Graphic Design

Humber’s advanced diploma in Graphic Design develops creative and strategic designers who execute for a wide range of interactive media such as web and screen, user interaction, motion design and traditional print products. Students are strategically and typographically skilled and adept in digital, editorial, interactive, information, motion, user experience, user interface and web design techniques. This program includes the unique opportunity to work with BuildingF, Humber's in-house ad agency, working on real projects for real clients while building a portfolio and professional contacts.

Our Students

Black and white picture of Abby sitting against a wall

Abby-Lyn Ambrosia

I am a passionate graphic design student who loves exploring all areas of design, especially print, branding and editorial, and I am currently seeking creative opportunities and experiences in the industry. I am currently studying Graphic Design at Humber College in Toronto and will be graduating in April of 2021. Before this, I took a 1-year program at Sheridan College called Media Fundamentals to broaden my skill set in other forms of media including photography, film and television, journalism, and more. I also have a long history in the service industry that has taught me outstanding people skills and has made me a responsible hard worker.I look forward to learning, growing, and connecting with people in the field and fulfilling my goal of taking my creativity, love for design, and love for helping people and making a career out of solving meaningful and challenging problems through design.

Aisha sitting and looking at the camera wearing a black turtle neck t-shirt with a light-black blazer

Aisha Shaikh

Hi! I’m Aisha Shaikh. Currently studying at Humber College, I specialize in brand development.My curiosity with unique design styles inspired me to travel around the globe while also experiencing different cultures. I have a strong desire to work with innovative and growing businesses, ultimately seeing my work make an impact on someone's life is a huge goal for me.Above all, I am a driven and hands-on worker that looks forward to new challenges and creating art!

Picture of Alex Sumeer against a wall, wearing glasses and a black hoodie

Alex Sumeer

Alex Sumeer is an upcoming junior graphic designer currently in his final semester of the Graphic Design Program at Humber College. His passion towards different design theories and being around other graphic designers growing up has been the foundation of his desire to become a graphic designer. He hopes to specializes in logo designs, typography, branding, or UI/UX design.Another aspect that really motivates him to pursue a job as an illustrator in the industry because it brings enjoyment to him and he wants to inspire others with the art he creates. The lifetime goal that he is trying to achieve is to travel and learn Japanese and Korean in specific. He also wants to travel around the world and use his designs to help the world make a difference through his designs.

Picture of Allyson, looking to the camera wearing a brown nude colour shirt

Allyson Zarate

I am a professional junior graphic designer with a passion for stationery design, logo and packaging, advertising, and typography. I’m an energetic, creative and conscientious individual with a passion in collecting and discovering beautifully designed notebooks. Overall, I am an avid learner, detail-oriented worker, and hard-working.

Picture of Alyssa, wearing a black t-shirt and glasses

Alyssa Ross

My name is Alyssa Ross, and I am a Graphic Designer from Brampton, Ontario. My journey to pursuing Graphic Design was a long one, because I did not know what I wanted to do for a while. I have previous credentials in Fashion Studies and Art Fundamentals, both studied at Seneca College, but I wanted to do more. After thinking it over and getting feedback from my friends and family, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in Graphic Design, and I definitely do not regret it. I am currently in my final semester at Humber College.Along with Graphic Design, my passion is also in Illustration. I love creating art in both digital and traditional mediums. My favourite mediums are gouache and acrylic paints to cut paper with pencil crayons and alcohol markers. I also love using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create digital paintings and I am always open to trying new art forms!I am also a writer, having written two novels that are both on Amazon called The Power of the Moon and Sun and its prequel, Written in the Stars. I am currently working on a trilogy called The Tides. When I'm not doing writing or designing, I love watching movies, reading books, and exploring the city!Being in Graphic Design has taught me a lot and I am very grateful to my family, friends, professors, and peers for helping me get this far. If you would like to see more of my work, feel free to check out Thank you!

Headshot of Ana Rodrigues, wearing a white sweater

Ana Rodrigues

Ana Rodrigues (she/her) is a Canadian multi-disciplinary graphic designer, curious about all things creative and abstract. Born in Brazil and raised in Canada, she now happily lives and studies in Toronto. Ana is currently in her third year as a graphic design student at Humber College with plans on advancing her freelance career. Teaching herself much of the Adobe Suite, she began experimenting with Photoshop and Illustrator early into high school and has loved it ever since. Inspired by the colours and geometrical shapes of the Bauhaus movement, she brings a fun, colourful, and refreshing feeling to her clients through a modern lens, usually through poster design, logo, and illustration. Her inspiration grows from internet culture, life experiences and her online perception. When she is not busy working or studying, Ana spends her free time finding trails to go to, painting and most importantly online shopping.

Black and white picture of Andrew, wearing a shirt with a tie.

Andrew Gallimore

As a self-taught Multidisciplinary Designer, my interests sparked upon receiving my first laptop at the age of 14 years old, where I began to explore Digital Design, Motion Design, Video Editing, as well as Audio Engineering.My passion for Design led to collaborating within various community groups as well as freelance projects. Currently, I volunteer in the role of Creative Director with a group of creatives for NCCJCA Inc.Along with the previous years of experience in the design field, and completion of the Design Foundation and Graphic Design programs at Humber College, I look forward to further develop, build and create solutions alongside industry professionals.

