Advertising Copywriting

Humber's Advertising Copywriting graduate certificate program teaches the specialized skills necessary to create powerful and effective copy for all forms of printed advertising, radio and television commercials, web, mobile, and social media. Over two intense semesters, students develop a wide variety of strategic, conceptual and practical skills.

Students learn fundamental production, design and presentation skills, how to generate ideas in pictures and in words and how to focus creativity using industry-standard techniques. They also learn how to strategically engage with target audiences. Portfolio samples are created using industry-standard software (such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator). Students hone their already excellent editing and proofreading skills and apply them to their own copywriting and that of their corporate clients.

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April 22, 2021 from 6pm to 8pm EST

Come meet Advertising & Graphic Design, Advertising Copywriting, and Media Communications students all in one place! This will be a virtual networking event with the goal of connecting students with industry for internship/job opportunities.

For more information, please contact Advertising and Graphic Design Program Coordinator Laurie LaBelle.


Our Students

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Bonita Martens

I'm a former flight attendant and general wanderer turned respectable wordsmith. When I'm not climbing volcanoes or getting into dubious public transportation on different continents, I'm corralling what I've learned and experienced into meaningful, relatable content. If I were to describe my style in one word it would be "colourful". I'm big on observational humour and I love the challenge of taking on different voices in pursuit of conversational, evocative prose. I get excited about the shared human experience and helping businesses and individuals tell their stories in memorable ways. My goal for my first few years as a junior copywriter is to be an (enthusiastic, engaged, contributing) sponge. I'm excited to learn as much as I can from senior creatives and try my hand at as many different creative mediums, on as many different projects, as possible. I can't wait to work as part of a larger team, chasing down big ideas and bringing them to life.

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Annaliese Meyer

Hi there, I'm Annaliese. I'm a copywriter living and working in Toronto. I have many lofty goals, ranging from getting through my Letterboxd watchlist (fingers crossed), to making ads that get people thinking. When it comes to creating ads, I am always looking for the most interesting route to the target, whether that be through compelling copy or ambient advertising. Regardless of the medium, I believe the most important quality of an ad is resonance. I work hard to understand the target and continually hone my ability to understand what people need and want from the marketplace.

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Raghad Cararah

I'm a Toronto based copywriter with a background in English Literature. After trying everything from travel to floristry, my passion for writing led me to Humber. Part of what attracted me to advertising is the prospect of coming up with creative solutions that make an impact. Armed with big ideas, catchy tag-lines, and a viral Tik Tok (spoiler: it's a baking tip!), I can't wait to start building connections through storytelling and eye-catching campaigns. I'm currently looking for an internship opportunity where I can continue to learn in a collaborative environment.

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Ronan Donnelly

As a recent graduate from McMaster, I went straight to Humber to turn my Communications degree into more than a piece of paper hanging on my wall. When I'm not writing, I'm watching, driving, or racing fast cars. I'm a huge fan of Formula 1, '90s music, sneakers, and innovative tech. Growing up, I spent summers in Ireland, so I've been trained in the art of wry humour. If I make a joke that no one laughs at, chances are they didn't get it, or, I'm just not as funny as I think. I hope to combine my love for technology into unique advertising solutions. I love to push boundaries through new mediums and twist the norm. I hope you enjoy my portfolio and didn't notice I Photoshopped my picture. Thank you!

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Ryan Paterson

I'm a Toronto-based copywriter from Brampton, Fredericton, Guelph, Saint John, Burlington, Halifax, and Windsor. I've been paid to write things for literary journals, websites, and an anthology. I've also written many things I haven't been paid for, including the campaigns in this portfolio. I believe in clarity of concept and speaking with humour and empathy. I intend to continue to pursue those ideals, and hopefully make a living out of it.

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Ethan MacDonald

After taking a brief hiatus from writing to explore the world of commercial diving, I decided to return to dry land to further hone my craft. Copywriting has given me a creative outlet to actualize my wildest ideas and serves as a daily reminder to never take myself too seriously. When I'm not pacing around my apartment thinking up concepts for my assignments and freelance work, you can find me making a mess in the kitchen or spending time outdoors.

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Karishma Wadia

Karishma is a Psychology graduate with a knack for storytelling. She believes there are stories everywhere around us, you just have to look for them. That's why you'll find her journaling at airports guessing stories of passersby to find inspiration. When she's not writing crisp copy, she's shooting hoops and painting galaxies. Karishma believes in hard work and giving 100% to everything she does.

