Game Programming

Graduates of Humber’s Game Programming advanced diploma know how to program and design game engines for the purpose of game development, from indie to AAA. Over their three years in the program, graduates worked on team projects using programming tools to develop, test and maintain game applications through the practice of theories of usability, information architectures, network architecture and industry standards of practice. They studied a variety of topics, including C++ programming, graphics, mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, Unity/Unreal game engine development, and computer networking.

Graduates have experience collaborating with peers from related programs — such as Visual and Digital Arts, and Animation - 3D — to build high-quality assets for use in the games they developed.

Our Students

Jason Nguyen

Unreal and Unity Programmer.

Proficient at blueprints, C++ and C#.

Ilina Bokareva

I am a C#/C++ game programmer, and I have experience working with Unity, Unreal Engine, OpenGL, SDL and Vulkan.  I specialize in AIs and physics coding, but I always like to expand my knowledge in various aspects of programming.

Leon Yao

Unreal Engine 4

Hi, my name is Leon (Zhiyi) Yao. I am a Game Programming student at Humber College. I like developing games. Developing games is as fun as playing games to me. I like developing games with game engines because it offers many features and I can enhance them using coding. I like designing games as well. Every time I play games, I will ask myself: "What game mechanics make them outstanding? What aspects make them terrible? What ideas are unique?" I often get many inspirations on game development. I focus more on user interface (UI) and experience, especially on heads-up display (HUD). I believe since UI is the appearance of the game, it shows the sincerity of game developers. Besides, the UI is a guide for players to play games smoothly.

William-scott Walters

Skilled in web development, HTML, CSS, Java.

I am game programmer with a passion for creating games in Unity. I have experience working in the Unreal game engine as well, but Unity is my main focus. I first started to learn about game programming in 2019 when I moved to Canada to study at Humber College. The journey has been a challenging one having being exposed to so many different things in the world of game programming, but it was totally worth it. During my time at Humber, I worked on a few different projects with the students in the course; it was fun and a very good learning experience. In May 2020, I created my first game in Unity. It wasn't anything school related ⎯ just me learning in my own time and becoming a better game programmer. I really hope to do great things in this field and I'm very excited to see what the future holds.

Jonathan Mendez Ramirez

I am a problem-solver kind of programmer. I have leadership skills. I have great team-working skills and communicate great with others.

Hi, I am Jonathan Mendez Ramirez. I am currently enrolled in Game Programming at Humber College, graduating next year in 2023. I fell in love with playing video games while I was young and decided that I wanted to help create them using my programming skills. I am currently skilled in C++ programming as well as using the Unreal engine and creating my own usable Game engine in C++ code. I hope to one day work for a triple A title company to help create new games and help pave the way for new innovation in the gaming industry.

Tremaine Duquesnay-Mellis

I'm a game programming student who loves to learn and help others. I enjoy diving deep into the inner workings of systems and sharing what I've learned.

Ryan Gugelmeier

I am Ryan Gugelmeier, a final-year Game Programming student. I have always had a passion for video games and have been fascinated by the idea of how they were made from a very young age. I strive to make my code as efficient as possible and love to research ways to make that happen. Learning about game programming and development in general while at Humber helped me to build a knowledge base of design strategies and structures, great work ethic, the ability to work well on teams from small to large as well as on my own, and, most importantly, the ability to make video games in Unreal, Unity and without a pre-built engine as well. I am excited to continue learning more about game development and programming.

Joshua Sampy

I am currently a student at Humber College in Game Programming. I have worked with many different engines with Unity and Unreal being my top picks. I have also created with my colleague a custom engine that demonstrates multiple different components. I have worked with many different languages including C++ and C#. To be precise, I specialize in Unity/Unreal programming. I have built games myself, with a partner and with a team with at least 20-plus people taking part.

Declan McGuinness

Game developer heading to university for a future MProf degree. I enjoy and excel at system design, game design, and project management.