Heashot of Annee, looking to the camera and wearing a black t-shirt

Annee Nguyen

My name is Annee Nguyen and I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer. I specialize in logo design, print production design, branding, and UI/UX design. I also enjoy Illustration and a bit of Typography as well. Currently, I am in the final year of the Graphic Design program at Humber College. When it comes to my design work, I want my fingers on all pieces. A balanced mix of creative and analytical quality makes a great skillset of mines. Professional design with open creativity is what I aim for. I am an enthusiastic person, detail-oriented, and passionate about minimalistic design, drawing. I also have a high sense of responsibility, flexibility, and well-collaborate with others in teamwork. Driven by my passion and creativity, I am eager to gain further experience in the design field. From an early age, I was always interested in art. I enjoy art and drawing as much as I like the freedom to be creative and express it from my mind through the sketchbook. What I try to show in the artworks is myself, my characteristic, my own style, and also the beauty of the artwork itself. To be a designer is an opportunity that helps me convey my message, my own creative design to others. At the moment, I am trying to gain more experiences, discover more about art, color in life. I want to be more open-minded about the beauty of the world.

Picture of Antonette, wearing a red blouse and grey sweater

Antonette Reginio

I design and illustrate refreshing solutions that can solve people’s problems.I'm Antonette Reginio, an aspiring Graphic Designer. I do Branding, Illustration and UI Design. I am passionate about graphic design as it's a way of communicating and connecting to the viewers.

Headshot of Ariana, smiling to the camera and wearing a blue and white shirt

Ariana Kaminski

A graduate of OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design and currently in my final year at Humber College majoring in Graphic Design. I have 2 years of industry experience working for Humber College's Athletic Department as their graphic designer and am moving forward to working as a Graphic Designer & Social Media Coordinator for Verdant Management as of May 1, 2021.

Picture of Bella posing for the camera wearing a black blouse

Bella Albogatchieva

Hello my name is Bella Albogatchieva, I’m 21 years old currently in third year attending Humber North campus majoring Graphic Design and I’m striving to become a junior freelance designer. I had worked with Photoshop when I was in middle school and throughout high school, I want to expand my design skills by experience working with different software such as HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InDesign, a bit of Premier Pro and After effects. I had used Illustrator to design posters, character images, and logos, InDesign is for designing books, magazines, and calendar, XD is to designing a prototype app and website, and creating videos and gif by using Premier pro and After Effects. I had worked at a Mobile Games Studio to help the company to create a website by using HTML and CSS to promote their GPU products also I had used Photoshop to design and edit the mobile game images. I have volunteer and communication experience at YMCA Resource Centre by helping YMCA members within computer centre and helped by keeping the computer resources organized by providing excellent customer service while assisting members to create resource cards for printing, copying access, and helping them to book appointment for helping them to create a resume and practice job interviews. The other experience I had was creating a logo using Illustrator for my friend to create a logo for him and planning to use that for the hat. My goal is to improve my media design skills at a company such as promoting and advertising on social media, creating brochures to attract potential customers, and brand designs.

Picture of Breanna posing for the camera wearing a black blouse

Brieanna Arroyo

Graphic Design Student at Humber College. Throughout my time at Humber, I worked as a Digital Content Creator for Life at Humber's social media pages, creating digital content that speaks to students about beneficial college resources and student lifestyle tips. I am passionate about creating digital content that speaks to young adults and understands the experience of living in today's age. I aspire to use my design skills to simplify and clarify everyday tasks, and to create pleasant experiences when interacting with my designs. I won first prize along with my teammates during Humber's Centre for Creative Business Innovation Design Jam. My strengths in design are brand identity, graphic illustration and User Interaction.

Celina DaSilva posing for the camera, wearing a white blouse and glasses

Celina Da Silva

I consider myself a "glass half full" kind of designer since I'm very passionate and optimistic when it comes to designing. I’m always ready to face challenges and overcome them with new and creative ideas.

Picture of Conor posing for the camera

Conor Harper

Graphic Designer with 4+ years of knowledge in logo and brand design with a fun and creative perspective on my design process. I have a positive attitude towards work, can work well in a team and under pressure. I am good with time management, multitasking, and can take leadership when needed. Skilled with the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD), Microsoft Office, and web development languages HTML, CSS, and JS. Creating strong and unique designs and building relationships with those I work with.

Picture of Dai Vu Dao posing for the camera, and wearing a white shirt

Dai Vu (David) Dao

A graphic designer with great passion for arts and aesthetics, who is meticulous with details. The strive for efficiency and speed in everything I do makes me an extremely organized person. Above all, I am driven, responsible, and always willing to learn something new.

Picture of Dauntye outdoors, wearing a white shirt.

Dauntye Smickle-Smith

Hi my name is Dauntye Smickle-Smith & I’m a graphic designer who loves to create. I express my vision through all the designs that I produce. I’m currently going to school for my Advanced Diploma focused in Graphic Design from Humber College. My inspiration for wanting to be a graphic designer has come from my love and passion of art. Growing up, I was always into the artistic side of things. I used to love the graphics on TV when I was younger. When creating logos and advertisements, I really get to explore everything that graphic design has to offer. The way people see design is different and that’s what makes this field of work so unique because it allows me to be me. I want to create new ideas & concepts in the world of design and let my voice be known. Letting my creativity flow in everything I do; I always strive to be different. I love being out in nature because I believe there is art in everything we see. Art has always played a big role in my life which has made me the person I am today. Being able to create and let my own ideas flow on a page is why I fell in love with design. In the future I wish to travel and explore the world so I can see what design is like all over the globe. We all have dreams and this is a dream that I won’t let slip away, I look forward to the future and displaying my work all over the world.

