Film & Television Production (Advanced Diploma)

Humber’s Film and Television Production (FMTV) advanced diploma program produces graduates who have hands-on experience with production and digital cinematography equipment. By training with industry experts, graduates have found their niche and developed team-building and collaboration skills by working in specialized roles on commercials, documentaries and short films. Taking a wide variety of filmmaking, editing and cinematography courses helps graduates leave the program as well-rounded filmmakers who create head-turning work.

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Our Students

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Navdev Basra

As a graduate of the Film and Television Production program at Humber College in the production management stream, I've produced three short films over the course of the past two years, often serving multiple roles as producer, production manager and post-production supervisor. All three shorts were made during the COVID-19 pandemic whilst following industry-standard COVID compliance policies to ensure the health of my crews. The budgets for these projects ranged from $3,000-$50,000, including in-kind contributions and the value of the equipment we were responsible for, such as the Canon C700 Camera and Zeiss lenses. In co-ordination with my directors, I oversaw submission of these shorts to various film festivals, with Meet Me in the Hallway being selected by the Hamilton Youth Film Festival. Currently I'm supervising post-production for Anodyne, a Humber College short film I've been producing since January, as well as completing the sound mix for the short films Where Shadows Lie, Big Sky, Meter's Running as well as Anodyne. I bring a wide repertoire of skills to any project I work on, from organizational, administrative, and budgeting skills, to creative ones involving script development, editing, and sound design. If my combination of skills is something you think would benefit your project, please reach out, as I look forward to helping others bring their visions to life.

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Dylan Best

Dylan Best is a continuity connoisseur with a plethora of knowledge and understanding of the seemingly trivial art of tying scenes and coverage together. When he's not gazing at a monitor on set, he's developing and directing media that matters, from documentaries covering pertinent social issues to PSAs informing and spreading awareness about necessary topics.

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Ahmet Boyanci

Originally from Ankara, Turkey, Ahmet Boyanci now calls Toronto home. Having worked as an engineer, an immigration consultant, and running his own business, he has always been at heart a creative. Following in his artist parent's footsteps, Ahmet is also a playwright, dialogue writer, filmmaker and visual artist. Now as a recent graduate of Humber's popular Film & Television Production program, he is launching his new business venture, Boyanci Image. A skilled photographer, camera operator and cinematographer, Ahmet is a versatile creative who delivers innovation across his work.

photo of short haired man in a black sweater and glasses with a hand tattoo while checking the body of a camera

Mevin Capistrano

Mevin Capistrano is an emerging filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. His passion is in film directing, screenwriting, and cinematography. He is currently a film student in Humber College's Film and Television Production program, graduating in 2022. He has experience working in short narrative film, music videos, experimental films, and documentaries as a director, editor, cinematographer, and writer. His work takes inspiration from art, music, film, history, and literature. His style revolves around visual storytelling with composition, lighting, and art design. His films deal with personal stories and internal conflict such as loneliness, disillusionment, heartbreak, and nihilism. The goal of his work is individual expression, to contribute to the artform with his unique style and vision.

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Samuel Castellano

Samuel is hardworking and has loved film for as long as he can remember. Feeling like becoming a director and wanting to be a part of something larger than himself, studying film was the path to get there. With adept knowledge of After Effects and an ever-growing interest and learning of MAYA, the focus on making a final product that everyone can be satisfied with. After three studying years at Humber College, he was able to hone the skills needed to work within the industry. Sam hopes to find work and continue learning in many work environments in the VFX world. He hopes to be part of a team who he can show off his passion of film and continue his growth as a VFX artist and a person.

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Darby Chambers

Originally from Leamington, Ontario, Darby Chambers has aspired to be an editor since she was young and always had plans to enter the world of post-production. Joining her high school's PSA team early on into her studies, she's had experience in the world of film and post-production for years. Recently graduated from Humber College, she has experience in the departments of editing, DIT, and VFXs.

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Phoenix Christensen

I am a graduating film student at Humber College's Film and Television Production program. I am passionate about cinematography and I aspire to work with cameras as a career. I have experience with camera operating as well as camera assistant work. I am also interested in photography and actively practice it in my sparetime. I'm always open to learning new things about the field and meeting new people along the way.

