Multimedia Design and Development

Humber’s award-winning Multimedia Design and Development diploma program provides students with the skills needed for web design, mobile interface design, experience design, motion graphics, 2D animation, web coding, streaming, user testing, video and sound editing, user interface prototyping, digital storytelling, and interactive design. Through a hands-on learning process, they develop the fundamental creative and technical capabilities needed to pursue employment in videography, motion graphics, web design and interactive content development.

Students in this program develop real-world user experience skills through the use of our unique, state-of-the-art mobile usability lab and through a work placement. Students gain proficiency in industry-standard software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Brackets, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition, Adobe Animate, Final Cut Pro and Premiere. Web technologies such as HTML5, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3), JavaScript, jQuery and Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and MySQL are also employed in hands-on learning situations within our applied teaching environment using  industry-relevant projects. Important collaborative teamwork and project management skills are developed through interdisciplinary work with students in sister programs.

Our Students

Picture of Abram sitting in a red chair

Abram Agapito

I am a Multimedia Design student at Humber College. I have been able to learn the skills to create motion graphics with After Effects, Be able to create short films or videos with Premiere pro, User interface designs with photoshop, illustrator, etc, and I also am able to create graphic design projects such as posters, banners, etc. I am still learning and perfecting my skill however, with the skills that I learned I am capable of creating great projects. As a young kid I have always been amazed with sci-fi action movies and video games. Seeing all the creativity in this Media peaked my interest on what i wanted to be growing up. As the years go by, I started learning how to use Photoshop and using Filmora to edit videos. It was very rough and very bad but it was a start and I loved every single minute of it. I decided to take the Multimedia Development & Design course at Humber College. I enjoyed my first semester and second. By the time the first year went by, I figured out what I am good at and what I am not. I learned what I did not like to do and what I did. I love video games and sci-fi action movies such as Marvel and Valorant. I decided to base my first projects around those and combined the two I love. I hope I can pursue a career with these skills I have learned and will keep working on my craft.

Picture of Adam wearing a blue blazer and a white shirt

Adam Ross

A creative, passionate and committed professional with experience in content design. Known to be a committed team member supporting continuous growth and success. Stand-out strengths include: exceptional relationship management and client service, highly organized, strong problem-solving abilities with a make-it-happen attitude.

Picture of Agnes wearing a brown dress and a black shirt

Agnes Tjioe

I’m Agnes Tjioe, a visual designer with a particular interest in motion design. I was born and raised in Indonesia, and prior to earning my diploma in Multimedia Design at Humber College, I completed my bachelor degree in fashion at Raffles Design Institute in Singapore. My passion for seeking new adventures has allowed me to work internationally. After I graduated from my Fashion Design course, I worked with an Australian children’s couture brand, Mischka Aoki, as an Assistant Designer. In 2017, I decided to start my own bespoke fashion brand in Indonesia. Two years into my business, I realize that I still want to explore more adventures, and thus, here I am in Toronto! I believe that design is a form of communication and I always try to expand my design skills in the print and digital world. Recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the chance to be a Graphic Design Intern in The Consulate General of Indonesia in Toronto and The Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Through years of my professional experience in this dynamic industry, I’ve learned the power of storytelling through different medias of design. I truly believe in creating designs that tell stories.

Picture of Aleksandar sitting and wearing a black hoodie and having a coffee

Aleksandar Aleksovski

My name is Aleksandar Aleksovski, I am a 23 year old emerging content creator based in Mississauga, Ontario. I am currently studying at Humber College in the Multimedia Design and Development program. At the moment, the majority of the content I have created is streaming, but I am trying to expand and create videos as well as editing them. For the foreseeable future, I want to become a video editor as it was always something that has been a great interest of mine. I remember the fascination of video editing arising from when I watched a specific video on how a production company edits their videos. It inspired me to learn how to edit and from there I started to chase my goals into becoming a video editor. While this is where I want to focus my work it is not the only thing I am limited to. I have developed a vast array of technical skills in the Adobe Creative Suite as well as learning how to code in CSS and HTML. Along with those skills, I spent some time learning how to write scripts which further indulged my goal to being within this industry. Some inspirations of mine are the type of creators that are versatile in their craft, as well as the ability to produce high quality content no matter the circumstances. One particular company comes to mind and that is RosterTeeth. They are a company located in Texas and create multimedia content ranging from movies, podcasts, machinimas, and gameplay videos.

