Radio Broadcasting Diploma

Humber’s Broadcasting - Radio diploma program prepares students for the performance, creative, technical and business aspects of the radio and audio world. They learn about radio station operations, broadcast and production equipment, and the fundamentals of writing, producing, and delivering content for all genres of radio and podcasting.

They've gained skills in station management, sales, marketing, news, programming and market research. Their studies combine practical and theoretical aspects of radio broadcasting including effective speaking skills that can be applied to announcing, news and sports delivery. They were trained in writing and producing for radio using industry-specific software and audio equipment. Students in our program contribute to 96.9 FM Radio Humber, our fully licensed campus and community radio station. Our signal transmits in the GTA and Radio Humber can be heard worldwide via Their Humber radio broadcasting education includes the opportunity to create original content for 96.9 Radio Humber in our studios and bring it to life for their listeners.

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Our Students

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Abigail Zahra

Abbey Zahra is a passionate, fun, and creative student currently enrolled in Humber Colleges Radio Broadcasting program. While studying to complete her diploma, she is also the Creative Advertiser & Social Media Manager for INSPIRELY STEAM Education.Abbey is fueled by her hunger to learn and meet new people by conducting interviews with all sorts of interesting individuals. Outside of her school and professional life, she enjoys fashion, beauty, & animals.

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Daryien Pauze

The names Daryien (Dairy-in; like the lake.) and there's no really significant meaning behind my name, other than my parents are Hippies and wanted their kid to have a cool name. Anyways, let me tell you a bit more about myself, I'm in my early twenties and in my final year of Radio Broadcasting at Humber College! This is the first time I have truly been good at school and my parents are just *Jazzed* After Graduating this spring from Radio Broadcasting ill be jumping right back into Humber and attending their Music Business program in the summer. If you cant tell I have a huge passion for music... especially for someone who has no talent playing an instrument. It's taken me a bit to find what I want to be when "I grow up" and I still don't really have an answer for that but I'm happy to say I'm on the right path. :)

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Duarte Da Silva

I'm Duarte Da Silva and I'm a person of principle. I believe that when somebody speaks, listening is the best strategy. I believe that good manners never go out of style. I believe that when you pay good money for something, you should receive a good product. I believe that Black Lives Matter. Along with all of that, I believe life is precious. Hence my concerted effort to live it to the best of my ability.I got into the Radio Broadcasting program at Humber College after it was decided that a life spent working on an assembly line wasn't for me. A noble enough existence, of course. In those times, on the best of days, I would imagine what it would be like to enjoy what I did for a living. With a radio diploma under my belt, I'm more hopeful than ever in my achieving my goal to create diverse, engaging, and thought provoking content for everyone.

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Jaren Roundell

This is just a small website with various reviews and think pieces regarding the wonderful world of music. A lot of these reviews reflect my personal music taste while the think pieces more or less look into the common concerns one would have about the music industry as a whole.

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Justine Van Dyke

Hey! It's me, JVD. I am an aspiring radio personality, content creator, and mathematically challenged human being. justJVD is my personal website where I can unload my feelings and share some of my creative assignments. I often speak my mind and that can get me into trouble, but the best advice i've received is that the greatest thing I have to offer is just being me. And who I am is just JVD.

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Maria Ibrahim

My name is Maria, I'm a student at Humber College in the Broadcasting-Radio Program. I'm working to become a radio host in Toronto. I love to voice, write and edit different audio pieces that entertain any targeted demographic. I stay up to date with all the latest fashion and makeup trends bringing them forward here through tips. As a student, I was taught the art of multitasking between education, jobs, internship. This component will be found here on my website to help you as well!

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Mike Davey

I’m currently a Radio Broadcasting student at Humber College as well as an intern at 680 News. When I got to Humber and had my first news class, that's when a passion for news was sparked. Another passion of mine and the reason why I got into radio is sports. My favourite sports would have to be horse racing and NCAA Football/Basketball. Being a sports junkie, it was hard to narrow it down. I genuinely love them all. I’ve also worked as a bartender/server for the last eight years and currently work at the Queen Mother Cafe. I also love to travel, and once the pandemic is over, I plan to do a lot of it. Highlights from the program include meeting new friends, fantastic professors and learning to find my voice. I’ve also created a lot of work I’m proud of during my tenure at Humber. I was a part of a group that made a documentary on Women’s Professional Hockey. I was also a part of a group that created a feature called Uhodi on Belarus’s protest. This piece has been nominated for a 2021 Emerge Media Award for best Audio Story Telling. After I graduate, I hope to land a radio job in either the sports or news format.

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Tyler Raines

My Name is Tyler Raines, I am a student in the Radio Broadcasting program at Humber College. One of my biggest passions other than radio is collecting artifacts from various sports. So why the blog? I believe that there is a story behind every piece, whether it is a jersey, flag or even a team's water bottle.

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Yaojia Zhang

Hi, Welcome to Snack Saviours, a place especially made for snack addicts and snack critics.As typical snack lovers, we find relief and peace when we eat our favourite snacks. Every Friday morning, we blog about our top selected snacks from all over the world. This way, our readers can start snack hunting on the weekends. Make sure to check it out!We also create a unique Snack List according to your taste preferences. The Snack Therapy Hotline is where you can speak out freely about all the concerns you may have about eating snacks, and we also offer some reasonable suggestions. As we all know, life is all about making yourself feel good so we hope you enjoy your personalized Snack Lists!