User Experience (UX) Design

Humber’s User Experience (UX) Design graduate certificate produces designers who are ready to innovate by problem finding through design research, problem understanding through synthesis, and problem solving through design and prototyping experiences.

Over their three semesters in the program, graduates engaged in varied and comprehensive workplace experiences through on-campus studio spaces, case studies, peer-to-peer learning, live client work and a work placement.

Our Students

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Alejandra Pardo

Alejandra is a professional graphic designer, with eight years of experience in both digital interfaces and developing printed assets. She has worked in different environments as a freelancer and as part of a marketing design team as a senior graphic designer with different kinds of clients and fields. Alejandra is interested in creating inclusive and innovative interfaces and designs that appeal to true customers and focus on real goals. Passionate about travelling, crafting and fashion, which led her to live in three different countries, she has an interesting perspective on design, culture and how to approach challenges in personal and work life.

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Bernice Zheng

I am Baohua Zheng, a UX/UI and product designer based in Toronto, ON, with an industrial design background. I am a post-graduate student majoring in UX design at Humber College and will graduate this year. While fascinated with all aspects of user experience design, I specialize in creativity and visual design. I love diving into why and how people use things. I believe UX design can create a better relationship between humans and products. I have over five years of work experience in graphic and industrial design. I'm always learning, solving, and creating.

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Yash Kadam

I'm a passionate UX/UI and web designer currently studying at Humber College, Canada. With formal experience in web development and a computer science background, I always look forward to designing ambitious and useful digital products while empathizing with the end-user and the development team. Having worked for my college committee and as a freelancer, I have experienced the design community and audience while learning a lot. I am willing to continue the journey.

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Smital Christian

My name is Smital Christian and I am a web developer with one year of experience. I am currently pursuing a graduate certificate in UX design at Humber College. I have also completed a graduate certificate in web development at the same school.

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Moon Chung

Yuet Yi (Moon) Chung is currently studying user experience design (post-graduate program) at Humber College. She graduated from the Communication, Culture, Information & Technology program at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College in 2021. Moon took web design, graphic design, and user experience design classes during her undergrad study, and since then she has developed her interest in UX design. Moon pursues her dream in UX design at Humber College to further her knowledge. Moreover, she is currently working as an intern at the Humber FitRec (the Humber Athletics department). Her duty as an intern is to redesign the FitRec website, to provide a better user experience and solve user pain points. Apart from school and work, Moon enjoys doing user research, information architecture and prototypes, hence, she likes to collaborate with web developers and apply her knowledge in front-end and UX design to work on some side projects. Upon completion of her graduation, she intends to enter the UX field to become a professional UX/UI designer to fulfill her dream!

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Hon Man Chung

A skilful designer who is well-versed in branding, motion graphics, and UX/UI, HI have three years of in-house design across several industries including hospitality, television, beauty, luxury, and telecommunication.

Everything surrounding us is designed, and there is a story behind every design. A good story that is attractive and easy to understand is the ultimate goal. This is what I have been doing, simplifying difficulties and highlighting the key message with my aesthetics. I believe in less is more and every element of the design should be explainable.

I spend most of my free time in movies, books, and the gym. I am particularly interested in all types of mythos, cultures, and religions, from Greek mythology to Babylonian mythology, from Japanese culture to Australian Aboriginal culture. These are my source of creativity and motivation that helps me to be a better person.

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Steve Kelly

Steve is a passionate UX designer, interested in user behaviour and psychology.
He is currently committed to offering the most pleasant grocery delivery experiences.
He is skilled at interviewing and prototyping.
He and his partner have a loving 10 year-old chihuahua named Gilbert who gets spoiled and treated like a princess daily.

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Vijay Kumar Varala

I'm currently studying User Experience Design at Humber College, Toronto, and working as a UX design intern at TheAppLabb. Before this, I spent nearly six years working in the Indian fashion industry. I've always appreciated the design, but a design focused solely on aesthetics rapidly bored me. I wanted to make things that people liked to use and that also served a purpose. Considering these factors, I decided that combining my existing design abilities with strong user experience research skills will help me become a better designer.

