Visual & Digital Arts (VADA)

Humber’s Visual and Digital Arts diploma program offers students the opportunity to develop a well-rounded skillset applicable to a broad range of visual arts disciplines. At the Art Commons, Humber’s dedicated art facility, students plan and produce effective visual material and facilitate modes of interactive expression and communication.

Using state-of-the-art software and tools, VADA students develop skills in painting, drawing, illustration, digital art, photography, video and installation art. These skills are then applied towards the creation of traditional and experimental fine art. Throughout the program, students participate in collaborative projects, join in critiques, take part in installations and gain opportunities to exhibit their work.

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Humber Galleries

Humber galleries reactivation project

Humber Galleries is looking to explore how different disciplines can inspire creation in one another while working completely separated. Bringing together a group of multi-disciplinary Humber students to help us we’ve created a new project entitled “REACTIVATION”.


CURRENT: VADA/FOTO 2021 Graduate Exhibition

April 22nd, 2021 at 7PM EST

Students in Humber's Visual and Digital Arts and Photography programs will show off their final project work, ready for the world, in a virtual gallery on Kunstmatrix. Labels with each piece will link to students' websites and images of other work. A vernissage on Zoom will welcome students, guests, family, friends and industry followers to attend the virtual exhibit, and will recognize and thank contributors. Please join us to celebrate the culmination of these students' hard work and participation in this most unusual year for our two programs!

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Our Students

My profile image is titled (IMANI) meaning to believe and have faith in swahili, it means to never give up because there is always hope and freedom, it is dedicated to black women around the world, it gives a reflection of what black women are. and they need to be recognized.

Abuoma Juwe

Illustration, Drawing & Painting

My creative work includes mixed mediums from traditional mediums, digital mediums, 2d and 3D. My work in each medium strongly connects to the others. I integrate digital work into traditional, and vice versa. It is an ever changing and interconnected process, all working towards my body of work and studio practice as a whole. I enjoy using oil paints, linseed oil and spirits on canvas and wood most often. I delight in these materials abilities to create expressional strokes, thickness, and freedom. In my recent painting, “IMANI”, I used brush strokes consciously to evoke emotion and to explore the beauty of a face whilst extremely pushing the boundaries of realism. Focusing on self-love and appreciation, most of my works are dedicated to Black women and women of color around the world. As my eyes and ears have experienced all types of stories and love, it gave me a picture of what needed to evolve. As a true African child, I never got to see the beauty of a black woman’s face. Black women where mostly depicted as house wives who only needed to have children. In my newest series, I am creating portraits for each woman to not see themselves as less but as a queen who evolves by creating her own world. Painting has taught me to be free, it has showed me a way to express my guilt, sorrow, and pain. It has provided a tool for me to bring great awareness to topics that matter. I want to expand and create a space where black people and people of color find acceptance.

A mixed media artwork of a square orientation. There are 3 abstract representations of human figures. From left to right: an adult, a baby, and another adult. The figures are rendered in pastel yellow, pastel blue, and pastel pink acrylic paint, and do not have facial features other than a deep red line of oil pastel in the position of lips.

Ali Brown

Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media

Ali Brown is an emerging contemporary mixed media artist currently located in Etobicoke, Ontario and in her graduating year of Humber’s Visual and Digital Arts program.  Her work is centered on themes of personal struggle with mental illness, memories and relationships. In her practice, she explores how these experiences connect and have shaped her. In this attempt to document the present and reflect on the past, she works intuitively as well as with personal archival documentation such as family photograph’s to recontextualize and collaborate with her recollections. Her practice provides a space for healing and acceptance. Ali’s work has recently been featured in Humber Galleries “Campus As A Canvas” initiative, the In Situ Multi Arts Festival: “The Lost Museum”, as well as Humber Galleries “Reactivation” project. Following her Humber Graduation, she hopes to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts and follow pathways thereafter to become an arts educator.

A smiling female in a light orange background holds her arms behind the head relaxed. She wears a bright orange cardigan with turquoise and black stripes.

