Film & Television Production (Advanced Diploma)

In Humber’s Film and Television Production (FMTV) advanced diploma program, students have hands-on experience with production and digital cinematography equipment. Industry experts have trained them in the skills required for success in the film industry. They have found their niche and developed team-building and collaboration skills by working in specialized roles on commercials, documentaries and short films. A wide variety of filmmaking, editing and cinematography courses have helped them achieve well-rounded capabilities and create head-turning work.

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Film & Television Production 2021 Graduate Screening

June 3, 2021 at 7pm EST

A Screening Event featuring the Capstone films produced by the students in the Film & Television Production Program. All video, packaged into a 2-hour screening.

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Our Students

Picture of Aaron Goodland, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Aaron Goodland

Aaron Goodland is an aspiring Casting Director and Storyteller, born and raised in Toronto Ontario. As a young and aspiring creative, Aaron published two short stories while still in elementary school. However, it was while he was studying at Humber College, that he discovered his expertise and direction, and when he formally launched his professional career with a student short film “MEAT” as a Casting Director. This role solidified his vision for his future. From there, he followed with other casting roles, either as casting director or assistant casting director on the dramatic short, including Weekender, and public service announcement, Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre. Using his incredible organizational skills, he also produced a PSA for the Ontario Turtles Conservation Centre and the experimental short, Dart. He hopes to one day write stories that inspire and to cast the right actors to fill those roles.

Picture of Monty Montgomery, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Adynn Montgomery

Monty, is a recent graduate of Humber College’s Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma Program and holds a unique appreciation of her time spent here. In the short time span of her studies at Humber, Monty has had the chance to expand on her creative interests by acquiring a variety of Art Department roles, including as Production Designer on the short drama FAREWELL, and Art Director on the short drama, Who We Are. In 2020, Monty took on the role of Director on the PSA, Babes Brigade, on which she was also the key creator and writer. Currently, Monty continues to write stories close to her heart while also focusing her efforts within the Art Department. Aspiring to work in the Art Department in the film and television industry, Monty is currently interning at Objekts Tabletop Props, where she is getting incredible behind-the-scenes and on-set experiences working with props and design. Always looking to grow and expand her knowledge in the Art Department and creatively, Monty continues to look for opportunities that will allow her to expand her knowledge, while contributing and collaborating with like-minded colleagues.

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Photo of FMTV Graduate Albert Quan.

Albert Quan

Albert Quan is an emerging filmmaker and musician from Toronto, Ontario currently residing in Richmond Hill, Ontario. As a recent graduate from the Film and Television Advanced Diploma Program at Humber College, Albert has worked in a variety of roles on set garnering experience and learning about the art of film making. Throughout his time studying at Humber College, he has worked in a number of roles most notably as an editor on the short documentary “Great White North” (2019) and as Script Supervisor on “Boyfriend Season” (2019), “Who We Are”(2021), and “Elpis Has Left The Building” (2021). He has also worked in a number of location and post audio roles including “Musk Lake” (2021) and “Trial 53” (2021). Albert made his directorial debut in 2021 when he directed a PSA for the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre. Albert hopes to continue to work as an independent, freelance filmmaker working in a variety of different mediums.

Picture of Alexis Auld, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Alexis Auld

Alexis Auld is an aspiring producer and production accountant. Discovering a love for film production during high school, in her hometown, Simcoe, Ontario, Alexis chose to attend the Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma Program at Humber College. At Humber, along with a variety of short films, commercials and documentaries, Alexis produced Friendly Faces & Safe Spaces, a documentary which was selected for KIDS FIRST! film festival (London, UK) where it received an Honourable Mention for Best International Short. Alexis hopes to continue to pursue producing after graduation and continue to develop her interest and knowledge of filmmaking.

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Angus McFadden, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate and aspiring director.

Angus McFadden

Angus McFadden is an aspiring writer and director working hard in make a name for himself Toronto by putting as many projects under his belt as possible. A recent graduate of Humber College’s renowned Film & Television Production Program, Angus has proven himself to be a quick and creative problem when working on any set and in any role. A solutions driven creative, with a unique voice, his films project an attractive and distinct weirdness, part of his goal to always make films truly different from anything else audiences have seen previously. Recent projects directed by Angus include the short comedy films Boiling and Dandy Leg”, as well as his feature length directorial debut All That and Nothing More. Angus hopes to continue along his current trajectory, and one day to direct his own television shows and films.

Arthur Gazizov, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate and aspiring director.

Artur Gazizov

Arthur Gazizov is an aspiring writer-director and graduate of the Humber College Film and Television Production program. A native of Almaty, Kazakhstan, Arthur has resided in Canada since 2003 and attended the University of Toronto and worked in the finance industry prior to his stint at Humber College. Arthur has worked on several Humber productions, including documentaries and dramas. Notably, Arthur held sole creative responsibility as writer-director on the short drama Pinned, was Picture Editor on the short documentary The Naked Brunch, served as Casting Director on the short dramas Landry’s Laundry and Musk Lake, and directed a short public service announcement about the organization Wounded Warriors Canada.

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Photo of FMTV graduate Ben Whyte

Benjamin Whyte

A recent graduate of the Humber Film and Television Program, Ben Whyte is taking his knowledge and experience into the real world. During his time at Humber, he has worked on a multitude of projects, giving him the necessary experience in the film industry. Most notable, he was the First AD on the short film “Bounty 500” and directed his own short film “Can I Do This Without Dying?”. On top of his experience in school, he also has gained knowledge in the industry by volunteering for the TV channel YourTV and being an intern at Reel Canada. In the future, Ben wants to be involved in the film festival industry, discovering and promoting films from young filmmakers from across the nation and the world.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Breanna Purdy, standing in the woods.

