Advertising - Art Direction

The Advertising Art Direction graduate certificate program produces graduates with a comprehensive understanding of advertising art direction, design and copywriting combined with marketing, branding and strategy development. This combination of skills enables them to create effective communication and advertising solutions across a wide range of media – both emerging and traditional – and build a portfolio of creative work that reflects the industry standards required for field placement and entry-level art director positions.

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Our Students

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Rishi Dangwal

Who am I?
A communicator through Visuals. I believe in the maximalism of minimalism. Since childhood, my enthusiasm for creating creative sketching has pushed me towards the realm of Advertising Art Direction. I consider myself to be a person with a high creative capacity to imagine and picture. I can provide creative ideas in a short span of time.

I am extremely passionate about sketching, painting, and illustration, and I enjoy everything to do with branding, packaging, and advertisement design. As a graphic designer, I have a few years of expertise. I appreciate collaborating with others and would want to produce one-of-a-kind, relevant art layouts and concepts for the companies for which I work.

I earned a postgraduate certificate from Humber College within Advertising - Art Direction, where I learned how to create advertising campaigns that set one company apart from its competition. I am currently looking for an opportunity to work as an Art Director Role. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to gain new skills and advance professionally and personally.

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Lindsay Graham

I’m Lindsay, and I’m a budding Art Director with a background in fashion design. Originally from a small town in Eastern Ontario, I moved to Toronto at the age of 17 where I expanded my passion for art and found a wonderful community around me for creative exploration. In my early career, I discovered an interest in visual storytelling, which is what brought me to Humber last fall to explore Advertising more in-depth. In my “free time” (who really has any these days?!), I moonlight as a portrait artist expressing myself through life drawing and painting, as well as spending as much time as possible with furry friends. I love to collaborate, so please reach out if you’re into any of the above!

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Hedy Benjamin

I can sing non-stop and wake up fully charged with zero caffeine! My name is Hedy and I have been working as a Graphic Designer for almost 7+ years! I'm constantly creating art in my head and love to use madness and disarray as design tools! I strongly believe that one can create beauty out of literally anything.

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Phoebe Thompson

Hi, I'm Phoebe! An Advertising - Art Direction student at Humber College. Previously, I went to Guelph-Humber for Media Studies specializing in Digital Communications. I got hands-on experience with various media courses like Videography, Photography, Web Design, Marketing, and more. During my Summer 2021 internship as a one-person-does-all Social Media Manager, I craved collaboration. I found that ideating and designing was my favourite part of the role. That led to where I am today. At Humber, I have learned how to conceptualize big ideas that solve problems. My goal is to make ads that you can't help but notice while helping clients reach their goals. I'm currently looking for a Summer 2022 Internship where I can continue grow and learn alongside amazing creatives.

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Amber Osmond

I'll be honest, although I dropped out of dental school to pursue my love for creativity, you should know that ad school stuck like a stale Sour Patch Kid in my molar. Oral pathology didn't seem as cool as influencing culture with my MacBook, so I cut my teeth as a Design student at George Brown and now I'm honing the craft of Art Direction here at Humber! I live & breathe aesthetics, music and pottery, but you can probably just find me in Illustrator solving all your advertising problems.

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Shivani Naik

I'm Shivani, a student of Advertising - Art Direction at Humber College, Toronto.  A by-product of India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and now Canada, I aim to build a career for myself by enabling brands to tell their stories. While I am not busy creating solutions for advertising briefs, or producing art pieces, I love taking pictures and sharing my perspective with the world. Filling white spaces with paintings, creating pieces of art with mud or sharing a beautiful image with the world of something that is otherwise mundane is the closest thing to magic for me. I have spent my life in awe of this magic, constantly learning & constantly creating. My goal is to help brands convey powerful stories & campaigns that drive change into the world. I’m currently looking for a Summer Internship 2022 where I continue to grow by learning & creating.

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Deidre Hennigar

I can drink more milk than you think is humanly possible. Toronto-based Art Director, Production Designer, Artist and an overall creative individual. With a background in Fine Arts, Advertising and Digital Media Production, I'm always willing to go the extra mile to complete the tasks at hand while remaining focused on team goals. I have a BFA in Integrated Media from OCAD University and continued my education in Art Direction at Humber College. I'm the Scorpio half of a Creative Team, to see our work checkout

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Nuha Lambe

An art director with designer roots focused on learning and implementing new ways to define ideas. And to adapt them and create simple yet impactful designs. I have six years of experience working in the digital and print industry for various agencies. With that, I offer my expertise in branding, social/digital media, ideation and print media marketing. Always curious & inspired to work with different people and improve my own skills in the process.

