Animation - 3D

In Humber’s Animation 3D advanced diploma program, students develop a well-rounded knowledge base and skillset that includes strong art, animation, modelling and visualization abilities. They are prepared for the ever-expanding 3D art field with a thorough understanding of the latest 3D digital art technologies in a program developed with the input of industry advisors.

This program allows students to develop a blend of the most relevant digital and analog art skills, as well as an understanding of creative and technological processes. A full understanding of art and design theories helps them draw, visualize and apply colour principles to create appealing work. They also develop content across courses, and collaborate with students from other programs to better simulate a studio/production environment.

Our Students

Portrait photography of Anna

Anna Sychevskaia

Ability to quick learn and adapt to new projects

Strong sense of responsibility

Passionate artist with 3 years of experience in the development of the 3d designs and characters, strong sense of color and fundamental art skills who is focused on transforming complex ideas into attractive and well-optimized models.

A portrait headshot of Aryan Khandan

Aryan Khandan

Storyboard Artist

2-D Artist

3-D Animation graduate with over three years Graphic Design and animation experience. Proficient in various programs including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, and InDesign. A creative mind looking to bring innovative ideas to a wider audience. Experienced in collaborating and working alongside creative media teams and able to efficiently execute a proper flowing pipeline.

A personal logo - A black and white cat sitting calmly and looking ahead with its tail curled up with text that reads Catherine Claveau.

Catherine Claveau

3D Modeling Artist

3D Lighting Artist

Creative and detail-oriented modeler and lighting artist with 2 years of experience. Efficient with a keen sense of observation and strong collaborative qualities to support and assist fellow team members.

Chei Harrison, Animation and Illustration.

Chei Harrison



My name is Chei Harrison, I animate and paint stories - For years I’ve committed myself to personal and faculty driven projects, creating the things I dreamed up as a kid along with with realizing concepts I would never think of. Though I hope maybe in the future I can be in a position where I can animate my own stories on a larger scale. I'm starting small with the goal of creating animation that brings people together, I feel with my creativity and observation skills I can do that.

Daniel Regalado, 20 year old, Filipino male with short black hair and a stubble Balbo. Wearing grey T-shirt in front of warm lighting.

Daniel Regalado

3D Animation

3D Modeling

My name is Daniel Regalado, I’m a Humber graduate who is aiming to be a character animator in the entertainment industry. Whether it's a featured film or a video game, I wanna use the skills I’ve developed from the past 3 years to help people tell their stories and maybe one day create my own story. I have proven my ability to complete given tasks effectively and efficiently, learn new skills, strategies, and troubleshoot issues that arise; with a strong sense of body mechanics, posing and teamwork. I’m also adaptable, hard-working, and very constructive when it comes to reviewing different projects. Programs that I have a good understanding of Maya and 3ds max when it comes to modeling and animating. During my spare time I usually like to play video games and watch movies to both blow off steam and to study mechanics and ways on how to show different emotions on screen. It also gets my creative thinking into motion. So when I see a fight sequence I’m interested in or I hear dialogue from a scene that can be useful, I can come up with various scenarios or sequences that pop in my head when. I enjoy taking on challenges and learning new things to help improve my animating skills and my life. Looking forward to working in this industry and can’t wait to see where this path takes me.

Lit and coloured portrait, headshot of Daniel Randu

Daniel Yeri

3D Layout


A 3D Layout artist with a background in multimedia currently based in Toronto. I'm a recent graduate of the 3D Animation program from Humber College, where I have developed my composition, layout, and animation skills. My passion for films and animation drives my creativity and ultimately made me want to be involved in the magic process of creating them

A cartoon headshot of the artist

Daniella James

Concept Art

3D Animation

3D Animation student specializing in Animation and Concept art

A render of a 3D stylized mouse explorer carrying his tools and equipment to help aid him on his adventures.

Delbert Valerio

3D Modeling

3D Texturing

3D artist based in Toronto, Canada. Specializing in 3D character and asset modeling. Versatile in stylized and realistic modeling as well as texturing.

