Graphic Design

Humber’s advanced diploma in Graphic Design graduates creative and strategic designers who execute for a wide range of interactive media such as web and screen, user interaction, motion design and traditional print products. Graduates are strategically and typographically skilled and adept in digital, editorial, interactive, information, motion, user experience, user interface and web design techniques. During their time in the program, many graduates have had the unique opportunity to work with BuildingF, Humber's in-house ad agency, on real projects for real clients.

Our Students

Photo of a South Asian with brown skin, long wavy lair, mustache, chin beard and a neutral expression.

Abbilash Jegatheeswaran



Graphic Designer

I'm a graphic design student currently enrolled in Humber trying to improve my portfolio and looking to add to my work experience by looking into different places.

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Martina Ialacci




I specialize in branding, marketing, and multiple forms of visual arts. I am interested in collaborating with teams and clients to create and discover meaningful work while developing new skills along the way.

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Nick Macintyre

I am a motivated individual who works hard to get the job done. I am experienced in Graphic Design and Interior Decorating. I use programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, AutoCAD, and more. I look forward to beginning my new career as a graphic designer.

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Akeem Polius

I am a detail-oriented student with strong research, interpersonal and communication skills. Dedicated and passionate with a strong interest in brand identity design, illustration, and front-end web design. Education and freelance work experiences have equipped me with numerous skills that allow me to adapt to new situations and successfully tackle new challenges. Transforming ideas into effective visual materials using adobe creative suite amongst other tools.

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Karin Kasai

My name is Karin Kasai, currently finishing an advanced diploma at Humber college graphic design. I am a coffee drinking designer, and am pretty much always optimistic person. However, my approach is not in an impractical way — I find harmony between boundless ingenuity and practical solutions in creativity. My creative field of work includes, branding, logo design, packaging design, print design, web design, and motion design.

Aside from the fact that I am a coffee addict, I pride myself on detail-oriented work, sweat small stuffs, care deeply about every last aspect of the work I do with empathy with Japanese humble spirit! And yes, bad kerning does keep me up at night.

When I am outside of my nine-to-five, I am a WHY thinker and an ocean lover.

Photo of me for the portfolio participation.

Kishankumar Patel



Kishankumar Patel

Jr. Graphic Designer

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Julia Ialacci




Julia Ialacci, a 20 year old graphic design student, Currently living in a small town outside of the GTA. Passion for design, branding, marketing, and illustration.

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Zachary Taverner

My name is Zach Taverner and I am a Graphic Design student at Humber. I have a history in digital media, web design, and television.

I like making things and working with people.

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Marquese Davis

Customer Service

Certificate in Design Thinking

Miro, Webflow, Slack

Marquese is a Toronto-based Graphic Designer with a focus on identity design, print campaigns, Illustrations, Video & Motion Design. He's dedicated to creating unique brand experiences for start-ups and global brands of all kinds. Marquese is self-motivated and committed to delivering efficient and high-quality artifacts.

Photo of Nathanial working on various graphic design-related projects.

Nathanial Grant

Aspiring Graphic Designer | Seeking An Entry Level Graphic Design Position | Experienced with Creative Cloud Programs.

Through my exploration of the Adobe Creative Suite programs, I've gained a great level of expertise in applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, and Figma which have each helped me to develop consistent designs. Each of these programs has supported the development of low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes. Along with the tools that I use, I've also carried out UX research that has helped in gaining insights when developing these prototypes as well as pinpointing human needs and developing solutions to solve these human needs. Developing multiple projects at a time has proven to test my organizational skills as proper timing and execution were needed in order for me to develop meaningful projects that fed my creativity and curiosity. Additionally, I don't view feedback as negative. I view it as constructive. It's a way to improve my work to best meet the goals, and I feel that this has to do with my enthusiasm towards graphic design. I choose to learn from mistakes and feedback given in order to grow as a graphic designer as this will help me in gaining new opportunities and receiving increased responsibilities.

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Owen Hyland

I am a graphic designer with a focus on branding and packaging design.

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Lina Al-qaysi

Hey there, I am Lina, currently in my final semester of graphic design. Over the journey of three years, I learned a lot about design and have seen improvements from the work I have done the first semester to what I do now. I've gained knowledge that will help set me for success hopefully. I learned experiences in a variety of programs and fields of design that will help guide me to see which specific field I wanna join when I move forward in the graphic design opportunity.

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Christopher Darocha

Humber College student, Graphic Design Program

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Jenna Mably

I am a creative Graphic Designer that has obtained experience through my education at Humber College, and 5 years working in customer service. I am currently in my final year at Humber College in Graphic Design Advanced Diploma. I have successfully completed numerous design projects from concept to completion.

