Graphic Design for Print & Web

Motivated. Creative. Innovative. These are the words that describe graduates of our intensive Graphic Design for Print and Web certificate program. They have learned industry-best practices and how to communicate effective design solutions using composition, typography, illustration, interactive media and web design.

Graduates have mastered the latest industry standards in hardware, design applications and instruction. They have built connections with industry professionals, alumni and community partners to help prepare them for future career opportunities through supportive mentorship and coaching.

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Patrick Watson

Patrick Watson is a Graphic Design student at Humber College. He is starting Patrick Watson Design, a graphic design business offering logo, brand identity, and website design for start-up companies. Patrick is interested in dynamic logos and brand identities with vibrant colour palettes, organic shapes and human characteristics. With his Graphic Design certificate and borrowing from his experience working in tech, Patrick takes an agile approach to each design project. The result is an efficient, iterative workflow that produces effective, innovative logos, brand identities and websites reflective of company and product tones. Prior to design, Patrick studied at Queen’s University, graduating with a degree in computer engineering, and worked at a large tech company. Outside of work, Patrick enjoys playing hockey, soccer, running and mountain biking in his spare time. He was drafted by the Ottawa Jr. Senators of the Central Canada Hockey League prior to studying design and engineering.

Omar Ahmed Monogram logo.

Omar Ahmed

I’m a critical-thinking, crafty graphic designer, and a 3D artist with a student mentality residing in Toronto. I consider myself an adaptive and growing person with industry standards who thrives on new ways and challenges to tackle his tasks. As a person who’s passionate about graphic design, you’ll notice my work is vastly experimental, variable with its own unique touches. I manage to communicate kindly and appropriately with both clients and the team, as this mindset assures more properly conveyed, qualitative ideas and products. I've grown up playing computer games, which opened for me the world of graphic design and the artistic side of digital art, alongside swimming and jogging. I'm oddly a combination between being really social and a quiet guy depending on the situation. I like teamwork and group activities since the key aspect for a successful career is communication.

Randall Wilson monogram logo.

Randall Wilson

Randall has been a practising fine artist and designer for nearly forty years. Formally trained in landscape design, Randall worked for many years in the landscape industry. It was through his knowledge and experience in this field that he went to work with one of Ontario's Conservation Authorities in southern Ontario in the heart of the Carolinian Zone. It was here that Randall began working as a graphic designer creating public information materials and displays. He has had a life-long interest in creating, an interest shown in his fine art and graphic design creations. Although not formally trained in graphic design until enrolling in the Graphic Design for Print and Web program at Humber College, Randall has much experience in design and print. It is through this training that Randall as greatly improved his knowledge and abilities in the Graphic Design industry. You can see Randall's fine art by clicking the portfolio link below.

Jo Turner monogram logo.

Jo Turner

My name is Jo Turner, and I am an artist, photographer, and graphic designer originally from New Zealand. In addition to graduating from Humber's Graphic Design for Print and Web program, I have also earned a bachelor's degree in visual arts along with certifications for English language instruction. My love for art and design has followed me throughout my career as a teacher. My background in teaching and working with people from various cultural backgrounds has shown me the importance of visual communication and interpersonal skills. Finding ways to take information and transform it so that it is clear and concise is how I design lesson plans. I have spent years teaching myself Adobe software, and with the GDPW program, I have honed these skills and practiced the intricacies of design fundamentals. Playing with grids and layouts for publication design and making branding decisions has become my passion. I can't wait to dive headfirst into a graphic design career.

Somayeh Taheiyan monogram logo.

Somayeh Taheriyan

I am Somayeh Taheriyan, a graphic designer studying Graphic Design for Print and Web at Humber College. I got my bachelor's degree in this field back in Iran a couple of years ago. After that, I started to get really good job offers from different places, but I wasn't able to accept them, so I didn't work. However, since I was not working, I decided to continue studying so that I could gain more experience in my field and broaden my understanding of the world's design and fine arts. Since I've already had enough experience in my own country, I decided to come to Canada to learn and experience more of my field in a different country. Ever since I came to Canada and started studying, I have seen another point of view on graphic design and have also expanded my last point of view, as well as experienced and learned different skills at Humber. I am glad of my decision because it gave me new experiences as well as a unique perspective on designing.

Abner Soares Monogram logo

Abner Soares

I've been studying and working with graphic design since 2012 and can't imagine myself doing anything else with my life. I have experience working for clients in multiple fields like fashion, healthcare, education, food industry and banking, and I've done work with branding, social media visual content, editorial projects, and marketing materials both printed and digital. My favourite software to be creative and work with is Adobe Illustrator, but I'm also proficient with both InDesign and Photoshop. Humber helped me to update my technical skills and to be better prepared for a broader market as a graphic designer.

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Pritpal Singh

Farrah Riaz monogram logo.

Farrah Riaz

The journey to Farrah Riaz Creative has been a tumultuous one. Before Farrah Riaz came to realize her love for graphic design, she was passionate about publishing. However, it was through publishing that it occurred to her that her passion was in graphic design. This new-found dedication pushed Farrah to pursue further education in this field. Through Humber's Graphic Design for Print and Web program, Farrah was able to hone her skills and discover her specialty in this massive field. Her devotion to graphic design is what led to the formation of Farrah Riaz Creative. It is one of her dreams and goals in life to create a graphic design agency that is hers, to be able to share her work and invite new people she can partner and create with. Farrah Riaz Creative is a design agency that specializes in brand development, advertisements, and web design.

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Sebastian Ponton

Tanvi Nashine monogram logo.