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Emma Clarke

Emma Clarke is an aspiring colourist and editor completing her final year of Advanced Film and Television at Humber College. Emma has been interested in editing ever since the ripe age of eight years old when she moved to Cold Lake, Alberta, from Ottawa, Ontario, and found friendship through the editing community. Through Humber College, Emma has had the opportunity to edit shorts films such as the documentary Becoming an Ironman (2020) and films Talking Rosie (2022), Niswayakan (2022), and Anodyne (2022). Throughout her experience in the program, Emma found her niche interest in colouring and has been actively taking part in as many lessons and teachings as she can to improve herself. You can find examples of her work on the productions of Becoming an Ironman (2020), Send Pic? (2021), Big Sky (2022), Cultivation of a Killer (2022), Anodyne (2022), Meters Running (2022), Dangerous Game (2022), and Sauced (2022). After Humber, Emma hopes to continue to work in the post field bringing colour back into a log filled world.

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Bea Dator

Bea Dator is currently a student at Humber College. Born and raised in the Philippines, Bea now resides in Toronto, Canada. She started working in film at a very young age when she started acting at only eight years old. Bea then went on to modelling and competed in pageants up until her teen years when she realized that she loved working behind the camera just as much, or maybe even more, than she loved being in front of it. In 2019, Bea decided to finally pursue her dreams of becoming a filmmaker which led her to study at Humber College’s Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma program. Her first short film, La Vidaes Sueño, which she wrote and directed in her first year of college, was inspired by her desire to create films that raise awareness and she highlights important social issues. Since her first film, she has since worked on multiple student productions and has now switched her focus to producing and production management. Producing comes naturally to Bea as she loves crunching numbers, being organized, and leadership roles. She also loves solving complex problems. Her most recent production and production managing works include Forgive Me Father (2021), Bad Guys (2021) and Niswayakan (2022). After finishing college, Bea plans to work as much as she can to gain many experiences where she knows she will learn valuable skills that she will carry throughout her life and career. She also hopes to one day work as a producer for a major film production company.

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Alejandra De Leon

Alejandra Campos De Leon was born and raised in Panama and moved to Canada in 2019 to pursue her dream to become a filmmaker. After finding her love of film, she discovered she has a passion for different facets of movie-making. She likes all areas especially as DP and producer. She is currently studying in the Film & TV Production program at Humber College, soon to graduate. Alejandra has had the opportunity to perform various roles of pre-production, production and post-production through student films, but the stages she most likes are within the camera department and the production side. She gives one hundred percent of herself in each project she works on.

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Navn Diem

Navn is a third-year student in Humber College's Film and Television Production program where he specializes in directing. He was the script supervisor on the movie Edge of Hope. He specializes in directing. Projects he has worked on include: Big Sky as gaffer, NBCUniversal as director of photography, Talking Rosie as script supervisor, Private Eye and Apple Pie as art director, and the short documentary A Humber Hawk pause as director of photography and camera operator. Currently he is working as the director and one of the writers and creators on the short Sci Fi Western Cold Blood.

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Anna Di Giovanni

I am a Toronto-based filmmaker who specializes in directing and cinematography but I also have branched out in and have worked as a first and second camera assistant. I've worked in many student productions to get the understanding of crew hierarchy and crew work. I am the cinematographer for two upcoming Humber short films and my directorial debut, Meter's Running, is coming out this summer. I love filmmaking because it makes the impossible possible and is a beautiful mixture between craft and creativity.

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Kiara Eaton

Kiara is an aspiring producer from Cambridge, Ontario. Her first documentary, Look Up, has been screened multiple times in New York. She has since produced a commercial for Humber College's Sustainability group and two short films. Kiara has also made her art director debut with the short horror film Where Shadows Lie. She hopes to continue to be a production manager and work toward producing documentaries.

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Christopher Fernandes

Christopher Fernandes is a cinematographer and producer born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario. With a business mindset, he also has a passion for art, photography, and visual story telling. Christopher prides himself on being a leader and collaborating with his production crew to create cinematic gold. Working with cameras, lights, and crew encompasses what he loves to do and experience. His work crosses genres, and spans corporate, commercial, documentary, dramatic narrative and Sci Fi. He is the founder of Fractured Frames - Crash & Fern Productions, a micro media production company that is the hub for all his creative works. For more information on how Christopher can help your next project, click the links below to connect.