Picture of Ana Araujo outdoors wearing a black turtle neck shirt

Ana Araujo

I always thought my dream was to become an animator and work for Disney/Pixar, but life can be surprising. My background in Visual arts has allowed me to become a compelling storyteller. Over the years I have learned that my passion is to communicate through visualization, this allows me to showcase my skills and my ideas. I gravitate towards motion design and digital illustration because I believe it is the best way to make an impact.

Picture of Arifa, outdooer wearing a white blouse

Arifa Malik

I am an aspiring creative who has a passion for digital marketing, branding, and UI/UX design. With the help of some promising experience in the design industry, my goal is to hopefully improve my creative skills with UI/UX design and work to create, improve, and enhance functionality of multiple interfaces.I am hard-working and strive to turn my passions into something that bring relevance to my work as a creative. With my previous retail experience, I have become skilled in problem solving, handling deadlines in a timely fashion, and paying close attention to detail.I aim to learn more and grow as a creative with new experiences and challenges!If you would like to share your challenges and want to embark on any creative journey together, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Picture of Bianka Fullwood, wearing a blue tank top

Bianka Fullwood

Bianka Fullwood is a multimedia designer based in the GTA. She specializes in illustration, graphic design and motion design. Bianka creates various illustrations and applies her motion design skills to bring her drawings to life. She works on various personal design projects on her spare time. She's committed to perfecting her craft and creating connections with other designers.

Picture of Bradley Pooran

Bradley Pooran

I am a Multimedia Design & Development student at Humber College.

Picture of Caroline, wearing a black sweater

Caroline Eun-ae Lee

Hi there! I'm Caroline, a User Experience Designer with a focus on crafting interactive and memorable experiences for people. Having a background in both fine arts and design, I value critical thinking and am versatile in numerous digital and traditional disciplines. As a result, I focus on both research and visual communication to confidently translate ideas and concepts into successful solutions.As a designer, I enjoy navigating through challenges by strategically problem-solving. At Mint Memory Clinics, I helped to redesign complex medical information related to memory care models into user-friendly and visually appealing clinical care documents. With positive feedback, these finished products are now being utilized by family doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, and other health professionals in real-life clinical practice.At Innovation Tank, I collaborated with founders, designers, and developers to launch the Ear Savers project during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our work was recognized by Major John Tory from the generous donations of 3-D printed ear savers to the front-line workers within our communities.My soft introduction to User Experience Design was the creation of installation artworks during art school. Through the creation of these installations, I wanted to understand how I could successfully transform ordinary spaces into interactive environments that people would enjoy. As well, I had to think critically on how to navigate audiences to engage with these installations. This experience has stayed with me as a designer as it impacts how I build intuitive but effective human-centered designs that resonate with people.When I'm not designing, you can find me reading many different genres of books to enrich my understanding of the world. My book recommendations are Laws of UX, Our Happy Time, Atomic Habits, and Garden City: Work, Rest, and The Art of Being Human.If you'd like to work together or learn more, connect with me at or through LinkedIn.

Picture of Christopher Pinto, outdoors and wearing a white shirt

Christopher Pinto

I am an avid student who is currently studying Multimedia Design and Development. I am seeking a position in marketing or technology that will provide valuable skills, challenges, and work experience.

Picture of Delilah wearing a black shirt

Delilah Xiaolan Lin

Delilah (Xiaolan) Lin is a Multimedia Designer from China who relocated to Toronto, Ontario. She graduated with BFA in animation from California College of the Arts in San Francisco back in 2017. She is obtaining her diploma in Multimedia Design from Humber College in Toronto, pursuing a career as a UX/UI designer. Delilah enjoys her company with plants and music, and loves to cook and share food with her friends and family.

Picutre of Eunhee, wearing a black sweater

Eunhee Myung

Hello, I am Eunhee, an international student graduating the Multimedia design and development at Humber college. I have bachelor’s degree in marketing and 2 years of work experience in marketing field. After writing a lot of proposals, I became interested in implementing ideas in those proposals and found a new career path and have come to Canada.

Picture of Gurpeet, wearing a light brown jacket

Gurpreet Jaura

Hello I am Gurpreet Singh Jaura, a student at Humber College. I am currently enrolled in Multi-Media Design and Development, a course that teaches graphic design, as well as UX and Web Design. I decided to take this program in order to learn more about design overall, and how to make good designs and layouts. Through out this program I have gained experience in these areas. I also offer my skills with my background experience working in the retail industry. I am fluent with working with customers and solving their problems, making sure that we come to the best solution. This alongside my design skills gives me the insight to create layouts that accommodate and work with everyone. My specialities is in my Web Design skills. I have created multiple website layouts and coded them. I have experience with HTML and CSS, as well as have touched base with JavaScript and PHP.

