Music Composition (Grad Certificate)

Students in Humber’s Graduate Certificate In Music Composition compose music in a range of genres for professional environments, including live performance, sound recording, film, television, video games and other visual media. In addition to the course work in the program, industry professionals mentor students in their personalized major composition project. JUNO-nominated composer/pianist Nancy Walker is the program co-ordinator of this unique online program. This year's industry mentors include composers Amin Bhatia, Brian Current, Evelyne Datl, Aaron Davis, Rob DeBoer, Andrew Kesler, Kevin Lau, David Leask, Rebecca Pellett, and Ari Posner.

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Humber Galleries

Humber galleries reactivation project

Humber Galleries is looking to explore how different disciplines can inspire creation in one another while working completely separated. Bringing together a group of multi-disciplinary Humber students to help us we’ve created a new project entitled “REACTIVATION”.


Inside the Composer's Mind

“Inside The Composer’s Mind” is the showcase for students in Humber’s Graduate Certificate In Music Composition.

A picture of Alex Whorms in a flowing burgundy dress, surrounded by piano keys

Alex Whorms

Composer, Lyricist

Work Sample
A picture of Alfred Vienneau in a black t-shirt seated at a drum kit, intensely playing a shaker

Alfred Vienneau

Composer for Visual Media

Work Sample
A picture of Chris Wilkinson wearing a red plaid shirt, against a black backdrop

Chris Wilkinson


Work Sample
A picture of James Aries looking pensive, wearing a white/black patterned shirt

James Aries


Work Sample
A picture of Nate Bain wearing a yellow/beige jacket, in an outdoor environment

Nate Bain

Composer and Songwriter

Work Sample
A picture of Nicolas Merlo in an orange t-shirt, sitting at a drum set

Nicolas Merlo

Composer for Visual Media

Work Sample
A picture of Sebastian Fleet smiling and playing an acoustic guitar

Sebastian Fleet


Work Sample