Breanna Purdy

My name is Breanna Purdy, a graduate from the Film and Television Production program at Humber College who is an emerging Production Designer. I designed many varieties of sets and props from a dance studio to making fake edible raw meat. I really enjoy being creative and artistic, I like to explore many mediums of art and I always find joy in every one I try. I also am a lover for all forms of media from video to photography to even graphic design. I have industry experience from shooting with photo & video equipment in professional environments, as well as music festivals, sporting events and sets.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Breant Collins

Brent Collins

Brent is a graduating student at Humber College in the Film and Television Production program. With a focus on writing, directing, and editing, Brent tries to push his limits and explore creative challenges in a wide variety of genres. This is highlighted by the various projects he’s worked on while at Humber, ranging from commercials, PSA’s, short narrative films and his documentary, How Do You Hold A Hot Dog? (2020) which was an official selection at the Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival, a nominee at the Open World Toronto Film Festival, and the winner of the Gold Award at the Spotlight Film Festival. Brent’s goal as a filmmaker is to create content that connects with an audience and focuses on compelling stories, told in a unique and abstract way.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Chelsie Boreland

Chelsie Boreland

Chelsie Boreland is a diligent filmmaker determined to tell captivating and nuanced stories. After completing her studies in criminology at York University, Chelsie made a sideways leap to becoming a film student in Humber College’s Film and Television Production program. She has had the opportunity at Humber to gain experience in videography, picture editing, and production management, with cinematography becoming a passion. Chelsie has been the Cinematographer on a variety of projects including the short documentary Lone Wolf, the western short film Bounty 500, and the short drama Elpis Has Left The Building. In her last year in the program Chelsie has lent her dedication to a number of productions, taking on roles in other areas as Picture Editor, 1st Assistant Director, and Post-Production Supervisor. She was also the recipient of the Edmund Long CSC Memorial Award, an award presented to a student who displays abilities in the Cinematography and Film Workshop courses. Chelsie’s goal is to continue expanding her knowledge and skills in cinematography, and aims to contribute to films that are creative, thoughtful and challenge convention.

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Photo of FMTV Graduate Christopher Collington

Christopher Collington

Christopher Collington is an emerging Producer and Screenwriter. A graduate of the Film and Television Production at Humber College, wishing to gain experience in the production management aspect of the Film Industry, Christopher has taken on these roles by being the Production Manager on the short film “Boiling” as well as making his Producer debut with the short comedic film titled “The Passion of Dougie”.Wanting to focus on producing a variety of projects, Christopher produced a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for the non profit organization “Feed It Forward” as well as produced a short graduate drama film titled "Weekender". These projects were shot in the fall of 2020 and early 2021 respectively during the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed Christopher to adapt to the rules and restrictions put in place by the Government of Ontario, as well as Humber College and local public health units of cities in which the film was being shot at.Christopher is also working on writing an animated TV Series titled: “Four Seasons”. He aims to continue writing and potentially pitch the project for development with broadcasters and/or film production companies in the GTA.

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Photo of FMTV Graduate Christopher Rupert

Christopher Rupert

Christopher Rupert is an emerging Location Sound Recordist and Post Sound Editor and Mixer from Toronto, Ontario, with some experience in Camera Operation and Lighting. He is currently enrolled in the Film and Television Production at Humber College.Over the last 4 months of 2020, Christopher has worked on multiple projects as a Location Sound Recordist on several short films that are being produced within the Humber program, including #Cancelled (Dir. Samantha North), and Farewell (Dir. Julia Mackay).Christopher will be working as a Post Sound Editor and Sound Supervisor within in next couple months for other projects coming out of his cohorts year end culmination projects.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Claudia Marchisello

Claudia Marchisello

Claudia Marchisello is an aspiring screenwriter, currently residing in Markham, Ontario. She is in herfinal year of study at the Humber College Film and Television Production program. Through thisprogram, she has had the opportunity to work on multiple short films, gaining experience incinematography, directing, screenwriting and production design. Currently, she is working at Lock UpProps — a Toronto prop house. As the writer and director of the short film ‘Weekender’, she hopes tocontinue making films that are authentically Canadian through the lens of her Italian-Canadianidentity. In her downtime, Claudia enjoys spending time with her cat Murphy, reading Stephen Kingnovels and watching horror movies.

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Clayton Blake Mathias, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Clayton Mathias

Clayton Blake, also known as Clayton Blake Mathias, is an aspiring Director, and VFX Compositor. Known for his work directing the award-winning, student short documentary, Toughie (2020),Clayton grew up in Mississauga, Ontario. It was during his high-school years, that discovered his passion for the performing arts.As a recent graduate of Humber College’s well-known Film & Television Production Advanced DiplomaProgram, Clayton looks forward to pursuing his career goals and establishing himself as a “go to” person working in visual effects compositing.

Photo of FMTV graduate Dana Rhijnsberger

Dana Rhijnsburger

Dana Rhijnsburger [They/them] has lifelong practice in a multitude of mediums, at first with photo editing software and visual arts, then moving on to writing, picture editing, drafting, and a multitude of artisan practices. Once they were enrolled at Humber college, they were given the opportunity to excel in their natural creativity as production designer on films such as Bounty 500and Grapefruit. Additionally, they were able to see their work as a screenwriter for the short horror-Comedy Meat and Dart. They are working towards gaining their union membership as well as starting a freelance prop and set building business. They will continue to write creative and thought provoking stories and support independent productions as much as possible.

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Daniel Colavecchia, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Daniel Colaveccia

Daniel Colavecchia is a third-year student in the Film and Television Production Program at Humber College, which studies the various aspects of how a film is constructed. Gained an extensive amount of hands on experience with the C200 and C700 Camera, as well as lighting sets, working with sound and using programs like Avid to edit outstanding student projects. An enthusiastic professional interested in expanding his knowledge as a leader by making appropriate content decisions within the film industry. Thoroughly understands the process of creating and pitching a story and assembling it into a film. Familiar with the Adobe Creative suite with an emphasis on Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects and Media Encoder. Extremely interested in obtaining a career as a Camera Operator for big budget films because he truly enjoys having the capability to entertain an audience as well as having one of the most important roles on a film. Working with the camera is something he is tremendously passionate about and he looks forward to working and learning with the new technology in the film industry.

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Photo of FMTV graduate Derrick Xander Thio

Derrick Thio

Derrick Xander thio is an inspiring filmmaker originally from Indonesia who now calls Canada as his home base. Derrick has worked on many projects in many different positions such as grip, gaffer, first Camera assistant, Boom operator, Sound Mixer and as a sound recordist. But he is mostly known for his Sound recordist skill that he got from a short film “Meat."With 8 uncredited short films, Derrick hopes that in the future he will soon work on featured films as a sound assistant so that he can learn more skills and refine his craft. Other than this, derrick also wants to focus his work in the camera department of the industry.

