Advertising & Graphic Design Diploma

Humber’s Advertising and Graphic Design diploma program is designed to meet industry demand for advertising art directors and graphic designers with solid strategic, visual, conceptual, typographical and technical skills. Classes focus on the study of advertising while emphasizing the development of important skills like creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork and presentation skills.

This program guides students through the many facets of visual communication including colour theory, conceptual process, typography, design, marketing strategies, interactive media, and digital technology through the use of industry standard tools. Students also have the unique opportunity to apply these skills on briefs for real clients through BuildingF, our in-house creative agency.

Check out this Event to see more Advertising & Graphic Design Students:

Humber CONNECT Mocktail Meet & Greet

April 22, 2021 from 6pm to 8pm EST

Come meet Advertising & Graphic Design, Advertising Copywriting, and Media Communications students all in one place! This will be a virtual networking event with the goal of connecting students with industry for internship/job opportunities.

For more information, please contact Advertising and Graphic Design Program Coordinator Laurie LaBelle.


Our Students

An ad for dyslexia is in bright yellow with text that is extremely blurry to read. The text reads "Dyslexia is the most common learning disability. Individuals with this medical condition have difficulty in the areas of language processing. 1 in 5 people suffer from dyslexia." In sharp type below "This is what dyslexia feels like." The logo bottom right Dyslexia Canada.

Aaron Sampson

My style is keep it simple. Start with good research, strip it down, remove the fluff and the message can come through clearly in a way that people will remember. Good fundamentals, solid design and simple ideas in a unique way is the key. I use my background in project management and business to help reach and communicate goals visually with design. As an aspiring art director my passion is collaborating with clients and other creative people to solve interesting problems in interesting ways.

A McDonalds ad shows a red background with upside down golden arches. A drawing of a small figure pulls the arches with a rope. Two dots above the arches resmble eyes. In white type at top it says "Delivering smiles in an upside down world." The McDelivery logo, Skip the Dishes, UberEats and Doordash logos in white at the bottom right corner.

Aislin Evans

I’m a super nerdy graphic designer who enjoys advertising, movie/video game poster design, and establishing brand identities. I’m creative in any way possible and always excited to learn and try new things.

A logo set in metalic gold sans serif type Aline Moneiro Photography and Graphic Design. Below is a corner of a picture frame with a bandaid on top and type that reads "make it simple, creative and relebvant." Beside which is a. black and white illustration of a girl smiling.

Aline Monteiro

Hi, my name is Aline Monteiro, but you can call me Li. I'm a Photographer and Graphic Designer who enjoys meeting new people and finding ways to help them to have an amazing experience. Over the years I found out that my passions are branding design, editorial, print ads, and a little bit of illustration. I'm originally from Brazil, so don't be afraid to get in touch with me. I don't tweet (twitter? twit?), but you can follow me on social media, or send a message. Cheers!

Three Lego print advertisements, each on a blue, red or yellow background with a Lego character depicting a gender non-specific  super-hero. The tagline reads "Diversity is Power"

Allyson Santiago

I am a passionate and creative graphic designer who brings ideas to life. I'm constantly learning new techniques and tools to expand my skill set, and have a great ability to produce effective output even under pressure. Furthermore, I find opportunities, strategies and forms of style everywhere to help me grow professionally.

An advertisement with an image of a young man in a wheelchair seen from behind looking up at three sports jerseys hanging on hooks.Hockey, basketball and baseball. The text reads "Be the Change" "With the support of our teams, we will continue to empower the youth."

Andre Cristillo

Being able to be bold and creative in my designs gives me the opportunity to be myself.

Hawaiian Airlines billboard ad showing 4 people in profile wearing masks. One man in scuba gear and snorkel.

Andrew Reutsky

I translate creative ideas into a visual language, earning a place in the minds of customers. I am a designer who loves advertising. I excel in teamwork and believe in going the extra mile. Idea-first and never-miss-a-deadline mentality ensures the practicality of my designs, and my work has a special place in my heart.

A screen shot of a web page with the desiger's face and menu bar at top. The Homepage says Hello.

Andy Nguyen

As a graphic designer, I would like to convey simplicity to my audience throughout my work.

A logo of an white AP on a black background. ThE A crosses over the P hiding the stem of the letter while the A is missing the crossbar and diagonal stem.

