Photography Diploma

The Photography diploma at Humber is one of the most highly regarded and longest-running visual industry training programs in Ontario. Our graduates explore a wide range of photographic genres including documentary, portraiture, advertising, video, editorial and much more.  

This year-end graduate showcase represents the culmination of two years of hands-on visual exploration, with emerging photographers developing their own style and storytelling perspectives. Each student explores their own path, developing a skill set to equip them for their future in the diverse field of content creation.

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Check out this event to see more Photography Students' Work:

Photography Diploma Class of 2022

April 19, 2022

A student canvas installation on campus.

Alternative to Registration: LRC North Gallery

Check out this event to see more Photography Students' Work:

VADA & FOTO 2022 Graduate Exhibition Virtual Reception

April 21, 2022 6:30 PM EDT

Virtual reception where students and faculty will provide an overview of the exhibition and discuss some of the concepts, media and methods.


Our Students

A portrait with long exposure where the face is blurred by movement

Camille Weeks

Portrait, Photoshop, Skateboarding Photography, Conceptual Storytelling

Rennaisance style portrait of a woman in a red dress against a dark background

Ravi Waghmare

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Art Based, Fashion/Clothing, Documentary, Travel/Landscape

Young man sitting in chair with colourful pink and blue lighting shining on the background

Victoria Tsoumagas

Portrait, Art Based, Fashion/Clothing

Bottle of orange flavour drink floating on a light blue background, with three oranges flaoting around besdie the bottle

Marcela Torres

Portrait, Fashion/Clothing, Food/Drink, Lifestyle, Photoshop

Two portrait side by side with ink splotches on one and an ink brushstroke obscuring the subject's face on the other.

Celene Tang

Portrait, Advertising, Photoshop, Fashion/Clothing, Drone Photography

Moody close up profile portrait of a woman looking down wearing a black t-shirt

Sabrina Randhawa

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Fashion/Clothing

Group of five small consmetics bottles with four lying down, and one standing in the middle

Lucas Pacheco

Portrait, Product e-Commerce, Food/Drink

Portrait of a man with black and white fabric draped around his head, his arm holding the fabric below his face

Patricio Lara

Portrait, Documentary/Photojournalism, Sports, Food/Drink, Photoshop

Mike Wazowski (from Monsters, Inc.) with a gaping mouth sees a Chinese lion dance for the first time.

Cindy Lam

Advertising, Editorial/Lifestyle, Photoshop, Architecture/Interiors, Documentary/Photojouralism, Conceptual Storytelling, Travel

A black couple on a turquoise background with gold paint smeared on their faces. The woman is looking to the left the guy has his hand on her Chest looking at her.

Tatyana Diamond James

Portrait, Fashion/Clothing, Photoshop, Editorial/Lifestyle, Art Based, Capture One

35mm film camera with roll of films flying around beside it on a blue background

Calvin Hin Chan

Product e-Commerce, Lifestyle, Food/Drink, Portrait, Fashion/Lifestyle, Photoshop, Capture One

Profile head and shoulders portrait of a  female profile photographed with lighting from the side

Scott Harrald

Portrait, Advertising, Photoshop, Editorial/Lifestyle, Capture One, Sports, Video

Tub of watermelon energy drink with pink coloured drink splashing from top, on neon green background

Melissa Granell

Product e-Commerce, Advertising, Editorial/Lifestyle, Photoshop, Travel/Landscape

British Columbia Rasberry Coca-Cola bottle on a black background with reflection and a purple aura

Ebony Defreitas-Thompson

Product e-Commerce, Advertising, Photoshop, Capture One, Food/Drink

Portrait of a girl holding a bouquet of flowers

Viviane Dias

Portrait, Fashion/Clothing, Travel/Landscape

Moody portrait of woman in a black dress with her hand on her chin looking towards camera

Jermaine Darby

Portrait, Documentary/Photojournalism, Product, Graphic Design

Head and shoulders portrait of a woman in a black top holding a peacock feather over one eye