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Photo of FMTV graduate Dominik Woroszyl

Dominik Woroszyl

My name is Dominik Woroszyl. I’m a first-generation Canadian from a Polish family with a working-class background. I was born in Toronto, and raised in Brampton, Ontario. I have always had a passion for film even as a young child. My primary goal is to become a film director. I’m most fascinated with obscure, art-house cinema. I look up to a variety of filmmakers such as John Cassavetes, Harmony Korine, David Lynch and Gaspar Noe. I’ve made experimental short films since high school. Meat was my directorial debut working amongst a semi-professional crew. I am currently directing a PSA for a Boxing charitable organization. The opportunity of having collaborated with other aspiring filmmakers puts me in my element. I hope to further my goal as a director in the film industry and create my own independent content.

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Ebony Green, Film & Television Advanced Diploma Graduate and aspiring Creative Producer

Ebony (Briana) Green

Ebony Green is an emerging Scriptwriter, Producer and Picture Editor who enjoys creating films with compelling conflicts that deeply impact and challenge social norms. A graduate of Centennial College’s Art and Communications program, Ebony then enrolled in Humber’s renowned Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program to further her studies in filmmaking. At Humber Ebony discovered the art of filmmaking and recognized it is the most complete and creative space where her words compliment and complete her art. To date, her credits include the short documentary “Metanoia,” as writer and director, as producer on the short comedy “Boiling” and the “Toronto Accessible Sports Council PSA.” Adept in project management, Ebony also worked on the short films “Farewell” and “Exit Interview” as Production Manager bringing her incredible organizational skills to these productions. Her latest film is the heart felt short drama “Finding Your Rhythm,” which she produced. As Ebony embarks, on what promises to be a stellar career, she hopes to have opportunities to work on and eventually create films that will leave a timeless impact in the world.

Photo of FMTV graduate Emily Fishman

Emily Fishman

Emily Zina Fishman specializes in Cinematography, Directing and VFX. Immersing herself in the arts her whole life, she studied visual and dramatic arts in the Integrated Arts Program (IAP) at Eastwood Collegiate Institute. Continued on to study at Humber College in both the Media Foundations program and the Advanced Film and Tv program. Where she was presented the opportunity to direct the dark-comedy ​Landry's Laundry ​(​2019)​ as well as the psychological thriller ​Trial 53 (2020).​ Credited as Cinematographer on the short documentary ​Heroically Ever After​ ​(2019) ​as well as two short films ​We Need To Talk​ ​(2021)​ and ​After the Glitter Fades (2021)​. She was also credited as VFX editor on ​Heroically Ever After (2019)​ and created the animated logo for Artshine where she is currently working part time as their videographer. Emily is always seeking ways to further her knowledge in the film industry as a driven young filmmaker.

Emily Jo Mahu, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Emily Mahu

Emily Mahu is a recent graduate of Humber College’s popular Film & Television Production Program, where she majored in cinematography and production design. Emily has a passion for telling complex female centered stories. Emily’s credits include co-writer and cinematographer on the multi-nominated short documentary Deeper Than Blue (2019), which explores postpartum depression. She has also completed work as production designer on the short films Dandy Legs (2020) and Lie Down With Dogs Get Up With Fleas (2021). Emily is also the writer and cinematographer of short film "Grapefruit" (2021). Emily also enjoys working as a BTS photographer.

Photo of FMTV student Eric Tomjenovic

Eric Tomjenovic

Eric Tomj is a Director and Producer and the founder of ET Productions, a Toronto based production company. A student in Humber College’s Film And Television Production Program, Eric made his directorial debut in 2019 with “Long Long Time” and as a producer for the short film “Meat” and the award winning short documentary “Toughie”. In addition, Eric has worked in the location department on a variety of productions such as Shazam (2018), Umbrella Academy (2019) and Mrs. America (2020).

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Photo of FMTV student Erica Garcia

Erica Garcia

Erica Garcia, an aspiring production designer/decorator, was born in the Philippines. She took Toronto as her home and landed her first film-related job at Regent Park Focus where she learned to use After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. She’s done freelance photography for 3 years, but now she’s moved on to produce and co-write a Humber College documentary called Trashion. To launch off her career, she’s taken the role of a key gaffer for the Humber studio drama called Boiling to further improve her lighting and technical skills on set. She’s learned to be resourceful and inventive on the spot by working as a production designer for Musk Lake and an art director for #CANCELLED. She hopes to continue improving her ingenuity and art skills to create immersive worlds for films.

Evan Goertzen, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Evan Goertzen

Evan Goertzen is a graduate of the Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program at Humber College and a musician. He has always had a passion for creating and making things my own, whether it be inventing games or creating worlds and drawing the characters that live in them. His many talents include, making music videos and short films, composing music for videogames and for videos that I create on my YouTube channel, NoteBlock. I also post remixes of video game music as well as compose my own. NoteBlock has a community of over 95,000 subscribers and has accumulated a total of over 33.1 million views across my 300+ videos. More recently, I've been approached by a number of other independent video creators and game studios to write music for their projects, such as Mago, a retro-inspired platformer coming in 2021 to Steam and Nintendo Switch. Going forward, I hope to work with more people, expand Noteblock’s subscriber base and all while continuing to grow my own artistry and skillset.

VFX Specialist Florencia Gonzalez

Florencia Gonzalez

Florencia Gonzalez is an Argentinian-Canadian motion graphics designer and picture editor, who earned her Advanced Diploma in Film &Television Production, with a specialization in motion graphics, picture editing and sound editing, from Humber College’s Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning in 2021. During her time at Humber College, she has gained vast experience in the post-production world through her key credits, including as, picture editor for the short dramas “Meat” (2020) and “We Need to Talk” (2021). In addition, he also worked as VFX Supervisor on the short documentary “TRASHion” (2019), the short drama “After the Glitter Fades” (2021) and a PSA for the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre. Florencia’s picture editing craft consists of well-timed cuts and dedication to the project’s emotions. Her unique motion design style plays with lots of movement to create eye-catching motion graphics. Using a combination of techniques such as rotoscoping, 3D/2D designs, compositing, typography, and 2D digital animation, she can bring any of your visions to life.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Gary Ruiz

Gary Ruiz Jara

Majoring in Cinematography and Directing, I’m incredibly motivated in putting forth my best effort with any task that I’m assigned to do. I am fluently bilingual in both English and Spanish, although there are some words I cannot fully understand in spanish so I talk in “Espanglish”. I work very well with others and once I get comfortable I begin cracking jokes to lighten up everyone's mood. There is a time and place for everything, when it is time to be efficient my main focus is just that! Outside of my professional life I enjoy learning about new things, taking care of my 3 dogs (yes 3!), and box occasionally. If there is one quote I live by is “Be comfortable in uncomfortable situations” -@hustleandmotivate.

