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Motivated. Creative. Innovative. These are the words that describe our students from our intensive Graphic Design for Print and Web certificate program. They have learned industry-best practices and how to communicate effective design solutions using composition, typography, illustration, interactive media and web design. Throughout our program, they have worked towards developing a cutting-edge portfolio filled with real-world projects that have helped them to stand out in the creative field of graphic and web design. In order to achieve the best, they have learned from the best.

This program offers them access to the latest industry standards in hardware, design applications and instruction. Our labs are equipped with the latest Apple workstations, up-to-date Adobe Creative Cloud software and our course instruction is facilitated by industry-leading working professionals in their field of practice and study. Over the course of the program, they have built connections with industry professionals, alumni and community partners to help prepare them for future career opportunities, through supportive mentorship and coaching.

Check out this Event to see more from Graphic Design for Print & Web Students:

Design Improv – LIVE!

April 20, 2021 from 6pm to 8pm EST

Come watch our graduating class in action! Our designers will be divided into small teams and given a random design problem to solve in only 1 hour! Our teams will then pitch their designs to the audience who will be our judging panel. If you are a potential employer, this is a great way to see what our graduates can do under pressure! If you are a potential student, this event will give you some insight on the skills you will develop by the time you reach the end of the program. If you are a design enthusiast, this will be a fun event that celebrates creativity!


Our Students

Black A and K letters positioned diagonally in a white box.

Alannah Kavanagh

Melo Studio is a creative design agency owned and operated by Alannah Kavanagh.She is a graphic designer, copywriter, and social media manager whose work is tightly focusedon creative direction and brand development. In her spare time, she plays in an indie rock band,reads literary magazines, and throws muddy tennis balls for her Australian Shepherd pup, Sadie.

Andrea Kumer logo. Graffiti style letters representing A and K

Andrea Kumer

Andrea Kumer is a graphic design student who seeks to bridge the gap between design and art. Her focus is on giving brands life, character and spirit, through artistic technique, conceptual thought and brand literature. She strives to push the boundaries of art and design by drawing the focus away from the “do’s & dont’s” of textbook graphic design, practicing a natural and artistic approach. She experiments and creates work in different mediums to capture the timeless beauty and complexity of the world. She continues to have an open mind, experiment, learn and push herself outside her comfort zone to create new and exciting ideas.

Bijaya Gautam logo. White B and G letters with an offset blue and black outline.

Bijaya Gautam

I’m a Designer and a Developer. Talking about my background, I have accomplished my Bachelor’s degree of Science in Computer Information Systems from Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas, USA (2015) and started working as an Application and Software Developer for almost three years at different IT companies. Then, I moved to Canada in 2019 and enhanced my development skills by completing Certification in Web Design and Development (2020) and pursued Certification in Graphic Design for Print and Web (2021) where I learned vast design concepts. I am passionate about designing and building Dynamic, Clean, Responsive, Functional, and Accessible websites. I feel peaceful creating User Interface/ User Experience, Page layout, Illustrations, and Graphics such as logos and icons. I have learned diverse work culture working as a consultant with several clients like Dell, Accenture, and Wells Fargo by designing, developing, and understanding complex websites and information architecture.

Candice Habeyche logo. A burgundy C with a diagonal H inside.

Candice Habeyche

Candice Habeyche is Brazilian Graphic Designer nowbased in Canada. She is a hardworking, mature andteam-oriented professional with experience in exceedingin marketing. Her passion to learn and tohear life stories it is her way to build relationships butalso develop her creative and communication skills.She likes challenging herself and achieve personalgoals.Candice has a degree in Media Communication withemphasis in Advertising. She also has a master ofMedia Communication and an MBA of Strategic BusinessManagement in Brazil. She has been workingwith Graphic Design since 2004 creating all kinds ofmaterials for different types of communication asmarketing specialist for educational companies andcredentialling agency. In Canada since 2019, Candicehas been dedicating her time between school andretail companies. Her next goal is finishing her Certificateof Graphic Design for print and Web at HumberCollege and apply for an opportunity as a JuniorGraphic Designer and continuing studying to developher skills on digital and online media.

