Advertising Copywriting

Humber's Advertising Copywriting graduate certificate program teaches the specialized skills necessary to create powerful and effective copy for all forms of printed advertising, radio and television commercials, web, mobile, and social media. Over two intense semesters, graduates developed a wide variety of strategic, conceptual and practical skills. They learned fundamental production, design and presentation skills, how to generate ideas in pictures and in words and how to focus creativity using industry-standard techniques. They also learned how to strategically engage with target audiences, and honed their already excellent editing and proofreading skills and applied them to their own copywriting and that of their corporate clients. Portfolio samples were created using industry-standard software (such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator).

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Our Students

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Pat O'Brien

Writing, I like that stuff. I've got an opinion or two on just about everything. But in advertising speak, let's say I'm passionate about finding creative solutions to problems both big and boring. Outside of copywriting, I spend most of my time crafting music & videos. It's where the bad ideas get a chance to run a little longer.

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Reem Khaled

I'm an uncomplicated person who likes complicated problems. It's why I love copywriting. And it's why I'm excited to be a part of an industry full of creative and intelligent people.

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Ben Hamr

I'm a writer who's driven by a desire to respond to the moment. For me, a varied interest and an open mind are the sharpest tools a copywriter can possess. Whether it's a big idea or a humble headline, I feel that the best work stems from keeping your antenna up and staying tuned in.

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Liam Walsh

Boxing taught me how to punch but words always hit me harder.

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Fjolla Kadrija

After four years at Ryerson University studying the vast world of the Creative Industries with a minor in marketing, I ultimately left prospects of the LA sun, Reality TV, and music production in the wind when I chose to pursue a career as a copywriter in Toronto. My interest in advertising comes from my combined passion for writing, storytelling, and the media. My skills include copywriting, content creation and crafting lasting brands. When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending my time reading, socializing, as well as travelling to new places, exploring new cultures, and meeting new people.

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Osman Sadat

I was once asked to describe myself using a tagline. This was very intriguing. 3-5 words to describe who I really am. I'm Osman a.k.a Ozzy. After a brief stint in law as a paralegal, I decided to change legislation and linear thinking for creativity. Life's better when you can be creative every day. I took a copywriting course in my third semester in Humber's Advertising and Marketing Communications program, and immediately knew that I loved to play around with words. After graduating, I jumped from that program to Humber's Copywriting program. And here I am now. A soon-to-be grad and junior copywriter looking for an internship. I love ideating, writing, and collaborating with others to come up with catchy headlines and punchy taglines. Little did I know that a thesaurus would become my best friend! Beyond writing, I love travelling (67 countries and counting), playing soccer, arranging and producing music, reading, and playing the piano. Travelling also greatly influenced me in pursuing a career in copywriting. It exposed me to the jaw-dropping ways advertising is carried out in each country and culture, and made me want to be a part of it all. I look forward to bringing my creativity and dedication to a team of creative wizards at an agency to produce award-winning ads. And my two Maltese dogs, Lucky and Prince.

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Shannon Houston

Howdy, I'm Shannon. I'm hoping "howdy" will set me apart from the rest. I'm a copywriting student with a passion for telling stories, solving problems, and making people laugh. If you're looking for a writer who can also make a great tiramisu, I'm your girl.

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Adam Vanderkolff

My name is Adam Vanderkolff. I first discovered copywriting on a tour of an advertising agency in Toronto. I only ended up going because a friend of mine told me there would be a free lunch. What I discovered was a career that celebrated weirdness, creativity and originality. I haven't looked back since.

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Lima Kalim

I am a creative person with previous copywriting experience. I am flexible and cheerful, a person who thrives in team-based environments and an exceptional problem solver. I approach each project with compassion and zeal. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Andrew Darimont

Hi. I'm Andrew, or Drew or Andy. I'm easy. Former bar bouncer, grave digger, and dirt bagger turned junior copywriter. I'm obsessed with weird ideas, creating memorable headlines, and searching for the elusive, perfect pun. Outside of writing ads and dreaming up big ideas, you can find me camped on the side of the road in my camper van or fussing over yet another cup of coffee. I hope you take a look at my work down there! I love talking ads so feel free to drop me a line on LinkedIn.