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Gaeun Lee

Hello, my name is Bella Lee; born and raised in South Korea and am currently based in Toronto. My Korean name is Gaeun; however, I prefer Bella since it's easier for people to remember. I'm a graduate of Humber College's Graphic Design Program.

I am grateful that I found what suits me and am passionate about work during the long journey! I enjoy designing websites/mobile apps, exploring typography, creating posters, and everything related to Graphic Design. I am also enthusiastic about creating fantastic works, from ideation to finalizing the design outcomes with my skillsets.

I would love to contribute to new projects and am fully ready to dive in!

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Taehyun Kim

Hi, I'm Esme. I am a dream-oriented graphic designer with an eye for detail. From South Korea, The UK and The Philippines to Canada, my craving to be motivated by different surroundings and cultures helps bring a global perspective. I am a diver who is afraid of water. I am a person who tends to imagine various scenarios before diving into something. This means that I keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone, every time, to jump in and learn. I pick up on the directions that trends lead and can follow where it flows.

Pursuing a career in graphic design is my greatest passion.

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Young Wi

Aspiring Graphic Design Student

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Vanessa Ferreira

I am a full-time design lover and all-time inspired, also a horror and shopping fanatic!

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Thu Hien Dang

Annie Dang, Graphic Design Student. I am a person who is extremely passionate about design technologies, art, and illustration.

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Sheldon Grant

I am an aspiring Graphic Designer located in Toronto, Ontario. I am currently enrolled in my third year of Humber College's Graphic Design Program. I am a person who is influenced by art, media and video games and strives to be incorporate that into my work. Although Graphic Design is my career goal, I also wish to become a better Illustrator.

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Shaunte De Sousa

I am currently a student graphic designer that enjoys developing brands through design, and to help the brand be able to deliver their message to their audience.

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Samson Jeyarajah

Hello! My name is Samson Jeyarajah, and I am a Graphic/Illusion Designer. Right now, I am in my last semester studying Graphic Design at Humber College. I am a creative person that enjoys drawing in my spare time. I got into graphic designing in 2016 when I was in grade 11. I have been studying my program for about three years now. Apart from attending school, I am currently a volunteer graphics designer.

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Oscar Zhang

I'm a 3rd year graphic design student. I specialize in UI and UX design. I love to challenge myself in my work to grow as a designer. I put myself out there and work with others to better my designs and learn from mistakes. On the side, I indulge myself in all the latest technology and learn how I could include them in my work and daily life, while also exploring tech and software that is new to me.

I'm knowledgeable in computer hardware, I've built several computers and my own server and a NAS.

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Noah Nascimben

Hello! I'm Noah and I am a design student from Toronto, Canada. Currently in the third and final year of my program at Humber College and I am eager to get involved within the design community and make long-lasting connections. During my time in the industry, I have developed a love and appreciation for brand identity and evolved skills that make me an adaptable and flexible creative person. With skills in Branding, UX/UI Design, and Prototyping, I am able to make decisions and maintain the involvement of my team to ensure goals and targets are being met and a well-thought-out, precise and creative solution is made.

Problem solving and dedication to finding a solution.

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Nicole Krawchuk

My name is Nicole (she/her), and I am a Toronto-based graphic designer specializing in branding and package design. I enjoy any project that allows me to think critically and creatively. I am an open-minded individual and always up for a challenge, especially if that means getting to learn something new.

Photo of a woman with fair skin tone, long red hair, smiling.

Nicole Anstis

Hello, I'm Nicole! I'm an artist and graphic designer, currently a student at Humber College while also running my own small business where I illustrate and sell stationery. I often make my art digitally for my own shop and I take interest in branding and packaging design, both things that I would love to get into professionally. I am very keen on colour theory and typography within my work!

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Nicholas Sousa

I'm a graphic designer based out of Brampton Ontario, Canada. My design has a simple, clean, minimalist approach. My creative colour palettes, clean layouts and unique typography create memorable and powerful designs.

An image of a man with light skin tone, medium length dirty blonde hair, smiling while standing outside in the sunlight.

Nicholas Cropley

I am a Humber College Graphic Design student with experience and familiarity in various Adobe suite programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, After Effects and XD. Using these tools, I have created projects ranging from promotional posters and videos, to fully functional app prototypes. I am a passionate designer who excels at pushing my creativity to the limit to create projects that are not only aesthetically pleasing from a design standpoint, but are as functional as can be. I see myself as someone that is always ready to tackle a new design challenge with confidence and excitement and cease the opportunity to try my hand at something new.

Photo of a medium dark skinned man in a blue shirt standing in void.