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Photo of FMTV Georgina Gaunthier

Georgina Gauthier

Georgina Gauthier is an aspiring production manager and editor. She first discovered a passion for film production at a summer camp in her hometown, Sudbury, Ontario and was left wanting to learn about how she could use it to share and tell stories about people. Upon moving to Toronto to study Film and Television Production at Humber College, Georgina has worked on a variety of student projects to expand her knowledge of production management and post-production.As she prepares to leave Humber, Georgina is currently completing thesis projects, with hopes to continue learning as she transitions from college to her career.

Feed it Forward PSA Director, Haadi Khan

Haadi Khan

Haadi Khan is a recent graduate of Humber College’s well-known Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program. His first short film, Captain Cowboy Rides Again, has garnered multiple acceptances at film festivals in Toronto and it was on this production that he discovered his passion for directing and working in the art department. Most recently Haadi has successfully completed many other roles including, as Director on the Public Service Announcement, (PSA) for the Not-for-Profit Organization Feed It Forward, as Production Designer on the short drama Can I Do This Without Dying? and as Art Director on the short dramas Weekenders and Landry's Laundry. Haadi plans to pursue a career working in the art department in the film and television industry, with the eventual goal of one day becoming a Production Designer.

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Photo of FMTV Hannah Enlund

Hannah Enlund

Hannah Enlund is in her final year of Humber College’s Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma Program. She has a passion of film editing and VFX and in her time at Humber, Hannah has learned editing and visual effects software such as Avid Media Composer and Maya, as well as improving her proficiency in many applications in the Adobe Suite such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator. Hannah also has a basic knowledge of Divinci Reslove, Pro Tools and UnReal Engines. She has had the pleasure of working as picture editor, assistant editor, visual effect supervisor and visual effect artist on a multitude of projects during her studies and with her most recent project - Exit Interview - Hannah had the opportunity to act as a VFX supervisor and artist; as this project was filmed mainly in front of a green screen. She used her knowledge of UnReal Engines to add the environments into the virtual reality world of the film. Hannah is currently volunteering for ReelHeART International Film Festival as an editor where she creates highlight reels and trailers for the festival. From making Claymation films in her basement to making fish appear out of thin air, creatively editing stories together is something that has been in Hannah since she could use a computer. Hannah is looking to find a career in VFX upon graduation and would love to work her way up to one day be a VFX supervisor.

Photo of FMTV grad Jacob Gibbons

Jacob Gibbons

Jake became interested in film production and special effects shortly after he started high school by producing, shooting and acting in films by himself and with friends. He quickly became hooked on being on set and working together to create dynamic short films.After taking a couple years to study and explore different career paths outside of media, he eventually was drawn back to wanting to make films instead. Jake never had any specific roles in mind, however, his strengths mostly lie in art direction and special effects.His work can be seen in many Humber College productions, such as the documentary ‘Fully Involved’ and his special effects work was featured in ‘Meat’, ‘Musk Lake’ and most recently, the proof of concept short for ‘Lie Down with Dogs’. Jake’s overall goal is to have roles in the production of great films. The desire to help a film get made using his own unique skills and ways of solving problems is what continues to draw him toward the world of film.

Photo of FMTV grad Jaiden Crawford

Jaiden Crawford

Jaiden Crawford is a wedding videographer, and budding Director of Photography, based out of Toronto, with numerous short films and other client work to his credit.As a student in Humber’s Film and Media Production program he is set to graduate in spring of 2021. In his studies he was given the opportunity to Direct the photography of multiple projects including; The Holocaust: a Love Story (official selection at LakeShorts Film Festival), Landry’s Laundry, and his most recent work, Lie Down With Dogs, Get up With Fleas. Aside from on-set experience Jaiden has been the filmmaker behind multiple wedding videos, small business advertisements, and music videos.At age 11 he co-founded a successful lawn care organization catering to the local neighbourhood. At age 15 he started a band that is now Factor Funded and is touring eastern Canada with 4 EPs. And at age 17 he founded a media production company that has recently niched out towards weddings.These endeavours were Jaiden’s proving ground and they've given him a good handle on both independent and interdependent work environments -most importantly however they’ve refined his sense of good old fashioned work ethic.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Jason O'Neil-Inderjeit

Jason O'Neil-Inderjeit

My name is Jason O'Neill-Inderjeit and I am currently enrolled in my graduating year in Humber College's Film &Television Production program. I have a strong passion for working on set, running the technical specifics such as camera, lighting, and grip. My specialty is making sure all goes smoothly in the back-end. I am a dedicated and hard worker, passionate about the film industry, and very hungry to consistently learn more, while also growing my network meeting a variety of new andinteresting people.

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FMTV student Joel Mens, standing in a marsh wearing waders and a Steadicam rig.

Joel Mens

Joel Mens is a graduate of the Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma Program at Humber College, where he also graduated from the Media Foundations program with honours. His studies have allowed him to experience the many aspects of digital media, including multimedia design, communications, and photography, with a primary focus in cinematography. Joel excels in lighting and camera techniques, being very well-versed with industry standard lighting, grip, and camera equipment. In addition to cinematography, Joel is also an experienced photographer, with a primary interest in shooting 35mm and medium format film. When not studying, he does freelance video and photography work, where he works closely with clients to help them bring their visions to life and has even collaborated with the social media platform VSCO on multiple occasions. Joel aspires to one day become a professional cinematographer working in Toronto’s robust film industry.

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Photo of FMTV graduate Jonathan Schwarz

Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan is a film student currently stationed in Etobicoke. He is about to finish up his last year at Humber College in the Film and Television Production program. Growing up, Jonathan was always the creative type. His main methods of entertainment were video games and drawing. It wasn’t until he was much older, that film and television were starting to become very impressive. After movies like The Dark Knight, Logan, Gone Girl and series such as Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Hannibal, is when he wanted to pursue this artform. Movies are supposed to be a form of escapism, somewhere to disappear for a couple hours and engage you. The more movies he watched, the more he began to understand what he was looking for.
Jonathan is constantly nominated for a leadership role for his initiative and democracy when working in a crew. He has lent his talents to multiple student projects and assignments in a creative role that has found substantial success working in a group of collective collaboration. A movie should move you, in one way or another. An effective story challenges what you believe in and can change you as a person.