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Daniel Ferreira

I am a current video equipment clerk and film student with a degree in social communication. I have over seven years of experience in small film productions in Brazil and Canada, managing crew, logistics, budget, documents, scheduling, and working in the camera department. Lately, I have been dedicating myself to work as a camera assistant, a key grip, a gaffer, a best-boy grip, and a best-boy gaffer. In addition, I have been working with professional film equipment rental since 2020, dealing with clients, scheduling and managing reservations, and operating professional video gear.

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Sebastian Glassco

Sebastian is a Toronto-based sound specialist and recent graduate of Humber's popular Film & Television Production program. At Humber, Sebastian pursued his passion for all things sound, and worked on multiple films as location mixer, room operator, sound effects editor, supervising sound editor, and ADR/foley supervisor. Additionally, he has done various composition work, recently scoring the short thriller Cultivation of a Killer. Sebastian is currently working on sound work for various films and his own musical projects.

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Hannah Hall

Hannah Hall has always excelled in the art department in any Humber College production. Stepping as production designer, Talking Rosie was their first opportunity to take charge as a department head. Hoping to continue their career in prop making, Hannah also has a background in makeup SFX and a deep passion for detailed small projects. In their spare time, they adore professional wrestling and character design.

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Zachary Doolan

Zachary Doolan is an emerging filmmaker from Caledon, Ontario, who is studying Film Production at Humber College. In 2021, he directed a short film, Meet Me in the Hallway, and was the cinematographer for the short documentary Down to Earth. In his final year of film school, he wrote and directed the short psychological horror Where Shadows Lie, which will be completed in April 2022. He is currently building his career as a writer and director, and hopes to make impactful, thoughtful films that leave the audience thinking long after the credits roll.

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Debayudh Joardar

Debayudh Joardar is a soon-to-be graduate of Humber College's Film and Television Production program. He specializes in post-picture and scriptwriting. He aspires to be a picture editor and he is passionate about storytelling. This past year, he has worked on the short student film Where Shadows Lie as the boom operator, and assistant editor on short student films Edge of Hope and I Wanna Be Famous. He is also the editor for Cultivation of a Killer. He was one of the writers, script supervisor and editor for a short Western Sci Fi, Cold Blood.

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Finn Johnston

Finn Johnston is a student at Humber College in the Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma program. Originally from Ottawa, Finn has been working on films since high school and now considers Toronto home. Her love for film started when she was fourteen and saw the Alex Colville exhibition at Ottawa's National Art Gallery. After seeing the looped projection from Moonrise Kingdom of Suzy standing on a lighthouse platform observing the world through binoculars, she was immediately drawn to the shooting style and distinct colours of the scene. With eleven short films to her credit, she hopes to become an assistant director and continue to pursue her passion for film. When Finn isn't working on productions, she enjoys exploring the city, listening to music, and of course, watching movies.

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Joseph Galluzzo

Joseph Galluzzo is a sound editor, designer, and automated dialogue replacement recordist in post-production sound. He is currently studying Film and Television Production at Humber College. Versatile in genre and multitude of styles with an impressive set of ears.

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Joseph Lazatin

Joseph Lazatin is an assistant PE and picture editor. He is currently an intern at Bad Hombres Post Production House where he assists on different projects and deals with different types of media assets and recent graduate of Humber's Film and Television Production program where he specialized in post-picture and audio. During his time at Humber, Joseph worked on numerous short film projects across multiple genres, where his responsibilities included media management, ingesting, transcoding, syncing, finishing multi-layered timelines, and building a full rushes assembly through Avid Media Composer and Resolve. Additionally, Joseph also has an excellent working knowledge of the post audio process using ProTools and other aspects of post-production including visual effects, photo editing, title animation, and colour correction through the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

short-haired man with a medium skin tone wearing glasses and a dark colored shirt