Picture of Haein, wearing a light brown shirt

Haein Kim

Haein Hailey Kim is currently studying Multimedia Design and Development at Humber College and doing Multimedia Design Internship at 96.9 FM Radio Humber. She is a highly creative, organized, and proactive multimedia designer based in Toronto and originally came from Seoul, South Korea. Hailey lived in Los Angeles, California for 7 years and majored in Communication Studies at University of California Los Angeles. As a multimedia designer, she specializes in creating feminine, lovely, and vibrant designs and making strong visuals that balance functionality and aesthetics. She enjoys working on a variety of projects such as branding, advertising, digital art, motion, and video editing.Through her varied work experiences within the broadcasting and content production industries, she has great expertise in content creation from the pre-production to the post-production stage. As a result, she is very familiar with developing concepts, drafting cue sheets, production note-taking, scriptwriting, filming, and editing. When she was the stage manager at Culture Monster, she helped to ensure rehearsals and music concerts went smoothly due to her detailed preparation. At YTN Radio USA and Arirang TV, she was responsible for creating promotion and preview videos in which she created scripts, filmed, and edited every week. During her time as a Humber student, she has enhanced the collaboration skills through multiple group projects. For example, her partner and she worked together to design a responsive website for the client Harsukh. Through this project, Hailey learned how to create an efficient and supportive team environment despite working remotely. Together, her partner and she developed a reasonable schedule to make sure all deliverables and tasks were completed consistently. Consequently, their design was selected as one of the top 10 designs in the course.In addition to her work and education experiences, she is confident with using Adobe programs to visually communicate ideas. she has strong experiences in creating 2D vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator and animating them in After Effects. Through her Penny Skateboards branding motion graphics package project, she was able to create all assets with harmonious colour combinations representing brand aesthetics in Illustrator and animate them creatively with trendy motion techniques in After Effects. She is always eager for opportunities to further learn and build on the production, video, or motion techniques. As a result, she had the highest GPA in Semester 3 of the Multimedia Design and Development program.Check out her portfolio at

Picture of Hanna Le, wearing a navy blue shirt

Hanna (Hân) Le

My name is Hân Lê, most people know me as Hanna. I grew up in Toronto and this is my home. I will be graduating from the Multimedia Design and Development program in June 2021. I'm currently an intern at 96.9 FM Radio Humber. I love video and audio editing among other things. As part of my role, I'm responsible for writing web articles and social media posts and creating content for a new show that will air in the summer. Outside of school, I work part-time as a Multimedia Designer and a Dental Assistant for WHD (a dental office) where I created and maintaining the company's website. In addition, I also work casually at Lynett funeral home where I use my technical skills to do live streaming for funeral services. On the side, I'm also a freelance Illustrator and designer for the local community while volunteering my hours for other causes.How did I manage all of this while attending school full time? I am simply very good at multitasking. I'm known for my "can-do" attitude because once I've set my mind on something I make sure I excel at what I do. I'm an easy-going person and I enjoy collaborating with other creatives to work on various projects. I truly believe that creativity works best when we put our minds and talents together.

Picture of Hassaan, wearing a black leather jacket

Hassaan Khan

An aspiring young designer.I am currently looking for an internship to put my skills to work and gain working experience in the industry. I simply have a passion for creating. Everything I work on I give a 110%. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve myself because I know my work is not perfect yet. It has a long way to go and I have the motivation and drive to get it there. If you're looking for a young hard-working designer that doesn't back down from any challenge, let's connect!

Picture of Hernan, outdoors wearing a blue hoodie

Hernan Autencio

Hernan Autencio is a graphic designer who strives for creative and accessible designs. Hernan specializes in UI/UX design for creating web and mobile pages, Brand identity in figuring out what a brand wants and needs in their brand and Packaging design in creating creative and providing a fun experience when unveiling a certain package product. Hernan uses the up-to-date adobe applications when working for design work. He is very versatile and can operate most of the adobe apps such as: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Aftereffects, and Lightroom. What makes Hernan special about other graphic designers is that Hernan has an observant-eye when it comes to figuring out any design flaws in design work. He will make sure to bring up the flaw to group members and will figure out how to solve the issue.Hernan was first inspired to work on Graphic Design work when he created a poster design when he was in elementary school for his school’s charity event. He enjoyed the whole process of creating posters that showcases all the important information provided for the event. Later, in high school he took a graphic design class and fell in love with making design concepts digitally. Seeing the digital work come to life was part of the reason of continuing with the graphic design pathway. Hernan loves to be creative and has other hobbies in the creative field, he is well-knowledge in photography and animation. Hernan knows on what photos need to be shot, figuring out the proper lighting and angle for photos. He is aware that quality photos showcase the professionalism in his work.