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Steven Seltzer

I'm a writer. I'm also a camper, reader, hiker, cook, snowboarder, cat dad and former television commercial production manager. I love coming up with wacky ideas and writing witty copy that speaks to a diverse audience. My favourite campaign is Snickers' "You're Not You When You're Hungry." Coming up with funny, out-of-the-box campaigns like that is something I aspire to do wherever I end up in my career. I look forward to being a hard-working, creative and collaborative member of your advertising agency very soon.

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Jordan Bedard

Hello! I'm Jordan. I'm a copywriter born and raised in New Brunswick but now living and working in Toronto. After spending most of my adult life working dead-end physical labour jobs, I knew I had to switch things up and try something out of my comfort zone. Copywriting gives me the opportunity to do just that. I love to bounce ideas off other writers, and nothing gets me more excited than coming up with a killer idea or discovering a unique insight. I aspire to create ideas and write copy that has stopping power and inspires a conversation. Underneath it all, it's the hidden humanity that we can uncover by trying to understand people from all walks of life that gets me really excited about my future in this industry. And if I ever get a chance to work with the NBA at some point, that would be the cherry on top!

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Isabel Ross

Hi! My name is Isabel Ross. I'm a Copywriting student at Humber. Before Copywriting, I studied Media Production (formerly known as RTA) at Ryerson University. After finishing school, I worked as a server/bartender, as well as freelancing on film sets as a script supervisor and a first assistant director. As much as I loved being on set, it felt like time to make a change. I really missed writing and being creative. So here I am! My goal is to be a part of big ideas, and to make people think in new and exciting ways. I want to make people laugh, and make them stop and take notice of the world around them. When I'm not writing, I love to sing, watch great television, and spend time with any dog I'm remotely connected to.

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Michelle Alig

I am a Calgary-based Advertising Copywriting student with a background in Communication Studies. When I graduated from undergrad in 2017, a creative career sounded about as realistic as becoming the third Olsen twin. After enrolling at Humber, I have learned so much about not only becoming a better writer, but how to take ownership of my career and future. I'm so excited to launch into a collaborative career where I can use words and big ideas to inspire audiences and create meaningful solutions. In addition to writing, my skills lie in building connections and being a team player. I'm currently looking for a Summer 2021 internship where I can continue to learn and grow creatively.

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Sanchayika Mathur

A 'hybrid' copywriter with post-graduate certifications in Advertising Copywriting as well as Advertising Account Management who aims to bring out the 'edgy' from the strategy. With a belief that copywriting is a beautiful blend of storytelling and story-selling, Sanchayika aims to work for a consumer-obsessed advertising agency that offers unlimited caffeine and a space to learn, innovate and inspire.

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Pinar Ozgen

I am a junior copywriter with a background in translation. I stumbled upon the world of advertising and copywriting after looking for ways to combine my passion for words with creative projects. During my program, I built onto my existing writing and storytelling abilities as well as picking up new visual design skills. I started working with Adobe suite programs and learnt how to combine my newfound visual skills with my storytelling. The projects I worked on also allowed me to explore digital illustration. I hope to be able to combine my copywriting and visual design skills in my journey as a new copywriter and continue to learn and grow as an advertising professional.

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Diana Zoriy

Meet Diana, an ad copy student with more coffee than blood, and eager to become your next ideator. She traded numbers for words when she took a leap from her major in economics to the advertising industry. And she hasn't looked back since! After graduating UofT, Diana worked in the education field for several years where she bridged her greatest strength - helping people. When she's not thinking up punchy headlines, she can be found practising modern calligraphy and brush lettering - a hobby she picked up during lockdown. Diana's ability to meet project deliverables and ideation techniques will be a fresh asset to a creative team.

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Franklin Newman

I aspire to be the copywriter that one day other copywriting students can look up to, the same way I look up to other writers. I like to spend my time reading, collecting currency and trying to find places to travel. If you don't find me doing either, you will find me at a mall or Walmart!

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Allison Martin

Hi, my name is Allison Martin, and I am a student in the Advertising Copywriting program at Humber College. I am an outgoing, enthusiastic, and hardworking individual looking for a career in the advertising industry. I graduated from Western University in 2020 with concurrent degrees in Media, Information, and Technoculture as well as Creative Writing. Since then, I have broadened my skills. I have experience in writing copy for websites, billboards, social media, and direct mail. Through all my jobs and extracurricular activities, I have held leadership positions as well as cultivated my skills as a dedicated team member. As I near completion of this program, I am seeking a copywriting internship that will allow me to use my skills and make a meaningful contribution to clients looking for creative strategies and powerful messaging to promote their products or services. I look forward to meeting agencies looking for new ideas and new talent.