Tanvi Nashine

Hello there, I'm Tanvi, a graphic designer! I have always loved design and art. From a young age I have always had a very high interest in advertising and graphic design. Everything around us has been designed, and this has always fascinated me. I've wanted to be a part of this. Throughout my life, I have been drawn to the art and the process of creation. I enjoy exploring diverse ways of self-expression, and I find great inspiration in the creations of others. I am a curious and motivated professional with extensive experience creating and building relationships and managing projects from ideation to completion. I have one year of work experience in newspaper advertisements and pamphlets design for Affinity X company (Pune, India). I have an open mind towards new ideas. With my Bachelor of Science in Animation and Multimedia Graphics from Frameboxx Institute (Pune, India) and my certificate in Graphic Design for Print and Web at Humber College, I am looking to further expand my knowledge and skills in areas of design that allow me to pursue my creative passions.

Renu Nandal monogram logo.

Renu Nandal

Renu Nandal is a versatile graphic designer based in Toronto. She has great skills and visual acumen to create unique designs in print, web and user interface. She has trained under some of the best graphic designers in Toronto and anticipates to combine her talent with this stellar training. She is great at creating very interesting designs with a touch of surprise element, dramatic space, colour amalgations, and overall very interest. Raynew Graphics is the company she has developed for her design work.

Fabiana Marin_o monogram logo.

Fabiana Ramirez

Fabiana Marino is a graphic designer originally from Colombia but now living in Toronto. Before deciding to study graphic design, Fabiana thought that she should study chemical engineering. However, inspired by the things that motivated her, design and art was definitely a part of her. Before moving to Canada, she had a previous approach to design, but stopped her studies to travel and move to Toronto and pursue her career in graphic design. She started studying Art and Design Fundamentals at Centennial College, where she focused on learning graphic design basics and traditional art. After graduation, she decided to focus on the digital aspects of design and enrolled in Humber's GDPW program. During the academic process, she had the opportunity to do freelance design and create branding projects, social media content, and advertising publications. Even when Fabiana does not have much experience in the design workplace, the wish to learn and create is her main strength.

Advaith Mani monogram logo.

Advaith Mani

Hi, I am a designer based out of Toronto. Design to me is the rendition of life we see all around us, the greatest expression of all imagination. I was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. I am trained as an architect and through the course of my training, I realised my love for visual communication which is what made me pursue graphic design. Reading books, watching movies and calligraphy are my keen interests. Playing and watching sport is something I am really passionate about! Travelling to new places and exploring new cultures is the best idea of adventure for me. Everything about nature fascinates me! I like to design simple, minimal and methodical. Each design must have a story of its own and go beyond solving the underlying problem. In today's world, I think graphic design and visual communication have the greatest role to play in getting ideas across and engaging people in making a positive difference, making the world a better place!

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Lovelesh Juleemun

Sofia Ferrer monogram logo.

Sofia Ferrer

I'm Sofia Ferrer, I'm a bachelor's in industrial and graphic designer based in Toronto. Besides my bachelor's degree, I've been studying 3D design, modelling, VFX production, and most recently graphic design for print and web. I describe myself as a bold and versatile person and a professional that is always motivated for new challenges and constant learning. In my projects, you will find my way of design as creative, direct, and with its own personality. I manage to communicate kindly and appropriately within teamwork and this is encouraging for the development of my ideas. I've lived in Canada since 2018 and I'm excited to start a professional career in Toronto as a designer.

Tricia Bettencourt monogram logo.

Tricia Bettencourt

Hi, I'm Tricia Bettencourt. Born in Montreal and raised in Toronto, I have had equal desires to work in the arts and work with animals my entire life. At some point I had to make a decision. So I got a beagle, and eagerly started out my education at OCAD with the specific intent of becoming a prop creator and sculptor. I have since decided to enhance my artistic capabilities through digital art and design by becoming proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and XD here at Humber. Recently certified as a graphic designer, my niche interest is in digital illustration and concept creation with 100% unique designs. I aim to design eye-catching and creative visual narratives to engage the viewer. My skills also extend to other branches of graphic design which include brand identity design, package design, user interface design and photo editing. Additionally, I am a very enthusiastic problem solver, and find it most gratifying to produce high quality, thought-provoking ideas.

Priyanka Bahl monogram logo.

Priyanka Bahl

Hello! I am Priyanka, an ambitious and motivated graphic designer with an open mind for new ideas and keen eye for details. I have more than five years of experience in the same field. I am extremely passionate about developing and delivering on-brand content to the world and am currently finishing a certificate in Graphic Design for Print & Web at Humber College to expand my knowledge on the design softwares. I love all parts of the creative process and learning new skills. I work meticulously and always seek to improve myself. I have a good sense of teamwork. I enjoy meeting new people and taking new challenges. I specialize in creating branding, logo designs, infographics, campaign designs, print design, UI designs and graphics for those who seek a dab of color in their lives. As an individual, I try to be positive about every aspect of life and enjoy it to the fullest. Through my design, I try to create a long-lasting impression that inspires and motivates people. I love traveling and collecting fridge magnets of places I travel, which ignites my creative mind and fuels my inspiration. Contact me today to see what I can do to help your company reach its design goals.

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Ambarina Altaf

Hello, my name is Ambarina Altaf and I'm a freelance graphic designer and a licensed insurance specialist currently pursuing a ertificate in Graphic Design for Print & Web at Humber College. Prior to taking up the course, I have had experience in the insurance industry; however, upon arriving in Toronto, I have felt a need to shift my career, and what would be better than the graphic design industry? It is a win-win situation for me since I used to do freelance work. I like designing logos, doing branding for startup companies, playing around with the tools in Illustrator, or looking up tricks that would make my work easier.