Dhairya Panchal smiling in the camera.

Dhairya Panchal

Work primarily with Animation Supervisor/Leads to create convincing performances and motion of character/non-character assets.

Keep up to date with new technologies and continue to improve on existing workflow. Ability to pick up new technical skills and concepts quickly.

An animator who like to express the emotion through animating. I am a dedicated, hard worker skilled in problem-solving and time management. I work well with others, but I can also take initiative and get things done on my own. I catch on quickly and work hard to continuously expand my skill set

Cel shaded art of a woman with white hair with red streak. Her eyes glow an eerie blue.

Dominique Goberdhan

3D Art

Character Design

Creates models using 3DS Max as well as Zbrush. Zbrush is used to sculpt characters as well as more complex designs and organic shapes. While 3DS Max is used generally for hard surface modelling. Character designs are done using Photoshop. Mostly specialises in fantasy character concept art.

A picture of Edgar smiling at the camera, dress with a suit and tie, and wearing eye glasses.

Edgar Bartolomeu

Modeling & Rigging

Unreal Engine

A resourceful 3D artist with two years experience in rigging and modeling assets for games and short-films; a proven ability to work under tight deadlines, assimilates direction to meet artistic standards, excels in time management and collaboration; and a professional background in coaching, teaching, and mentoring as a UEFA coach.

A 3D render of Eshaan's art project

Eshaan Gupta

3D Modeling and Animation

Concept Art

I'm Eshaan, an artist who's always been curious about exploring new mediums. After a lifetime of being a purely 2D artist, I joined Humber's 3D animation program and felt right at home. My interest in 3D lies in modeling and animation; the mix of technical quibbling and artistic freedom never stops fascinating me! True to my traditional roots, I also enjoy concept art, illustration, and storyboarding, being a storyteller at heart. I also have a background in live-action filmmaking, which has helped me approach understanding animation and game pipelines with a more nuanced understanding. I'm excited to use the skills I've learned at Humber to create even more cool stuff!

A photo of the artist, an East Asian woman, smiling at the camera

Hye-Won Lee


3D Modeling

Motivated 3D artist with three years of faculty-directed experience in surfacing and modeling at Humber College. Has a proven ability to work under direction to efficiently produce assets for film and games; a strong background in team-based projects. Most passionate about surfacing props and environments.

Isabel, a tanned woman with long curly dark brown hair, is standing in front of a teal wall. She is wearing a red shirt with yellow font on it and is smiling at the camera. The background has drawn in doodles of space ships and planets and stars.

Isabel Cordero


Concept Art

Outgoing and motivated individual with 3 years experience in 3d Animation, Storyboarding as well as script writing; A proven ability to work successfully and quickly with groups, managing time accordingly to complete tasks as well as create clean and concise work; and a strong background in character expressions as well as storytelling, seeks a position as a storyboard artist. -Software Fluent (Storyboard Pro, Photoshop, Premiere Pro)-Drafting and Illustration -Collaborative-Layout and Composition -Take direction-Cinematic Previs -Meeting deadlines

Justin, light-skinned person with short brown hair, smiling in front of a rough wall texture on a cloudy day

Justin Carias Ipina



Tech savvy, Patient, Analytical skills, who pays attention to detail who is the link between animators and their software. Experienced in a General 3d Practise including 3d modeling, texturing, shading, and more, with some experience scripting. Work well with teams to help create tools for animators for a variety of different projects. Create steam-line work flow to speed up production.

A cartoon logo of the artist

Kiana James

Concept Artist

3D Animation

I am a concept artist and 3D animator. I enjoy environmental design and painting, as well as 3D Character animation.

Lazar, a younger white man smiles at the camera. He is wearing glasses, and a baseball hat with curly brown hair protruding from beneath it.

Lazar Fazlagic

3D Environment Design


Hard working and extremely motivated amateur professional with 2 and a half years of student experience in 3D art creation, 3D program proficiency; possessing an eagerness to learn, ability to grasp new programs quickly, comfortability to work well and solve problems in a team setting who seeks a position as a 3D environment artist.

