Bachelor of Design

Graduates of Humber's user experience (UX) design-focused Bachelor of Design program are prepared to design for the ways people use technology every day. By studying both design thinking and practical UX processes and deliverables, graduates can critically engage with our rapidly changing technological world. Graduates have a people-first approach, applying principles of human-centered design and research to solve problems, and demonstrate curiosity, resilience and empathy for end-users as a means to find creative solutions to the many challenges faced in modern technology culture.

Graduates have advanced capabilities in design tools and methods, communications, user interface design (UI), visual literacy, digital technology, qualitative research, creativity and innovation, interaction design, and service design. They have experience applying evidence-based design and research methods to services and digital projects, including websites, apps, VR/AR/MR, Voice UI and other emerging interfaces, and have worked on projects for corporate, not-for-profit and civic environments.

Our students

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Sumeet Dhami

Hi, I'm Sumeet, a designer who is passionate about using creativity to solve problems and support the needs of my community. My UX design journey in this program has helped me get out of my comfort zone and observe the world through a new perspective. In the future, I hope to create an impactful solution for any problem I go to solve.

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Sarah Saccomanno

My name is Sarah. I'm a life-long creative with a strong desire for learning and growth. I'm a curious creative thinker, a problem solver and a solution creator. My purpose is to create impactful change and value through design. I have experience with a variety of digital design practices, including UX, UI, graphic design, responsive web design and interaction design. I also have experience with photography, audio and video production. I like to think I'm kind, attentive to detail, outgoing and organized. When I'm not designing, I'm making music, reading, and spending time with my many animals.

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Marcell Pieniadz

I am Polish-Canadian and I speak both languages fluently. I have a background in graphic design, which lead me toward UX/UI design. I love interactive design since it gives me a peek into the human mind. Understanding human behaviour and the why that goes into design is something that has always interested me.

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Hadassah Plopper

I am currently graduating from the Bachelor of Design program, which focuses on user experience design, and I have a prior background in graphic design. I am a hard worker who strives to please and accomplish what I set out to do.

Photo of me at the House of Illusions in downtown Toronto.

Dhruv Brahmbhatt

Hi, I'm Dhruv, a graduate of the Bachelor of the Design program at Humber College. Entangled with creativity from a young age, I have always had a fascination for creating a memorable experience for those around me and beyond that, and design has helped me gain a deeper understanding of that by focusing on the user.

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Brett Kellar

I originally was going to go into a graphic design program; however, I didn't feel too passionate for it. It wasn't until I took some time off and researched the idea of design programs that I discovered user experience design. I chose to go into this program and ended up falling in love with it. I believe design is the one tool we have to truly make a difference in this world.

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Anh Nguyen

Hi, I'm a Vietnamese multidisciplinary designer with a focus on design research, user experience and human-centred design. I find the motivation and excitement in exploring the uncertainty and ambiguity of our human knowledge, and of the design-thinking process. Some of my accomplishments include: Best Prototype award in a Humber and UCL Denmark Design Charrette (2019), Best Innovative Idea in a Humber and City of Toronto Design Charrette (2020), and working on an interactive storytelling experience, called A Way Closer, with Humber Galleries for Nuit Blanche (2021).

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Alyson Cornwall

Hi!! My name is Alyson and welcome to my portfolio. I am currently a graduate student from the Bachelor of Design program at Humber College. One of my passions is UX research; I think that it is the base of good design. I am also a graduate from the Baking and Pastry Arts program at Humber as well. One of my main goals is to combine my interest in UX and food together!!

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Alessandra Pisani

Hi! My name is Alessandra Pisani and I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Design program at Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning. I am also a graduate of the Graphic Design Advanced Diploma program at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. As a provisional RGB member, I love design and working on projects from the creative thinking process to the completed product. I am inspired by all facets of design as I am trained to work with print, photography, branding, typography, UX/UI design and more.