Photography Diploma Grads 2021

The photography diploma at Humber is one of the most highly regarded and longest-running visual industry training programs in Ontario. Our graduates explore a wide range of photographic genres including documentary, portraiture, advertising, video, editorial and much more.  

This year-end graduate showcase represents the culmination of two years of hands-on visual exploration, with emerging photographers developing their own style and storytelling perspectives. Each student explores their own path, developing a skill set to equip them for their future in the diverse field of content creation.

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Check out this Event to see more Photography Students' Work:

CURRENT: VADA/FOTO 2021 Graduate Exhibition

April 22nd, 2021 at 7PM EST

Students in Humber's Visual and Digital Arts and Photography programs will show off their final project work, ready for the world, in a virtual gallery on Kunstmatrix. Labels with each piece will link to students' websites and images of other work. A vernissage on Zoom will welcome students, guests, family, friends and industry followers to attend the virtual exhibit, and will recognize and thank contributors. Please join us to celebrate the culmination of these students' hard work and participation in this most unusual year for our two programs!

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Our Students

A young motorcyclist on his bike racing along a street, the background is blurred with the fast motion

Adam Horciak

Automotive, Advertising, Editorial, Portrait, Photoshop, Capture One

The photo shows a man with long dark hair, screaming with mouth open facing the camera. There is a curved strip of light blue light circling him, and he has chains around neck and arms

Adriano Monticelli

Portrait, Art Based, Food/Drink, Fashion/Clothing, Photoshop

A red pepper, beets and eggplant, photographed individually on a dark background and shown in three photographs side by side

Breanna Bigelli

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Wedding, Food/Drink, Travel

Looking down the stairs of a subway staion from street level, with a narrow section of a city street at night on either side

Chieh-Hua Liu

Product, eCommerce, Advertising, Editorial, Architecture, Wedding, Video, Food/Drink, Travel, Fashion

A couple standing in a café, boyfriend on right looking towards camera. Girlfriend on left looking down, passing cup of hot drink to boyfriend

Cole Marysia Ling Lachowicz

Portrait, Editorial, Lifestyle, Documentary, Photoshop

A view from above of a shoreline with deep blue water on a sunny day. Rocks and shrubs on either side of a water channel

Diana N R

Art Based, Travel/Landscape, Documentary/Photojouralism, Photoshop

A view of the Toronto skyline, showing the CN Tower and downtown buildings, bottom half of the frame is Lake Ontario

Eli Unger

Travel / Landscape

Man holding a large plastic bin over his shoulder walks down a pathway at night. The path is lined with streetlight globes on one side and a large buidling on the other

Emile Constantin

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Documentary/Photojournalism, Travel, Video

A woman in mid air with both feet stretched out in mid stride

Emily Melo

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle,

Headshot of a woman snow boarder, looking over the top of a snowboard. Wearing a mask over nose and mouth, with snow goggles on her forehead

Emily Pinho

Portrait, Sports

Male wearing hoodie standing with back to camera, looking at large model boats in glass showcases.

Emmanuel Prince

Art based, Travel/Landscape,

A young man gazing at the camera with a transmission tower in the back

Erjin Liu

Art based

Young adult wearing a black top showing their side profile while looking to the right of the camera

Esmeralda Hernandez

Portrait, Advertising, Fashion/Clothing

Black and white head shot profile of an athlete looking off to the side with his head tilted slightly downwards

Esther Rubinoff

Portrait, Photoshop

A blonde woman is sitting at a tabloe during a party with people standing around her in various unrelated conversations

Flavia Vianna

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Wedding, Documentary/Photojournalism, Capture One, Photoshop

A young adult male wearing black tshirt and gold chain, holds his hands towards camera and his face is seen through his out of focus fingers

Gemma Carey

Portrait, Advertising, Editorial, Fashion, Capture One, Photoshop

Woman wearing shiny black leather pants and leather platform boots straddles a plastic blue chair. Top half of her face is cropped out of shot

Jackie Walks

Portrait, Video Capture/Edit, Art Based, Photoshop

Black and white photo of an A&W restaurant showing the curve of the roof and the sign out front

Jennyfer Ayres

Architecture/Real Estate, Travel, Capture One, Photoshop

black and white image of a woman wearing a knitted sweater in a dark room with dim lighting, both her hands are softly touching her check and neck

Kassandra Martinez

Portrait, Product/eCommerce, Advertising, Editorial, Travel, Fashion/Clothing, Photoshop

Young adult female wearing a lace red shirt, posing outside in hazy late day sunlight, looking down as her hair blows in the wind.