Photo of FMTV graduate Jordana Bain

Jordana Bain

Being a filmmaker has given Jordana, the opportunity to work in the creative playground known as the film industry. She has carried love and interest for many arts but knew storytelling was the perfect career path for her. Jordana now focuses her talents on producing stories that leave a lasting impression on an audience.Born and raised in Toronto, the beautiful city has been a backdrop in her first film the short documentary ​Lone Wolf​. Some more highlights include the western dramedy Bounty 500. At the moment, Jordana is producing the short drama ​Who We Are​ and a PSA for the arts organization Urban Arts.

Josh Molyneux, Film Composer and Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Josh Molyneux

With a passion for music and sound, Josh Molyneux, (also known as JJ,) is preparing to launch his career in the world of Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games. Originally from Liverpool, England, he now considers Ontario to be home.A recent Graduate of the Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program at Humber College. JJ has always been a creative artist, winning the Headwaters Art's Scholarship Award in high school, his path of working in the arts was never in doubt. During his time at Humber, he became the well-known composer and “sound guy” after composing music for five of student documentary films. During the summer of 2019, he started work on a personal feature project, working as an independent creator and taking on directing, camera operating, editing, and composing the music. JJ hopes to release this feature later this year.This multi-skilled, multi-talented creator continues to build upon his skills, expanding opportunities to contribute creatively to his work on multiple projects on all platforms, and looks forward to building new relationships with other creatives as he pursues his career goals.

Julia MacKay, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate and aspiring Production Designer and Director

Julia MacKay

Julia Mackay is an aspiring production designer and director. As a recent graduate of Humber College’s popular Film & Television Production Program, Julia has embraced any and all opportunities that have come her way. Most recently, she’s completed her directorial debut directing the short drama Farewell. Additionally, she completed the role of art director on the short film After the Glitter Fades. Her skills also expand into post-production where Julia has worked as the VFX supervisor on multiple projects, including a public service announcement for the Urban Arts organization, and on the short drama Bounty 500. While Julia works hard at pursuing her career goals, in her free time she continues to work at her visual artistry, continuing to draw and paint. Julia was the recipient of the 2020 Directors Guild of Canada Workforce Development Scholarship.

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Photo of FMTV graduate Kijhai Boreland

Kijhai Boreland

Kijhai Boreland is an aspiring film and television Producer and Editor. She is a graduate of the Theatre Arts, Technical Production Program at Humber College where she specialized in Scenic Art, Props, Sound Production and Stagecraft. After graduating, she decided to return to school to further her education in the Arts. She currently enrolled in the Film and Television Program at Humber College specializing in Production Management, Cinematography and Post Picture Editing. Kijhai is currently employed with Toronto's Film and Television Union I.A.T.S.E Local 873 where she works as a Rigging/Lighting Grip, Set Dresser, and Scenic Painter. Over the span of 7 years, she has enjoyed working on set on various films and television shows in these positions and hopes to move into Producing in the near future.

Photo of FMTV graduate Kristen Mallows

Kristen Mallows

From a young age, Kristen Mallows has exploredher creative side and found her creative home in the medium of film.. A recent graduate of Humber’s well-known Film & Television Production Program, Kristen is an aspiring screenwriter and cinematographer with hopes to make a difference with her work.She wrote and co-directed a documentary called “One More Light” (2018) to shed light on anorganization with a mission to change the stigma around mental health. She's also had thepleasure of co-writing “The Ideal” (2019) which explored the concept of masculinity in societyand the LGBTQ+ community. Aside from her writing, Kristen is committed to creating the mostaesthetically pleasing image with symbolism and meaning. With her strong attention to detailand imagery, she brings a unique and creative style to any production she's a part of. She worked as a camera operator on the short film “Longa Distância” (2020) which made its world premiere at Caminhos Festival Cinema Português in Coimbra, Portugal. Additionally, Kristen' had the pleasure of working as a videographer and editor at Exclaim Media! where she collaborated withmtravelling musicians and documented music events such as Warped Tour 2017. She's also worked with CJYE 1250 AM JOY Radio as a videographer and editor for The Drew Marshall Show.Now, Kristen is currently writing her first feature film and looks forward to taking her work internationally as a video intern “virtually” abroad in Florence, Italy.

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Kyle Kulla, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Kyle Kulla

Kyle Kulla, was just a kid from Brampton, Ontario with movie-making dreams, when he enrolled in Humber’s renowned Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program. Kyle has worked hard to create opportunities and cement myself in key creative roles during his time in the program, helping him achieve his career goals in scriptwriting, directing and cinematography. His credits as screenwriter include the short documentary, Fully Involved and the short political mockumentary, Lie Down with Dogs. In addition to these, he has also worked as a Director of Photography on three short films. Kyle brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with him to his work in the camera and lighting departments. There is nothing Kyle loves more than the collaborative process and being on set making a film. When asked about his passion for the industry, Kyle responded, “I love exploring characters. I love storytelling. Let’s make films.”

Photo of FMTV graduate Lai Ming Angus Chong

Lai Ming Angus Chong

Angus Chong is a soon to graduate student in the Advanced Diploma For Film and Television. While he has learned many skills during his studies, such as cinematography, sound and lighting, he is most inspired and plans to pursue a career as a sound recordist.He has worked on a variety of projects at Humber, such as writing and directing a short called Masks, but his biggest role has been as Sound Recordist and Mixer on the 3rd year final thesis project, Musk Lake.His future goal is to continue to polish his skills and become a Boom Op and Sound Recordist after he graduates.

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Photo of FMTV graduate Leah Galloway

Leah Borneman/Galloway

Leah Galloway, an aspiring writer and director, was born with a love of creative pursuits and storytelling.In November 2014, Leah had the honour of meeting the award-winning talk show host, Ellen Degeneres and was given a scholarship to put towards her college education. A recent graduate of the Humber College Advanced Diploma in Film and Television Production, she made her directorial debut in 2020 with Friendly Faces & Safe Spaces, a documentary which was selected by the New Renaissance Film Festival (London, UK), the Kids First Film Festival (London UK) and the NYC Mental Health Film Festival where Leah participated in a Director's Roundtable. She has just recently completed production on a short drama, Finding Your Rhythm. As writer/director, Leah uses her stories to celebrate what it is to be human and wants her films and their characters to connect people, and inspire love, acceptance and understanding.

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Photo of FMTV Graduate Leah Godwin, they have fire coloured hair and are wearing a bright orange jacket

Leah Parker(Goodwin)

Leah Godwin is a non-binary filmmaker and artist, currently residing in Tkaronto. They are in their final year of study at the Humber College Film and Television Production program. Through this program they have had the opportunity to work on many short films, gaining experience in cinematography, directing, writing, and production design. Currently, they are working as a programming assistant with Inside Out Film Festival, as well as directing the proof of concept for their first film, Grapefruit. They hope to make safe spaces for queer and transartists/filmmakers by challenging boundaries & creating stories that explore the wonderful complexity of life as a queer human.