Tristan Fish

Tristan Fish is a third-year Game Programming student at Humber College who has been determined to make video games from an early age. At the age of 13, he started creating small video games and even stated that he wanted to be a game programmer as his future job in his grade eight yearbook. Tristan has been tutoring students in his program for the past year and continues to help students understand complicated game programming concepts. Tristan is constantly going above the call of duty to make sure that he puts himself in a good position to succeed in his field of study. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue a career in creating captivating video games that people can find joy and happiness in.

Nathan Ostenberg

Hello there! I gather since you are reading this you are curious about who I am. Well, the short and relevant story is that I am a programmer, specifically a game programmer. My preferred language of choice is C++, but I also know a little bit of JavaScript, C#, bash script, and some Linux commands. I am familiar with UE4 and Unity as well. My interest lies in AI and fully understanding how C++ works. AI is a particular fascination of mine because I believe that creating realistic acting AI enhances user enjoyment and can create a more interesting game world.

Bryan Rasmussen

Worked as a Team Lead in an Unreal project. Made a Vulkan project, a state machine in Unity and own engine in C++.

My name's Bryan Rasmussen. I'm a C++ programmer who enjoys playing, making and breaking games. Yet I have also touched a bit on C#, Javascript and HTML.

Humphrey Ho

Humphrey Ho is a skilled programmer, game designer and artist with a background in visual art. Adept in C++ programming and 3D modelling in Blender, Humphrey is also experienced in using different platforms such as Unity, Unreal and web development. Passionate about game design and expressing creativity through games, he occasionally sketches in a small sketchbook in his spare time.

Kaishawn Brown

I'm a C++ programmer working on a custom engine for a fighting game. The engine uses OpenGL for its rendering and is written in C++/C. Most of my work has been on gameplay aspects of the game and the UI for the game engine. I also have some experience in AR and mobile gaming.

Matthew Bazinet

Matthew Bazinet is a skilled generalist game programmer with a focus on gameplay and a passion and aptitude for debugging.  Having managed a 60-person Unreal project and a three-person capstone project, he is capable of taking a leadership position and managing projects using agile methodology. He is experienced with command line git, able to deal with merge issues, and revert troublesome commits. Having experience with a variety of different platforms such as native android development, VR, AR, and web development, he is capable of adapting to new challenges. In addition, he is an author who has written a novella, a few short stories and a couple dozen flash fiction pieces. He mainly writes urban fantasy and cyberpunk, but dabbles in weird fiction. He has over a decade of martial arts training and has achieved a black belt in Kung Fu. He visited the Shaolin Temple Europe in Germany to train there for a week.

Conor Long

I'm Conor, a Game Programming student graduating with the class of 2022. I've always had a passion for games and my education at Humber has helped me bring many of my ideas to life.

Nino Misic

Born in Croatia and currently living in Ontario, Canada, Nino is a third-year Game Programming student at Humber College with a focus on gameplay features and level design.

Marcel Bonnet

I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about all things gaming and knew early that the game development industry was where I belong. I believe that gaming allows for an amazing opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life and I thrive in team environments. I am currently on route to achieving my advanced diploma in Game Programming from Humber College.

Ferris Dietrich

I am a C++ programmer with a good amount of experience working in Unreal. For this capstone project, I worked on the networking side as well as touching on some of the animation work.

Alex Fazio

Research, Documentation (Doxygen), Photo Editing (Photoshop), Video Recording, Editing, Exporting (OBS, Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder), Trello, People Organization

My name is Alexander Fazio and I am part of the group that worked on the Dovetail Vulkan Engine. I focused heavily on the documentation side of the project, and I also engaged with various elements of design. I enjoy finding any way I can to pour my creative output into projects that I work on. Outside of programming I use many other tools such as Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, OBS, 3dsMax, and anything else I can get my hands on that may serve to enhance the project at hand. I am looking forward to working on new projects with any chance to leave my mark on them!