Kirsten Brake

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Wedding, Photoshop

A photograph showing the back end of a black Mercedes sports car, with part of a straight road visible in the distance

Kyle Lall

Automotive, Travel/Landscape

A double exposure portrait of a man sitting on a sofa, one image he looks off to the side, the other he is praying looking down

Lee Hon Bong

Portrait, Advertising, Editorial/Lifestyle, Documentary/Photojournalism

Half length portrait of a shirtless young man , wearing a ballcap, with gold chains around his neck, looking up and off to the side at night

Luca Lombardo

Portrait, Product/eCommerce, Documentary/Photojournalism

Black and white photo of a young man standing in front of a black background, right side of his face is lit up while left side is completely dark.

Madeline Wallace

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Fashion/Clothing

Silver Ford Mustang toy car viewed from above sitting on top of old cassette tapes

Manuel De Sa Tome

Product/eCommerce, Editorial/Lifestyle, Architecture, Food/Drink, Travel, Photoshop, Capture One

Three beige and white make up foundation bottles appear to be falling through the air, with liquid beige make up pouring around them

Marcin Skalij

Product/eCommerce, Advertising, Food/Drink, Photoshop, Capture One

A lake view with silhouette of a person in kayak with paddle at dusk

Maria Gonzalez

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Wedding, Travel

Women wearing a red jacket, holding a Bouquet of flowers in front of her face

Martha Randall

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Wedding, Art Based, Documentary, Fashion/Clothing, Photoshop

image is a can of Nestea pouring liquid into a glass with a slice of lemon falling into the glass as well.

Martin Gooch

Product, Ecommerce, Advertising, Automotive, Food/Drink, Photoshop, Capture One

A high contrast black-and-white landscape view with a circular frozen-over pond in the foreground, with bare trees leading back into the distance.

Matt Gosselin

Architecture/Real Estate/Interiors, Travel/Landscape, Photoshop

Side view of a pair of Nike running shoes with toes facing each other photographed on a Moon surface, with planet Earth in the background

Nic Shea-Hasson

Portrait, Product/eCommerce, Advertising, Video, Photoshop

Close up head shot of a young woman with blue and red rhinestones and glitter used as makeup on eyes and lips, with a yellow backdrop.

Pratibha Dixit

Portrait, Product/eCommerce, Advertising, Editorial, Architecture/Real Estate, Video, Art Based, Fashion, Travel, Photoshop, Capture One

Head and shoulders of a woman with green eyes laying on her back, looking up at the camera. She is surrounded by purple, yellow, and white flowers.

Rachel Paulin

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Architecture, Art Based, Photoshop

Half length black and white portrait of a young woman wearing a parka coat with hood up looking upwards and off to the side. Shadows from a lattice fence are cast over her face and jacket

Riddhi Patel

Portrait, Product/eCommerce,

Tea splashing in white cup and saucer placed on a plain coloured beige background.

Taran Bamrah

Portrait, Product/eCommerce, Advertising, Editorial, Art based, Food/Drink, Fashion/Clothing, Photoshop

A rose bottle of sparkling wine sitting on a closed cook book, beside an empty wine glass and a dish of crackers. There are four mini tomatoes scattered in front

Vy Ta

Product, eCommerce, Advertising, Editorial, Art Based, Food/Drink, Travel, Photoshop, Capture One

Head and shoulders figure study of a young adult with long hair

Xavier Samuels

Portrait, Editorial/Lifestyle, Art Based, Fashion/Clothing

Oreo cookies splashing into milk in a cup with a small pile of Oreo cookies spilled out of a jar next to the cup

Yaelle Reef

Food / Drink, Photoshop