Mohammed Hassan

Incredibly stressed out graphic designer by trade, Mohammed Hassan blends post-punk aesthetics with post-modern design elements. Creating work that both champions creativity, and leaves its blemishes out in the open. The essence of "Bespoke" in a digital form.

Mohammad Hussain

Student at Humber college currently enrolled in graphic Design

Mohammad Hussain

Passionate in Design and the Tech world , currently pursuing Graphic Design at Humber College. In my free time, I love to design logos, icons and websites for clients. Eager to develop my knowledge in the coding world and build good customer relations.

Photo of a man with dark skin tone, short to medium black hair, glasses and a neutral expression.

Melvin Augustine

Digital Painting, Typography & Lettering

Digital Art

Photoshop, Photobashing

Digital and Graphic artist and designer. Passionate about fantasy and sci-fi. Making art for my dreams one canvas at a time!

Photo of a man with tanned skin, medium length hair combed over, blue suit with slightly elated expression.

Matthew Diego

I'm Matthew Bryan Diego, a graphic designer based in Mississauga, Ontario, studying at Humber College. My area of expertise is branding, editorial and UX/UI design.

As a student, I have experience creating brand guidelines, assets, and marketing products such as posters, brochures, flyers and much more. I also explored and developed other skills around my personal interests in design such as product packaging design, motion design, and front-end web development using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

I also enjoy building computers as a side hobby. :)

Photo of a woman with medium skin tone, long black hair with bangs, and smiling.

Marielle Rodrigues

Hello! my name is Marielle and I am a student at Humber College and currently studying Graphic Design. I am truly passionate about design. I love creating illustrations, logo designs and designing stationeries. I find myself to be a creative individual who seeks out new ways to better my designing skills and find ways to express myself through the art of design.

Photo of a man with medium skin tone, medium black hair, glasses and a neutral expression.

Luke Pangilinan

Junior Graphic Designer located in Mississauga, ON

Photo of a woman wearing a flannel shirt with medium skin tone, short black hair, and smiling a little bit.

Lizzacris Mae Portodo

Hello! My name is Lizzacris. I'm a Graphic Designer based in Etobicoke, Ontario. I see myself as a designer that likes to use creativity for designing products and building services that can create an impact. I design with a purpose of informing, helping, and communicating with the audience.

Photo of a woman with medium skin tone, long black hair, and a neutral expression.

Kimberly Patrocinio

Kim is a graphic designer and lettering artist based in Toronto. Much of her work reflects her Filipino culture and upbringing, which has inspired her since childhood. She enjoys being creative and learning new things, especially those that push her skills as a graphic designer.

Photo of a man with medium skin tone, medium length black hair, a mild beard and a half smile.

Keeyan Motalleb

Born and raised in Toronto, my first hobby-turned-career was cooking. After graduating culinary school and spending a few years in the field, my desire to design had only grown. Having committed to the change of profession, I find myself in a better position to exercise creativity and work to my strengths.

Photo of a woman with light skin tone, dark hair, glasses, and a neutral expression.

Kateryna Melnychuk

I am a graphic designer who has a passion for work and enjoys creative problem-solving. I am a perfectionist and a hardworking person, but also an empathetic and very sensitive designer, who stands out.

When I design, I am really into the process of creation. I like to go through different stages of the creative process and watch the development and formation of the end result.

I am also open-minded and enjoy learning new things. Additionally, my strength lies in my careful attention to detail, patience, and adaptiveness.

Photo of woman with medium skin tone, black wavy hair covering half of face, brown eyes and a neutral expression

Kaitlyn Tavares

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Lightroom

Strong colour coordination skills

Open-minded and emphatic

Hi there! My name is Kaitlyn Tavares and I'm a passionate Graphic Designer and Artist. I have been creating art ever since my childhood and over my 12 years of experience I have adapted skills in a wide range of mediums. Some of the areas I specialize in are Illustration, Branding, UI/UX design, and Photo Editing.

Photo of woman with brown hair, fair skin, and a neutral expression.

Jordyn Glazer

With a background in science and an immense passion for visual arts, I create innovative work that combines logic and research with an extensive understanding of design to help companies elevate their brands.

Photo of woman with medium skin tone, short black hair, glasses and a neutral expression.

Joomyeong Kim

I am Joomyeong Kim who studies graphic design at Humber. I have been here, in Toronto, since August 2019. Now I am in the last semester of the graphic design program. I chose this program because I love drawing and am also interested in design. After I graduate from Humber College, I want to be a competent graphic designer.

Photograph of Jonathan looking off to his left with a neutral expression, wearing a red jacket, and glasses, while standing in front of a blue brick wall.