Anya Grayson

Illustration, Drawing & Painting, Digital Art, Concept Art

My artwork focuses on visual storytelling, fictional world-building, and development of miscellaneous characters. Through narrative, I explore human relationships and psychology while giving embodiment and meaning to my escapist fantasies. Digital drawing allows me to look at the same work from different angles, I can change color, texture, effects and experiment with the layering of details on the character. However, I often come back to traditional mediums and techniques. I like how little accidents can lead my artwork in a new direction by taking unexpected turns, fueling my imagination. In my current work, I combine real-life experiences with fantastical elements to illustrate mundane things in a new, entertaining way. I want my viewers to relate to the stories I tell and recognize themselves in my characters.

This art piece is an oil painting on canvas that showcases a figure made of curved and pointed shapes. The shapes that make up the main character are made up of gradients at different angles, creating three-dimensional forms. The main character is depicted playing an instrument on its shoulder. The background has three circles, one red, one purple, and one blue, which frames the main character.

Daniel Santos

Drawing & Painting

Daniel Santos is a Toronto-based Visual and Digital Artist that specializes in design. He currently studies at Humber College's Visual and Digital program. In this program, he has studied traditional and digital mediums such as photography, figure drawing, digital painting, compositional painting, and many more. He is also fluent in a wide variety of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Adobe Premiere Pro, with 4 years of experience with a wide variety of programs. He’s abilities to capture important physical conceptual ideas through photogenic ideas and techniques. Some of these ideas and techniques are life and how we celebrate it, light/dark, and how they bring into the 3Dimansional perspective, remembrance, and how we celebrate the lies that were sacrificed so we could live. Daniel has designed logos for letterman jackets and a range of graphics. He is experienced in photo editing, both frame, and video animation. Daniel is currently working on a series of paintings that combine music and art, which will be shown at Current. Within all Daniel’s artwork the theme coincides with impactful experiences that are currently happening in my life. Ever since he was a small child, he had problems socializing with other people. When completing his works, he focus on his works being able to speak for themselves in the color used and the main subject of the piece.

A modern style abstract painting that portrays the feelings and emotions that we hold and not let out to the outside world. Creating texture with a painting knife, this exciting and energetic piece is made by using acrylic paint on canvas. The colors of this piece are what stands out the most, using very warm and cool palette creating a harmony but also discord throughout the piece. Painted on 30x40 stretched canvas.

Jose Antonio Mendoza

Drawing & Painting

My name is Jose Antonio Mendoza Valderrama, and I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. My practice is mainly focused on fantasy, abstract-like style artworks about the emotions of everyday life and how they motivate our actions. My work is inspired by mythological, medieval, and fantasy themes, giving them an abstracted magical look. Most of my practice is made with traditional mediums such as acrylic paint, oil paint, but occasionally liking work digitally as well. My works are colorful and dynamic, and I am currently starting to grow a webpage and an Instagram page where my work will be posted. In order to expand and improve my skills, I have enrolled and completed multiple online courses, and I am currently finishing a Visual and Digital Arts program at Humber College. I look forward to improving and expand my knowledge in art and living new experiences that help me grow as a successful artist.

A female figure is centered in the image. The female has long dark hair and a serious expression with big silver eyes that look directly at viewer. The figure is wearing traditional Japanese clothing and gold colored hair ornaments. The whole image has a yellow tint to it which gives it an "old paper" quality to it. In the background cherry blossom petals are seeing falling in pink and orange hues.

Karla Cortes

Digital Art, Illustration, Concept Art

My art practice allows me to connect with people in an honest way that I've never been able to do with words. Through sharing my work in social media, the audience has the opportunity to engage by voicing their opinion to me and others. My art style is very much influenced by Japanese pop culture and its unique way of expressing emotions through their use of color and character stylization. I experiment with different styles to evolve my technique. My process involves a sense of freedom in which I sketch everything that inspires me including nature, people, emotions and everyday life, and a few of those sketches become a more elaborate piece later. I enjoy working with traditional materials such as pencils and watercolors but my preferred medium is digital art because of its ability to let me work anywhere and easily edit my work.

A mixed media digital piece, with several geometric forms in a grey - black background. Pink tables, blue and yellow lights exist in the space with a rendered walrus coming out of two blue panels.