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Lucia Zhang

I'm a 360° creative hell-bent on understanding the human condition through the movement of my limbs and paintbrushes, an overflowing library of Spotify playlists, a Kaweco Sport medium nib fountain pen, and reading some good old philosophy. While I flirt with many forms of art, copywriting's what I've chosen to have and to hold, for richer or poorer. My first job as a newspaper delivery girl I held from age 8 to 12. My last job was a floral designer for Herm's, Tiffany & Co., Prada, Van Cleef and Arpels, and IWC Schaffhausen. Somewhere in between, I helped Nordstrom's #1 stylist hit her $5000/hour sales target, reported on congressional hearings in Washington, D.C. for the Canadian embassy (and had the secret service help me escape a slumlord), and supported British interns navigate life in Shanghai (as a 20 year old). Some fun facts in numbers. Books read in 2021: 30. Max hours meditated in 10 days: 100. Number of passport stamps: 30 give or take. Cities lived: 5. Pairs of chromosomes: 23. Pink Floyd records owned: 9. Kurt Vonnegut novels read: 8 (The Sirens of Titan is my favourite). Number of hamsters once owned: 12. Spotify playlists created: Lost count after 236.

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Atharva Shirish Dandekar

Hello! My name is Atharva Dandekar. I'm a copywriter and a storyteller. My search for stories has landed me in Toronto. I have a few talents. But before I became good at those, I either disliked them or hated them. I'm a national-lever swimmer who is scared of depths. I'm a high-altitude trekker who is scared of heights. I'm a photographer who is scared of facing a camera. I'm a copywriter who hate(d) writing. They made me who I am today. Swimming made me competitive. Trekking made me a storyteller. Photography made me a visual thinker. And copywriting brought out the creativity from within me. If there is a place where all these aspects come together, then that place is an advertising agency. That was my story. Reach out to me if you want to have a chat, and you can tell me your story.

Caucasian male smiling while sitting on stone steps wearing unzipped black jacket, blue shirt, black jeans, black and white beanie

Ryan Quinn

After 9 years as a Chef, I learnt I'd rather be cooking up tasty headlines. Now I'm a full-fledged ad nerd that gets giddy about things like beer lollipops and venus flytraps eating plant-based nuggets.

Man with short dark hair, glasses and a  moustache standing in a plaid shirt against a white background.

Ted Clow

I'm a Toronto-born writer/musician/bartender/skateboarder striving to find big ideas and new ways to arrive at them. After completing a degree in Jazz trombone at Humber College, my relationship with the hospitality industry shifted from a way to pay the bills to a full-time commitment. I always knew that I wouldn't want to sling cocktails as a long-term career, so when I discovered copywriting, I couldn't believe such a job existed and jumped head first at the opportunity to go back to Humber - something I never thought I would do. My background in music has sharpened my ability to harness creativity and to produce exciting pieces of work. My experience in hospitality has given me the ability to work with, and cater to, any type of personality. Interests include skateboarding, biking, live music and stand-up comedy. I also make a mean French baguette.

Girl wearing jacket in front of a store

Grace Guan

Hi there! My name is Grace and when I was a kid, I watched a Thai life insurance commercial that made me cry like a baby. Since then, I've studied to do the same thing: make kids cry (with ads). Aside from that, my goal is to make culturally relevant ads that (hopefully) a kid like myself would resonate with. Words have a powerful way of synthesizing cerebral and visceral experiences and I think I'll be working my whole life to accomplish that. Prior to Humber, I studied Media, Information, and Technoculture and am also interested in user experience writing. Otherwise, my goal for the year is to watch all A24 movies (my favourite is Amy) and I recently got a puppy (and in desperate need of tips). Hope you like what you see and feel free to send me your favourite movie or book recommendations!

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Anika In't Hout

My first job was as a certified sea monster. Okay, so I wasn't actually a sea monster, more like a cool swim instructor. But I used to play this game where I would take my class out to 'sea' (aka the deep end) and then pretend to be a sea monster. It was pretty fun... until the kids started pulling my hair. As cute as those kids were, I actually do like keeping my hair on my head. Crazy, I know. So, I figured this whole copywriter thing was more my speed. So I can write stuff. Good stuff. And I would like to be paid for writing good stuff. I would do it for free, but I need to eat.

