3D Animation

Graduates of Humber’s 3D Animation program have a well-rounded knowledge base and skillset that includes strong art, animation, modelling and visualization abilities. They have been prepared for the ever-expanding 3D art field with a thorough understanding of the latest 3D digital art technologies, having learned to work like the pros do — using the same 3D animation software and tools to render creative thoughts into compelling images and fully realized design.

Graduates have a blend of digital and analog art skills and an understanding of creative and technological processes, including the art and design theories needed to draw, visualize and apply colour principles to create appealing work. By developing content across courses to better simulate a studio/production environment, graduates have mastered how to adhere to a pipeline and to collaborate with colleagues from other programs.​

Our Students

Photo of a man with medium skin tone, short black hair, a baseball cap and a smiling expression

Matthew Gorny

Proficient 3D modeler with 3 years of experience in asset modeling and game development; a proven ability to work collaboratively and self-lead while being able to retain information and learn in a fast-paced environment – a strong background in hard surface modeling, game production within game engines and 3D software; seeks a position as a 3D modeler.

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Trung Duc Tran

Hi, my name is Trung Duc Tran, but you can call me Duke. I focus on 3D animation but occasionally I prefer to do some 2D animations to help me better understand the basic principles of animation

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Tyler Telford

Systematic and dexterous CG Artist with two years of experience in visual effects and asset production; a proven ability to create realistic VFX simulations including water, smoke, fire, destruction, and magic; with a strong background in simulation, compositing and production.

Also skilled in 3D Modeling, texturing, classical and digital painting, compositing and rigging.

Short red hair with a black hoodie.

Euna Sim

3D Modeling



Video Editing

Digital Matte Painting

Creative and Motivated 2D/3D artist with six years of experience in 3D art and graphic design; a proven ability to manage time and deliver results on time with quality work; seeks a position as a 3D modeller and Digital Matte Painter.

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Valerie Sorokosh

3DS Max


Photoshop & Premiere

Substance Painter


Unreal Engine 4

Devoted and resourceful 3D environment with 3 years of experience in 3D modelling and texturing, always ready to utilize skills in asset creation and level design. Creates high and low polygon models and is experienced in creating original concepts and designs.

Little kid's nightmare about great grandmother's old and rusty sewing machine in the creepy attic. The child was so frightened to drop his flesh because of fear of old toys and a sewing machine

Hyeonkyung Lee


3DS Max

Substance Painter

Marvelous Designer

Unreal Engine

Photoshop/After Effects/Clip Studio

Detailed-oriented and resourceful 3D Asset modeler with one year of working experience in a game outsourcing studio 'Visual Dart' and VR simulation company 'P&C solution', the solid background of three years of study in 3D Animation Course seeking a position as 3D Assets Modeler.

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Artem Rudzish

Modeling & Sculpting


Cloth Simulation


I am a 3D artist focusing on character art in real time engines. Working in both stylized and realistic styles, I have been interested in what story a face or pose can tell since before I even started doing any 3D art at all - prior to my studies at Humber, I had worked as an illustrator, focusing primarily on portrait commissions, and had created hundreds of portraits over a couple years. Now, I wish to express this fascination in my characters, creating characters which by themselves tell a compelling and deep story.

3D Modeler and Environment Artist

Rakesh Korwani

Passionate 3D Modeler with 3 years of experience in modeling, sculpting, and texturing, bringing forth the ability to work well with others and utilize my art and modelling skills to visually amplify the projects, seeks a position as a Junior Modeler.

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Diego Olvera Chavez



Node-based workflows

Unreal Engine

Canada-based 3D student with strong background in graphic media. Skilled in modeling, texturing and lighting

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Shante Wade

Shante Wade is a detailed-oriented Matte Painter with 3 years of experience in 3D animation, digital painting, and image editing. Over the past three years of studying 3D animation, Shante has gained valuable experience and decided to pursue a career in digital art.

Shante Wade has the ability to build good relationships with others in a team setting. She also has the ability to act as a functional and dependable member of the team. Shante is creative and not afraid to experiment.

photo of a young man dark skin, round glasses, short black hair, with a smile and a black sweater gray background.

Jerome Duah-Kessie

Matte Painting

Concept Art


I'm a capable, goal-oriented, strong designer. I have 3 years of experience in design with student lead animation/game art production and Co-op experience. I have a proven ability to support production and a strong background in design. I'm looking to become a team member in the production pipeline as well as join the industry that inspires me.

Photo of a woman with medium skin tone, long black hair, big earrings and a neutral expression.

Bibikadisha Zhanibek

The last two years has been hard as it really drained my energy. The first year was so good with a lot of interesting stories and memories. I wished I could've experienced that again but unfortunately we are already graduating and haven't been in college building for a long time. It would've great to spend more time with my classmates in person but instead I lost connection with them since the quarantine. Hoping to meet them again once we are all in the same industry.