Joshua Bernalte

Joshua was born in the Philippines and is an aspiring writer, director, actor, and musician, who has an immense passion for crafting stories that feel true to him and can resonate with audiences. Writing is an opportunity for self-expression for Joshua and film provided him that outlet, along with composing music. His love for film blossomed from an early age and has played a major role in his life growing up. In the future, Joshua hopes to continue making films and share his passion for the art form with the rest of the world

photo of a smiling man wearing glasses, an orange sweater vest, and a blue blazer

Eric Kang

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Eric Kang is an emerging visual effects editor who now calls Toronto home. Previously, Eric pursued a few career paths, including pre-med in university, learning to operate single-engine aircrafts, and working as a general cook and kitchen manager before discovering his passion and talents for digital media. Now a recent graduate of Humber's well-known Film and Television Production program, where he specialized in visual effects and post-production, Eric has a wealth of experience in post-production and VFX that he brings with him to the industry. With each project, Eric embraces new challenges as opportunities to improve and hone his craft. Most recently, Eric has been using UnrealEngine in production for pre-visualization and learning about real-time compositing. Moving forward, Eric hopes to continue his journey into the world of VFX and return to flying in the near future. For more information about Eric's work, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Rijul Kathuria

Rijul "RJ" Kathuria is an cinematographer who strives to make meaningful, marketable and cinematic content. He transitioned from being a videographer to going to film school where he elevated his knowledge and skills by learning about making films, narrative pieces and telling a story through visuals. By working on multiple projects such as films, documentaries, commercials, music videos, etc., he realized that being a cinematographer is the path for him. In addition, Rijul is the CEO of his media production company, ZNTH, where he takes the roles of producer, AD, DOP, cam op and colourist.

"Even though I stumbled upon the craft of creating videos, I knew this was going to be a constant in my life. Not only is my aim to constantly cultivate my skills and tell some amazing stories, but to work towards becoming a mentor and to help other creatives understand, market and achieve their goals."

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Katie Dennis-Jones

Katie Dennis-Jones is a Toronto-based camera operator and first AC. She has always had an interest in camera work, from making small skits with the family camcorder in her childhood, to taking photography classes in her teens. Since then, Katie has decided to take cinematography more seriously by enrolling in the Film and Television Production program at Humber. Over the last three years at Humber, she has worked in the camera department in over ten productions. Her recent work includes operating for three upcoming short films: Meter's Running (2022), Dangerous Game (2022) and Sauced (2022). In the future, Katie hopes to continue sharpening her skills in camera work in narrative, commercial and documentary filmmaking.

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Haya Kawkji

Haya Kawkji is a Toronto-based director, producer, cinematographer, and production designer who studied media and chose to continue her journey studying film production to show us the world through her lens. She is currently enrolled in the third year of the Film and Television Production program at Humber College. Her passion is to work on films, television drama series, commercials, and music videos.

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Charlotte Kozak

Charlotte Kozak is a Toronto-based creative storyteller. This led her to enroll in Humber College's popular Film and Television Production program. During her time at Humber, Charlotte wrote the short comedy Bad Guys, which was an official selection in the Ontario International Film Festival and continues to do well on the festival circuit. In addition, Charlotte wrote and directed a PSA for Women in Film & Television Toronto, a not-for-profit organization that promotes women creatives. Both of these experiences were incredibly fulfilling for Charlotte and solidified her love for screenwriting. Moving forward, Charlotte plans to continue her career in writing, with a focus in comedy television.

A woman with little flowers on her light green hair wearing glasses and looking into the camera with a neutral expression

Shava Lovetalia

Shava Lovetalia was born in California and raised in Vancouver. She most recently made her producer debut on the short psychological horror Where Shadows Lie.  Previously, she was production designer on Bad Guys, and her editing of the short documentary Down to Earth won her a best editor award. She hopes to continue her career as a prop master and production designer.

long-haired man with a goatee wearing a black shirt smiling into the camera

Yi Man

Yi Man is an aspiring filmmaker and is soon to graduate from the Film and TV Production program at Humber College. With screenwriting, directing and cinematography as his enthusiasm, he has built up his film credits with various Humber short films, including Across Rivers and Lakes (writer and director), Meter's Running (director of photography), I Wanna Be Famous (director of photography) and Look Up (camera operator). Before moving to Markham, Ontario, Yi Man had worked in magazines and advertising in Shanghai, China, for over a decade, with long-term side projects in photography and music. His award-winning photography work has been included in photo festivals and has been exhibited in galleries in China and UK. He has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Tongji University.