Picture of Dhruv Shah posing wearing a suit and tie

Dhruv Shah

Hey! My name is Dhruv Shah and I am a Toronto based graphic designer. I got into graphic designing back in 2016 when I was in grade 11. I had taken some designing courses as well as an art course since it was and still is one of my hobbies. I am currently in my last semester studying Graphic Design at Humber College. I have been studying graphic design for three years now, and before that I was just designing for fun. Besides studying, I am a part-time freelance graphic designer. I like to design artworks and branding merchandise for local artists/rappers. I have been using Adobe Photoshop for a while now to bring my client and I’s ideas together. I also use Adobe Illustrator, XD, InDesign, and a bit of After Effects along with Microsoft Office Suite. I am also familiar with web designing components such as HTML and CSS. Currently I am working towards expanding my knowledge on making motion graphics since that is something many people are wanting nowadays. I am also trying to learn more of photography, and advertising/promoting since that can open more opportunities. Also, many jobs would prefer someone who has more experience as a graphic designer and a creative director.

Dusan Mandic wearing a suit giving a speech

Dusan Mandic

I am a Graphic Designer from Toronto, Ontario. Currently I am a freelance designer and in my 3rd year in the Humber College Graphic Design Program. I have a passion for brand design and am looking to help people build their brand and express their story through unique designs. I have a positive attitude, problem solving skills and pay attention to detail. I take a very minimalistic approach and enjoy illustration techniques such as line art.

Picture of Farah, wearing a black and white shirt

Farah Hakimpour

Hi, my name is Farah Hakimpour and I love to design and draw! I hope you enjoy my portfolio! My favourite things to do in design is brand identity, poster design, and package design. When it comes to illustration, I love drawing people and characters in my own art style. I like drawing my favourite YouTube personalities and also original characters and characters from many works of fiction. I don't think I could choose a favourite when it comes between design and illustration. I love to create logos for new companies or recreate logos for old companies, but I also love to draw people and characters that bring me joy. I believe designing requires more critical thinking than when I draw. Drawing just feels so smooth and natural to me since I started my creative journey with drawing and sketching. I tried a bunch of different forms of art but drawing was the one that stuck with me the most. In fact, being in this creative mind was what got me thinking about being in graphic design. I learned about graphic design in high school and was set on it from then until I had to choose a college. Coming to college and learning about the many different aspects of graphic design got me thinking more about what I wanted to do. Eventually, in my second year, I decided that working on brand identity, poster design, and package design was where I wanted my most attention to go. I can't wait to find a great internship and a great job in the field!

Picture of Faris, wearing a grey suit with a blue shirt

Faris Khan

I am a creative well – versed Graphic Designer that primarily focuses on UX, UI, and Product Design. I am intrigued by human behaviour and have a passion for solving puzzles. I am dedicated to delivering contemporary effective and qualitative work, catering to the needs of the project. My thorough research skills aid me in all aspects of design and are what helps me in developing a strategy prior to any execution.After graduating from Humber college, I would like to continue my learning of UX, UI, and Product Design in either the work place or by furthering my education in Humbers Bachelor of Design program. I know that I have only started to grasp the basis of UX and UI design, but I am confident I can continually improve and add skills to my repertoire that will make me a better designer. I am open minded to new experiences, excited to make new connections, and ready to develop myself further as UI/UX designer.

Picture of Fidel David wearing white polo

Fidel David

Fidel David is a junior graphic designer who designs assets for online uses. With the knowledge of software such as illustrator, photoshop, XD, InDesign, after effects, and premiere pro; he is versatile with what he can create. Fidel works to continue to gain experience and learn more about the online culture. He brings his experience from his courses to help enhance smaller known clients to give them their online presence. Has worked on designing posters and t-shirts for high school events, graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary school, and is currently taking graphic design at Humber College. Has knowledge on the culture online including video games, streaming, and anime. Fidel has been looking more towards helping others on social media especially towards creating stream assets for small streamers on His most recent work is creating stream assets for a small streamer on He has created web banners, stream screenings, camera overlays, a new logo, and other assets for the client. Fidel still learning and refining his skill sets, he continues putting his work out through his social media to gain that tractions for his online presence. Still at a young age of 21 and willing to learn anything new, he is open to learn any new techniques to further expand his knowledge in the industry.

Picture of Heather Stephen, GDES grad.

Heather Stephen

I am a dedicated and passionate Graphic Designer going into the freelancer world. I am currently looking for some creative opportunities and Design work jobs. I am a dedicated and motivated individual with the passion to make your design ideas into reality. I also love to see smiles on faces from each design work. I mostly use Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. My hobbies are coding and crafting. For crafting I mostly do latch hooking/rug hooking, and Diamond paintings. I mentioned that my other hobby is coding, I so far only know how to do HTML, CSS, as well a bit of java scripting. I am currently learning on my own some python and some web programmes that might help me code an app for all platforms to use. For example, ReNet, Flutter, Swift. I currently use bracket and Visual Code Studio to code with. One day I hope I can code a beautiful and well layout app for a company. I am also an animal lover, I can’t help myself when I see a cute animal. I currently own a Russian hamster and co-owns a dog, grey cat and a breaded dragon (lizard). I currently work as a manager at a fast-food chain, I learn a lot there between time management, communication, being efficient and keeping everything organised. There are many challenges and new issues everyday that we must do and solve, so its never boring. I also have fun once I see a customer enjoy the food that we have given them.