Arpan Panglia

"Design is intelligence made visible." - Alina Wheeler. My name is Arpan Panglia I am currently a second-year student at Humber College, studying in the Advertising and Graphic Design program. I have had a passion for art and design for many years. I enjoy graphic design and specialize in editorial design. I believe in life you can never stop learning. In my spare time I enjoy reading, photography and love playing volleyball.

An illustration of a young woman with long brown hair wearing a white shirt an jeans. Her head rests on her left hand and her right side is facing the foreground.

Athar Alama

Graphic Designer

A photo of a beer called San Jose Pale Lager. The yellow metalic can is on a white flat background. The product name is set in red and there is a drawing of a man to the right of the name, he is leaning over and working with a tool.

Bernadeth Bangod

"I take shots of every thing that catches my eye and turn them into something interesting."

A computer generated illustration of a comet hitting the earth. There is a large sword stuck in the foreground of the picture. Behind it is a purple grid that disappears into a black starry night sky.

Bradley Singh

I started designing in 3D in high school and as I entered college I began to work with Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. When making pieces I tend to go for a more geometric and simple look gravitating towards a darker colour palette with a mix of bright colors. During my spare time I like to make phone wallpapers and desktops backgrounds that tend to be based on Vaporwave and various iconic video games or Animes. My main goal after classes are done is to head off to do my internship and during that time I plan on learning as much as I can.

A logo of a metalic blackletter font capital "B."

Brandon Juarez

Brandon Juarez is a Graphic designer based in Toronto, ON. specializing in advertisement designs, animation, and branding. Brandon currently works as a freelancing designer in Newmarket, ON. His goal as a designer is to take dark and technological designs and make them look clean and minimalistic.

A logo with black sans serif geometric shapes overlapping in the initials "CL" on a white background.

Calvin Le

I am an aspiring art director who takes inspiration from all of my surroundings. While problem solving, I always try to look from all kinds of perspectives. I value everyone’s ideas and opinions which is why I love to get input from others to bounce and build ideas off of.

A Green logo of a Sri Lankan letter form on a fuschia background. Small shapes; circles, dots + and x symbols in prple orange and green float aound the central shape.

Chandhuli Senanayake

I have always had a passion for the arts and found myself a perfect fit in the design industry. It's important to me that my work reflects this passion. Being born in Sri Lanka, a country with rich culture, I try to infuse a traditional and modern blend into my work. I believe that one never stops learning and improving themselves. Taking this program has helped me expand my knowledge and skills and I hope to use this to challenge myself and improve. I hope to one day create pieces that will leave a lasting positive impact on people.

A logo that reads "Chiaki Kang" in blue uppercase cutout letters. Over the uppercase I is three yellow strokes that represent a crown.

Chiaki Kang

Design to make today's life a bit better than yesterday.

A red and white logo consisting of a white geometric B on a red shadow B. The name "Connor Britton" reads across the middle in white letters.

Connor Britton

As a graphic designer, it was important for me to showcase my ability to create concepts that my clients will enjoy. However, in order to fully showcase my full skill set and ability to adapt to alternative design styles I can show more through my portfolio. I’m proficient in both vector and raster design but I feel my best work is done using vectors as the main focus. I also have a fairly masculine and geometric design style, although I can design based on the clients needs.

A logo of yellow flowers on a white background. The words read "Sunshine." Also there are mandarin characters below.

Daisy Liu

Hi, my name is Daisy. I love branding, graphic design, animation and sunshine! I hope my work can bring a ray of sunshine to people's heart. Never give up about what you believe, because truth will set us free! Love never fails.

A black circle logo with dc in yellow typewriter font. The logo is distressed with ink splatter on and around it.

Daniel Chan

Design is a an art form that exists to solve a problem. The ultimate goal is all about the user, not the creator. This is why I don’t see myself as an artist, I am a designer.

A photo of a two page magazine spread on a green background.The title is "Ethical Fashion" at top left of the spresd. A young woman in a black coat and white pants stairs out of the spread. She also appears on the right page in close up from the waist up.

Dara Lim

An open-minded and compassionate graphic designer dedicated to web, editorial, and advertising design. Also an avid plant-based foodie, shameless outfit repeater, and reality show enthusiast.

A fuschia pink D and R logo. The R is smaller and sits inside the negative space of the D. A bubble quote in black in the upper right corner reads Graphic Designer.

Darinka Ramos

Aspiring graphic designer, with a background of business management, who has a passion for creating and helping others by offering my skills and knowledge in graphic design.

