Multimedia Design and Development

Humber’s award-winning Multimedia Design and Development diploma program graduates professionals who have skills in web design, mobile interface design, experience design, motion graphics, 2D animation, web coding, streaming, user testing, video and sound editing, user interface prototyping, digital storytelling, and interactive design.

Graduates have the fundamental creative and technical capabilities needed to pursue employment in videography, motion graphics, web design and interactive content development. They are proficient in industry-standard software — such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Brackets, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition, Adobe Animate, Final Cut Pro and Premiere — and have studied web technologies such as HTML5, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3), JavaScript, jQuery and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and MySQL in hands-on learning situations with industry-relevant projects. Graduates have fundamental teamwork and project management skills developed through interdisciplinary work with students in sister programs.

Our Students

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Erica Gudnason

Hi, there! I'm a future graduate of the Multimedia Design & Development at Humber College. I went back to school after working in design and enjoyed this program to expand my skill set. Catch me doing branding, advertising, and motion graphics.

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Liyu Situ

As a student who majors in Multimedia Design & Development, I am enthusiastic about visual and digital design. Besides, I also develop myself in different design areas, such as product design, service design, interior design, and a bit of fashion design. This has helped me a lot in building an excellent system of design thinking and art aesthetic, having more inspiration for various creative work in my career.

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Mehuli Baugh

Final-year student at Humber College with a passion for photography and graphic design!

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Anna Gordiyevska

Prototyping: Figma, XD, and VoiceFlow. Collaboration: Miro, Milanote, Mural, FigJam, Google Suite, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Visual Design: Figma, Illustrator, Phtoshop, Lightroom, Aero, Spark, and Premier Pro. Code: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PhP.

Anna is a curious UX/UI Designer who is passionate about building the bridge between tech & people. She has experience building human-centered products in health care and financial services. Currently Anna is working as part of the Data Driven Design team at Deloitte, helping clients create better user experiences. Before pivoting to UX, she spent 8 years working in customer support roles where she learned how to adapt seamlessly to ever changing environments while collaborating with variety of stakeholders.

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Danielle Mccaig

Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Illustrator - Adobe After Effects - Adobe Premiere Pro - Adobe InDesign - Adobe XD - Adobe Audition - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - PHP

My name is Danielle McCaig and I am in the Multimedia Design and Development Program at Humber College, I have a passion for Web Design and Motion Graphics and enjoy any challenges that come my way. With the skills I have developed I am confident that I can be successful in any project if given the opportunity.

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Rajvir Singh

Video editing, Motion designer, Creating AR/VR experience, Projection mapping, TouchDesigner, Web Design, 3D/ VFX

Hi my name is Rajvir Singh. I'm a video editor that likes any style of video such motion graphics/Vlog videos/Ads/Real Estate videos and much more. I'm learning new skills such as 3D modeling, VFX, Projection mapping and AR/VR experiences. I learned a lot on my own and also from watching videos on YouTube. I have so much to learn and improve on, everyday I feel like I'm learning something new and I get excited to become a better editor and designer.

An MMDD student with an interest in web development and is passionate about front-end development.

Karanvir Singh

Web Design UI/UX Frontend Development

An MMDD student with an interest in web development and is passionate about front-end development.

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Abhilasha Joshi

Hi, I am Abhilasha Joshi and I am a Toronto-based Multimedia Designer with 2+ years of experience in advertising, graphic, and motion design. I always accept challenges with gratitude and I am open to new opportunities. Defined as an ambitious, self-motivated, confident, and down-to-earth individual, combined with limitless imagination and creativity. Anything I lack in experience, I make up for with a desire to learn. In my free time, I love to paint and make jewelry with resin and clay.

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Kevan Haggins

I am an aspiring web developer, tinkerer, and nature enthusiast.

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Ryan Von Besser

My name is Ryan Von Besser. I am passionate about building unique and intuitive User Experiences on the web using the latest technology.

Headshot of Elvan Ayverdi

Elvan Ayverdi

I'm an enthusiastic life-long learner UX Designer with a background in music performance and event management. I'm interest in user-centered design and human psychology, with the focus on creating experiences to improve human-computer interaction.