A picture of Luisito smiling for the camera.

Luisito Nastor-Policarpio

3D Animation

Humber graduate with 3 years of experience specializing in character animation. Also knows the basics of concept art, modeling, and rigging.

Madison, a light-skinned woman with bleached blonde hair and black sunglasses. She is pictured from the shoulders up.

Madison Lederer

Texturing & Surfacing

3D Art

Hi! I'm Madison, a 21-year-old student of the Animation program originally from Ignace, ON. I struggled a lot early on to figure out what my niche would be inside the industry, but I'm happy to say I am graduating as a Surfacing Artist & 3D Generalist who loves to breath life into models. I have a real passion for all-things interactive media in the 3D sphere, and I am really happy with how I have improved during my time at Humber. Everything just clicked for me one day and I realized that texturing and surfacing models, props and characters inspired me and kept me challenged like nothing else did. I got to work with some very talented individuals during my time with the college, collaborating on games and short films, and I'm leaving with a portfolio that I couldn't be prouder of that showcases my knowledge of 3D powerhouses like Blender, 3DS Max and Maya; Texturing suites like Substance; Editors like Photoshop & After Effects; and engines for real-time/offline rendering like Unreal Engine and Arnold.

A picture of Mariia smiling at the camera.

Mariia Nikiforova

3D Animation

Storyboarding and Layout

Meticulous animator with 2 years of faculty-directed experience in animation, a proven ability to create expressive character animations in short film and game projects, and a strong background in fine art.

Tall brown male with curly hair, a beard, wearing a yellow t shirt standing behind a white door

Matthew Lee

3D Character Animation

Background Animation

Ambitious 3D animator with 3 years of faculty-directed experience in character animation and layout animation, a proven ability to make intriguing animation sequences with a strong background of adding creative ideas. Seeks position as a character animator.

A black and white portrait picture of Minh Bui

Minh Bui

3D Animation

3D Layout

An animator with 3+ years of training in character animation, acting performances, 3D layout, sketching and hand drawing. Experienced with every part of the production pipeline of an animated short film. Developed more than 20 animation projects and currently seeking to bring your team vision to life as an 3D animator. Love

Work Sample
A picture of Nahid wearing suits and standing in front of lighter color wall.

Nahid Sajib



This is Nahid Mahmud Sajib, a 3D environment artist with 3 years of learning experience in modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering computer-generated objects. I enjoy developing realistic/stylize work for game environment and props. Recently I have developed two 3d environments are part of my capstone project, where I practiced game asset workflow and learned to present in a real time game engine. Besides that, I Have 3 years of experience in making digital content for social media & Google AD.

A professional headshot, Grey long sleeve shirt, smiling, black hair,

Noah Babulal

3D Animation


Team-oriented 3D Animation graduate with three years of faculty-directed production experience; proven ability in posing, timing, and spacing while also has a strong background in working under pressure and communication skills. Currently seeking a position as a 3D Animator.

a light-skinned person with blond curly hair, wears light green shirt, smiles at the camera

Olga Dannik

3D Artist, Digital Sculptor

2D Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

I’m a flexible professional with extensive experience working with in-site and remote teams for local and international projects. I started my career as a traditional artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and moved to 3D art. I consider myself a professional who is constantly evolving, learning,and applying my skills in new ways and areas.

Portrait picture of Omer

Omer Okmen

FX & Compositing

3D Modelling

A tech savvy vfx artist with four years of experience in motion graphics and visual effects with a proven track record that includes work in vfx production for films and motion graphics.Accustomed to working well with others. Respectful and committed to the work environment and to colleagues .

Black and white logo, with the initials R and B, with R being inverted.

Robert Banhegyi

Technical Art

Resourceful Technical Artist with a passion for problem-solving, always looking to push the boundaries of what’s achievable with today’s technology. If something is possible, I will find a way to do it.