Claire Hunter logo. Black C and H letters on a cloudy sky.

Claire Hunter

Hello, I’m Claire, a graphic designer and musician living in Toronto, Canada. I have a diplomain Musical Theatre Performance from Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, and now acertificate in Graphic Design for Print and Web from Humber College. I have a love for play andapproach all of my work with curiosity and an easy going attitude. I enjoy the whole process ofdesign, from listening to a client and working on concepts, to narrowing in on small details. Ienjoy working as a part of a team and always bring a positive attitude.

Despina Chaskari logo. D and C letters on a multi-colored papercut background.

Despina Chaskari

I am a Toronto-based Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I am really passionate about Design. My goal is to learn something new every day as I go and to create memorable work that’s inspired by the values it represents. I always had an eye for art and design ever since I can remember myself. When I see a product, I see the idea behind it and try to figure out why it looks the way it does. When I see a company, I see its people, their work, their team effort. When I see a book, I see the story, the characters, I see the person who wrote it. Impactful design is to collect all that and turn it into a picture, an illustration, a logo, a cover. Every design is a journey through creativity and imagination something that’s it’s never boring. But on this journey, we are not alone. Being able to cultivate personal relationships with my clients is one of my key goals because I want to listen to their stories and ideas and turn them into beautiful designs. As a professional, I want to be part of the journey and to give a bit of my perspective into any project that I work on with inventiveness, versatility, and inclusion.

Drasti Nawab logo. Blocky blue N and D letters on a teal background.

Drasti Nawab

I am a versatile creative designer in Toronto. I grabbed knowledge from various fields holding a Bachelor’s degree in interior Design, completed from SID College affiliated with VNSGU University in Gujarat, India. Later I have done internship under Technicarch Company, where I practised how to deliver and communicate with the real life clients. We used to design all working drawings for a clients which includes all floor and ceiling plans, interior walls elevation and material selection. After internship and completing my interior design studies I realized the importance of branding, advertisement, 3D model and vfx in the industry. To learn all the technical and creative aspects I applied in Humber College to get Certificates of Achievement in 3D Modelling and Visual Effects Production course and also from Graphic design for Print and Web. In portfolio I have included all the projects that compliment my studies and creative thinking. I got inspired by the Steve Jobs and learned “Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works.”

Giovanni Fortini logo. Black G and F letters in a circle with a human silhouette.

Giovanni Fortini

Hi there, Im Gio. I am 21 and from Toronto, Canada. I’ve been a freelance graphic designer since I graduated high school. I have mostly done work for small start-up companies and friends. My passion for graphic design began in elementary school. I was always the one who designed and illustrated our group projects. It was always fun creating my own design from scratch. I never thought of it as homework. I believe as a graphic designer one of the best ways to display your talent is through a portfolio. The goal of my portfolio is to show all of the designs I created thus far and continue to make.

Gypsy Ecarma logo. Funky, retro styled G and E letters on an orange background.

Gypsy Ecarma

I am Gypsy, a graphic designer. I am a highly motivated individual with a keen eye for creating illustrations, advertising materials, responsive UI and of course bringing your ideas to life. I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.I’ve been doing graphic designing since 2014 may it be for personal or for profit. I’ve spent the past 4 years creating graphic illustrations for print-on-demand businesses and as well as create advertising media for print and web. After I completed my bachelor’s degree in the Philippines in 2017, I then proceeded working as a full time freelance graphic artist working side by side with international clients all over the world.Currently, I’m trying to immerse myself into the world of UX/UI designing. I’ve always wanted to broaden my skill in this particular area of designing hence I decided to pursue my studies in Canada, to broaden my knowledge, hone my skills and gain international connections.

Inna Manova logo. Light blue I and M letters with the word Digital inside the M.