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Mandy Germain, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Mandy Germain

Mandy Germain is a recent graduate of Humber College’s popular Film & Television Production Program, where he majored in Picture Editing and Advanced Cinematography. While the program at Humber has prepared him for many creative paths, Mandy has chosen to pursue a career in post-production, and specifically as an assistant picture editor as his path. Of course, he aspires to one day work as a picture editor of films and television series. During his time at Humber, Mandy has had the opportunity to work on many short films, spanning multiple genres, including, the short documentary Fully Involved, a film about a fire fighter battling PTSD, which was an official selection at the 2021 Reel Recovery and Toronto Lift Off film festivals.While Mandy’s specialty is working as a picture editor, he has also worked as a grip and as a first assistant cameraman. Over the years, Mandy has learned many different editing styles and techniques both on his own and through his studies. He prides himself on his abilities to meet and exceed expectations and deadlines. In an industry that is driven by deadlines, Mandy Germain is a picture editor or assistant picture editor who can deliver!

Photo of Film and Television Production Graduate Mariana Rossi

Mariana Rossi

Every time I think about how many people populate the world, I think about how many stories are out there to be told. I grew up in a country where the film industry seemed like a different world, too distant to reach and only available through the screen of our single local movie theatre. That strangeness of film is what got my attention for this career path. Every time I sat in the only movie theatre in my city - Tunja, Colombia – I wanted to know how all the magic behind the camera happened. How did these worlds and characters get to be what they are? The question always was: What do I have to do to make that happen? Now after moving to Canada to pursue a career in film and to get answers to those questions I am proud to say that I am in my third and final year of the Film and Television Production program at Humber College in Toronto, slowly building the answers to my questions and developing my skills with focused on camera and editing throughout the process. I have directed a short documentary, worked in the camera department and in picture post-production for various short films ever since. My passion for film keeps growing every day with every project I am involved with, and as time passes, I am constantly working on improving my skills and taking on new creative projects that bring new worlds, stories, and perspectives to the lives of others just as other filmmakers did for me when I was a kid.

Mason Landry, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Mason Landry

Mason Landry is a recent graduate of Humber College’s well-known Film & Television Production Program. His main creative focus is in the areas of Post-Production and Production Management. Mason has over fifteen years of editing experience. Mason has previously worked as a crew member at Rogers TV and has worked as a picture editor on multiple short films during his time at Humber, including the short documentary, Fully Involved. Mason’s other experience include working as a First Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Producer, all of which provide him with incredible insight and knowledge of a working film set. Mason is pursuing a career in Picture Editing and aspires to be working on producing new and exciting independent projects in the future.

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Photo of FMTV Graduate Matthew Vani

Matthew Vani

Matthew is a filmmaker and screenwriter in his third year of the Film and Television Production program at Humber College. Matthew's focus as a filmmaker is to tell compelling stories, which primarily shines through in his passion for writing. The technical skills he has acquired in editing, sound capture, cinematography and production management inform both his abilities as a writer, and creative choices as a filmmaker. Productions that highlight his skills include writing and directing the short narrative film “EXit Interview” (2021), writing a PSA for the organization “Feed It Forward” (2021), and producing the short documentary "How Do You Hold A Hot Dog?" (2020).

Photo of FMTV Graduate Michael Chiappetta

Michael Chiappetta

Michael Chiappetta is an emerging lmmaker with a strong concentration on lighting and camera operation. Specializing in cinematography, post-VFX and directing, he is a soon-to-be graduate of the Humber Film and Television Production Program.Michael Chiappetta has worked professionally across a wide array of productions, being consistently diligent in ensuring eective communication and completion of work. He has performed in varying positions both on and o set, including camera operation, gaer, key grip and VFX supervisor. He has industry experience free roam shooting with photo & video equipment in professional environments, as well as directing short lms and documentaries. In 2019, he directed “Perpetuum,” a short experimental documentary which was awarded Semi-Finalist in its category at the Ontario International Film Festival.Upon graduation, Michael plans to expand upon his passion for cinematography and rene his skills further.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Michaela Pagazani

Michaela Pagazani

Michaela Pagazani is a freelance video & sound editor, VFX compositor, and motion graphic artist. Michaela has helped to piece together films spanning many genres and styles from developing a suspenseful soundscape for the 2020 horror short Meat, to working as picture editor to combine bright and beautiful footage together for Trashion (2019) a short documentary on sustainable fashion, as well as using her skills as a VFX compositor to digitally add in a crowd to a concert venue for As the Glitter Fades (2021) a short drama shot within pandemic restrictions. When not editing and designing, Michaela likes to spend her free time practicing martial arts, roller skating, and photoshopping her friends into snails.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Mohamed Sandid

Mohamed Sandid

Mohamed Sandid is a Filmmaker who specializes in directing, sound editing and cinematography. He was in the Media Foundations program and Film and Television production program at Humber College. He is a proficient user of Avid media composer and Pro Tools. He has an extensive knowledge of camera, grip and electric equipment.As a Director he has written and directed three short films. He has directed a short horror-comedy film titled “Aktal”, He has also directed a short documentary titled “uppercut” and a short film titled “Who We Are”. Moreover, He has directed a broadcast television show and he has worked as an Assistant Director on short film called “Boiling”.As a Sound Editor, he has sound edited three projects. He edited a short documentary titled “Body Talks”, He edited a short film titled “Boiling” and he edited a PSA titled “Urban Arts”. As a Picture Editor, He edited the trailer for “Boiling” and “Body Talks”.As a Cinematographer, he was the Director of Photographer for two projects. One titled “Body Talks” and a PSA titled “MJKO Boxing”. He is also an IATSE 873 Permitte and has interned at two different camera rental houses. Ontario Camera and Habibi film rental.

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Photo of Nadia Zreik, Film& TV production graduate

Nadia Zreik

Nadia Zreik is a recent graduate from Humber college’ Film& TV production program. Born and raised in Syria, Nadia came to Canada in late 2016 to pursue a long-life desire to study and work in the filmmaking industry and has called Toronto home ever since. She discovered her passion for scriptwriting in college, feeling the urge to write and tell stories not widely covered in film and television. Drawing inspiration from her background, real-life events and news headlines, she recently wrote and directed a short drama revolving around immigrants' struggles which is currently in the post-production phase. Nadia's favourite quote about art is Edward Hopper's "If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." That is why she believes visual storytelling is the right medium to tell her stories.