Picutre of Hena Cho wearing a white t-shirt

Hena Cho

I am a Graphic Designer and a UX/UI Designer based on Toronto, Canada. I like to work simple, clean and neat design, and interested in animation, motion design and illustration. The most important thing of design in my design is to create the best design for purpose of project and client/user's wishes.To explain short of my story, I was born in South Korea, and have come to Canada as an International Student of Humber College, located in Toronto, Canada. To explore the culture of different continent and to know more wider world in real life, I decided to go abroad and work with diverse, multi-cultural people. Of course, I have some hardship to get used to it, like language difficulties. However, like design and problem solving, I’m always trying to overcome it and learn it more.For those of you who want to know my branding’s meaning, as my logo, my design’s desire or purpose is to embrace various design style. From cold to warm colours like gradients, I want to deal with different style of design well. Also, like curve and straight in the logo shape, I want to design the combination of diverse style of design, as if mediate between some opinions to one. I usually use the Adobe Creative Suite and Figma for my design. For Now, I work on graphic design and ux/ui design, but I want to know and learn other fields, such as animation, motion graphic. I really open to learn and work with new things!

Picture of Illayana wearing a black shirt

Illayna Sousa-Kirpaul

Hi, I’m Illayna [pronounced: Eye-Lana] Sousa-Kirpaul! I live in Brampton with my family and 2 cats; Nala and Luna. I’m currently in my third and final year in the Graphic Design program at Humber. At the present moment, I am in the middle of completing my internship as a UX Designer, which is what I want to specialize in. I started my graphic design journey back in Highschool when i finally found a subject i was passionate about. I really enjoyed the creative outlet graphic design gave to me and so i pursued it! Fast forward to now, with a portfolio filled with my accomplished work and a showcase of skills in Adobe Creative Suite. During my 3 years at Humber College, I've taken on courses such as Typography, Branding, Experience Design, Web Technology, and Print Technology. These courses gave me an in depth look into the design industry and the many different skills it takes to be a good designer. As I continue my career and finish my last few weeks here at Humber I only hope to learn more!

Black and white photo of a woman with short, dark hair, and glasses.

Jacqueline Diaz

I am a Graphic Design student at Humber College that focuses on accessibility in design.

Portrait picture of Jake Hunter wearing a brown t-shirt

Jake Hunter

My name is Jake Hunter, I am a freelance Graphic Designer and Web Designer. I help design print and digital pieces for clients as well as some coding for websites. Prior to becoming a freelance designer, I spent 4 years at Humber College honing my skills in Graphic Design. I gained a strong knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud. My strongest skills include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In-Design as well as HTML and CSS. In my free time I really enjoy Hockey and Baseball, as well as video games. I am available for design, illustration, and coding work or for consultations. Feel free to reach me at or 289-834-2323.


Jason Wootten

Welcome to my portfolio! I am a junior Graphic Designer currently enrolled in my final semester of the Graphic Design diploma program at Humber College. Some of my interests include biking and being outdoors, food, music, technology and of course, design! Growing up, I always loved design and had an appreciation for the way things are styled to look a certain way or to serve a specific function. For example, ever since I was little I have always loved cars and have been fascinated by the iterative, year-over-year aesthetic and technological changes that auto manufacturers make in order to stay on-trend. I also loved to draw many of my favourite cars and even design some of my own, inspired by cars that already exist.As a graphic designer, I am often confused with being an artist, which is a completely different practice. An artist creates a piece based purely off raw emotion and thought, with no particular end-goal or function in mind. A graphic designer, on the other hand, starts with a very good idea of how the end product should look, what specific purpose it will serve, and how to make it the simplest, easiest and least noticeable to use or experience. After all, good design goes unnoticed and doesn’t take effort to understand or appreciate.

Picture of Jason Wootten wearing a blue t-shirt and a black jacket

Jason Wootten

Welcome to my portfolio! I am a junior Graphic Designer currently enrolled in my final semester of the Graphic Design diploma program at Humber College. Some of my interests include biking and being outdoors, food, music, technology and of course, design! Growing up, I always loved design and had an appreciation for the way things are styled to look a certain way or to serve a specific function. For example, ever since I was little I have always loved cars and have been fascinated by the iterative, year-over-year aesthetic and technological changes that auto manufacturers make in order to stay on-trend. I also loved to draw many of my favourite cars and even design some of my own, inspired by cars that already exist.As a graphic designer, I am often confused with being an artist, which is a completely different practice. An artist creates a piece based purely off raw emotion and thought, with no particular end-goal or function in mind. A graphic designer, on the other hand, starts with a very good idea of how the end product should look, what specific purpose it will serve, and how to make it the simplest, easiest and least noticeable to use or experience. After all, good design goes unnoticed and doesn’t take effort to understand or appreciate.