Inna Manova

I created my first website in 2009 with It was my photography portfolio. It wasn’t good. But I was very proud. What I understood back then, was the power of digital representation and the endless exposure possibilities that it brought to any person or business. Since then, I learned many tools and techniques related to web design and development. Development tools, graphic design programs, animation and video editing techniques, web design platforms, digital marketing and SEO tools. I even wanted to make this knowledge official and went to Humber college . I want to create beautiful and practical sites for my clients. To create your site, I will: conceptualize creative ideas, design visual imagery for website and sample pages, prepare design plan and website structure, create wireframe and finally …. I will create your website.

Jerry Jacob logo. Two gold J letters in a script font on a white background.

Jerry Jacob

Over the past 5 years I have had a fantastic opportunity to venture into all forms of visual communication like Television commercials, Corporate Brand Films, 2D and 3D animation, Photography and Graphic Design for Print and web for many international clients. Having worked in all these fields, I have developed a sharp eye for detail and framing and can catch a bad pixel from afar which a regular person may miss out. Having varied experience in these different fields helps me think about a campaign cross – platform wise. How would a piece of content look on TV, social media or Print? This ability to think in all forms together is important to maintain cohesiveness in all media content published by a brand.

Karen Bulhosen logo. Handwritten K and B in a circle on a teal background.

Karen Bulhosen

Hi! My name is Karen Bulhosen Duenas, and you might be wondering why I have two last names and that is because I’m from Mexico and we Hispanics have two last names, but here I just go with the “Bulhosen” last name. I’ve been living in Canada for seven years and since coming to this country I had previously wanted to become a graphic designer, but as I was younger, I wasn’t really sure of what was my true calling and didn’t consider the opportunity to fulfill my dreams until recently. I’ve been always passionate about design and becoming a graphic designer has been the best way to achieve the professional path I always envisioned myself. I also have a background in Architectural Technology and have completed that same three year diploma program at Humber, so you could say Humber College is my alma-mater. I also consider myself a really creative person, so graphic design could not have been a better option for me since I used to design fanarts and book covers for my fictional works on my free time when I was a teenager. So as you can see, design has always been present in my life.

Morvarid Nabagh logo. Gold P and N letters with pearls as accents.

Morvarid Nabagh

Morvarid Nabagh is a Graphic Designer in Ontario who is specialized and skilled in graphic design with over six years of experience. She fell in love with design at an early age which has led her down this creative path. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication from Sooreh University. In her latest adventure, she moved to Canada to continue her studies and enrolled in Humber's Graphic Design for Print and Web program. Morvarid's career as a student has given her the drive to fine-tune her technical skills and develop an advanced layout and design strategy. She has utilized industry tools to produce product-focused ad work based on many design principles. She has become a master in using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign and a strong understanding of After Effects and XD.While striving to obtain her academic credentials, Morvarid has worked freelance to rebrand their image and create their logos. She redeveloped Pars Calibration Company's advertising strategy to target their specific market to increase its customer base and revenue. Morvarid has a love for traveling and photography, which ignites her creative mind and fuels her inspiration. Contact Morvarid Nabagh today to see what she can do to help your company reach its design goals.

Navshake Arora logo. White handwritten N and A on a black background.

Navshake Arora

I’m Navshake Arora, an Indian Photographer and Designer. My work is influenced bycinematic style, color and lighting. Through my captured images and color selection formy designs I concentrate on interpreting the mood and feel of the piece as vivid aspossible.I also enjoy creating brand identities that are one of a kind. I have worked for Gov. OfIndia, PepsiCo, EPC Awards, Jashn-e-rekhta, Pernod Ricard and more.

Neeraj Chopra logo. Blue cursive lower case N and C letters on a yellow background.

Neeraj Chopra

I am a Graphics and UI designer based in Toronto. I am going to be graduate from Humber College with a post-graduation diploma in "Graphics design for print and web" this April. I came to Canada in 2019 with a desire to learn and adapt to the new culture. Back home I did a bachelor's in 3D Animation. With the advancement of the graphics and UI industry, I planned to learn more and came to Canada. When I was a kid I was more attracted to the art and craft and I do a lot of sketching and then I decided I want to pursue my career in a similar field. My strongest asset is designing a logo, branding, illustration, and UI design.