Photo of Nicole Hayward, Film& TV production graduate

Nicole Hayward

Nicole Hayward is a passionate director, producer, and screenwriter who wrote her first full-length screenplay at 15 years old. Since then, she has produced a short documentary Deeper Than Blue, which has screened at nine film festivals across North America and Britain. She enjoys working with teams that have a passion for telling stories about marginalized communities. Most recently she wrote and produced a short dramatic film, After the Glitter Fades about a non-binary performer and directed her first short dramatic film, We Need to Talk, Both of these films are slated to hit festivals in 2021. She was chosen to be part of the Toronto Queer Film Festival’s COVID 19 DIY Lab. Nicole is currently writing another short drama Heliophilia and hopes to produce the film during summer 2021. Nicole always looks forward to collaborating with like-minded individuals.

Photo of Nikita Szavcsenko, Film& TV production graduate

Nikita Szavcsenko

Nikita Szavcsenko is an artist focusing on cinema as his primary medium of expression. Nikita grew up in Ukraine, where the environment constantly demanded him to be tough and stress-proof, he currently studies in Toronto, acquiring the required technical skills to feel confident using the toolkit of the art form.His skillset is deeply rooted in visual arts media, including photography, drawing, and design. With his background in Photography and Film, Nikita is a confident storyboard artist. Nikita's photographs have been exhibited in the UK, Australia, and Ukraine through Children of Vision, Neighbo(u)r, a collaborative art project by 823 and are frequently used by VSCO and featured on their main page. He has spent a lot of time in the circles of modern artists and curators in Ukraine and Europe, informing and inspiring his own work.Having directed dozens of short films, Nikita is always poised to push boundaries in his art and in his films and is committed to discovering techniques that allow him to bring new perspectives and points of view to audiences.

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Photo of Nikolett Basca:, Film& TV production graduate

Nikolett Basca

Niki Bacsa, a graduate of Humber College, Film and Television Advanced Diploma Program, is passionate about capturing and portraying stories on the big screen. In 2014 she began painting and photography as a hobby but soon became obsessed with the fundamentals that make great cinematography. Lighting, shadows, composition and emotion. As an artist, Niki strives to bring narratives to life in a creative and unique way and is always looking for a new challenge. With a love for experimental, documentary and art house films, Niki aspires to continue her journey in cinematography and discover new learning experiences.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Olivia Wozny

Olivia Wozny

Olivia Wozny is a budding filmmaker focused on production design, art direction, costuming, graphic design and production management. Originally from Mississauga ,she is a graduate of Humber College’s Film and Television Production program. Having worked on a number of sets in key creative roles, both in the art and production management department, Olivia has gained experience as well as an intense understanding of the needs of a film. Most recently, she performed the roles of Art Director and Costume Designer on the proof of concept “Grapefruit” (2021), a story about a young woman who joins a prostitution ring in order to support her family. In addition, she produced the short experimental documentary “Perpetuum” (2019) which was awarded Semi-Finalist under the Canadian Student Film category at the Ontario International Film Festival. After graduation, Olivia aims to build and refine her skills within art direction and costume design, as well as graphic design. Though not mainly pursuing production management, she also hopes to produce small, independent projects.

Photo of FMTV graduate Quentin Ferrant

Quentin Ferrant

Quentin Ferrant is a 3rd year film student at Humber College pursuing a career in screenwriting, directing and producing. Before coming to film school, Quentin taught ballroom and latin dancing. Teaching dance is a major influence on how he interprets body language and directs actors. Quentin’s interest in scriptwriting started at university where he majored in biology and minored in English literature. His time at school taught him to spot the quirks and facial tics in people. Perhaps it was the result of spending too much time hunched over a microscope, dissecting blood sucking insects. His most recent project, 'Musk Lake' is scheduled for limited release on the festival circuit this year. While completing his college education at Humber, Quentin founded ECCE Media House, an independent production company that strives to promote and produce entertaining and timeless stories in the ever changing media industry. Named after the Latin word "Behold," ECCE Media House believes a good story should speak for itself.

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A smiling Rezayar Mehrpour stands cross-armed and alongside a caricature drawing of himself holding a camera.

Rezayar Mehrpour

A passionate writer and committed, life-long learner, Rezayar Mehrpour, or Rez as he is known by his friends and colleagues, brings a love for international history, culture, and music to his work. Being a member of a team is something that always excites him, as he thoroughly enjoys the creative dynamic of working together to create something bigger. Rez will be the first to acknowledge that you don’t choose screenwriting, “it” chooses you. However, as a graduate of Humber’s Film & Television Advanced Diploma Program, and a Screen Writing Major, he is well-prepared for the challenges he’ll face in his career, having secured a highly developed craft during his studies, along with the must-have “thick skin” required by all writers.

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Rhiannon MacKenzie, Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Rhiannon MacKenzie

Rhiannon Mackenzie is a camera operator who recently graduated from the Humber Film andTelevision Production Advanced Diploma Program where she was able to gain her first short filmcredits as a Director of Photography. Moving forward she is focused on independent productionsand a career in social media video production.With strong leadership skills and the ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with others in creative team environments, Rhiannon applies not only what skills she has learned in film school but also what she has gained from personal projects to what she produces.Rhiannon is well versed in the Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Premiere Pro, Photoshop,Illustrator, Lightroom, Audition, Animate, Media Encoder, and Acrobat specifically), Maya, AvidMedia Composer, and OBS.Let’s collaborate!

Riley Emond, FMTV Graduate

Riley Emond

I was born and raised in the small town of Tottenham before moving to Barrie in 2016 and then to school in Toronto in 2018. Since I was a kid, I've always found excitement in making film, even if it was just running around with a cheap camcorder with my friends. Once I figured out that I could edit clips together in I-movie it turned into an instant passion. I'm currently studying and creating high-quality productions at Humber college and through this I've had lots of experience on sets and working with industry-standard equipment and software (Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, etc.) I have a good eye for composition and a good understanding of camera operation. I also found an interest in sound recording and post sound editing/mixing. I’ve also been grip and electric on other productions. My ultimate goal is to work in the camera department and eventually become a camera operator.