Picture of Hong Phuc posing outdoors

Hong Phuc Ho

Experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, Artwork, Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design, and Page Layout. Strong arts and design professional with a Multimedia Design & Development Diploma focused in Graphic Design, Digital/Multimedia, Branding, User Interface Design and Information Resources Design from Humber College.

Picture of Jeongah wearing a grey shirt

Jeongah Noh

My name is Jeongah Noh. I am a UX/UI designer dedicated to finding creative solutions to relieve customer discomfort and delivering happiness to customers. During semesters at Humber College, I learned various multimedia design skills and development, In particular, the multimedia design class taught me the importance of design based on user experience and gave me the experience of applying it to redesigning existing applications. Through this experience, it allowed me to think deeply about the inconvenience that users may feel while using the application, and to think about ways to solve this through design from various angles. Also, it taught the importance of unity across the entire page of the application in terms of user interface design, and learned about the techniques of Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop to better express the design I thought. The HTML and CSS learned in the web design class helped me to learn about the validity of design from a developer's point of view and to design while taking this into account. In addition4 years of experience in the hospitality industry gave me an opportunity to learn how to think from the standpoint of customers and communicate better with them, which is an important part of UX Design. Moreover, the experience of working in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment while communicating with various co-workers was a great experience to communicate accurately and efficiently with colleagues and learn how to solve a given task in a faster time. I am sure that my experiences and skills will help me create designs that think and care for users.

Picture of Jiho Park, wearing a black shirt

Jiho Park

Hello! I’m Jiho Park, a UX/UI designer based in Toronto. I work to optimize the visual appearance and user friendliness of digital interfaces. Skilled in Graphics, User Interface Design and motion graphics.I have a keen eye for details and persistence to do the works until I make myself satisfied. I've got great interpersonal skills as well with over 3 years of customer service experience. I love learning new skills and creating new stuff. I'm teaching myself Blender and French these days!Currently in the last semester in Multimedia Design and Development program at Humber College. I learned Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, Web Design, Digital Audio Design and Motion Design. One of the apps that I made in the Multimedia Design course was about youth engaging city planning app for City of Toronto. I teamed up with another student and designed the app from the scratch. I conducted user researches, participated in client meetings, designed the user interface for the app and did user tests.Before Humber College, I majored in Visual Communication Design at Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea. There, I learned Graphic Design, Typography, Type Design, Photography, Drawing, User Experience Design, Brand Identity Design and Poster Design. I designed a lot of posters and did personal Graphic Design projects. I also have 4 months of work experience as an Intern Graphic Designer at a rapidly growing IT startup company in Seoul, Korea. I created an app introducing motion graphics with designers and a copywriter.To summarize, I offer 7 years of study and work experience in UX/UI & Multimedia Design and have excellent design skills for both prints and webs. I would be a strong candidate if you are looking for a creative and hardworking UX/UI Designer.

Picture of John Nolasco, wearing a white shirt

John Nolasco

I'm a digital product designer based in Toronto. I use human centred design to create meaningful user experiences that make peoples lives easier. I'm passionate about creating connections with people using empathy to fuel my creative process. With this, I love to solve complex problems with simple solutions.

Picture of Jordan wearing a black shirt

Jordan Al-khouri

Hello! My name is Jordan Al-khouri. I was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario and still reside there currently. I graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in 2017. Now I'm a student at Humber college in the Multimedia design and development program. I did a program prior to Multimedia called General arts and science and got the certificate in April of 2019.I recently started my work placement at "The Functionary" (Which is a Management Consulting company in Plano, Texas) as a Marketing Intern, where my main job duty is to work on editing and producing client videos, with me taking raw footage from clients and working with them to understand their vision and produce a final product.The field that I've decided to pursue is video editing. I just love the whole essence and concept of it. You're able to express yourself and showcase your true creativity to the world with video editing. This great interest started, with one of my classes in Multimedia design and development called "Video Production 1", where we had to conduct an interview with someone we know outside our classroom and another one where we had to create an infomercial for any product we wanted. I was the editor for the interview and I edited the infomercial. I really enjoyed editing those projects, and in addition I got really good marks on them. This is what helped spark my interest in video editing.If you want somebody in the industry who thinks out the box and brings new things to the table, you might want to look in my direction!