Raissa Maniezzo logo. Pink reversed letter R and Black M in a half heart shape.

Raissa Maniezzo

Raíssa Maniezzo is a 27 year old Brazilian currently living in Toronto, Canada. Attended Nucleo Educacional Interativa (now COC Itapira) during her High School, from 2009 until 2011. During this time she got a Certificate of Achievement for completing the English course at FISK English Courses.After her graduation, she passed the entrance exam being accepted for the Bachelor of Chemistry program at the Federal University of Itajubá (UNIFEI), being part of the first class formed for the program, graduating in 2018. On the last month of her program, she took the Quality Control Applied to Medicines program at SENAC Itapira getting a Certificate of Achievement. In 2020, she moved to Canada to pursue a new career as a Graphic Designer, starting her studies at the Design Foundation program at Humber College in Etobicoke, graduating with Honours the same year. Currently she is still at Humber College taking the Graphic Design for Print and Web program.

Rashmeet Saggu logo. White R and S with hand rendered shadows on a yellow background.

Rashmeet Saggu

I am a multi-disciplinary creative in Toronto. Currently I hold a four and half year bachelors in Product Design from MAEER’S MIT Institute of Design, India. Later I worked with Imagimake Design, Mumbai as a Toy Designer delivering innovative products to nurture creativity and enhance learning for children. With Imagimake, I have worked on immersive play patterns selling products on both online platforms (,, Flipkart etc.) and offline platforms (in the USA, Western Europe and Australia)After working for two years, I realized the importance of knowing and understanding different aspects of designing to build an effective package for the user. For this reason I enrolled with Humber College to get my certificates in 3d modelling and VFX program and later in Graphic design for Print and Web.I believe that these different experience have helped me grow into a valuable designer.As I designer I want to be someone who understands the design needs of the users and is aware of the design thinking process delivering feasible effective solutions.

Rita Bustamante logo. Orange and red R and B inside a circle on a white background.

Rita Bustamante

I am a Toronto based graphic designer with previous studies in 3D Modelling. Passioned for branding, packaging, and editorial design, with experience in marketing and social media advertising. I identify myself as an enthusiastic, strategic and resilient women.When creating a layout, I like to transmit a clear message in order to facilitate communication between businesses and customers. I would describe my design aesthetic as simple and modern. I am a dedicated detail-oriented designer and committed to learning new skills, being aware that learning is a continuous process I’m ready to face new challenges. As a multi-cultural designer, I would like to incorporate unique techniques and ideas to be able to provide innovative and effective solutions. I enjoy working with different people. In my free time I like going swimming, camping and I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.

Ritaban Dass logo. R and D design with a geometric shape in blue and green gradient.

Ritaban Dass

This is Ritaban Dass, a character designer/storyboard artist/illustrator working in the Animation Industry for the last 10 years. I worked in a wide range of national and international 2D/3D animated projects throughout my career. Recently shifted in Toronto,Canada for higher studies. Looking forward to contribute my skills in the Canadian animation industry and later, hopefully be working on my own animated show someday.

Robin Schneider logo. Robin Jay Graphic Design with an illustrated bird.

Robin Schneider

Robin Jay is a graphic designer with interest in creating design for sports, media and fashion. She offers branding, publication design, illustration services. Her goal is to help individuals and businesses to bring ideas to life with creative design that matches their unique vision. She believes in client-centred design that places the focus on creating work that feels authentic to you or your brand.Robin spent three seasons working for the Hamilton Bulldogs of the Ontario Hockey League, where she developed brand design and all print and digital graphics across 3 seasons. In her time with the Bulldogs, she also worked with Ticketmaster, Hockey Canada and the NHL Top Prospects Game.Robin is a recent graduate of Humber College’s Graphic Design for Print & Web Program.