Photo of FMTV Graduate, Rowan Tofflemire

Rowan Tofflemire

Rowan Tofflemire is a Scriptwriter, Cinematographer, Gaffer, VFX artist, and Camera Operator. He grew up with a photographer for a father so naturally, he gained a strong love for film and capturing the moment. He created a YouTube channel that he continuously posted on throughout high school and made short films that began to win awards at festivals. He has worked on many commercial sets as he completed his grade 12 honorarium with Positive Media productions. From 2016-2018, he did freelance work with Sticks and Stones productions to help save for his post-secondary schooling. In 2016 he took home an award for best short film in his age group at the South Georgian Bay film festival. He has experience on multiple high-quality productions. With experience in writing, producing, camera operation, lighting, editing and VFX, he is a very talented young professional. As well as multiple low-budget, music videos under his belt. As of now he is at Humber College and will be graduating in April with an Advanced Diploma in Film and Television production.

Samantha North, Fim & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate and aspiring Director

Samantha North

Samantha North is an aspiring director and producer, whose love for cinema and television, is only outmatched by her unique vision and her incredibly strong work ethic. Before directing her first short dramatic film, Bounty 500, Sam had already directed the play, Trapped. She is currently gaining international experience in a Producer role through her internship at the University of Florence, where she will get to exercise her project management skills by researching visual concepts, locations, media production services and suppliers in one of Canada’s co-production treaty countries, Italy.During her time at Humber, Samantha worked on 12 short films, in various rolesand across all genres, providing her with an in-depth and broad understanding of media production at all levels. A true collaborator, Sam has solidified her reputation as a leader and someone who brings projects in on time and on budget using her has heroic problem-solving skills. In addition to her amazing people skills, Sam is also adept using the Adobe CreativeCloud, Google Workspace, Protools, Media Composer and Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling to name a few.

Photo of FMTV graduate Sarah Leach

Sarah Leach

After rekindling her passion for camerawork, Sarah Leach returned to school at Humber College for the Film and TV Production program to further pursue her career in the creative arts, specializing in cinematography, directing and production design. Sarah hopes to combine this with Humber’s Global Citizenship certificate, a decade long career in acting and a passion for abstract storytelling to use film to explore mental health and cultural issues in local to global communities. Previous directed works are Todd One Out, PSA: T.O. Accessible and Egress. Previously worked as Director of Photography for Metanoia (Short to the Point Festival Official Selection), Egress, P.S. Please Forgive Me, Catalyst and Martyrs: The Chronicles of Blood.

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Photo of FMTV graduate Shauna Wason

Shauna Wason

Shauna Wason is a filmmaker in training who’s goal is to enhance stories through the art of visual effects and her unique perspective. She is a third year film student who is currently pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Film and Television Production at Humber College where she specialises in Visual effects and Direction. She has directed a short documentary film called ‘Captain Cowboy Rides Again!’ that has officially been selected for screening at the Toronto Short Film Festival (2020) and Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival (2020). She is in the process of directing a public service announcement for a Toronto based art community center called ‘Urban Arts’.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Stephen Owusu

Stephen Owusu

Currently, Monty continues to write stories close to her heart while also focusing her efforts within the Art Department. Aspiring to work in the Art Department in the film and television industry, Monty is currently interning at Objekts Tabletop Props, where she is getting incredible behind-the-scenes and on-set experiences working with props and design. Always looking to grow and expand her knowledge in the Art Department and creatively, Monty continues to look for opportunities that will allow her to expand her knowledge, while contributing and collaborating with like-minded colleagues.

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Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Graduate Sydney Hayward

Sydney Hayward

Sydney (They/them) is a director/scriptwriter/production designer who has a strong interest for film, art, music and theatre. Their most recent work was directing the short film "After the Glitter Fades" which follows a young non-binary performer after they get catcalled at one of their concerts as well as another short film "If Only You Knew", that has been accepted to the Toronto Queer Film Festival. Sydney has also worked on various short films such as "Deeper Than Blue", "We Need to Talk”, “Weekender". They are currently in the process of crowdfunding and writing their second feature length film, having written their first feature with their sister at age 15. Sydney hopes that their films will inspire others the way that they have been inspired and hopes that when people watch their films, they feel a little less alone in what they are going through.

Tamara Iwanchyshyn Film & Television Production Advanced Diploma Program Graduate

Tamara Iwanchyyshyn

Tamara Iwanchyshyn is a recent graduate of Humber College’s popular Film and Television Production Program. Working as a director and writer, her short documentary Rollcall, is enjoying success screening as an official selection at film festivals across Canada. She is very proud of what this documentary has done, and how this passion project came together. Tamara’s roles working as a first assistant director and producer on three short dramatic films gave her the opportunity to use her tremendous organizational capabilities helping to get these projects through pre-production, production and post. She enjoys both the pre-production side of projects and getting things organised and ready to roll. Then she loves taking that planning and following through on set. Tamara aspires to become first assistant director and plans on becoming a member of the Director’s Guild of Canada after graduation.

Victoria Cesareo FMTV Graduate

Victoria Cesareo-Tirkalas

Victoria Cesareo, a filmmaker and aspiring producer, is currently completing her third and final year in the Humber, Advanced Diploma Program for Film and Television.As a student, Victoria had the opportunity to direct a short documentary, The Holocaust: A Love Story, featuring a child holocaust survivor which was chosen to be screened at the Lakeshorts Film Festival, in Toronto, Ontario. Her on-set experience also includes a variety of other Humber projects and roles as well as commercial shoots for MacDonald’s and McCafé. She also has an interest in picture editing and likes to experiment with editing styles and techniques. Over the years Victoria has worked closely with producers and has concluded that this is what inspires her the most. She wants to be able to create memorable content for people of all ages by pursuing a career in producing.

Photo of FMTV Graduate Yanyan Viloria

Yanyan Viloria

Growing up in Manila, Philippines, it’s always been Yanyan's goal to travel around the world and listen to stories. She wanted to share untold stories through a single picture, but she quickly realized that her love for photography is not enough. It was when she moved to Toronto that sparked her passion for film production. Her fondness for photography heightened her interests in cinematography in taking Humber College’s Film and Television Production Advanced Diploma Program. In her last school year, Yanyan was given the chance to do something different and attempted to tackle the world of producing. After taking on Musk Lake, a short film, she felt as though she can tell more stories and reach out to more people as a producer. Yanyan had a change of passion that got her one step closer to achieving her dream. She is excited to finally graduate and gain more producing and on set experience! She knows it's a long journey, but she's willing and motivated.

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