Alvin Ang

Hi, my name is Alvin Ang, and I'm a Game Programming student at Humber College. I started playing video games when I was young, and gaming has been one of my hobbies for the longest time. I am currently working with C++, Unity, and Unreal.

Daniel Menicucci Teixeira

I'm a driven game programmer with particular interest in graphics (shader) programming. I have been working with Vulkan since 2019 and built my own engine using this powerful API. Since my late teens, I have studied electronics and computer science in search of an area that would really fit me. I fell in love with game programming and have been developing my skills in this area since 2016, having worked at Overpower Studios, a Brazillian company, before moving to Canada to complete my studies in the Game Programming program at Humber College. I have worked on many game jams and personal projects since.

Tony Nguyen

Python, HTML, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere

I am a Vietnamese international student in the Game Programming program since 2019.

Peter Russo

C++, C#, Unreal Engine 4, Project Management, Team Management

Throughout my life I have loved games: playing them, designing them, and working on them. I have been touched and inspired by games and have made life long friends through them. Though my career is just starting, I hope that the games I work on will be able to give others the same joy that I felt.

Joseph Mauro

As a Humber College student, I live and breathe game development. I take pride in my work and know what it means to take responsibility and deliver quality-focused products. I love to think, play, and make video games.

Clive Addai

Clive is a co-programmer responsible for coding game and finding sprite assets or making them to make the game more presentable.

Ryan Flores

C++, Linux, Unity, Unreal, Vulkan, 3DS Max, Affinity Photo, Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve

Hi! I'm Ryan Flores. I am a game programmer. I love creating single-player RPG, multiplayer, and arcade games in Unreal. I have developed programming and creative art skills such as C++, Linux servers, Vulkan, VFX (Adobe Premiere Pro), and 3D Modelling (3DS Max).

Blake Quantrell

I'm a game programmer most comfortable with C++ programming and the Unreal engine. I'm well practiced in development methodologies such as agile and scrum.

Noah Warnock

C++, Unreal Engine, Artificial Intelligence, Gameplay Programming, Networking

I am a game programmer with a focus on gameplay. I am very comfortable with the Unreal Engine environment and have developed many games inside of Unreal Engine. I have developed many skills in C++, Trello, Agile methodologies, networking, and artificial intelligence.

Keshavan Easwaradeva

I am in my final year of my Game Programming course. I'm able to work with Unreal, Unity, C++ and HTML.

Taeryn Denhertog

C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, Java

I am a third-year Game Programming student located in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. I have been working on a game called Blind with three others. I am the game idea author and I have worked on the shaders, teleporters, settings, menus and a few more mechanics.

Shane Kuberski

Hello, I am Shane Kuberski, a Game Programming student in my final year at Humber College! I am a creative-minded individual that enjoys using Unreal Engine for the majority of my projects. However, I've created some small game engines on the side. I really enjoy developing the AI elements and graphics elements within each engine!

Sanzhar Ualiyev

Art, Music (Guitar), 3D Models, Digital Art, Sprites

Sanzhar is an experienced C++/C# programmer with half a year of professional experience as a VR Unity developer.

Quoc Anh Le

Quoc is a 2022 graduate of Humber College's Game Programming Advanced Diploma program. He hopes to use his skills to pursue an innovative career as a freelancer or contractor in the game industry!

Osama Hussein

Hard Worker, Diligent, Time Management Skills, Game Design/Programming, C++, C#, Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Unity, GitHub, Unreal

Hey, I'm Osama Hussein. I've been studying Game Programming for three years now, working with Unreal, Unity, GitHub, and C++ projects, and I practiced a lot working with these listed projects. I like playing games, designing and programming games, as well as doing other things besides playing/making game. I like going outside for walks, listen to music, watching YouTube videos, watching TV shows and movies at times.

Kyle Totten

I'm an aspiring game programmer/developer. I enjoy working on and analyzing the amazing experiences that video games can provide, and strive to create similar experiences for others to have.

Ben Bertoni

Ben is a 21-year-old Game Programming student at Humber College originally from Cambridge.