Lexxie Santana-Munoz

Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media, Digital Art

My own artwork has been a mix of digital and traditional mediums, a heavy amount of learning has been gained from digital platforms. First learning in traditional mediums such as sketching and painting, my work has only improved as I’ve entered college and found foothold in themes such as culture and identity, however my digital work often focuses on techniques for colour and shading. As I move forward in my practice, I am going to combine my talents in both mediums to create works that speak to personal experiences I’ve had as a young Latin woman in Canada.

A natural hand carved stone resembling a human face, with an exaggerated nose and lips. The stone has been sanded to be smooth to the touch and burnished with olive oil to bring the true color out from the stone. (Black)

Nile Schoss

Mixed Media, Installation

My concepts vary, but depending on my target audience. If I'm targeting a broad audience, I try to use recognizable imagery. My father always says "We're in Canada Nile, everybody loves the moose." Let's just say he makes a lot of moose. If my audience is smaller or I'm experimenting, I tend to create edgier content, including mummification and topless portraitures. A lot of inspiration for my pieces also comes from pop culture, the human figure and even friends and family. In short form however I feel that day truly motivates the piece. As an artist, I hope to create content that most people can relate to, and creates an emotional response in the viewer. and it's something they can see putting in their home. The nice thing about working with steel is that my statement can last a lifetime. Ultimately, if a person connects with a piece enough to take it home I feel I have succeeded as an artist.

A pale, pink coloured figure with an onion shaped head wearing blue sunglasses is centrally positioned in a digital illustration. The figure is giving a thumbs up gesture while smiling widely. The background of the image is a vacant wash of lavender. There are three yellow stars of varying sizes positioned around the figure’s head.


Illustration, Drawing & Painting, Concept Art, Digital Art

My focus is to make characters but also worlds and stories that come off as innocent but carry dark and sometimes symbolic themes. Within my stories I also want to express themes of odd and unique friendships, issues I have with the world and creative ways to the darker elements of the world we live in. It may be a bit wishy-washy to others at surface level but, I'd love to make a piece of fiction or characters that can help others be more willing to see what's hidden behind a certain façade. You can’t always expect a dark series to always be gloomy, nor can you expect a cute and adorable character to always be friendly and bubbly all the time. There are many things you can do in a story and its characters, it's a broad yet interesting medium for myself and I wish to make something with what I mentioned above.​

Human character with brown hair, wearing an orange hoodie along with a black broken anti gas mask. The character eyes are blue and there are tears coming from the corner of each eye. There is also a destroyed city as a background, as well as an orange and yellow smoke cloud surrounding the buildings.

Stephanie C. Calvo

Digital Art, Concept Art, Drawing & Painting

I am a graduate of the Visual and Digital Arts program who is currently residing in Mexico. My practice focuses on character design in which I create primarily human and human like characters whom convey subjective narratives or stories. I consider myself a visual storyteller, strongly believing that well designed characters are a vital part in order to tell a good story. Working simultaneously with traditional and digital tools allows me to develop original and interesting concepts and ideas to catch the viewers’ attention. My creative process most commonly starts with traditional sketches and is finalized digitally using software such as Photoshop. I take special care on the design structure of each of my characters. It is very important to me that every detail serves as a clue to inspire the viewers imagination, allowing them to create their own narratives. One of my biggest influences and source of inspiration in my work is music. Many if not most of my works are usually connected to my favorite songs, either inspired by the lyrics or the melody itself. My work explores several genres included but not limited to: fantasy, science fiction, horror and post-apocalyptic themes. I consider my work as the steps in my ongoing growth towards a personal and unique approach of character design.

This image shows the portrait of a girl with a low puff smiling excitingly while looking up to the top right of the piece. She has starry eyes, a soft light beam shining down on her. She is wearing a turtleneck sweater.

Toia Allen-Daniel

Illustration, Drawing & Painting, Mixed Media, Digital Art

Toia Allen-Daniel is an artist based in Toronto, Canada. After graduating high school, she studied and completed the Art Foundation program at Humber College, learning the different variables of visual arts. After completing the program, Allen-Daniel went on to the Visual and Digital Arts program at Humber College to continue learning the arts. Her work focuses on character design and the stories behind the characters themselves. The personality and emotion portrayed in the character’s appearance, and their interaction within their environment. Her art is expressed in both digital illustrations and traditional oil and watercolor paintings. For her, taking a simple concept and stretching it into a fully-functioning story is therapeutic and encourages the creative mind and body.