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Lucas Heuvel

Passionate and enthusiastic 3D Artist with experience in a variety of digital art disciplines. Specializing in photogrammetry, photoscanning pipelines and data collection. Valuable experience in proprietary 3D software like Maya, Zbrush, Nuke, Sytheyes. Extensive experience in Apiculture and Agriculture with over half a decade of experience in said fields. Experienced Salesman and Distiller for over five years. Enthusiastic team player and hands on employee in all positions. Superb leadership, negotiation and team building skills. Highly motivated and dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and individual excellence.

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Paul Moon

Dedicated and Enthusiastic 3D modeler with experience in faculty-directed projects, including, modeling, and animation and rigging. Proven ability to work with a variety of projects, with a thorough understanding of design pipeline; expertise in sculpting and modeling in Zbrush and 3Ds Max and other industry standard programs.

Photo of a man with yellow skin color, short black hair, glasses, and a neutral expression.

Junghyeon Yang

I'm dreaming of being a concept artist and studying how to create concept art for the animation and game industry. For a year, I've developed drawing and painting skills so far with all the tutorials and copying awesome references. Someday I hope to be a professional concept artist who will be able to impress others as I was inspired by other artists.

Photo of a man with medium skin tone, long brown hair, beard, glasses and smile

Evan D'Andrade

I'm a Storyboard artist and Generalist with a 3D art background

Photo of a person with shoulder length brown hair, pale skin town, glasses and a beaming smile.

Laura Lewis




3DS Max


Laura Lewis is a 3D animator with a passion for creative stories and compelling characters. Laura loves to learn new things and grow from constructive critique whether it's working in a team setting or independently, they thrive in a variety of settings and adapt easily. They are an optimistic and kind person who enjoys helping others and trying new experiences.

Photo of a woman, short black hair, neutral expression

Taida Yegay

Creative and innovative artist with experience in storyboarding and layout. A proven ability to create striking compositions, capture the essence of the production in a visual manner, and study scripts to determine the artistic interpretation of the project.

Photo of a woman with medium skin tone, short black hair, glasses, and a smiley expression.

Sunwoo Bae

I'm a meticulous and innovative background painter who is passionate about using storytelling and characters to create spaces that in turn tell stories and reveal character. For the past three years, I have been focusing my art on background painting, utilizing compositing, design, and colour to seamlessly fit my work within a production's style.

Woman with white skin, reddish dark brown hair that's shoulder-length, with a neutral expression.

Silvia Zavaleta Benavides

Enthusiastic Animator with two years of faculty-directed production experience specializing in game development and short film production; with a proven ability to interpret assigned scenes to fit into the story, and animate character sequences that effectively serve that purpose; and a strong background in animation performance, meeting the quality standard and deadlines of the project; seeks a position as a 3D Animator.

Photo of a singer sewing machine in an old attic

Seungheon Jeong

Main - 3D Asset Modeler (Environment, Prop, Vehicle)

Sub - Game Lighting Artist (Unreal, Arnold)

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Riley Hardy

3D Art

Concept Art


Detail-oriented 3D Artist with three years experience in 3D asset development, texture creation and ability to adapt and adjust style and work flow as needed; proven ability to create work within specified timeframes and work well within a team as well as self-manage; and a proven track record in game development and short-film animation production.

Photo of a latin american men with white skin, short hair, using a jeans jacket in front of a white wall

Pedro Dietrich

3D Tracking

Lineup lidar

Detail-oriented matchmove artist with two years of experience capturing camera movements and creating layouts; a proven ability to develop camera tracking solutions, to reproduce object and character movement, and to deliver shots within established project targets; and a strong background in VFX production

Drawing of a woman with medium skin tone, long brown hair, blue glasses, a white sweater, and a vague expression.

Natalia Almeyda Ome

I am an artist full of passion and imagination which inspire all my art pieces and process behind it; creative 3D modeler with a sense of curiosity on the elaboration and creation of different objects, with two years of experience in 3D productions and a strong background in traditional painting and fine art.

Photo of a young man with clear skin, medium length brown hair, glasses and a neutral expression.

Marco Antonio Mora Mendoza

3D Modeler

Concept Artist

Hi! I'm Marco, a longtime 2D artist with a passion for films and fictional works. Being a storyteller at heart drove my creativity into the digital world through the likes of 3D Modeling/Sculpting, as well as concept Art and Design. I'm excited to use my skills alongside others to help bring all sorts of fantastic stories to life.

Photo of man with short hair with light skin tone, dark brown hair,  in a suit with purple tie

Lorenzo Enciu

3D Animation student with a strong technical proficiency in 3D modeling with a history in traditional arts. Strong technical proficiency in Modeling, Texturing, Rendering, and Lighting.

Girl with tan skin tone with black to blonde hair smiling wearing a white collared blouse.