Picture of Jessica, wearing a honey-brown jacket with a turtle neck black shirt

Jessica Beattie

Junior Graphic Designer with experience in freelance design with clients, freelance illustration work and a I am a former graphic design communications student. I have an eye for minimalistic yet unique design and have been passionate about art in all of its forms my whole life. I am particularly interested in typography, branding and editorial design.

Picture of Jimin wearing a black blazer

Jimin Lee

Following a brief love affair with the idea of a legal profession, Jimin Lee has since re-oriented her keen interest in the world and her innate problem-solving abilities to develop bespoke user-oriented design solutions that address real-world problems. A desire to dissect and analyze social intricacies and human psychosocial behavior lead to her obtaining a baccalaureate of Sociology that served as the foundation upon which her design process has thrived. With an invested interest in betterment, Jimin applies this philosophy to her design, focusing on salvaging existing strengths in order to refine and create something improved.Throughout her studies as a graphic design student at Humber College, Jimin has found herself enamoured by the efficiency of user-experience and user-interface design and its potential in forging beautiful novel experiences. This fascination has lead to her focus in front-end web development, translating theoretical concepts to tangible visual ones to facilitate ease of use and navigation across a spectrum of online platforms. Rounding out her skillset are years of experience working in front-facing service positions; years that have imparted the knowledge of navigating difficult client situations. Such skill is particularly useful in convincing clients and guiding conversations in order to arrive at a satisfactory solution for all involved parties.When Jimin is not wrestling with a line of particularly stubborn code or fussing over the opacity slider by nudging it endlessly in 1% increments; she may be spotted conquering virtual kingdoms, indulging in a psychological thriller flick, or catching stray thoughts through writing.

Picture of Josiah outdoors wearing a black t-shirt

Josiah Mongru

I'm Josiah Mongru, a junior graphic designer and photographer, my main focus is brand/advertising campaigns, print projects & front-end website & app design/mock ups. When starting a project, I approach in way to solve the problem and doing in an effective way that benefits both user & client. In addition, I'm currently a third-year graphic design student at Humber college while also doing freelance projects for multiple clients. I'm interested and eager to begin an internship with a company or companies that allows me to learn & contribute to the team! In addition, I have a minor knowledge of coding consisting of HTML & Java script. I am able to work in a team environment doing what the team needs me to do, weather that is arranging content or setting up a slide deck or being a lead designer. Also, because of my knowledge in photography I am able to apply those skills to my design work. In addition, my work is inspired by different areas of media like anime or manga as the illustration and animation help me come up with ideas. Furthermore, drawings, edit montages/cinematography helps me with ideas and direction as well, anywhere from the concept to colour and so on. Finally, by consuming media and nature regularly it keeps me refreshed and on schedule with projects. it allows me to take a break and step back but ready to work when I'm ready to.

Picture of Julia outdoors, wearing a purple t-shirt

Julia Koloupaeva

I am a designer who is very passionate about my work and what I do. I love to create and design solutions that fix complicated problems. Problem solving and critical thinking are things I like to do on the daily, in all areas of my life, not only in design. Creativity is something that runs through my bloodstream, and if there is anything that I can design or fix, I will gladly take up the offer and work with optimism until it's done. I am always looking for ways on how to improve, and love to hear any feedback or constructive criticism handed my way as I know I can always use it to better my craft. I always bring a positive attitude with me wherever I go and whatever I do, and it often shows through my work. I am attentive to small details and love to add happy and positive vibes to my work wherever I can. Overall, I love to make other people's lives a little bit easier for them.


Justin Biscocho

Hello, I am Justin Biscocho and I am a graphic designer that is currently in the final year of Graphic Design at Humber College. I first got into Graphic Design when I was looking for new areas to explore in my hobbies back in 2013. The first pieces of design I stumbled upon were digital design, such as banners, ads, and logos.That's where I started to watch tutorials, learning the basics of the software used. I would upload my first creations online and share them with others. I dabbled in many different things, and banners, logos, and motion were the big three that I designed for fun. As I designed them for fun, they were all apart of my hobbies in one way or another, and I would commonly gather inspiration from other people that were also apart of my hobbies.As a kid that always wanted to create art, I was intrigued by graphic design, where leading into high school I took the graphic design class every year. Now I am in the final year of the graphic design program at Humber. Throughout the semesters, I learn many different things about graphic design. The different areas of different design, motion, web, print, and much more. All these areas captured my attention one way or another.Ever since I stumbled upon design, I always wondered if I could design things that can also capture people's attention, which is what lead me to where I am now. Stepping into the graphic design industry is a new world, and I am always open to learning new skills.

Picture of Kassidy wearing a black blouse with white flowers

Kassidy Voduris

Hi, I'm Kassidy Voduris! I'm a UX/UI and graphic designer based in Toronto. I create meaningful designs through research. Design has always been a big part of my life. When I was young, I was always drawing and inventing new products. In high school, I took a digital art class and discovered that digital design was something I really enjoyed. After high school, I enrolled in Humber College's graphic design program where I am now a student. What I love about experience design is that it allows me to learn about people and create designs that make an impact.

Picture of Lucas, wearing a black shirt.