Picture of Joseph, wearing a suit outdoors

Joseph Sapinoso

Joseph Sapinoso is a multimedia designer who is driven by his passion to express his creativity through videos. He specializes in motion animation and video editing to create compelling stories through his own personal narrative. Throughout his youth, he was surrounded by different media outlets that shaped his curiosity for content creation. Most of his free time was spent producing videos with his friends or recording himself playing video games regardless of how many views it received. What mattered most was his ability to create something and share it with the world. During Joseph’s post-secondary education, he was enrolled in the Communication Studies program at Wilfrid Laurier University. Later on, he felt that this field of study didn’t match his interest which lead to his transfer into Multimedia Design and Development at Humber College. During his time there, Joseph rediscovered his admiration for design and knew he made the right decision for his career path. Using his self-taught methods in Adobe Creative Suite while also studying different concepts of design, he realized that motion graphics and video production is his what he truly loves. Joseph is currently interning at Teen Learn 2 Drive Inc as a Motion Graphic Designer for their design team. He partakes in roles such as animation work and asset creation which is helping him gain experience and learn more about the design industry. Eventually, he would like to explore the world of 3D animation and modelling to help expand his area of expertise. In the end.Joseph is a Multimedia Design and Development student who graduated from Humber College. But what matters most for him is for people to enjoy the videos he creates, just like how his younger self would.

Picture of Justin, wearing a black shirt.

Justin Bento

My name is Justin Bento. I have been studying multimedia design. My focus is on UI/UX design, UX research and interaction design. Humber College has taught me how to be a design generalist and stay involved in every stage of a product’s life cycle. Being a generalist allowed my skill set to stay flexible, adaptable and deliver a high standard to each step of the project life cycle.

Picture of Juyun Kim, wearing a black sweater

Juyun Kim

Tessa Juyun Kim is studying in the Multimedia Design and Development program at Humber College, and graduate in May 2021. She is in the Radio Humber internship program now. She graduated Dong-Seoul College and majored in Broadcasting and Media in Korea. She has the ability to use Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and Photoshop for making motion graphic videos, and designing video editing, advertisement, brand design, and UX/UI design. Also, she uses Blender the 3D tool.She has many experiences working in motion graphics companies, and she has made advertising intro videos for introducing people. Also, she used to produce lecture films for students, edited them, added motion graphics and posted them when she was in Korea. She enjoys communication and receiving feedback towards improving her work output and skills. She has improved communication skills and creativity during group workings, accepted feedback, and revised it in semesters. Through this progress, she learned how the industries are working, how to communicate with companies, and what skills are required in the industries. In addition, she is specialized in making animations for creating motion graphic videos using Illustrator tool and After Effects tool. Sometimes, she edits her YouTube videos with Premiere Pro. She tries to keep high grades, so she works very hard day and night. Also, she is on Dean's list twice out of 3 semesters. She always does her best in everything in order to be a high-level motion graphic designer, and she desires to use her technics and skills in industries.

Picture of Khushbu wearing a black sweater

Khushbu Badhiwala

Khushbu Badhiwala is a graphic designer, UX/UI designer and loves taking macro photography of flowers. Most of my work is inspired by my perception of reality. Going for hikes, reading biographies and design books, and learning new tools to maximize my skills and personal development to create a unique design. Painting and listening to music is my favourite thing to do.

Picture of Kunaal Datt, wearing a grey shirt

Kunaal Datt

Hi I am Kunaal Datt, I am a multi-media Designer based in Brampton. I'm 22 and currently love working with UI design and motion graphics & I enjoy being creative. Coming from the photography world I jumped into different possiblities in expanding my knowledge as a designer. I started off with Adobe Photoshop little by little I've learned more using the Adobe Creative cloud. On my spare time I read or watch different articles and videos about the latest advancements and trends in te design world while trying to adopt different art styles. One big inpiration for me is a Youtuber that specializes in story telling and motion design (Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell). My creative journey started at Humber College when I entered the Multi-Media Design & Devlopment course, I gained various teamworking and creative skills in the process. Working with my peers on different projects has impacted me greatly, I also have various friends that are creatives in different fields. I picked up my first camera when I was 16 and been shooting as a hobby, eventually I became fascinated by videographers and visual effects. Using various free applications such as Blender I knew that I wanted to expand on my creative journey. Working on various in-depth projects is enjoyable to me, lately I have worked on a brand design project which Im really proud of. Making assets and working on a motion design pitch video is one of many things that were involved in the creation of the project.