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Paola Gomez Witt

Hola! I’m Paola. I am a Junior Art Director, Graphic Designer and Photographer from Ecuador. I majored in Graphic Design and have a minor in photography and worked in the industry back home for a couple of years. I am currently immersed in the adventure of exploring a new country and eager to work and learn. The program of Advertising Art Direction at Humber College has given me the tools to express my creativity to solve advertising problems (and maybe some others). I am very proud of my roots and I take a lot of inspiration from my country and my culture, which I believe gives me a unique perspective and allows me to bring an innovative approach to ideas and concepts.

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Uchenna Gregory Obi

Gregory is a digital designer and art director with a passion for brand design, animation, and art direction. He has a background in Art Direction, Digital Design and Computer Science. Talk about an overachiever, am I right? Prior to making the jump to Canada, he worked for 3 years at Pulse Nigeria as a Senior Graphic Designer. His work at Pulse Nigeria is associated with brands such as Ringier, Business Insider, Nestle, Jumia, Ogojiii, Maggi and General Electric. As a freelance digital designer and animator, he has designed and animated content for brands such as SavetheChildren, UNICEF, Mozilla, and The Motley Fool. He is currently interested in opportunities to create impactful brands with graphic design, animation and art direction.

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Ria Concessao

I'm a Mumbai-born, Lagos-raised and Toronto-based Art Director. I've worked as a Creative Producer for 5 years and did everything from executing on-ground to managing some of the biggest client accounts. However, I realized that being part of the creative journey is what brought me the most joy and so that's what I've decided to focus my energies on. If you're looking for someone who brings positive vibes AND bright thinking to the table, look no further!

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Robab Syeda

My name is Robab Syeda. With a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Art) and as an inquisitive art person & a professional, I believe in teamwork, tenacity, and being a decent human being. My approach towards the creative process begins with finding probabilities in ideas & designs. A curiosity-driven approach about uncovering unique and interesting ways of accomplishing tasks, taking risks, and embracing challenges propels me and the clients towards greater opportunities. I am an enthusiastic professional eager to contribute to team’s success through continuous learning, attention to detail, and outstanding organizational skills.

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Jennifer Galindo Manzanares

Hello! My name is Jennifer Galindo Manzanares and I am a creative and visual problem solver! My experience as a graphic designer and customer manager developed my skills in generating new ideas for communication and experiential campaigns as well as brand management and customer service strategies. I am a positive, creative professional who thrives on new challenges and adventures. I enjoy team work and focus my energy to always learn new things and seek inspiration from everything around me.

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Arman Sadrzadeh

After thinking I wanted to be a plastic surgeon, then anesthesiologist, and finally dentist (mostly to please my parents), and studying Neuroscience at U of T, I graduated with a degree in a field that I found interesting but didn't want a career in (it was either testing lab rats for research or health care). While I figured out my path, I worked a stable-but-boring job with the City of Toronto for 2 years after graduating, and in 2021 I decided to apply to Humber's post-graduate "Advertising - Art Direction" program, in a cathartic alignment of passion and career. I've also spent the last 5 years as a freelance photographer and cinematographer, working on music videos and short film sets, and I've shot cover art and press photos for Toronto recording artists, two of which got Spotify billboards in Dundas Square. Now, with this newfound ad-industry way of idea-crafting, I'm looking for an internship where I can bring my freelance skills and experience to the world of advertising.

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Anushka Khandwala

Hi! I’m Anushka Khandwala, a Toronto-based Art Director. I am a neurotic, slightly chaotic millennial who is obsessed with making the world pretty. I have an eye for design and a knack for organization with which I aim to create fresh aesthetics that convert the mundane into art. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mass Media with a major in advertising. I broke into the advertising industry gaining my work experience at a production house as an account coordinator. Working with set design and colour led me to understand my creative capabilities. After which I moved on to study Advertising Art Direction at Humber College. I’ve always appreciated how advertisements tell short compelling stories that inspire people to try new products and brands. Through the Art Direction course, I’ve learnt how to bring such stories to life with the help of human insights, colour, and design.