Lucas Markovic

Hi, my name is Lucas Markovic and I am a 20 year try to make the best designs that I can make. I am an Enthusiastic, ambitious and well-rounded graphic designer. Highly passionate about creative processes and styles. Committed to producing quality set design and creative concepts. I am also able to be put on a team and work well with anyone that I am working with. Even now I am still working on my design trying to make a better design than the last. I’m currently trying to find a job right now in the field which I love to do. Remaining on this topic I still want to learn more about graphic design as a whole and also knowing about the field. One of my hobbies is making is doodles and making stretches of logos and packages design as well.As a graphic designer, I want to get my name out there and giving it my all. This is just the beginning of my journey in graphic design seen. But I am a highly passionate designer making quality set designs and creative ideas. I am also a third-year student in the Graphic Design program. 3 years experience with Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD) | Active as a Graphic Designer since 2018 | Experienced with Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress). Once again my name is Lucas Markovic and I am a graphic designer from Humber College trying to make the first leap into a career that I have chosen to do for my future.

Picture of Mackenzie, wearing a blue shirt

Mackenzie Coates

My name is Mackenzie Coates, a 21 year old student who is currently pursuing my passion to become a designer! As a designer I take pride in making a design which feels personally connected to a client by ensuring people have input in the design process. I am not afraid of criticism and look at everything as a learning experience and chance for self-improvement as there is no way to improve other than to try your best and learn from both your own and others mistakes.I have 4+ years of experience with the completion of Humber's Media Foundations course as well knowledge from my current course of Graphic Design. I have had the opportunity to create logos, websites, style guides and solve problems to create applications and services for new fields of work. I have experience with the Adobe Creative Suite with a specialty in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign & Xd.I have also had many opportunities to create designs through my passion of playing video games. I am part of my local Barrie esports scene and head of graphic design for the Super Smash Bros tournaments and players where I would create graphics to express rankings, advertisements for tournaments and more. I would love one day to create something that has an impact on the world with my skills in graphic design as a creative thinker, as I believe with a growing world there will also be a way to improve on even the small things in life and that is the job of a graphic designer.

Picture of Mankirt, wearing a white shirt and a black jacket.

Mankirt Bhambra

Hi, I'm Manni Bhambra, a Graphic Designer and Audio Producer/Engineer. It all started when I was a little boy, I enjoyed creating; whether it was a birthday card or get-well-soon drawing, I always wanted to create rather than buy since it gave it that sentimental value a store bought card could never. My first digital art experience was paint on Windows 98, which was equivalent to using Photoshop since it was a new experience for me. I lost my passion for design during my teen years due to the transitions and changes in my life, but my high school Comm. Tech teacher Mr. Woods sparked the designer in me again. No other course in high school mattered to me like Mr. Woods' class did, that is when I realized that my passion and strength was right there in front of me the whole time. Although I have tapped into the many different areas of Graphic Design at Humber, my main focus and joy is in Editorial Design, Marketing Strategies and Digital Design. I'm curious to see where this path takes me in the future, it's been a long story and I will be busy writing the rest!

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Matthew Indovino

Hello, my name is Matthew! I am an outgoing introvert, who has a passion for crazy outlandish things and finding the beauty in everything around us. Ever since I was younger, I have always been passionate about design and the art that I am exposed to everyday. I would collect magazines and albums, which is what mostly sparked my interest in design. My interest in pop culture was created with my exposure to constant music playing in my house, sitting in front of the stereo and reading the album booklets. As I idolize a lot of musicians, I would love to some day be able to produce the vision that is attached to the visual, whether that be on the front cover of an album or a magazine; these memories and interests have brought me to today. I am currently almost done my Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, at Humber college, all while also completing my internship, where I will be rebranding a salon. When working, I want to create impactful art that will fulfill my vision, all while fulfilling my audiences vision; I want my career to not feel like a job, but more like a lifestyle; it is incredibly fundamental that I enjoy what I do on a daily basis. It has always been my dream to positively impact the world with colourful and vibrant work and I cannot wait to continue doing that with my skills. In the future I would like to work on a personal level with people to bring my ideas to the table, all while bringing theirs to life as well; I hope this lands me somewhere in the music industry where I can work with other creative individuals.

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Maya Stapleton

My name is Maya Stapleton and I am a third year student at Humber College in the Graphic Design program. I have always had an interest in drawing and designing and started developing my skills around grade 11. I am proficient in using Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and InDesign.I am an avid dog lover and have two adorable shih-tzus at home, Bella and Peanut.When I graduate from school, I would like to pursue package design for food companies. I have always been a foodie at heart and enjoy looking at the different styles of each brand.I am a hard-working, motivated individual who is always up for a challenge. I can work very quickly and efficiently under pressure and can take on a leadership role if needed. In both my academic and professional life, I have been praised as results-oriented by my professors, managers and peers. Whether working on academic, extracurricular, or professional projects, I apply proven communication, multitasking and creative thinking skills. I enjoy working with others who can help me improve my skills as a designer, as well as working independently so I can focus on the job ahead of me.

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Maymona Bamatref

My name is Maymona Bamatref, I am currently in my last year as a graphic design student. Im very passionate about designing and illustrating. I'm working towards opening up my own online shop to sell prints of all my illustrations while continuing to excel my skills as a graphic designer. I realized how much i enjoyed designing when I won the agenda cover design contest at my high school, which encouraged me to pursue a career in graphic design. I'm very excited to enter the graphic design work force and build my career as a designer.