Sarah Clarke

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Art Based

Bottle of apple juice with apples falling around it into splashing water

Taahirah Baksh

Product e-Commerce, Food/Drink, Travel/Landscape, Photoshop

Black and white wide angle shot of part of a shore line with a tree on one side and a small sitting figure at the other side

Christopher Tuzi

Portrait, Fashion/Clothing, Travel, Landscape

Loose multi coloured Skittle candy laid out on a white background with the package of Skittles showing in the bottom right corner

Jacob Stillwagon

Portrait, Product e-Commerce, Advertising, Wedding, Photoshop, Food/Drink, Video, Fashion/Clothing

Bottle of clay mask with product swatch behind floating on a blue sky background

Sophia Spiropoulos

Product e-Commerce, Photoshop

Bottle of Boss cologne on a glass surface with bright window light behind it. Raindrops on the window and large green leaves shown outside

Ali Shoaib Siddiqui

Portrait, Advertising, Editorial/Lifestyle, Architecture/Real Estate, Wedding, Photoshop, Video, Conceptual Storytelling

Double exposure headshot of girl lit with red light superimposed with a blue light profile headshot behind it with the face hidden

Emmanuel Rojas

Product e-Commerce, Food/Drink, Portrait, Lifestyle, Documentary, Interiors

Can of Pabst beer lying on a blue surface with water and ice cubes around it

Jack Rintoul

Product e-Commerce, Photoshop, Editorial/Lifestyle, Documentary, Food/Drink

Close up image of electric bass guitar looking down the body showing strings and control knobs

Nick Stone

Portrait, Music Photography, Conceptual Storytelling, Editorial/Photojournalism

Three lightbulbs in a row against a plain background each with a flower in it instead of a filament

Tracey Owusu

Portrait, Product e-Commerce, Fashion/Clothing, Conceptual Storytelling

Picture of a long and low modern building with curved glass front. Taken at dusk, yellow light shines from inside with a mid blue sky behind

Kevin Nguyen

Food/Drink, Fashion/Clothing, Product e-Commerce, Architecture, Lifestyle

Portrait os a woman from the waist up, with flowers in her hair, holding more flowers in her hand

Alexandria Loizzo

Portrait, Fashion/Clothing, Food/Drink, Conceptual Storytelling, Editorial/Lifestyle,

A glass mug of green match tea with a tea container beside it on a tray, with some loose matcha and a peach

Mattias Gonzalez

Product e-Commerce, Advertising, Editorial/Lifestyle, Food/Drink, Travel, Capture One

Bottle of pink Versace perfume on a black background with water pouring over it

Amber Fisher

Product e-Commerce, Photoshop, Food/Drink, Travel/Landscape

Girl with long red hair sitting on a dock, looking out over a lake

Elijah Davis

Portraits, Landscapes, Conceptual Storytelling, Product e-Commerce

dining room looking across the table with three white chairs in the foreground

Ravern Cudia

Automotive, Architecture/Real Estate, Photoshop, Video, Food/Drink, Sports, Travel, Music

A shot looking down on medical instruments, a medical mask, and a meat cleaver, on a blue fabric background

Myles Crosbie

Portrait, Product e-Commerce, Editorial/Lifestyle, Conceptual Storytelling

Lindt Orange Chocolate bar floating with orange slices and chocolate pieces floating around the product.

Michelle Chau

Editorial/Lifestyle, Wedding, Food/Drink, Travel/Landscape

A bottle of Heineken beer on a green surface with ice cubes, with green stripes in the background

Carlos Bezz

Portrait, Advertising, Editorial/Lifestyle, Architecture/Real Estate, Photoshop, Art Based, Conceptual Storytelling

Close up of a man wearing a colourful shirt lighting a cigarette. A warm yellow glow from the lighter

Santhosh Attavar

Portrait, Product e-Commerce, Advertising, Editorial/lifestyle, Real Estate, Travel, Fashion, Conceptual Storytelling

A shot of a girl in a white shirt wearing a hat, holding the brim, looking down

Hailey Allair

Portrait, Advertising, Editorial/Lifestyle, Real Estate/Interiors, Photoshop, Food/Drink, Travel, Fashion/Clothing