Black and white picture of Leah wearing a turtle neck swwater

Leah Valenzuela

My name is Leah Jazlyn Valenzuela; I am 24 years old and a Photographer/Visual designer based in Toronto.In 2019, I completed my studies in the Media Foundation program here at Humber College. During my time in that program, I brushed up on basic skills and techniques when working in Media. Such as media communications, designing websites and editing audio, video and photos. This program helped me creatively by developing new art concepts for photoshoots, digital art and films. Currently, I am studying in the Multimedia Design and Development program at Humber College. Where I continue to expand my skills and knowledge as a designer. This program pushed me to see what I enjoyed doing which was photography and just making things pretty. Whether it be a User Interface design, a motion design or a website I had to make it look presentable. Being an overall creative person drives my passion as a photographer and visual designer to imagine new concepts to help find my personal brand every day. Aside from my media background, I am also a dancer. I trained with Dark Dance Company for 2 years learning hip hop, dancehall, house, popping and many more styles. Even though I do not train professionally anymore, I still find time to dance the stress away. After 2 years of training, I have been in two music videos. Being on a set as a dancer/background extra motivated me more to pursue my career as a photographer/visual designer. The reason behind this is that while being on a set I got to observe the production and how much work they put into a music video. Watching the final results is amazing to see after a 10-hour day on a set. I told myself, “I can do that” and produced my own personal work to find the same enjoyment of completing my final products.

Picture of Massimo Di Franco

Massimo Di Franco

I am Massimo Di Franco. I am a graphic designer based out of Mississauga, Ontario. I exemplify a deep understanding of programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I enjoy making designs related to sports. I Exemplify a strong understanding of design principles and the different programs in the Adobe Suite. Specializing in Adobe Illustrator with understanding the many different tools including the Pen tool. Also specializing in Adobe Photoshop and understanding how the tools in the program work and how to use them efficiently. I am the youngest of 3 so naturally I am quite competitive and very determined to keep improving at my craft. I tend to work well when listening to music or a podcast, working with background noise helps me be more efficient.

Picture of Negeen outside, wearing a red sweater and black gap

Negeen Taebi

Hello, I'm Negeen Taebi and I'm a Multimedia Designer.I am currently enrolled in the Multimedia Design and Development program at Humber College where I am expanding my knowledge and skills as a designer.I really enjoy graphic design tools along with motion graphics and video editing. I like to discover and learn multiple skills rather than sticking to one, my focus is wide.I like to be given creative freedom and experiment with colour, shapes, forms and even explore different art styles. I’m always looking for new things to learn. I spend time on little details.As an overall creative being, my passion for art and design is driven to envision new ideas and projects, which help find my personal brand.

Picture of Patrick Buffa

Patrick Buffa

Hi, I'm Patrick Buffa and a recent graduate of the Multimedia Design and Development program at Humber College. I am currently working as a volunteer Video Editor for DramaWay Productions, a non-profit organization that provides process-based arts programs for individuals of all abilities. To date, I have worked on multiple projects and created videos and teasers for their 2021 Virtual Arts Showcase. I enjoy working on videos that incorporate audio mixing, sound effects, motion design and animations, special effects, text, 2D/3D graphics, and green screen effects. Some of my work includes an infomercial ad, broll interview, pitch video, commentary, kinetic typography, and audio podcast. I am excited to continue developing my skills and gain new skills in video and post production, motion and audio design. My love of movies and games has inspired me to pursue a career in video editing. The work involved behind the scenes, from setup, shooting footage, and editing that goes into making a final product is something I find fascinating. Also, when I was 15, a time in my life when I enjoyed playing a video game called 'Badland', I entered a contest created by the developers of the game to make a level inspired by the game's sequel 'Badland 2'. I worked on it for a few days, published the level, and submitted it to the makers of the game. To my surprise, I placed second in the contest, winning a t-shirt and an iPhone case. This experience triggered the interest in video editing I have today. I hope to become established as a video editor working in the film industry alongside some great creators and mentors. Please visit my About Me page to learn more about me. For a closer look at my work, check out my portfolio or LinkedIn.