A girl looks over her shoulder smiling while standing on a bridge during golden hour

Hannah Scolnik

I've been told that I tend to overthink things, but I like to think I'm just really thoughtful. So naturally, Advertising and Copywriting seemed like a great fit! I thrive on connections, so I'm humbled, eager, and excited to make as many as I can in this industry and through my work. I'm here to create the moment you've all been waiting for!

A black and white potrait of a man with brown hair smiling at the camera with trees in background

Nikesh Shah

I am a creative guy wishing to turn brands into platforms that do good to people and always convey a positive message. I started off in the marketing world, but I've evolved into a copywriter who loves social media. I prioritize teamwork, and organization which is influenced by my time spent as House Captain in school (yes, exactly like in Harry Potter). When I am not working with brands on collaborations, I spend my time cheering for Manchester United, watching true crime shows, or playing the guitar. I like to be responsible for creative development from the idea to the implementation, online and offline, and thirsty for new challenges every day. Also chilled beers. I look forward to working with you, creating for you, or jamming out on guitar together.

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Deborah Rosa

Hey, my name is Deborah and I am a writer. Ok, that's obvious, but let me explain. I graduated in journalism, started my career as a reporter, then worked in PR, and, after that, I worked as a content writer. With all that, I can say I've written for almost every media: newspaper, magazine, radio, video, website, e-newsletter, blog, social media... but ads were missing. So that's why I left the Brazilian tropical weather to study Advertising Copywriting in the cold - and warm - Canada. When I'm not writing, I wear the yoga teacher hat, speak some Sanskrit words and do head and handstands.

A woman in a black full-sleeved dress sitting near a golden lamp.

Poojitha Bangalore Girish

Hello, I'm Poojitha, a junior copywriter from Humber. I believe words hold infinite potential in minds that cannot rest. When not dreaming up crackerjack headlines, my greatest interest lies in reading. I envy the way words evolve with time but their impact remains constant. As a copywriter, I'm here to see how much of them I can explore with you.

Male identifying person with beard, black coat, outside, in front of ring toss stand

Roberto Andino

My name is Roberto, but I also go by Rob, Bobby, or Bob! I'm a copywriter, a filmmaker, a pet petter, and a few other nouns! Some people have told me that I'm thoughtful and intelligent, and some have even gone as far to say that I'm kinda funny. And to those people I didn't make up just now, I say, thank you!

A man with a beard standing in front of a vineyard wearing a suit.

Gregory Kuzmich

My name is Greg Kuzmich and I am a Toronto based copywriter with a degree in Politics and Governance from Ryerson University. I am a lover of literature and get inspired by Dostoyevsky and Steinbeck as much as any Cannes Lions winner. I love being creative and coming up with big ideas. There are no small products when it comes to copywriting. Whether it's wicker baskets or Coca-Cola every product deserves great copy. Ultimately, what I want to do is write copy that tells a great story for every brief that I receive.

A person with a short beard wearing a black toque

Sean Kinton

I'll keep it brief. From small-town box stores to flagship organic health markets, I have 14 years of grocery retail insights in the tank ready to fuel the human truths behind my big ideas. Always hungry for knowledge, I'm here to help you tell your brand's story. But, I can't do this stuff alone. Amber Osmond is a talented art director and my creative partner.

A woman wearing a black dress, smiling directly into the camera.

Vedika Vohra

Hello! I am Vedika, a Junior Copywriter from India, who now calls Toronto home. My background in Psychology and interest in human behaviour drives me to create content that speaks to people from all walks of life. With previous Copywriting experience from one of India's largest online food delivery platforms, along with my leadership and organizing skills, I am all set to embark on my Copywriting journey in Canada.

Portrait of a smiling girl standing in a field of sunflowers.

