User Experience (UX) Design

Humber’s User Experience (UX) Design graduate certificate produces designers who are ready to innovate by problem finding through design research, problem understanding through synthesis, and problem solving through design and prototyping experiences.

Over their three semesters in the program, graduates engaged in varied and comprehensive workplace experiences through on-campus studio spaces, case studies, peer-to-peer learning, live client work and a work placement.

Our Students

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Marissa Cuffy

Marissa Cuffy is a UX / UI Designer with a lifelong endeavour to help people. With her background in Information Technology Management and e-business and e-commerce management, she finds fulfillment in helping businesses meet their goals by ideating technological solutions that are designed with a user-centered focus. She is innovative, collaborative, and a creative design-thinker with a passion for problem-solving and designing deliverables for the UX industry and beyond.

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Sophia Chagani

A Toronto-based UX designer empathizing with others' needs. I'm motivated to enhance and make a difference in the lives of people through designing. Being a part of the UXD program at Humber College, I have learned tools like Figma, Voiceflow, Adobe XD and skills like wireframing and prototyping. I am eager to apply this knowledge to make a difference in the lives of clients and people they serve. A psychology background gives me that foundation of research skills combined with past work experience in different fields like telecommunication and educational services. I devote my time to coffee, family and enhancing my skills by exploring new tools. My goal is to work in a company that enables me to work with people I can learn from.

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Aqshata Borse

Equipped with a demonstrated history of working in the digital news media industry, I am adept in visual design, brand and identity design, and storytelling. I'm focused on creating better and meaningful experiences with design. Specializing in UX design has not only enhanced my design toolkit but also expanded the scope to solve varied needs. I am excited for my journey as a UX designer while bringing my visual design skills to the desk.

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Sydney Rioux

Hi! I'm Sydney. I am a vibrant individual dedicated to creating innovative and thoughtful design. I thrive in a fast-paced environment where I can collaborate with others. When I have free time, you can find me going to local shows, doing hair and walking around the city with my dog, Tobias. I have an educational background in public relations, hair styling and am currently completing the UX postgrad program at Humber College.

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Patrick Bradley

I'm Patrick Bradley, a London and Toronto, Ontario-based UX/UI designer focusing on simplifying user interfaces to produce user-friendly, engaging, and responsive websites and mobile applications. I am proficient with the following design tools: Figma, Photoshop, Miro, Adobe XD, InVision, InDesign. I also have experience with diary studies, ethnographic research, competitive/comparative analysis, user interviews, wireframing (lo-fi to hi-fi), prototyping, and usability testing. I am open to any UX, UI, visual designer roles, and I am actively looking for an internship starting in May of 2022.

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Aysha Fida

Aysha is a postgraduate student pursuing the UX Design program at Humber College in Toronto. She is a creative professional who has worked in multiple design fields, including UX design, computational design, and architecture. In the past, she has been part of many research projects in the design space, and she has skills in design thinking, ideation, and prototyping. You will find her as a forward-looking individual with a growth mindset who is always curious to learn new things. Aysha has a passion for creating inclusive and innovative digital products and always strives to elevate the user's experience. She is a great team player and has skills in various graphic design and UI design tools. Aysha enjoys prototyping UI interfaces using tools like Figma and XD. She is skilled in empathizing with users and in ideating solutions that cater to their needs.

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Vijay Kumar Varala

I'm currently pursuing user experience design at Humber College in Toronto. Prior to this, I spent nearly six years working in the Indian fashion industry. I've always appreciated the design, but a design focused solely on aesthetic concerns rapidly bored me. I wanted to make things that people liked to use and that also served a purpose. Considering these factors, I decided that combining my existing design abilities with strong user experience research skills will help me become a better design thinker. Apart from being a student at Humber, I am also working as a part-time sales and customer service associate at Guess Inc. in Mississauga. Prior to this, I worked as a full-time graphic designer at the Kmart Australia office located in New Delhi, India. I'm very excited about my current UX design career and would welcome the opportunity to bring my strong research, interpersonal, problem-solving, analytical, and time management skills to your organization.

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Kendra Moore

Kendra is a UX designer and researcher who is passionate about creating products and services that are accessible, adaptive and aesthetically appealing. Kendra holds an Honour's Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa and has two-plus years of experience in management consulting where she specialized in designing and delivering large-scale technology implementations for both public and private sector organizations. Kendra is bilingual in English and French and has a passion for travelling - she's visited 30 countries so far!