Picture of Rainier Naomi, wearing a black shirt

Rainier Naomi Magtalas

I'm a graphic designer based in Toronto, with a passion for illustration and storytelling. Making designs meaningful drives me through the process of creation and I'm always willing to learn new technologies, methods, ideas, etc. I'm experienced in using Adobe Suite Programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, After Effects and Premier Pro. I'm also well versed in using Procreate and Blender for creating illustrations, GIFs and short motion graphics. And with my background in Art Foundations I'm skilled in using traditional mediums when creating art work and designs.

Black and White picture of Saqib

Saqib Khan

My name is Saqib Khan and I am a Digital and Social Media Marketer. I studied at the Humber College Institute of Technology and Learning in the Multimedia Design and Development. I am very passionate about marketing since it is something that I have always been interested in. I have spent a lot of time studying and learning about SEO and analytics in order to improve my marketing skills. Besides marketing I also have skills in a wide variety of fields. Such as coding, I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript , PHP and SQL. I also am adept at graphic design and know how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I am also good at video editing and have extensive knowledge on Adobe Premiere Pro. In addition to all my technical skills I am motivated and driven person. I am always open to learning new things and want add more skills to my resume. I am a team player having worked on several team projects during my school year which have done very well. I have great time management skills and am extremely organized. I have worked in a professional environment before and I believe that with my current skills and expertise I will be a great asset to any employer or organization.

Picture of Seohyun Jung, wearing a black blouse

Seohyun Jung

Hi, My name is Seohyun Jung or I am also called Sonya. I am a Visual/UI designer with a focus on interaction and visualization. With a background in both development and design, my work is grounded in the intersection of building and presenting the interface. I have software skills in Adobe Suites, Microsoft Office Suites, and Visual Studio Code, advanced in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD. Other than the visual and interaction design ability, I also have expertise in graphic design, motion design, and front/end development. I aspire to be a designer who codes, so I am practicing and planning for advanced learning in web development. I have learned and experienced multiple design and development skills from the multimedia design and development course at Humber College. Through the course, I get to understand the correlation between the tools, which led my communication ability between different tools and professionals to a higher level. Based on that, I make my prominence in group projects. I pull the group together with high organization skills, firm support and critical skills to other’s opinions, and positive attitudes. I am a native speaker of Korean, professional working proficiency in English. I am interested in learning languages, which made me start learning French and Japanese. Sturdy learner, with a passion to bring delight in visual output, I am confident that I am an ideal candidate to be a part of your team. If you have an interest in employment or any other questions, feel free to contact me via email.

Picture of Marvin wearing a black shirt

Siu Tung Marvin Leung

With a focus on taking a user-centric mindset when developing digital experiences, Marvin seeks to find what users need to fix the core of their problems. Marvin's main process leads him through four stages of development with understanding his users, defining their problem, developing the solution, and iterating to develop the best solution. Currently, Marvin is a full-time student at Humber college's Multimedia Design & Development program, currently focusing on the UX aspects of design. While also developing and understanding a different multitude of skills such as front end development and motion graphics.

Picture of Soojeong Hwang

Soojeong Hwang

I'm a multimedia designer with a love for creating inclusive and intuitive designs. I'm always eager to challenge myself with a new experience. I am a positive and flexible person and always ready to accept other people's productive feedbacks. I am currently a Humber College Multimedia Design and Development student. I combine the problem-solving and analytical skills my education has taught me with my lifelong love for creativity to design logical, clean, and creative solutions.

Picture of Stephaun outdoors, wearing a blue shirt with a red tie

Stephaun Farquharson

Stephaun Farquharson is a product designer currently living and working in Toronto, Ontario. His area of focus as a product designer are research, planning, and design. He possesses strong skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Final Cut Pro, Basic HTML & CSS, Microsoft Office, and WordPress and presents soft skills inclusive of teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, and creativity. Stephaun attends Humber College and was recognized in his program of Multimedia Design & Development for his achievement of academic performance which rewarded him a place on the Dean’s list for two semesters. This was a two-year program and is due to be completed in May 2021. As a product designer, he has worked for clients such as Natalie Forde International and The City of Toronto by designing creative and helpful applications to assist their clients to achieve their designated goals. Between the years 2020 and 2021, he has completed over 4 mobile and web designs by the process of proper research and detailed design. Stephaun goals in the industry are to display professionalism and leadership which will reflect his future career as a product designer. Stephaun hopes to contribute his attributes of being a team player within the product design industry. He also intends to be a lead designer in which he will dedicate his experience and knowledge as he works with others to bring designs alive. Stephaun enjoys going for walks and hikes as well as photography and videography. He also enjoys making music as a producer. Additionally, Stephaun values spending time with family and friends and getting to meet new people.