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Tanisha Pradhan

Tanisha is an experience and visual designer from Mumbai, currently based in Toronto. In this era of scrolling, tapping & swiping, her aim is to create solutions that can make the human-digital relationship more empathetic & inclusive through thoughtful problem-solving. She is currently working as a UX Designer and Researcher for an Ottawa-based consultancy. With a background in Visual Communication Design, she has also worked as a designer at a global design agency and independently with clients in the past. Driven, dedicated and with an interest in collaborating with other creatives, she is passionate about food, books, movies and puns!

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Yekaterina Yugay

Hi, my name is Kate! As a highly motivated interaction designer, I strive to balance both visual identity and design consistency, offering a strong visual aesthetic with impeccable attention to detail. I am passionate about creating intuitive design experiences and in my spare time, I love to read studies in experimental psychology to gain deeper insights into UX design. I am currently completing my postgraduate diploma in UX Design at Humber College and looking for opportunities to contribute my skills in the field.

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Arshdeep Boparai

Arshdeep Boparai was born in Toronto, Canada in 1996. She is currently completing her studies with honors in User Experience (UX) Design at Humber College while fulfilling her role as a UX designer in the Humber Centre for Creative Business Innovation’s (CCBI) Nuit Blanche Fellowship on an interdisciplinary team, and working as a junior designer at a Toronto-based architectural firm. Prior to UX Design, she received a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design with honors from Ryerson University. Along her journey, she has been actively involved in the design community to showcase her talent in domestic to international art competitions and exhibitions, which is demonstrated on her website. For instance, she was recently awarded first-place in AGO’s AFFECT design competition. Not only does Arshdeep take part in design competitions, but her work can be seen in art exhibitions such as, the 2019 Gladstone Hotel’s Come Up to My Room Exhibit where she formed the Five Percent team with her Ryerson University peers and created an art installation called Poché. The Adobe Art and Soul Challenge in 2021, Create! Magazine’s Call for Art: Global Curated Online Exhibition in 2020, the COFO Design Competition in 2019 are a few other examples that demonstrate Arshdeep’s passion for design. Arshdeep believes that regardless if a space is physical or digital, it is about designing seamless and memorable experiences for all users, which she strives to achieve in her projects.

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Mekha Azhikkakom Madhu

My name is Mekha and I am an International student at Humber college, born in Oman and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I chose the User Experience Design program because it amazed me how technology has developed in the area of designing which help the users to find the products or services more useful, desirable and accessible. What strengthened my decision to pursue User Experience Design was my observation during the pandemic. It was truly fascinating to see how companies heavily depended on social media to stay afloat when the markets were sporadic.

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Emetty Warille

My name is Emetty Warille and I am a User Experience Design student at Humber College. My journey to UX began when I was an undergraduate student at the University of Guelph in the Biomedical Science program. In my fourth year, I took a User Interface Design class that I thoroughly enjoyed and did well in. After graduating from my Biomedical Science program, I knew that I wanted to learn how to develop enjoyable and usable interfaces. For as long as I can remember, I always appreciated a positive user experience when browsing the internet/apps and now I am eager to get to the opportunity to create experiences such as the ones I admired in the past.

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Aysha Fida

Aysha is a Toronto-based UX designer passionate about creating user-centric and aesthetically appealing digital products. She has experience working on the end-to-end design process, from UX research to design ideation, prototyping and testing for various mobile and web applications. She has a background in architecture and brings a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding and solving user problems.

You will find her as a forward-looking individual with a growth mindset who is always curious to learn new things, and strive to elevate the users' experience through innovative and thoughtful designs.

