automotive artist. Mainly worked as a hard-surface modeller. Interested in shading and lighting to get photorealistic images.

Anthony Bryll Ortiz

Rotoscope Lead

Anthony has good knowledge of SilhouetteFX, and basic knowledge of Nuke software for rendering matters and Mocha Pro for tracking. Ability to perform multiple tasks, prioritize and solve problems. Perform rotoscoping services with movie credits The Force Majeure and The Square.

Kyle Rigelhof

3D Modeller

A 3D modeller that approaches every lesson and project with passion and care. Always striving to learn new techniques from more experienced modellers to help any project at hand see completion.

Ravtej Singh Lehal

Graphic Design

I am a creative enthusiast who takes blur ideas and turns them into a novel and an exclusive concept that is influenced by creativity, art, and balance which act as strong foundations for a brand story. I want to take brands from "I have an idea" to executing the idea through a seamless process of creating a strategy and defining a strong visual language.

Rodrigo Leon

3D Creature Artist/3D Modeller

Professional Graphic Designer specializing in motion graphics with more than 10 years of valuable experience and employment history in the television industry. Currently transitioning to the film industry as a creature artist and 3D modeller. I consider myself a very hard worker with a record of success and accomplishments, which has been reflected in all of my previous positions. I'm fluent in English and Spanish is my native language.

Martyna Trykoszko

Asset Artist

I am an aspiring 3D artist with visual design and UX design skills and a passion for everything media related. Quick learner, creative and passionate. Enjoys challenges and learning new things. Well versed in working within the 3D environment.   I have experience working on both TV and radio productions at the university level as well as knowledge of product management and production.