Loraya Hrynkiw

Hi! I'm Loraya Hrynkiw (her-rink-you,) a Junior Copywriter in Toronto. I've always been an enthusiastic storyteller. In grade 12 I won a scriptwriting competition and I've been chasing that high ever since. My Business and Marketing degree has equipped my creative mind with strategic problem-solving powers. I also completed the Business of Design program and co-founded Stream Productions. I wrote comedic scripts for the eight environmental awareness ads we produced. The experience gave me a craving for copywriting and collaborating with other imaginative individuals, leading me to the Humber Advertising Copywriting program. Coming up with big ideas is my strong suit, second only to my ability to catch candies in my mouth from surprising distances. Win-win, it's impressive, and I get free candy. I love travelling, improv, hiking, and making costumes; I will absolutely crush your theme night. I can't wait to join a creative agency where I can learn, grow, and create exciting work with exciting people.

Man with short dark hair looking straight into camera wearing a brown top against a plain background

Michael Liao

Michael is a visual storyteller who has made his way to Toronto from East Asia to work in the Toronto advertising scene. He has already dipped his toes into the ad and marketing industry as a video content writer, producer and director, so he'll know where to stand and when to be quiet on set. He likes to write taglines while making his famous fried rice. The secret? Good soy sauce and finding the perfect cooking temperature. Not too hot or cool. Michael showed his adventurous side when he went to the Opening and Closing ceremonies at the 2004 Athens Olympics. He also saw Michael Phelps swim and he can confirm his feet are massive but his hands are not webbed. When he's not dreaming up ad campaign ideas Michael likes to watch Netflix. Is there anything new on there? He's watched a lot. Send suggestions to

A man in a red shirt looking into the camera against a grey background

Eric Budovitch

Returning to advertising after a detour into the world of art and entrepreneurship. I'm bringing back with me a new found appreciation for the rules of design, a super thick skin and a few decades of cultural references that are waiting to be unlocked then made to dance. I'm looking to join a team where I'll find creative partners who complement me and my first love: words.

Woman with shoulder length hair with bangs and blue eyes looking directly at camera.

Maija Jurjans

A design enthusiast who relishes in big ideas that elicit big emotion. When I'm not writing, you can find me goofing off with my toddlers or slinging tacos out of my not-so-secret, not-so-legal driveway taco stand.

A man with a beard and a blue cap with his face next to a dog

Gurpreet Ghag

In Grade 3, I forged 5 of my mom's cheques and sent them to the Gorilla Foundation (Koko the gorilla). I am now much older and much less of a criminal, but find myself out here trying to make money for another ape... me.

A woman with red hair and blue eyes, smiling in front of a brown door wearing a green sweater

Shelby Harper

Hi! I'm Shelby, like the car. As a recent graduate from Queens University where I majored in English Literature, I learned many things of great value. For example, eggs never go at the bottom of the grocery bag, and most libraries will lock you inside overnight if you stay after 2 am. Now that I'm at Humber, I'm learning how to put these crucial life skills into creating inspired genuine content. And I'm turning my passion for writing into an exciting career in an ever-growing industry. My favorite part of copywriting is idea generation, especially with a team. There's no feeling quite as satisfying as building a passing comment into a spiraling web of innovative connections. When I'm not crushing out ideas into a very long Google Doc, you can find me out and about with my dog Silas or hosting a very intense game of Dungeons and Dragons. Sure, it's very nerdy, but it's an awesome way to build my collaboration and teamwork skills off the clock too.

A woman sitting and smiling in a blue outfit

Pranaya Nair

Hi, I'm Pranaya! An "Aspiring Copywriter" turned "Copywriter" (do I call myself that yet?) from India. I possess the power to write about almost anything in this world, but myself. You get it? Of course you do! Tell me to write copy, poetry, or convince you how adorable cats are, I'll do that in a jiffy. I aspired to be an astronaut, then tamed it down to fashion communication, and finally landed on advertising copywriting. I know this is my final destination because of the happiness writing ads and creating campaigns gives me. Now that I've manifested all this power to write, I'm desperately seeking an internship to put all this to work and kick-off as an official "Copywriter".

woman with brown hair smiling wide with eyes closed. her body is sideways with her shoulder facing the camera

Emily Thurston

Hi I'm Emily. Copywriter by day, bartender by night. I am an extremely hardworking and driven creative person with a passion for writing headlines and mixing cocktails.  Humber is my last stop in what I like to call the trifecta of my educational career. Previously a graduate of OCAD University and George Brown College, I am excited to immerse myself into all that is advertising and shake things up on your creative team! I am eager to learn, willing to take risks and ready to work!