Photo of Mandy Mintz

Mandy Mintz

Hello, I'm Mandy Mintz.  I am a Multimedia designer with a focus on utilizing a user-centric mindset when I am developing design experiences. I am currently a User Interface Designer and User Experience Specialist at Spandrel Interactive Inc. I use empathy and understanding to bring meaning to the user experience for their projects. I achieve deep and holistic interactions and workflows by understanding and establishing empathy with real users.

My skills are Adobe XD, Illustrator, Miro, Milanote, Sketching, Wireframing, Journey Maps, User Personas, User Testing, Iterations, Research and a variety of other tools to accomplish human-centered, thoughtful design. Heuristic evaluation is a part of the analysis as well as a Style Tile to solidify fonts, colour schemes and branding. I also have experience with Augmented Reality in Substance 3D Stager and Spark AR. Having created the User Interfaces and User Experience for applications, web, mobile, XR and games, I have the knowledge and skills to design User Experience on any new project with leading edge methods and tools.

I am also passionate about working in Motion Design and Film Editing as well, and hope to work in this field in the future when the opportunity presents itself. For now, I am more than pleased to be working in UI & UX. I see the future as having endless opportunities to grow.

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Dayna Hogle

Photography, Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, Web Programming

I'm a Humber student by day and a UX designer by night. I focus on creating experiences that are both functional and visually compelling. I love to articulate the "Why" and "How" behind every innovative design.

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Hyunji Song

I'm Hyunji Song, Multimedia designer from South Korea. During the time as a Humber College student, I have learned a variety of design and development skills. I specialized in Web design and development, but I also like working on different types of works like motion graphic, video editing and UI/UX design.

When I'm not working, I like trying new coffee shops with friends and, foremost, surfing the internet to find and learn something awesome.

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Olha Matviichuk

Visual design, UI design, Graphic Design, Front-end development, Motion Graphics Design

Hello! I am Olha, Visual/UI designer based in Toronto, Canada. I am passionate about creating visually appealing, modern & interactive digital products for various users.

For the last year, I have gained a lot of experience working on multiple projects where I had to apply UI and visual design skills. While working on a project, I follow up with design principles such as hierarchy, balance, contrast, and proximity to achieve a better result. I am fond of working with colour palettes. Selecting the right colours is an integral part of creating a user-friendly design.

I try to keep up with the latest digital technologies trends, such as implementing augmented reality in applications and websites. Moreover, I can learn what to expect in the industry in the future, like a switch from 2D user interfaces to 3D spatial interfaces. I understand that with the effect of fast technological development, it is important to be a creative problem-solver and understand the challenge you face.

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Debora Marques Feliciano

Debora Feliciano is a UI/UX Designer | Visual Designer with experience in Branding, Illustration, Graphic and Visual design.

Detail-oriented, I'm focused on creating valuable solutions and impactful experiences through digital products using the User-Centered Design approach.

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Genise Likourezos

Content Creator in the works.

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Zainab Shakir

Branding and identity design, video editing, motion design, social media management

Hello, I'm Zainab Shakir :)

I am a creative and talented Multimedia Designer passionate about making a difference through my designs. During the course of the Multimedia Design and Development program at Humber College, I've acquired an array of skills such as video editing, motion designing, photo editing, logo and icon designing, 3D designing, building Augmented Reality experiences and many more. I have gained considerable experience in working with the Adobe Creative Suite and other software like Spark AR, Visual Studio Code and Brackets.

I am an ambitious being with an urge to bring meaningful ideas to the table, and see the change that my designs make in the world.

Thanks for checking out my work. It was nice to virtually meet you :)

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Xavier Gama

Media Designer and Passionate learner

Media Designer with a love for learning, nature, health and wellness, and helping people around me!

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Will Gillespie

I'd best describe myself as a creative at heart. I am currently enrolled in the Multimedia Design & Development program at Humber College but started my design journey in the Advertising and Graphic Design program. In my first semester I took a web design course and fell in love with it. I wanted to apply both my visual design skills and knowledge of front-end web technology into my learning process, which is why I made the program switch and pursue UX & UI design as a career.

Design especially interests me because it allows me to explore new technologies, collaborate with others, support creative endeavors and build products for people.

Outside of design - I am a musician, DJ, an avid record collector and enjoy playing video games!