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Emorphia Margaritis

Originally from Greece, Emorphia Margaritis moved to Montreal before calling Toronto home. Working as an actor, she discovered her love for storytelling and decided to pursue a career behind the camera. Now an emerging screenwriter/director, she has studied film at Vanier College, York University and will soon be graduating from Humber's Film and Television Production Program.  At Humber, Emorphia was able to learn and participate in all facets of filmmaking, and her capstone script, Edge of Hope, was selected for production. As she wraps up the post-production of her writer/director debut, she is simultaneously writing her first feature for K. Singh Film Productions.

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James McGuire

James McGuire is a film student finishing his final year at Humber College. In the future, James aspires to work professionally as a producer and first assistant director for feature-length films. James is deeply passionate about visual storytelling, with goals to create new, original, entertaining stories. Working in multiple sections of the film industry has provided James with many opportunities to learn new skills in filmmaking. In freelance work with clients to create promotional content for their business and on student film projects as a director, producer, and scriptwriter, James has enhanced his skills in all departments of filmmaking. James loves to work closely with the director to help bring their stories to life and into a visual art form. Along with filmmaking, James also has a passion for creative writing, playing guitar, and acting in both student and professional film productions.

headshot of a dark and curly haired woman smiling to the camera

Kaitlyn McKale

Kaitlyn McKale is an emerging producer from Ottawa, Ontario, who now resides in Toronto, Ontario. She got her start in filmmaking at Algonquin College where she made her first film. Upon entering film school at Humber College, she naturally gravitated towards producing. Through her producing work, she aims to help tell stories that are insightful and engaging. She will collaborate with anyone who has a special story to tell. Her most recent work consists of Cultivation of a Kill (2022) as production manager, I Wanna Be Famous (2022) as costume designer/art assistant, and Private Eye & Apple Pie (2021) as producer.

Man in a plaid shirt looking to the camera with a neutral expression

Justin McMann

Justin McMann is a soon-to-be graduate of Humber College's Film and Television Production program. He is majoring in post-production sound and scriptwriting and aspires to be a re-recording mixer. He is passionate about storytelling and bringing not only his stories, but other people's stories to life through his work. He's skilled in both production and post-production sound and is also perfecting his craft of writing long-form screenplays. This past year, he has worked in all departments of the sound department, both on set and in post-production. He was the boom operator and completed all aspects of post-sound on the PSAs ArQuives and Crafting for a Cure. He was the sound recordist on the short film Edge of Hope and is the ADR and foley assistant and re-recording mixer on the short film He, Who Loves Me. He's also the story editor and the re-recording mixer on the short film Cultivation of a Killer and was the sound recordist on the short film Cold Blood, where he also serves as a writer and creator, and is also the film's dialogue editor and re-recording mixer.

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Mark Mendoza

My name is Mark Mendoza and I am a current student of Film and Television Production at Humber College. My main goal is to work in post-production houses that work on projects such as feature films, short films, and documentaries. My secondary goal is to build my own company specializing in photography and videography, branching out to other companies such as real estate, to create advertisements that promote those types of businesses. Over the past years, I have had the greatest opportunity to work on various student short films, collaborating with others on making art come to life through filmmaking. Aside from that, I have also met incredible people who gave me motivation to create my visions that have long been residing in my thoughts. Through meeting these people, I was able to shoot my best work, and I was able to highlight my strengths and weaknesses. My goal is to work on being the best version of myself and pursue the limits of what I can do now, and as the future comes, I'll be able to look back at where I came from.

photo of man with light skin tone wearing a black cap and navy blue shirt looking into the camera with a neutral expression

Mike Jones

Mike Jones is a recent graduate of Humber College's Film and Television Production program where he specialized in sound editing and picture editing. Born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia, and now residing in Toronto, Ontario, he's forever loved creating in the audio and visual realms. Before moving to Toronto, he studied music theory and music history at Camosun College in Victoria through the Victoria Royal Conservatory of Music, and has a lifelong background in writing music and manipulating sound. Effects, music, and dialogue editing is what he does best. Get in touch if you'd like to work together!