Ryan Tepper logo. Black R and T letters on a yellow background

Ryan Tepper

My name is Ryan Tepper and I am a marketing professional with a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and a Postgraduate Certificate in Sport and Event Marketing from George Brown College. I am extremely passionate about developing and delivering on brand content to the world and currently finishing a second Postgraduate Certificate in Graphic Design for Print & Web at Humber College to bolster my content creation arsenal and to compliment my marketing background.Prior to diving into graphic design, I’ve worked in the marketing industry since my undergrad days in different niches such as in the influencer space, grassroots sports and corporate web development. Coming out of this program as a young jack of all trade’s, I am eager to enter the professional world to individually and collaboratively share my skills in order to contribute to the success of companies and future clients.

Shivani Sawhney logo. Two blue serif letter S’s

Shivani Sawhney

I am a motivated digital marketing and web designing coordinator. Dynamic and well-educated Marketing Coordinator offering excellent skills in client relations. I bring in a sound domain knowledge of digitalmarketing and web design. Experienced in developing marketing brief, digital marketing campaigns andmarketing collateral for organizations like Abbott Nutrition. Eager to work with marketing and web design team members to drive business success and increase bottom line. I’ve gained advance knowledge ofsocial media, audience engagement and digital campaigns.With an MBA in healthcare management, BBA in digital marketing and a web design certification on its way I understand how to drive topline & bottom-line.I am working as Marketing Coordinator in Dr. Sandhu Dental Office. I have helped incorporate product changes to drive customer engagement and practice profits. Spearheaded marketing campaigns bygenerating 30% increase in patient recall. Increased brand awareness by developing technical/non-technical marketing collateral and presentations, public relations campaigns, articles and newsletters.I have done leading communication design and created marketing collateral for the practice.

Sonu Mourya logo. Black S and M letters with a paintbrush seperating them.

Sonu Mourya

I am a current student of Graphic designing for print and web. I graduated as a Visual effect Artist in 2010. Later, I worked as a VFX artist for almost 2 years in a Post Production company (Redchillies.vfx) (Mumbai, India) where my work involved in Rotoscoping, greenscreen, clean up, camera projections, composition. After that I worked for the television industry for 5yrs as an artist. I was always fascinated by vfx and Graphic Designing work so i pursued my designing course as it will give me more excel in career.

Tina Sapundzhieva logo. T and S in serif typeface on a green background.

Tina Sapundzhieva

I started freelance work as a graphic designer at the early age of 16. What I lacked in experience at the time I made up for in enthusiasm. I was very excited to be able to use my creativity to make something practical that I can see in the real world. That’s what inspires me to this day.I received my Bachelor’s in Applied Art in 2016 and earned my first position in the field as mainly a Photographer and also Graphic Designer for events like dancing competitions around Europe. Later I moved to Canada in a desire to find a more permanent position and to expand my knowledge further.I enjoy working in lots of different creative fields including graphic design, illustration and concept art, 3D modelling and rendering of assets.

Wendy Kovacaj logo. Diagonal W and K in white on a blue background.

Wendy Kovacaj

Upon graduating from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Wendy came to the realization that her creative passions were leading her down a path not rooted in accounting or finance. She decided instead to pursue her part time hobby of event planning in a full time capacity. She eventually ended up at the King Edward Hotel where she was promoted from Sales Coordinator to a Corporate Sales Manager. At The King Edward she planned various events for her diverse range of clients within the hotel's 4 ballrooms and 13 meeting rooms. Unfortunately, once the pandemic hit the hotels closed. She took this opportunity to pursue another form of design that always fascinated her, graphic design. She began her journey at Shaw Academy and then enrolled in Humber College to heighten her skills. She fell in love with this new form of design and decided it was time to put her business background in use and start her own company that would service its clients in the context of both event planning and graphic design. She named her company “Design Duets” as a dute involves two pieces working in harmony, just as she knew event and graphic design could.