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Will Charlery-Toolsie

Hello! I'm Will Charlery-Toolsie and I'm currently a Multimedia Design and Development student at Humber College in my last year. I have a passion for Social Media and Front end Web Development, but above all I enjoy creating in every aspect of the word and hope to create a positive impact in the world with everything I do. Outside of school, I enjoy hanging out with friends, binging on movies and keeping active as often as possible.

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Thanh Pham

I am a UX/UI Designer with 9 years of background experience in Marketing and Multimedia Design. I worked with multinational clients in NZ, Australia, HK, Singapore, Qatar, Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, and the USA. I was employed by giant international groups like Mace UK, Xerox, and Sony. In Canada, I work with education groups like ILAC and Humber College. My goal is to develop high-fidelity products to enhance user experiences and bring technology accessible to everyone.

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Talal Cassim

Hi there, I am Talal. I specialize in Graphic Design, Motion Design, Videography and Photography, and strive for a clean, bold design aesthetic in all my work. I dig deep to understand the problem that a design solution will solve, which helps me make better design choices.

My prior career experience includes Human Resource Management, Project Management, Administration, and Customer Service. As a result, I bring with me knowledge of how organizations work and have developed an entrepreneurial mindset. My prior experience has also made me agile, resourceful, and versatile.

In my free time I like to watch documentaries, sci-fi movies and TV series (ask me for a recommendation!), and walk the parks and streets of Toronto clicking photos of things that catch my eye.

Screenshot of Syed's portfolio page.

Syed-Mughira Hassan

I'm a designer and developer focused on user experience and front-end development.

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Stella Grebanier

I'm currently a Toronto-based student at Humber College in the Multimedia Design and Development program working towards becoming a UX Designer. I love collaborating with people who have similar interests and values as me, and have a drive for learning from the places that surround me.

Profile picture of Manish Shakya wearing spectacles with brown frames.

Manish Shakya

Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, HTML/CSS, Video Editing, Motion Graphics

My name is Manish Shakya. I am a student in the Multimedia Design and Development program at Humber College. Professionally, I am a Graphic Designer with more than 10 years of international experience working in the retail, studio, and corporate environment. I am skilled in Branding Design, Editorial Design, UX/UI design, Motion Graphics, Video Editing, and Web Design. I am currently looking for an opportunity where I can utilize both my experience and the skills developed during my study period. I would like to call myself a Visual Designer who has the versatility of working in different sectors of the Graphic Design industry.

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Kenyon Holness

A Multimedia Digital Design Student, Satchel works across a wide variety of digital mediums, ranging from Graphic, to Web, to UI/UX.

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Jueun Cho

Current position: Graduating Multimedia Design and Development student (2022)

June is a UI Product Designer & Illustrator passionate about transforming business aspirations into presentable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing digital products.

With 7+ years of art and design education, she is skilled at setting the concept, as well as demonstrating powerful visual communication methods accustomed for each project.

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Joanna Isabel Lacap

UI and UX design, Graphic Design, Video, and Audio editing, Web development, e-Commerce

I am Joanna Lacap, a visual designer who provides and develops effective creative design approaches through user research, ideation strategies, prototyping, and testing. My goal is to help businesses improve their brand's aesthetic appeal to have an effective user experience.

Before I decided to further my education here in Canada, I worked as a Support Advisor for Shopify, assisting merchants with their online store platform concerns. This made me gain knowledge in the e-Commerce industry.

I recently graduated from Humber College under the Multimedia Design and Development program and have developed and acquired different software skills such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Audition, Premiere Pro, After Effects, web coding, Figma, etc. Most importantly, I have enhanced many skills following multiple disciplines.

In my free time, I love to travel, try different food spots, and watch interesting documentaries on Netflix.

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Jenna Lehman

I'm Jenna and I love conversation and being annoyed! My passion for interviewing, human-centered design, and simplifying challenges are what makes me unique as a designer. I embrace annoyance and it inspires me to find unique and strategic solutions to any problem.

My strength lies in interviewing, user research and ideation and iteration strategies. I am a graduate of the Multimedia Design and Development program from Humber College and also have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guelph.

I pride myself on my curiosity and sharp attention to detail and also enjoy organizing a little too much sometimes. I consider myself a spirited and empathetic person who wants to make the world a better place for those of us who face challenges on a daily basis. Through my love of collaboration and design, I have conducted interviews and research, created services and designed products that make life a little bit easier.