man wearing a black cap, facemask, and a black shirt seated in front of a wood-paneled wall

Tommy Murtha

Tommy Murtha is an emerging writer-director from Humber College's Film and Television Production program. Cultivation of A Killer (2022) is the second short film he has directed and the first he has written. Previously, he directed the short film Chorus (2021), which was spotlighted at the Hamilton Youth Film Festival. He hopes to continue to write and direct short films as he breaks into the film industry and develops his skills.

short-haired man wearing glasses and a lavander shirt looking into the camera while smiling

David Nguyen

David Nguyen is a Toronto-based filmmaker and creator. Originally wanting to pursue the arts after high school, he instead completed a degree in the earth and environmental sciences and worked briefly as a technician. The increasing accessibility of video editing tools and content sharing platforms, however, inspired him to pursue his passion for creating. Now in his final year at Humber College, he has been able to explore multiple roles in the film industry. His credits include assistant editor on PSAs Seeds of Hope, WIFT, and the short Love Out of Focus (2022), finishing editor on Big Sky (2022), and picture editor for the shorts Chorus (2021) and He, Who Loves Me (2022). He directed and co-wrote the various interstitials that will play during Humber College's third-year graduate film screenings (April 2022). Other credits include sound recordist and sound mixer on the multiple-award-winning short documentary Access Granted (2020), and behind the camera as camera operator, first AC and second AC. In addition to these projects, he is a student content leader with the Humber Arboretum, bridging his background and passion for the environment and sustainability with his creative skills in video production. He hopes to continue to be able to make a meaningful impact with his work in the future.

photo of a man wearing a black toque and facemask and a dark denim jacket

Anthony Pacitto

Born and raised in the city of Toronto, Anthony has begun their journey into the world of content creation as of late 2018 after being accepted into the Broadcast Television program at Humber College. Here, Anthony learned a wide array of skills which they would transfer into the Film and Television program at Humber College, further building upon their skill set. On top of producing the multi-award-winning documentary Reserved for best shorts at AltFF Alternative Film Festival, best student film at Canadian Diversity Film Festival and a semi-finalist at BEST SHORT FEST, Anthony has also directed and written several different projects. Anthony's main passion is documentary filmmaking, and they have plans to one day become a documentary director. In the meantime, they plan on establishing a production house that focuses on media created by Torontonians for Torontonians.

photo of a man wearing a black shirt looking out a window with a pensive look

Markus Prada

Born and raised in Brampton, now discovering life in Etobicoke, I have been an artist all my life starting out with drawing and painting while attending Mayfield Secondary School's visual arts program and now studying in the Humber College Film and Television Production program. While working on a variety of projects with differing roles almost each time, such as a key grip, camera operator, boom mic operator, etc., I have come to realize that my passion and talent lie in scriptwriting and directing, particularly in the action/drama genres. I constantly strive to grow as an artist and continue making each project I work on better than the last, as well as gain inspiration from everything around me.

A smiling man in black zip sweater with reddish background

Enrico Randhawa

Enrico Randhawa is a filmmaker pursuing a career in the post-production field of visual effects. He is currently a third-year Film and Television Production student at Humber College. He is working to improve his knowledge in visual effects, as this is his true passion in the film industry. He has done most of his education in 2D effects using After Effects, but has recently expanded his knowledge with 3D effects in Maya. During his final year at Humber College, he has attached himself to projects with any visual effects opportunity to not only further his knowledge in the field, but also to challenge himself. He has done work on a variety of video formats such as PSAs, short films, music videos and much more. Enrico takes on projects that can challenge his skill set in order to make himself a better artist. From an early age, Enrico has been in love with the post-production part of film and TV. He loved the visual effects aspect in particular and began his training with After Effects. From there, he moved into all areas in post-production such as sound, editing, and visual effects to get a complete understanding of post workflow. When not at school, you can find Enrico working hard at home pursuing higher education in the 3D effects space with software such as Maya, Unreal Engine, and Nuke.

photo of a curly-haired woman wearing a red and white stiped shirt in front of a white wall