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Megan Haslam

Hello, my name is Megan Haslam. I am a graphic design student currently living in Toronto. I am a graphic designer that likes to create modern, unique and aesthetically pleasing designs. I have always loved art and design ever since I was young. While I was in high school I discovered that Graphic design was what I wanted to do. I started out really interested in photography but I decided to take some design courses and really fell in love with it. I especially love advertising, print design and designing brand/marketing materials. In my free time I have started to try illustrating as a hobby and I really enjoy it! I have been taking pictures and illustrating them. I also get a lot of my inspiration on Pinterest. I can spend hours just scrolling and admiring peoples designs and artwork. In my free time I also like to learn new and fun things you can do in illustrator and photoshop. There are so many cool tricks and techniques to learn to make designs even more interesting that we don’t get to learn in school. I am always open to and enjoy learning new things to add and to strengthen my skill set.

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Monika Threumer

Monika Threumer is currently a third year design student, completing her final semester of studies in the Graphic Design program at Humber.Her passion for creating expressive designs and being a crazy perfectionist began at a very early stage in life, leading her to pursue design later on. Now, she is a practicing freelancer with the goal of becoming a junior graphic designer in package and label design.Her design style can oftentimes be described as clean and vivid, normally using typography and bright colours as a means to get her point across and stand out amongst others.Monika is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to tune and improve her skills. She is a problem-solver, always being up for a new challenge.

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Nathan Allen

Currently, I am attending Humber College for the graphicdesign program; after my final semester in winter 2021 I would like to be hired on at an agency where I can progress and grow. My previous work experience has given me insight as a designer into advertising, promotions and optics. I have been able to see what is successful for customers and what has been unsuccessful. With the skills I’ve learned and already possess I’d like to work in the marketing and branding field bringing ideas to fruition. A goal for the future would be to create my own brand or achieve the level of creative director at an existing brand. I’m a dedicated designer who puts passion into their work to accomplish a goal, create something new and branch off of existing materials and standards. I have the ability to successfully design many products like applications, websites, marketing materials, dvertisements and motion media. I think at any position I can bring a positive attitude and push myself to do the best possible. I possess strong communication skills from working in a customer-service oriented field for a decade which I can apply to my interactions with clients. I am able to contribute to a team and splice our ideas together. I’m attentive and respectful of my peers and can appreciate what each person brings to the table. I’m invested in expanding my skills and continuously learn. I am diligent in planning my projects and executing them. I look forward in the future to helping communicate my ideas and others.

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Nicholas Sousa

My name is Nicholas Sousa, im a graphic design student and freelance designer based in Toronto. My designs are simple, creative and effective and are suited to all aspects in graphic design.

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Nicolas Spadafora

Hello, it's great to meet you, my name is Nicolas Spadafora and I am a third-year student studying Graphic Design at Humber College. I'm a creative individual with ideas that are way way out there.I’ve been studying design for three years and in that time, I’ve gotten to meet and connect with some amazing people in the industry and learned so much. I've had the pleasure of doing an internship at an independent design company here in Mississauga, Ontario there I assisted customers with their design needs and helped them solve any design issues they were facing. I designed different products from business cards, event cards and posters. I’ve completed a high skills major course in which I’ve gotten to explore a wide variety of art forms and meet many amazing people. My passions are not just graphic design but also, I’m a food lover I love all kinds of food and love to help cook. I also have a special place in my hear for everything fashion. In my opinion these are amazing art forms that we should be exposed to and become more engaged in different areas of art and design.In my free time I enjoy watching my favorite T.V shows on Netflix, reading books, painting and of course designing. Graphic Design is a big passion of mine and I can't wait for the next big challenge to come my way. Words that I live by every day are “If we don’t love what we do, it’s not worth doing at all”.

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Nizea Maculangan

Nizea Maculangan (she/her) is a graphic designer based in Brampton, ON, specializing in print production work and is currently a senior at Humber College. Nizea's work focuses on creating design solutions for packaging and editorial work. Her recent projects include designing and developing branding and packaging designs for small start up businesses in the her local neighbourhood, along with some poster and brochure design work. Nizea aspires to broaden eco-friendly, practical and innovative solutions for packaging. Inspired by progressive times, her empathetic and open-minded personality strives to create accessible packaging that delights and informs. Her past education in Commerce from York University has helped her quickly to understand marketing and advertising trends. This has helped her in ideating and conceptualizing design work that is stable yet competitive. Nizea is a passionate learner who has strong collaborative and organizational skills. She enjoys the planning and execution phases of the design process the most, as seeing the fruition of a product from beginning to end is very rewarding. She participated in the Adobe and Disney Creative Jam in 2019, along with two talented graphic designers. They placed fourth in all of North America as the only Canadian team to reach top 10 within the competition.On her spare time, Nizea enjoys exploring new hobbies. She's especially fond of hands on hobbies such as digital illustrating, sticker making and hand lettering. Travelling has also been an aspiration of hers as she hopes to experience a vast range of different cultures and cuisines.

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Quincy Essibrah

My name is Quincy Essibrah. I am a 20-year-old illustrator, digital artist and graphic designer. I am proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and have experience for over 10 years. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always went by this motto. “More than a designer”. I am an artist. My approach to design is about making everything an art piece whether, it’s through illustration, art, or graphic design. That is the way I have always been. The goal to any design, is to make ideas impactful, bold, and innovative. With the right people and the right team around me, I can flourish even more and expand my creativity to the next level.