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Wan-Chiao Hsu

I graduated from the university in 2019. My major was Visual Communication Design. Therefore, I have a background in graphic design and motion graphics. During university, I had an internship as an animation teacher in a school in Denmark. Then after graduation, I worked part-time as a lifeguard and receptionist in the USA for a few months. These experiences made me realize the importance of empathizing with my students/customers' needs and providing them with the necessary information or services.

Due to personal reasons, I had my full-time job as an accountant. But I’ve never stopped my passion for design so I was also taking freelancing jobs in my spare time. I worked with four clients from different industries and helped them achieve their goals through six projects.

Currently, I am enrolled in the UX design program at Humber College and working as an UX/UI design intern at Prifina, a tech startup that empowers individuals and provides personal apps for users to easily use their data. Throughout the hands-on curriculum from Humber, I've developed a strong and comprehensive knowledge in UI/UX design upon websites and mobile apps. And my responsibility is mainly focused on the testing part at Prifina.

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Karis De Campos Avillano

At the core, Karis is a UX designer passionate for people, for translating human understanding into software solutions and for technology that makes the world a more inclusive place. A multidisciplinary professional with solid visual communication expertise, Karis has served SMB environments, large corporations, and the third sector.

Motivated by the idea of bringing advanced visual and research skills to human-centered design (HCD), Karis made a career change to UX design within the IT industry.

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Marissa Cuffy

Marissa Cuffy is a UX / UI Designer with a lifelong endeavour to help people. With her background in Information Technology Management and e-business and e-commerce management, she finds fulfillment in helping businesses meet their goals by ideating technological solutions that are designed with a user-centered focus. She is innovative, collaborative, and a creative design-thinker with a passion for problem-solving and designing deliverables for the UX industry and beyond.

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Sophia Chagani

A Toronto-based UX designer empathizing with others' needs. I'm motivated to enhance and make a difference in the lives of people through designing. Being a part of the UXD program at Humber College, I have learned tools like Figma, Voiceflow, Adobe XD and skills like wireframing and prototyping. I am eager to apply this knowledge to make a difference in the lives of clients and people they serve. A psychology background gives me that foundation of research skills combined with past work experience in different fields like telecommunication and educational services. I devote my time to coffee, family and enhancing my skills by exploring new tools. My goal is to work in a company that enables me to work with people I can learn from.

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Aqshata Borse

Equipped with a demonstrated history of working in the digital news media industry, I am adept in visual design, brand and identity design, and storytelling. I'm focused on creating better and meaningful experiences with design. Specializing in UX design has not only enhanced my design toolkit but also expanded the scope to solve varied needs. I am excited for my journey as a UX designer while bringing my visual design skills to the desk.

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Sydney Rioux

Hi! I'm Sydney. I am a vibrant individual dedicated to creating innovative and thoughtful design. I thrive in a fast-paced environment where I can collaborate with others. When I have free time, you can find me going to local shows, doing hair and walking around the city with my dog, Tobias. I have an educational background in public relations, hair styling and am currently completing the UX postgrad program at Humber College.

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Patrick Bradley

I'm Patrick Bradley, a London and Toronto, Ontario-based UX/UI designer focusing on simplifying user interfaces to produce user-friendly, engaging, and responsive websites and mobile applications. I am proficient with the following design tools: Figma, Photoshop, Miro, Adobe XD, InVision, InDesign. I also have experience with diary studies, ethnographic research, competitive/comparative analysis, user interviews, wireframing (lo-fi to hi-fi), prototyping, and usability testing. I am open to any UX, UI, visual designer roles, and I am actively looking for an internship starting in May of 2022.

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Kendra Moore

Kendra is a UX designer and researcher who is passionate about creating products and services that are accessible, adaptive and aesthetically appealing. Kendra holds an Honour's Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa and has two-plus years of experience in management consulting where she specialized in designing and delivering large-scale technology implementations for both public and private sector organizations. Kendra is bilingual in English and French and has a passion for travelling - she's visited 30 countries so far!