Web Design & Interactive Media

Humber's advanced diploma program in Web Design and Interactive Media develops skills in creative thinking, collaborative work, cross-disciplinary work, and builds fundamental skills in different areas of design, development and programming. Real-world user experience skills are learned through our unique, state-of-the-art mobile usability lab. Students in this program create a comprehensive portfolio of work including a capstone project in the third year.

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Web Design & Interactive Media Grad Showcase

April 21, 2021 from 5pm - 6:30pm EST

It's time again to celebrate the great work by our Humber WEBD graduates! From music experience apps, to collaboration platforms for authors and content creators, to virtual reality(VR) and IoT toys, join us on Wednesday April 21 from 5pm-6:30pm via MS Teams to celebrate another great year. This year is also a very special year since this will be the final graduating class of the WEBD program. Come join to reminisce, celebrate, and look towards the future! Hope to see you there! Agenda: 5:00pm-5:15pm - Opening remarks and WEBD celebration (Past and Future). 5:15pm - 6:00pm - Capstone project pitches. 6:00PM - 6:15pm - Closing remarks.

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Our Students

Headshot of Danielle in front of a moutain in a toque.

Danielle Lister

Danielle is UX and UI designer with a mind driven by curiousity. She's interested in all fields of UX from user reasearch to design systems. What she loves the most about being a UX and UI designer is the sense of always discovering something new about people and having the ability to impact their lives without them even realizing. While Danielle enjoys designing and problem solving for digital spaces she's also very interested in applying that thinking to physical spaces or objects. Danielle also has a mind for business and could see herself working on growth team to solve problems that enable further growth.

This is Efraim's logo he uses for his social media.

Efraim Walo

Efraim has focuses around UI and UX design along with logo creation. He also has experience and interest in both front end and back end development. One particular interest he is keen in is finding abstract concepts and creating experiences out of them. In fact, his Capstone project along with Nancy takes one of those concepts and simulates them in VR. Apart from design and development, Efraim has interest in many trades which include hair cutting, wood working, and cooking.

This is a headshot image of Elizaveta Dolgova. She is sitting in the office chair. She wears a yellow business casual shirt.

Elizaveta Dolgova

Elizaveta is an interactive media specialist with the expertise in web and UX (user experience design) who is striving to advance skills in web development and digital accessibility to provide inclusive design - equal access and opportunity to people with diverse abilities. She is bilingual. She communicates in English and Russian languages.

This is the screen shot of Hassan Khalid portfolio website.

Hassan Khalid

Passionate web designer, skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Creates seamless UX and UI with creative but functional designs. I can create visually appealing designs that can help your business generate new leads, converts the ones on the fence, and win the trust and loyalty of your existing customers. I plan, create, and code web pages, using both technical and non-technical skills to produce websites that fit our customer's requirements.

This is a headshot image of Jezebel Torres. She is wearing a grey coat and is standing against a tree.

Jezebel Torres

Jezebel is a front-end and mobile iOS app developer from Toronto, Canada. She enjoys building new and exciting digital experiences for small screens. Her work encompasses collaboration between emerging digital solutions and creative uses of IoT product design.

A logo of Johd's website

Johd Declarador

Johd is a creative UI designer. He is passionate in creating design prototypes and webpages that aim to make user experiences easier and appealing. He has experience in planning how the product would function via the user flow, and creating wireframes and mockups that would help to accomplish front-end work. Also, he had a personal goal of developing his UI skills

A headshot of John Vigneau. They are in a black striped shirt in front of a wall.

John Vigneau

John is an upcoming web developer who is particularly skilled in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Firebase and React. Has learned a lot about these subjects but aims to further develop these skills and learn new languages, techniques and platforms as he starts and continues his career in Web Development. Is more heavily focused in Web Development, but has improved his skills in design and user interfacing throughout his school years.

A headshot of Joshua Wood. They are wearing a blue button-up shirt. They are in front of a school banner which is hanging on the wall behind them.

Joshua Wood

Joshua is a Web and User Experience Designer. Experience in fields of media like graphic design and video editing give him the eye and mind for all things digital. Joshua is currently working on designing an automatic stream overlay tool. This project combines Josh's eye for appealing and sensical overlays, knowledge of LUA/JS, and his passion for video games and video game media. Joshua hopes to one day work as part of a project team creating web experiences for a media company.

A logo of Ken's website

Ken Bui

Ken is a passionate user interface designer. He specializes in creating meaningful and engaging applications that aim to either help people with their changing lifestyle or just applications that make everyday work more convient. He possesses skills in UX and UI Methodology as well as being proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. He also has a well-versed degree of knowledge in React, React Native, and Arduino.

A vector headshot of Matthieu Disna in front of a beige circle. Matthieu is wearing a gray blazer and wrist accessory.

Matthieu Disna

Matthieu is a full-stack engineer, with experience in many popular frontend and backend development stacks including PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, ReactJs, MongoDB, and GraphQL. A lifelong learner, Matthieu continues to experiment with new technologies and loves learning new programming languages. Find Matthieu at thier best when presented with a challenging coding task.Outside of development and DevOps, Matthieu brings experience in a wide range of tools for print, motion graphics, and video such as Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and other applications.

A headshot image of Nancy Ma. She is wearing a black sweater in front of a white wall.

Nancy Ma

Nancy is a creative user interface (UI) designer and front-end developer. She is very passionate about creating designs to make user experiences easier, and she also enjoys animating objects to come to life to make it more enjoyable for people. Along with design, Nancy is also proficient in front-end development with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

A headshot of Sandra Mannila. They are sitting in front of a pale grey wall, and are wearing a denim button-up shirt and a white leather bolo tie.

Sandra Mannila

Sandra is curious and energetic interactive media designer and researcher. They specialize in user experience design and research, and mobile development, with a soft spot for graphic design. They are experienced in React Web, React Native, and Swift, and is skilled in collaboration, design thinking, group working dynamics, project management, and public speaking. Areas of interest are decolonization, community development, queer and Indigenous rights and representation, as well as mental health and addiction.

This headshot is an illustration of Valdet Semovski standing in front of a  wall, wearing a hat, a t-shirt, and a button up long sleeve over top.

Valdet Semovski

Valdet is a creative and critical thinker. He likes to think about developing fun interractive experiences whether it be for the web or mobile applications. As a student of Humber's Web Design and Interractive Media program, he is familiar with the various aspects related to making digital experiences.