A transit ad in an underground subway passage. The ad is a duotone in black and yellow of an African American with tape over his mouth. His eyes are closed. At bottome right the text reads "Spotify" "Speak Loud. Speak Proud."

Darnell Leahing

Hi! I am Darnell Leahing. I am a graphic designer based in Montreal creating experiences that will leave clients thinking by utilising minimalism and colour in design.

A logo with two Capital Ds filled with a watercolour pattern of blues, pinks, greens and yellows.

Devora Dimova

A unique and passionate graphic designer delivering innovative and creative concepts to captivate and impress the public. Specializing in illustrations, re-branding, web-design, concept development, campaign development and compelling advertising/marketing approaches.

A vector illustration of a wine glass on a blue background. The glass is filled with red wine and in the glass is the black wine box. The brand is "O" "Open".

Dilara tan Ersozlu

I am a creative designer and a very experienced blogger who loves social media. Design is in every part of my life. I prepare colorful lunches, I love drawing and I love spending time for my hobbies. I am a brave woman who brings her family to the other side of the world and who starts over. I am still learning and I will keep learning until my brain stops working.

A billboard agains a blue sky. The all white background with large pinnk type that reads "Sexual health for all." A wheelchair is cropped off the bottom left of the billboard with type on the right that reads "Internatioanal Day of Disabled Persons" and the Pink Cherry logo at bottom of billboard.

Dylan Jones

I'm a 29-year-old mature student graduating from the Advertising and Graphic Design program at Humber College. As a growth-minded person with a passion for learning, I took a chance and left a full-time job of 6 years to return to school and follow my passion for creative work that impacts people both emotionally and intellectually. I hope to bring that same relentless pursuit of knowledge, experience and creative impact to the workplace, and I look forward to putting out great work with great people.

A magazine spread with a full page picture of an African American man on the left page. He is wearing a white shirt and his arms are crossed. The article is titled "The art of making time." The article runs in three colunms with the artist's name "Giveon" in large red letters across the spread,

Ekene Oduh

Art Direction: 2 cups Graphic Design: 1 1/2 cups Design Experience: 6 years Mix Well.

Photograph a a figure with long blonde hair and lace dress holding a chicken in a snowy field.

Emerson Pearson

I've been raised on Britney Spears and Disney Channel, therefore I believe in the magic of popular culture, design and advertising to create a dreamy world that entices everyone. I greatly admire that design, photography, and pop culture have the ability to transport the audience to a different world, and I aim to do the same with my design and photography.

A photo of a magazine spread. The image is of a cut of raw meat on ice and over the image run the text in large white uppercase letters "SMOKED."

Emily Clark

"Design isn't just good typography and colour, but it sure helps." The designer in me loves typography, colour, and finding new ways to tell a story. My work reflects my outgoing, fun personality with the perfect amount of professionalism. The perfect mix just like chocolate and reese's peanut butter.

A photo of a shampoo and conditioner bottle with type that reads "Everybody" "Rosmary+Mint." The logo shows arms of varying shades of grey green hugging.

Emily Little

I am a maker, designer and a visual storyteller who wants to creatively express my ideas and visions. I apply the principle elements of design carefully, yet add my own creative flare. I design with purpose and intention and am looking forward to opportunities that allow me to share, learn, and grow alongside the evolution of design.

A vector of four Canada stamps. Each stamp is a season. Upper left is spring. Upper right is summer. Lower left and right is fall and winter.

Hyewon Koh

Graphic Designer

A photo of a website home page on a green background. The name is La Masion and the menu at top reads "home" "about" "gallery" "rooms" "explore" "content" The type is all dark green and there an image underneath of a room showing a cactus, a wicker chair and a white dresser. Over the image is the text in script "bonjour"

Jasson Powell Wijaya

An enthusiastic, hard-working, and creative story-teller with a great eye for design. Experienced with creating illustrations, branding, digital imaging, and photography. Currently looking for a role as an art director or graphic designer.

A photo of a print campaign for Airbnb with several images of social media posts. The prominent text in burnt orange and black reads "What places are you interested in." The reader than clicks on a city from a list, which then takes you to the next screen detailing the city with  photos and ratings.