Meg Raso

Megan Raso is a Toronto-based filmmaker and an aspiring AD. She is currently studying at Humber College in the Film and TV Production program. Some of her projects include directing the short documentary In the Red, first assistant directing the short drama Edge of Hope and producing the short comedy Meter's Running. Megan's latest project involves working as the cast assistant on season four of the CBS show In the Dark.

woman wearing long braids, glasses, and a denim jacket posing in front of greenery

Alyssah Richards

Alyssah is a filmmaker based in Toronto, Ontario. They are in their final year of the well-known Film and Television Production program at Humber College, majoring in directing and script writing. Alyssah has experience working in many different genres including comedy, drama, and horror. Recently, they have been exploring working in different media platforms, and are currently co-developing an audio drama. Alyssah loves finding creative solutions to difficult problems and strives to continue discovering new ways to connect with their audience through film.

A woman wearing glasses in a pink hoodie and green jacket

Hannah Rose

Hannah Clare Rose is a filmmaker and student in her final year of the Film and Television program at Humber College. Hannah has always been drawn to stories about those who are marginalized and misunderstood ⎼ she loves to help share these stories in any role she can, but her focus is on being a writer-director. Hannah wrote and directed I Am Peace, an experimental short documentary about the internal journey of processing trauma and finding a moment of inner peace. Currently, Hannah is in post-production on her newest short comedy, Sauced.

long haired woman wearing a black top and red flannel smiling into the camera

Danielle Sanci

Danielle Sanci, is an assistant director and a recent graduate of Humber's Film and Television Production program.  Danielle's attention to detail and organizational and communication skills are in demand among her colleagues, and she is a sought-after assistant director. She is adept at paperwork, crew management, and keeping productions moving forward efficiently and creatively.

woman wearing a headset and a dark-colored plaid shirt looking down and away from the camera

Selena MacKay

A recent graduate of Humber's well-known Film and Television Production program, Selena MacKay is a multifaceted creative based in Toronto. Selena's background in amateur and professional theatre performance and stage management inspired her to learn more, which then led her to Humber, where she specialized in production design and post-picture. Now pursuing a career in props, set decoration, graphic design and art direction, Selena brings a wealth of experience with her to any project, having worked in multiple short films spanning documentary, dramatic narrative, and comedy genres. For more information about Selena's work, view her LinkedIn page.

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Derek Sharp

Derek Sharp is an emerging writer and director from Oshawa, Canada. He is interested in genre work and magical realism. In 2019, he graduated cum laude from Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Anthropology, then swiftly pivoted into Humber College's Film and Media Production program. While at Humber College he performed various roles on several productions. He produced the short doc Redundancies (2020), directed Private Eye & Apple Pie (2021), worked as key grip on Love Out of Focus, as well as writing and directing He, Who Loves Me (2022) and a public service announcement for the Toronto ArQuives (2022). Currently Derek is working as an intern at Edge Entertainment and bolstering his portfolio by writing a feature and developing two web series.

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Harrison Smith

Harrison Smith is a versatile media professional and recent Dean's List graduate of Humber's Film and Television Advanced Diploma program. A sound specialist, Harrison has experience in location sound mixing, post-picture/assistant editing, and post-sound editing having worked on numerous short films across all genres. In addition to his film work, he works as a multimedia specialist for Humber Esports, where he creates documentaries, news recap videos, and Top 10s. Harrison's dedication to his craft is evidenced by his experience and knowledge with a variety of on-location recording devices and microphones, as well as Avid Media Composer, ProTools, the Adobe Creative Suite including Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom and After Effects.

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Lucas Solaro

A recent graduate of Humber's Film and Television Production program, Lucas Solaro specialized in cinematography (DOP, camera operator) and scriptwriting. Lucas is well known for his considerable skills and ability to work efficiently and with diverse groups as an in-demand crew member. His production knowledge also helps inform his scriptwriting. While he pursues his goal of writing for TV, Lucas will continue to work freelance. For more information on Lucas, view his LinkedIn profile.