Picture of Stephen, wearing a black shirt

Stephen Okulaja

I’m a Multimedia Designer focused on coming up with solutions that make it easier for people to reach their goals. Having experience in other fields of media like photography and electronic music production and sound design, I like to combine the different aspects of media together to make real world solutions to problems.

Picture of Tara Azeez

Tara Azeez

Brand Identity | Packaging design | Graphic design

Picture of Tatiana Huertas wearing a black leather jacket

Tatiana Huertas

A detail-oriented and energetic soon-graduate from Humber ITAL. Versed in applying analytical and creative thinking to generate user-friendly digital solutions. Eager to learn new tools and technologies while working within teams.I want to provide the best navigating experience and digital accessibility and inclusivity. Also, I am passionate about sustainability and I am trying to shape my habits into a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Picture of Tayzia Brown wearing a white shirt

Tayzia Brown

My name is Tayzia Brown and I am an aspiring UX and UI designer who loves creating user-based content that immerses my intended demographic into amazing digital experiences. Growing up I use to be heavily into interior design and architecture, but over time I grew to love designing beautiful and most importantly value-adding experiences through self-directed projects and also school assignments. But I didn’t just go from interior design and architecture, I also dabbled in graphic design in my last few years of high school, but I knew something was missing.That is when my brother told me about UX and UI, and from then on, I was hooked. The entire summer of my 11th year, I was doing research about this form of design and I got a Sketch account and started to create screens. From then on, I applied to the Multimedia Design and Development Program instead of Graphic Design, and I am happy I did that because MMDD is more UI and UX Design heavy. I underwent a phase where I came up with a process suitable for the design aspects, I thought were most important to have in the design process, and I have been improving my skills through school, videos, and articles ever since. The design process changed significantly throughout the years, as I grew as a designer. Now I am about to graduate, and I really want to get an internship in the Summer suitable for my needs, which will in the long run help me develop even more as a UI and UX Designer.

Picture of Terell Rennie, sitting outside wearing a military green shirt and black jeans

Terell Rennie

I'm a Humber College, multimedia & design student with a passion for video editing and a strong interest in UX/UI design. I take pride in my ability to create unique, fun and imaginative projects. Throughout the multimedia and design program I have works on a variety of projects in different fields, including web design, graphic design, video production and UX/UI design to name a few. I have been able to collect an amazing amount of information and experience working with the professors at Humber College. They have taught me how to create, manage and build a business. I am now using that knowledge to start my own business. I recently landed an internship with the University of Florence where I will be working in video production. Through this internship I plan to sharpen my skills in videography and video editing. This will help with my business and give me more confidence when it comes to doing professional quality work for my clients. I have been aiming to take the quality of my work to higher levels every year and I will continue to aim higher and I hope to be able to pass on the knowledge I gain during my career to the next generation of media students. I am grateful for my time at Humber and I am proud to be graduating from an award-winning media program. I am excited for what opportunities will arise after my internship is complete. I will finally be a certified professional and I can start my career with confidence and the knowledge and skills to back up my credentials.

Picture of Umnia, outdoors wearing a blue shirt

Umnia Khalid

My name is Umnia and I am an aspiring multimedia designer with a focus on web development and UX design. I am constantly striving to learn new things and improve myself. I am always searching for new experiences and ways to grow as a person. This lead me to multimedia design and development. My aim is to create useful multimedia, and design and implement functional user interfaces.I am also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a background in Psychology and Kinesiology. This experience has given me important skills such as being able to quickly understand client needs and collaborate with others to reach a common goal. I have a very dry sense of humour and my tastes are quite eclectic which reflects in my work at times. Apart from design, I love astronomy, health and fitness, and animation especially stop-motion. In my free time I am an event and product photography hobbyist.

Picture of Vanessa, outdoors with flowers behind her, wearing a red turtle neck shirt

Vanessa Garcia

I am an enthusiastic and creative web developer who is currently enrolled in the Multimedia Development and Design program at Humber College. With my strong technical experience in project management and engineering - I am dedicated to building and optimizing the performance of user-centric, high-impact websites. I am a constant learner and have a passion for solving difficult problems.

Picture of Yuki

Yuki Nakajima

Motion designer with experience creating motion graphics forYouTube and social media advertisements, and promotionvideo for companies based on storyboard in Japan. Adept incommunicating and collaborating with directors to ensure thesuccessful completion of a job. I am a hard worker,skateboarder, and always excited about new challenges.