Content Strategy

The Content Strategy graduate certificate program, the first of its kind in Ontario, is designed to prepare students for the emerging and exciting field of content strategy. Content strategists help organizations and agencies establish and maintain a credible, viable and trustworthy online presence.

Content strategists oversee the publishing of public information, providing advice and direction to improve internal communications, public relations and user experience. Students engage with all aspects of the content lifecycle, from creating and curating content to conducting content audits, to making holistic, strategic recommendations for content based on thorough content analysis.

Our Students

Cole Currie

A website showcasing Cole’s portfolio, which he hopes to use in his professional development as he works toward advancing his career as a content strategist, writer, and digital professional. The website features an open, organic visual style that reflects Cole’s personal and professional sensibilities with the aim of making a sincere connection with his target audience through an authentic and approachable voice.


Kateryna Starodubets

The project is a user persona assignment. The task as a content strategist working for Charlene Nadalin, Owner of Amiintro a social networking site for seniors 65+ was to produce 4 working personas for the organization to help them move forward on their content strategy.

Work Sample

Saquib Nazar

My link will lead you to a portfolio website containing my images from Instagram, written blog content, infographic content, visual content from my YouTube channel, and also my work history, which is affiliated with media.


Syed Hussain

The portfolio website showcases projects and college assignments from the Media Content Strategy and User Experience Design Programs at Humber College. The projects consist of a step by step overview of the process followed by the final outcome. The purpose for showcasing the projects was to present them in a storytelling manner for the viewers and so that they are able to see the development of the project in a detailed manner.


Tanvi Rajadhyaksha

Tanvi is a Business Strategy Associate with a background in B2B technology content strategy and international law. She enjoys the challenge of creatively and collaboratively closing the space between business problems and technology solutions; making client deliveries relevant, seamless, and empowering. She listens well and listens closely to many perspectives (CEOs, business analysts, solution architects, and clients) to make this happen. Tanvi’s approach to strategy combines logic, intuition, and curiosity. It's also what she tries to build into her interactions with stakeholders. Her work experiences at IBM and a technology start-up help her continuously hone and improve this approach.