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Elliot Stickle

Elliot is a cinematographer raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Photography and film have inspired his desire to create cinematic works with a meaningful impact and show the power that is held by what can be captured. Working with cameras of all kinds is what Elliot loves to experience. His honed eye for images is reflected on projects like working with artists and music festivals, promotional videos, curating content for brands, weddings, music videos and collaborating on short films. In 2021, Elliot was proudly the recipient of the Edmund Long CSC Memorial Award for a student displaying the highest degree of ability in cinematography. Recent cinematography works include Edge of Hope (2021), Albatross (2021), Pretty Good To Be Here (2021), and Private Eye & Apple Pie (2021). We will see Elliot's work on an upcoming short film, Anodyne, where he is excited to continue his journey in filmmaking, photography and telling stories cinematically.

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Mason Thivierge

Mason Thivierge is a student at Humber College in the Film and Television Production program specializing in directing and cinematography. Mason's goal is to be an aspiring director in the future working on multiple projects. Mason loves to work with the cinematography team to make projects come to life. When Mason is not on productions, he is brainstorming to see what projects he can make in the future along with his passion for drumming, photography and playing games.

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Hunter Thomas

Hunter Thomas is a Humber College Film and Television Production student currently in his third year of study. Growing up watching movies and making short films with friends instilled in him a love for filmmaking and a desire to one day work within the film industry. Specializing in post-picture editing and VFX, he has been involved with a number of Humber productions over the course of his college career. Hunter hopes to work in post-production after graduating from the program.

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Chanel Tossounian

Chanel is an up-and-coming writer and director based out of Toronto. She graduated from Humber College in 2022 from the Film and TV Production program. While in school, Chanel wrote and directed four short films, one of which premiered in New York City in December 2021. Chanel attended the festival in New York City and was invited to speak among a panel of filmmakers. Her more recent short film is currently going through the film festival circuit. Chanel began filmmaking after pursuing a different career path which led her to the realization that storytelling is her true passion. She enjoys making films to excite, inspire, and entertain her diverse audience. Chanel currently works as an intern for No Equal Entertainment, also based out of Toronto. Her goal is to become a showrunner for a sitcom she is currently developing.

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Jessica Tran

Jessica Tran will soon be a graduate of Humber College's Film and Television Production program. She has always enjoyed art as a hobby and expression, drawing traditionally at age 10 and moving to digital at 13. Her first introduction to digital photography was through high school electives that offered it, and there she learned basic photography and photoshop editing. She has always had a curiosity about film and hopes that her accumulative skills in various art mediums will aid her in her filmmaking pursuits. Throughout her time at Humber College, she has had the opportunity to work on numerous shorts such as Bounty 500 (2021) as assistant art and The Passion of Dougie (2021) as art director. Jessica has a passion for art and aspires to be a graphic artist.

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Stefan Watson

Stefan Watson is a third-year student at Humber College's Film and Television Production program. Over the years at school, Stefan has worked on many projects as a cinematographer, such as Anywhere But Here, W.I.F.T. and Cultivation of a Killer. Stefan wishes to pursue this career once leaving Humber in hopes of joining a camera union for film and television. In his free time, Stefan enjoys playing the piano, playing video games and spending time with family and friends.

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Robin Welsford

Robin Welsford is a Toronto-based filmmaker, who is an aspiring production designer. Robin loves all aspects of the art department from prop building and set decorating to budgets and art department script breakdowns. Robin has been the production designer and/or art director on several Humber College films in a variety of genres. She graduated from Humber College's renowned Film and Television Production program in April 2022. Robin is currently co-developing a limited audio drama series and preparing to go to camera for a few short films this summer.

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Marisa Wu

Marisa is a filmmaker originally from Taiwan, now based in Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about filming stories that inspire and provoke. One of Marisa's favourite things to do is capture images and convert these experiences into creative ideas for films. Through Humber College, Marisa has had the opportunity to participate in a good amount of projects such as camera operating for a film festival-selected documentary, Death of The Handshake (2020). Her recent works includes camera operating for a PSA, Sustainability (2021); first assistant camera for Seeds of Hope (2021), Edge of Hope (2021), Anodyne (2022), and second assistant camera for Across Rivers and Lakes, which will be coming out soon in the future. With all her experiences, Marisa learned professional communication skills and efficient organization. Her abilities extend to delegation and problem solving with proficiency in teamwork. While Marisa is still in the early stages of her film career, she would love to offer her skill set and dedication to any works that come to her.