Rebecca Boateng

Rebecca Boateng is a third year student at Humber collage who is finishing up her studies in graphic design. Rebecca is highly skilled in branding and packaging design. After graduation Rebecca plans to take time to expand her rage in design abilities by freelancing and gaining real world experiences, she especially wants to expand her knowledge in marketing and motion design.

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Rebecca Goorahoo

Hi! I’m Rebecca Goorahoo a Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in Toronto, ON.I have 5 years of design experience and studied design at Humber College. I hope to work on projects that can showcase my love of thoughtful and meaningful design. My goal is to help elevate brands and businesses through my design skills.

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Robert MacInnis

My name is Robert Blaise MacInnis and I am currently a graphic design student at Humber College.I started designing in grade 10 after taking an "Introduction to Graphic Design" course where I surprised myself, earning the graphic design award. I began taking my craft seriously in grade 12, where I really tried to practice within multiple programs and learn a little bit of everything.By my first year of college I was feeling confident in my abilities and was able to hone in on certain programs that I would need for my future as a graphic designer, like InDesign, and Illustrator. I've taken classes such as Motion Design, Typography, Digital Tech, Marketing Strategies, Design, and Web Development. Each of these classes has helped me build and expand my tool-set and capability, and help me become a well-rounded graphic designer.

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Salma Pacheco

I'm Salma Pacheco Gonzalez, I'm from Mexico so my first language it's Spanish I've been living in Canada for 5 years and it's has been a great experience since day one. I'm currently in my last year of graphic design at Humber College. I'm a hard working person who's very passionate with their work, with my experience with visual art and media art allows me to use my digital skills as a graphic design, my main area is designing packaging, brochures, posters, flyers, design an app or websites. All these years I been learning different techniques and tips and how can we applied those on our designs to even make it more professional. My dream job is to work in a small business at first to gain much experience as possible and with the time work with a much bigger company to put the knowledge that I've gain all these years, start with small steps.

Picture of Sian, wearing a black blouse

Sian Choi

Hi I'm Sian. I'm a designer, creative and a cat-lover allergic to cats. When I design, I find myself constantly developing to understand the wider world around me, and that's my powerful motivation as a designer. I studied philosophy before I became a designer, and I always had an eager to capture and solve the problem rather than asking one. Now as a designer, I have been privileged to create something that makes people’s life easier and richer.My biggest favourites in design are editorial design and data visualization. I'm in love with those two areas of design because of the beauty of working with raw contents/datasets and turning them into something meaningful. As a bonus, I'm versatile in branding and UX/UI as well. In fact, since 2018, I’ve been working as a freelance designer mainly doing branding work for various clients including an eye clinic, local churches, civil engineering company, mortgage company and more. From these experiences, I’ve learned how communicate with clients while creating logo, business stationery, poster, infographic and other promotional materials.My career goal at this moment is to gain more editorial experiences by working with professional and experienced editorial designers at an editorial studio. I’m very enthusiastic to learn how publications are made from the very beginning to the end. It would help me develop my editorial skill, and more importantly, it would help me learn the soft skills I need as an editorial designer. I’m ready to discover and understand how editorial designers work with each other and work with other creatives.

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Stephanie Zizek

My name is Stephanie Zizek. Ever since I was younger I always had a love for art and design. It wasn't till high school where I realized I have such a strong passion for design why not pursue a future in that. That is exactly what I did, I am currently a student at Humber college studying graphic design and I’m near to finishing my undergrad. I have spent over 7 years crafting my passion and I am confident that my skills make me a good candidate to fulfill anyones creative needs. My creativity and eye for design doesn't go unnoticed. They were right when they said you don't stop learning after you graduate. This is just the beginning.

Picture of Victoria, wearing a dark green shirt

Victoria Foschia

Hello, my name is Victoria and I am a Junior Graphic Designer at Humber College. Currently I am diving into the world of freelancing and building my brand. I have previous experience as a Graphic Designer as I have worked as a Design Intern for a co-op position at MyHealth Care Centre which is a physiotherapy business dedicated to treating their patients’ physical needs. In my position I was able to work with their logo and create web advertisements for their company for them to promote on social media pages which really gave me a good look into the life of a Graphic Designer. I most enjoy branding and advertising design because I like being able to differentiate a company by combining a brands values with my own creative ideas to create powerful designs. I started my design journey with the love of visual arts such as painting, drawing, sculpting etc. and decided I wanted to push that into the digital realm. I love how graphic design has the ability to go beyond words and use design techniques as a way to communicate and evoke emotions from others or even create whole movements. My design philosophy is to always keep learning and to put my all into creating stunning designs and visuals that delight others and leave them wanting more! Aside from graphic design I also have a passion for fashion design and keeping up with the latest alternative fashion trends. I am always up for a challenge and look forward to seeing where my love for creation will take me!

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William Moises Encalada

A confident and motivated student qualified with the ability to stay focused and productive in any work environment. Great with poject and time managment. Seeking an employment position which will enable me to build diverse skills, provide success to your company, and gain experience for future positions.I love designing and representing my brand and work as professional as it can be, I'm always giving it that extra effort needed. Im really organized with my work, i enjoy sketching my ideas before i start anything digital, i can take criticism and I'm willing to keep learning and exploring. A big part of my brand is being able to come up with something creative, different and easy to appreciate.