Sammie, a Korean young woman with long dark brown hair with makeup, indoors in a bright day. she is wearing black v neck top, smiles at the camera.

Sammie Kang

Digital Matte Painting

Concept Art Designer

Meticulous digital artist with 3 years experience in concept matte painting, a proven ability to create high-quality artwork, and a solid background in developing new unique ideas. Has clear knowledge in animation and compositing, with 3D skills, a long with past experience in working on several student 2D and 3D animated short, as well as lead concept artist position for video game development.

A portrait of Sheel Darbar, a Canadian artist with curly black hair, wearing black-rimmed glasses and a flannel.

Sheel Darbar


Layout Artist

Positive and efficient compositor with 2 years of experience in compositing, a proven ability to solve problems, collaborate with peers and consult with supervisors, and experience working on projects involving keyed & rotoscoped green-screen footage, tracking 3D face models, exporting render layer setups, live action CGI integration and projection mapping with matte paintings.

Shubham, an Indian male with black hair, is outside on a bright day. He wears a blue-grey hoodie with an orange backpack and smiles at the camera.

Shubham Mistry

3D Modeling

3D Environment Artist

Diligent and punctual 3D generalist with 4 years of experience in modelling and texturing, a proven ability to make high quality 3D environment, converting concepts to 3D and an efficient texturing artist.

Zbrush sculpture of Mortal Kombat's Dragon King Onaga

Taha Ozbayraktar


Texture Artist

3D-Artist with 3-years of experience in 3d-modeling, texturing, sculpting looking for a job as a Junior Environmental Modeler. Skilled in communication, and problem-solving. A recent graduate of the 3D-Animation Advanced Diploma from Humber College.

A picture of Tevin inside smiling at the camera.

Tevin Baxter


3D Layout

Ambitious and creatively driven professional with years of progressive experience in storyboard art and previz, both academic and freelance projects have allowed me to attain the ability to administer exceptional work in a time efficient manner.

A picture of Thrinayana smiling slightly at the camera

Thrinayana Kaipuram


3D Modelling

Creative and self-motivated 3D artist with specialization in 3D Modelling, Texturing and an interest in Production Management. Always eager to learn new things and very adaptable.

A picture of Ukhee smiling at the camera.

Ukhee Choi

3D Character Animating

2D Layout

I am a creative 3D Animator with one year of experience working in 2D animation and three years of professional non-profit experience in 3D character animating. Plus, nine years of artistic training for Art Fundamentals.

Work Sample
Vall Fierro, a woman with long brown hair in 3/4 view looking down to the left wearing a burgundy turtleneck

Vall Fierro

Concept Art


Passionate Artist with 3 years of experience in Concept and 2D Art as well as a strong background in Traditional Art and Graphic design.

A picture of Viktoriia with curly hair and a smile, wearing a peach-colored jacket on a white background.

Viktoriia Krasnova

3D Animation

Acting for Animation

My main skill is 3D Animation and especially character animation. When I work on creating an animation I always try to create reference videos using my acting skills. Filming reference videos and doing acting gives me an opportunity to explore and find the most believable poses, movements, body language and facial expressions. Also, I have been dancing for more than seven years and those dancing skills are really helpful for me in understanding body movement, especially when I am creating a character animation which is focused more on body movement and body language.Another skills that I have are creating 3D Layout and character design.

A line art of a chibi character with long flowing hair and big eyes. Wearing a sweater dress that has a fur neck line and long bell sleeves that cover the hands. A belt angled on the waistline of the dress and knee high boots.

Winnie Su

2D Art

3D Character Animation

I am mainly a 2D artist that focuses on character creating and environment painting. I work with many tangible mediums like sculpting and painting. I am able to do 3D character animation

A Headshot of Yanying Shen.

Yanying Shen

3D Modeler

Production Art

Yanying Shen is a freelance concept artist and 3d modeller, have three years of faculty-directed experience in Production Art and 3d modeling. Has a good team spirit, hard work, and ability to deliver good quality works on time.