In my life outside of design, I'm a dog mom to a deaf Mini Aussiedoodle named Spatula, a licensed hairstylist and expert coffee drinker. I love true crime books, Korean dramas and I also write on my blog in my spare time.

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Jasmine Wilson

Hello, my name is Jasmine Wilson. I am a 21-year-old college student enrolled in my final semester at Humber College. I am enrolled in their Multimedia Design and Development program. I am videographer and graphic designer. I enjoy cooking, traveling and fashion. A lot of my creative work is influenced or inspired by those things. Overall, I am an outgoing and adventurous girl who's always on the look for new inspirations!

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Heigi Jeong

I'm Heigi, an enthusiastic UX designer with endless curiosity about humans and their interactions with technologies. Out of the product development process, my biggest passion lies in analyzing the user research data and turning them into actionable design decisions.

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Hammed Yisa

A Toronto-based multimedia designer. I'm a creative person who is able to create interactive visual contents and I'm also able to produce websites from concepts to launch.

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Hamin Koo

My manual skills include prototyping, branding, logo design, and graphic design. I handle all Adobe programs such as illustrator, photoshop, XD, premier pro, after Effects well.

I am a multimedia designer based on graphics. Currently, I am studying design in the Department of Multimedia Design and Development at Humber College, and I know how to handle several Adobe programs well. (2019-2022, Humber College, Multimedia Design and Development)

My professional skillset includes organization skills, time management, Teamwork & Collaboration, Digital Analytics, etc. I can speak English (proficient) and Korean (native).

Toronto-based UX Designer with a solid understanding of consumer behaviour and motion design.

Ekin Mete

UX Designer with a solid understanding of consumer behaviour and motion design. Attention to detail and a user-centered approach are among the qualities that distinguish my work.

I was graduated and earned my bachelor's degree both in Visual Communication Design and Public Relations and Advertising fields. I continued my education at Humber College and completed a degree in Multimedia Design and Development.

Profile headshot of a woman with fair skin tone, mid-length black hair with blonde highlights, in front of a cream white coloured wall, with a natural expression.

Edith Yu

Digital design, UI/UX, Photography, Videography, Visual Communication

I'm Edith, a digital designer from Toronto, Ontario. I have over 8 years of sales, personal lines insurance, and finance work experience for major organizations in Canada.

I also have 10 years of experience in professional photography and I've collaborated with hundreds of clients all-over the city of Toronto to create stunning visuals for social media, print, and web. On the side, I run my own photography and videography company, called Sovereign6ix.

Currently, I'm pursuing a new career in digital and product design in order to merge both my creative skills and strong analytical problem-solving ability obtained through real-life corporate work experience.

Photo of woman with medium skin tone, long brown/blonde hair who is smiling and wearing a black blazer with a blue top.

Dragica Radonjic

Musician, Audio Engineer/Audio Production, UI/UX, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Interaction Design, Branding, AR (Augmented Reality)

Hi, I'm Dragica (Dra-gee-sa).

I'm a multimedia designer based in Toronto, who is a creative, passionate and committed professional. As a recent Humber College student in the Multimedia Design and Development program, I have experience in design, UI/UX, motion graphics, Augmented Reality, as well as using Adobe Suite.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I have toured the world as a professional pianist, worked with major recording artists as an audio engineer and have extensive experience as a music educator.

I have always been involved in creative projects throughout my entire life. I am excited to expand my knowledge and use my background to help build meaningful products.

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Chirag Ashokkumar Bokadia

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, HTML, CSS3, WebFlow

I'm Chirag Bokadia, an Indian-born, Toronto-based Motion Graphic Designer with over 3 years of experience in the field. I enjoy transforming static designs into dynamic ones by adding my own flair to them. Apart from that, I love to watch football, travel, photograph moments and memories, and collect NFTs in my free time!

Photo of a woman with black shirt, short hair and necklace

Chaoyi Yuan

I'm Chaoyi, a Toronto-based product designer and researcher. I am passionate about exploring the relationship between people and products through analyzing user behaviour and data, in addition with an interest in visual design.

Photo of a man with brown skin, curly hair, arms crossed, white hoodie and a neutral expression. I also do a lot of Photography and sketches.

Alex Khan

Just an ambitious design student designing for better experiences and presentation. I also do a lot of Photography and sketches.