Kelly Batres

A capable designer with 3 years of experience in Illustration, a proven ability to illustrate backgrounds and manage teams. specializing in Matte Painting.

Photo of a woman with medium skin tone, grey shirt and blazer, black shoulder length hair, and a smiling expression.

Julie Paguirigan

Julie Mari Paguirigan is an international student of the 3D animation program at Humber College. Her interest in narratives began as a young child and developed as she grows. She decided to take a Bachelors in Animation to pursue her dream, and was given the opportunity to work as a 2D layout artist on different tv series titles. While working in the industry, she developed an interest in 3D animation/ film and decided to pursue a career in this industry. In order to follow her new-found passion, she took a chance by moving to Canada to learn more about the 3D animation and film industry.

A headshot that my friend in photography took, which I artistically modified.

Julian Fadalti

Camera Tracking


Film/Photo Composition

Scene Layout

Methodical Tracking Artist with two years of experience in object/camera tracking, layout, and game FX; a proven ability to work diligently with others on any given task, operate interchangeably within different departments/software platforms, and track a variety of shots; and a background in cinematography

Photo of a girl with white skin tone, brown hair tied up in a high bun, and a pleasant expression.

Jenna Campbell

2D Illustration

3D Modelling

A detail-oriented artist with three years of digital art production experience and a strong background in 2D and 3D computer software. Has an eye for visual appeal, design, and an understanding of proportion, value, lighting, and colour. Overly passionate about video games and animated film and has the drive to produce high-quality digital artwork.

Jairo Alzate - Character Rigger, Technical Artist

Jairo Alzate Bustamante


Python Scripting

Advanced IK/FK systems

Game-ready & optimized rigs

Resourceful and detail-oriented Character Rigger with two years of experience producing, testing, and skinning body and facial rigs, as well as creating secondary motion setups for a variety of 3D assets; a proven ability to create functional and optimized rigs, define and maintain asset workflows and frameworks, and production in a fast-paced studio environment, and a strong background in asset creation and optimization for game engines.Dedicated and highly driven, ability to work methodically, time management skills and collaborative.

Picture of a man with fair skin tone, brown styled hair, dark green glasses, and a black and white suit.

Gianfranco Loizzo

Dynamic, driven 3D artist with 2 years of experience in faculty-directed productions pertaining to creating 3D assets and character creation; a proven ability to follow direction, effectively work with a team, model from sketches and ideas; and a background in 3D modeling software seeks a position as 3D Modeler.

Digital portrait drawing of Christopher Mungroo

Christopher Mungroo

Detail-attentive layout artist with 2 years of experience in 3D layout, a proven ability to follow direction carefully and translate storyboard animatics into animation-ready layout files; a solid understanding of animating cameras, posing characters and set dressing, pursuing a position as a 3D Layout Artist.

Asheley, a woman with long brown hair wears an orange striped shirt and smiles to the camera.

Asheley Yepes

3D Artist

Digital Sculptor

3D Generalist

3D Artist focused on environment and character modelling with three years of experience in faculty directed projects. I consider myself to be a very inquisitive person who's always open to learning skills and applying them in creative methods while also working smoothly in a group setting.

Photo of Armin Begovic, a male with light skin tone, wearing a bright yellow hoodie and a tweed cap

Armin Begovic

Greetings! I am a 3D animator specializing in character animation. Over the years I have created animations across several mediums, including 2D and Stopmotion. I've always been pushing myself to further my capabilities as an artist, and I hope to develop the skills take on key roles within major projects!

Woman, with long brown hair with the sun shining on her face. Wears a black shirt against a grey background.

Anna Aplin

Matte Painting

Anna Aplin is an artist, leader and an ambitious learner. She is a 3D Artist with two years of experience in game development, VFX and film production; a proven ability to work collaboratively and self lead, while being able retain information and learn in a fast-paced environment; a strong background in VFX within game engines and game development.

Photo of a man with light skin, short black hair, glasses, and a slight smile.

Alex Su

An attentive tracking artist with two years of experience in faculty-directed projects specializing in filming footage, tracking different shot types, and compositing elements to tie a shot together seamlessly; proving capable of working in all stages of the VFX pipeline to create a convincing track and composite; possesses a background in creating reliable and precise camera and object tracks, along with the capability to geo match terrain and objects as necessary.

Photo of a man in a navy blue suit, glasses, black hair, happy expression

Abdul Abdulsalam

Character Animation - Timing & Lip-sync

Gameplay Animation - Posing, Weight, Believability & Mechanics

Camera Animation - Cinematic Framing

Mocap Animation - Retarget & Cleanup

3D Modeling - Sculpting & Texturing

3D Animator with over five years of experience in gameplay & lip-sync animation, game & production development pipeline, 3D modeling, and instructional design; a proven ability to animate and refine bi-ped characters based on storyboards, develop a successful game environment level with self-modeled assets, and limited applicable background in VFX, music production, and character rigging.