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Van Thompson

Hey there! I'm Van, an Advertising Copywriting student here at Humber College and a recent graduate of Western University. With an honours specialization in Creative Writing, I pride myself on unique thinking and taking on challenges like a writer. I would love to be able to use my skills in this field within the world of advertising to personally affect an industry I feel is both underappreciated and extremely influential.

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Hailey Ireland

Hailey is a Toronto-based copywriting student who is always excited to talk about what's #trending. Some of her notable skills include brainstorming sticky taglines, script writing, and making TikToks. A triple threat some might say. Hailey is known to be a jokester and uses this to her advantage to write humour-driven copy. She's no one trick pony though! She also has a soft side and can take on different points of view to lead and write with empathy. Her current M.O. is to find an internship where she can work collaboratively with a driven team and write compelling copy that gets noticed. Multiple sources report she is a delight to work with and would make a great addition to any creative team.

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Ethan Gans

After 2 years in PR, 1 year in Israel and a year in film, I found the form of a perfect tagline.

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Sara Karma

I'm a reformed nerd - a.k.a. law school dropout - brought to copywriting after realizing life is better when I'm being creative every day. I like to live my life with as much sensitivity as possible: being as in-tune as I can be to the world and the people around me. That's the way I try to write, too. To me, writing for Advertising offers an incredibly impactful way to make people feel seen and bring cool ideas into our collective consciousness. Beyond writing, I love making playlists, caring for my plants, and inhaling books. I'm also great at taking karma jokes in stride, and I'll even throw one in myself once in a while. Here's one just for you: Good Karma, Better Copy!

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Nick Woodcock

After spending several years in the eCommerce space, working for companies like SSENSE and Sporting Life, Nick has pivoted towards more creative endeavours thanks to the Humber College Advertising Copywriting program. A staunch believer in the importance of fundamentals, Nick brings the same intensity to his writing as he does practicing his backhand on the tennis court. As a serious fan of short fiction, men's suiting, and basketball, he always has lots to say about basically nothing at all. In fact, if you have any tips to help Nick get his fantasy basketball team out of last place, do not hesitate to reach out. Please.

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Emma Lorenzi

Hi, I'm Emma! I'm an Advertising Copywriting student who is both eager and excited to continue learning in an internship position at an ad agency. I am truly passionate about advertising. Specifically, I am fascinated by how simple, creative ideas can have a major impact on a wide audience. I love ideating, writing and collaborating with others. Aside from advertising, my passions are music and sports (specifically basketball - Go Raps!).

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Stefan Murray

Isn't it weird that we write for clients every day but are always stumped when writing about ourselves? Anyway, here we go!  My name is Stefan Murray and I'm a copywriter with a background in art direction. I attended South Carolina State University where I learned graphic design, then moved back to Trinidad to work for a few prominent agencies before coming to Canada.  While I valued all of my experience and time in Trinidad, there was still so much for me to learn. So, I enrolled in the Humber Advertising Copywriting program to better understand strategy, ideation, solid writing, and how they combine to form memorable campaigns. It hasn't been easy, but it has been immensely rewarding. Now that graduation is approaching, I can't wait to join an agency. The idea of creating award-winning advertising that makes our clients happy is very exciting. And teaming up with creative wizards to do what we all love?  Well, I just have to smile.

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Jacqueline Lee

Hi, I'm Jacqueline! I'm a recent journalism grad turned Humber copywriting student. I really enjoy finding new ways to tell stories that have the potential to resonate and connect with the people who see them. I'm eager to start my career as a copywriter and find an internship where I can continue to learn and grow as a writer.

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Mary Collier

My parents knew I was destined to work in advertising when my first words were "creative brief". Since then, I have continued my love for words with a degree in Theatre, teaching English in South Korea and working as the communications coordinator/ copywriter at Century 21 Canada in Vancouver. When I'm not writing things down, I'm most likely rewatching The Office or hanging out with my dog Stevie

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Asha Hasnain

As the oldest of four children, Asha has a creative and youthful mind. She has a knack for storytelling and knows that advertising is a rewarding way to tell the stories of each and every brand she works on. She hopes to grow in this industry to the point where she can emotionally influence her target. She also hopes to eventually give feedback just as thoughtfully as that which she has received from her mentors. Asha wants to help nurture young imaginations into successful creative professionals so that her work in  advertising makes a lasting impact.