Radio & Media Production Grad Certificate

In Humber’s Radio and Media Production graduate certificate program, students develop the skills to make entertaining and engaging broadcasts and podcasts. Graduates of this program are working in all aspects of radio and podcast production across Canada. Many are instrumental in some of Canada's most popular podcasts, and some have been recognized at the Canadian Podcasting Awards.

Using Humber’s leading-edge production studios, students produce exciting audio and visual content. Students get hands-on experience in radio and audio production studio techniques; on-air announcing, newscast performance and sports reporting; hosting live music and public affairs programs; writing stories, shows, commercials and scripts, radio programming, and promotions; interviewing techniques and more. They create original digital audio content and experience the thrill of having their work distributed by broadcast on the radio, podcast streaming or other means. Training in on-air performance is provided through Humber’s student radio station, 96.9FM, which is also streamed online and through various listening apps.

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Our Students

Kaitlin Dryden

I’m Kaitlin Dryden, and I’ve always had an affinity for radio, being an auditory learner. I use my voice and creativity to bring voice to subjects and people who are often unheard in the mainstream. I began my podcast, Slut, last semester. The purpose of the show is to reclaim and reframe a word used to insult and degrade people. Chances are, whoever is reading this has a relationship with the word slut. Maybe they have been called a slut. Maybe they have called someone a slut. Maybe they call themselves a slut. On Slut, we talk to self-proclaimed Sluts who are on their sexual journey. We talk about where they have been, where they are at, and where they want to be with their sexuality.

Work Sample

Alina Zorina

My name is Alina Zorina. I have a positive personality that makes everyone around me feel welcomed. I keep proving to myself and others that I can succeed in the most challenging environment.I have a wide emotional range and can easily play different characters. I'm a chatty person and love interviewing musicians. In the attached link you will find my most recent interview with the Toronto-based indie duet, FXRRVST (Forest).

Work Sample

Joseph Pugh

I'm Joe Pugh, Comfortably uncomfortable in my own shoes, I am warm, genuine and at my best in front of a microphone I love making films, movies and songs, and what makes me me, is that I have absolutely no idea what being normal is, so I just try to be my wacky self and roll with it. I feel when I get to be “Presenter Joe” it’s the one time I feel most like myself. In the attached link you will find a sports themed podcast I wrote and produced.

Work Sample

Erica Charkot

Hi, I’m Erica Charkot. I love the psychology and data analysis of people’s music listening patterns. I’m also currently dipping my toes in the interviewing and on-air sides of things. I have an interview podcast called Sugar Crash and Burn. Where we eat ice cream and I ask progressively more hard-hitting questions. So, I’m ready to head head-first into the world of radio.

Work Sample