Jonathan Dao

I am a graphic designer who is able to provide captivating solutions that will resonate with clients. My professions span from Brand Identity, Campaign Promotions, and UI/UX Prototyping.

Photo of man with medium tone, short black hair, neutral expression.

Jacob Eran

I am a Graphic Designer based in Mississauga, ON who can bring any idea to life. Whether it be digital or print, my passion to create projects that people will enjoy.

Photo of a smiling woman with light skin tone and long brown hair.

Hayley McCallum

Hi, my name is Hayley McCallum. I am a graphic design student who loves to problem solve and create.

Photo of a caucasian male wearing a red beanie, headphones, and glasses with a smile on his face.

Evan Carpenter

Hello, my name is Evan and to be honest I'm a little new here. Foremost, I'd like to say that I am dedicated to creating fun and inspiring designs that fit your needs. I am currently enrolled at the wonderful graphic design program at Humber College and will be graduating in the spring semester of 2022. I aspire to work in either branding or advertising and really enjoy trying out new ideas and techniques in terms of design.

A black and white photo of an African American male with a curly afro, wearing a white dress shirt and a gold chain, who is also smiling in the image

Dominic Lewis



Hard-working & Independent

My name is Dominic Lewis and I am a Graphic Design student at Humber College. While at Humber I've learned numerous applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After effects, and many more the program. Some interests I have other than design are Sports, Music, Video Games, and Art as they have become a part of me and something I enjoy doing in my free time. My inspiration for the design comes mostly from my love of music and sports, as one day I would love to do something in the area of sports media and create artwork for numerous teams or leagues across the US or do freelancing, dealing with multiple projects and clients.

Photo of a person with a white skin tone, semi-long brown hair wearing a red sweatshirt with a smile.

Dante Quartarone

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects/XD/InDesign

Microsoft Word

Google Docs/Slides

A graphic designer aiming to create stand-out designs as simply as possible, helping clients give their brand a visual identity to get their brands off of the ground.

black and white photo of man with long hair tied up, facial hair and a smile.

Daniel Anthony Gayoso



Editorial Design

Hi I'm Daniel Gayoso, I'm a graphic designer whose love for visual storytelling drives me to create.

Photo of a young woman outside in the forest with medium-dark skin tone, long curly black hair, wearing black cat-eye sunglasses with a  light pink tank top, and a happy expression.

Chea-Ann Nelson-Dennis

Hello! My name is Chea-Ann. I am a Junior Graphic Designer. I am a very passionate and creative individual that strives to become a great designer. I have always had a passion for creating digital art, which led to my enrollment in the Graphic Design Advanced Diploma program at Humber College in 2019.

Callum McClelland headshot. Man with with glasses and light facial hair.

Callum Mcclelland

A 26-year-old returning student with a background in professional photography. Looked to Humber to expand my skills and gain knowledge in what the design world has to offer. I've learned a lot here and come very far.

Photo of woman with pale skin and long blonde hair smiling.

Anna Hillar

Digital Art

Adobe Creative Suite


Humber graphic design student, in final year of the program. Interested in learning more about illustration and UX/UI after the program

Black and white photo of a woman with a light skin tone, clear glasses, medium-length hair and a closed smile.

Anjelica De Leon

Hello, I'm Anjelica! I'm a graphic designer and a bright-eyed gothic illustrator (as well as an undiagnosed k-pop addict) with a keen eye for creating engaging and innovative designs. I've had a love for drawing since I was in the womb and had previously studied Art History where I was able to learn about the principles of art and explore differing fine art practices. This has helped me in creating balanced and unique compositions and has given me a distinct set of traditional art and technical skills that I can bring to my designs. I am passionate about creating engaging digital experiences through problem-solving and innovation and have interest in UI/UX Design, branding and packaging design.

Photo of a man with light skin tone, short brown hair, with a small grin.

Andrew Derek Buffa

Motion Design

Graphic Design

Information Design

I'm a multidisciplinary graphic designer who's enthusiastic and motivated with great time management skills and a good eye for design.

Photo of a man with light skin tone, dark blond hair and blue eyes slightly smiling.

Alex Hai

Hi there! My name's Alex, and I'm a student in my final semester of the Graphic Design program. As a designer, I would describe my style in three words: colour, simplicity, and space. I get the most excited when working on branding, editorial, and UI projects. Outside of school, I love to draw, and I'm also a huge music & pop culture fan.

Photo of woman with medium skin tone, mid length black hair, smiling.

Alessandra Vallenas

Hello! I'm Maria, a 22-year-old junior graphic designer in Toronto. My designs are influenced and inspired by groovy illustrations, the 70s, and organic shapes. Aside from design I also love music and the outdoors.

I specialize in brand development and graphic design.