Javin Cauleechurn

I have experience creating content for organizations like The University of Mauritius, Ascencia Malls, and other local businesses covering events on the day & social media coverage on several platforms. I am proficient in Français, Kreol, and English, focusing on creating an experience through displays and connecting people through technology. Moreover, I am a mix of African, Chinese and Indian who grew up in Mauritius (yet love living here in Toronto.) I am multi-culturally aware and bring my rich multi-culturalism into this very Canadian (celebrating diversity and new people to the country) environment.

A colourful square line art illustration of a room with a table and two chairs, a painting on the wall and a plant in the corner. All vivid colours of green, red, purple and yellow.

Jelena Zivkovic

Hello! I’m a Bosnian-Canadian designer based in Toronto. My work includes branding, editorial, illustration, print, social, UX design, advertising. I love incorporating fun, light colours and shapes into my designs. Additional interests include classical piano, karaoke, geography and film. I can't wait to meet other creatives to collaborate on meaningful projects together. See you soon :-)

An African-Amercian male looking up wearing mirrored sunglasses reflect the stars in the sky.

Jordan Burke

Jordan Burke specializes in working closely with any music artist or upcoming brand to develop their brand style such as poster design, logos, photography and more.

A logo for a brewing company. There is a drawing in red of a boxing ring and underneath the name "On the Ropes Brewing Company."  The logo is placed on a distrssed brown background.

Joshua Iannarelli

Joshua Iannarelli is a designer/art director working diligently from his basement to serve the Niagara Region, GTA, and beyond. He specializes in branding, concepting, and design projects for both print & web. He’s also passionate about how design can intersect with fashion, music, and culture in a meaningful way.

An ipad on a table showing navigational icons for a website. Fourteen icons in various colours of blue and orange with a yellow sun in the centre.  Above those is a grid of logos for "wander offline" navigational app. Each show a mountain range. Two rows of eight logos.

Kaitlynn Braganza

I am one of the youngest in my program but that only makes me want to stand out even more. I am fascinated with all things colour and type, which is what drew me to graphic design in the first place. In my free time I love to listen to music - a genre for every mood, play with my very energetic puppy and creating illustrations on my iPad, which is a new skill i’m teaching myself.

A loto of uppercase serif letters KTH on a white background. The T in the centre is smaller and blue and sits inside the space created by the K and H together.

Kayla Harris

Bold but Elegant

A black album cover showing the blurred head and shoulders of a figure. They title of the album cover in white scratched-in lettering reads "Shrine of Broken Dreams" at the bottom reads the band name "STR-K"

Kevin Sanchez Tejada

All it takes is a simple spark, one that drives creativity and makes concepts come to life. As a designer my goal is to become that spark using my graphic design and creative problem-solving skills. When I’m not doing that, I like to play video games, draw, and read books because you HAVE to recharge from time to time. I also have a webcomic (which I totally didn’t steal those first few words you just read, I don’t know what you’re talking about) since storytelling and art go far beyond just a ‘job’ for me. So, if you’ve read this far, I would enjoy hearing from you!

A logo in purple on a white background of the uppercase sans serif letter M. A lighter cast shadow of the M falls to the upper right corner of the square.

Kian Mirtorabi

Curious and creative is what defines me. I like to dig deep and explore an idea to maximize its potential. Picking up new skills and ways of approaching a problem fuels my drive to create effectively.

A McDonalds ad shows a red background with french-fries lining up to jump into the package but keeping social distance measures between them. The fries approach the package on the left from the rigth side of the ad. The copy reads "even our food follows protocals" "delivery food that you love. safe. fast. delicious." The logo appears at the bottom centre of the ad.

Kim Marfil

Hi, I'm Kim and I'm a graphic designer. I provide the exceptional service I'd want to experience myself.

A digital illustration of a face with eyes, nose and mouth visible only painted in bright strokes of colour in green, purple, orange, blue, yellow on a light purple background.

Klaire Todd

An aspiring creative director who has a passion and an eye for the creative arts. I am a big dreamer and lover of a good learning experience. My goal is to make a positive change through visual design.

Business card with a geometric pattern in orange and black on front. Back of card reads. "Komel Punjabi"

Komel Punjabi

3D + Graphic Designer

A subway poster advertisement for McDonalds. A red background with the Golden Arches drawn. Underneath are with dots that form a smile. The text underneath says "In 200m there is no big mac."

Korey Thomas

I was born curious with an interest to bring ideas to life with new perspectives and anti-design. I myself am a very introverted person, but am very passionate and love to take inspiration from the world around us to create something unique that moves you. Within my design, I love experiementing with use of negative space and using lots of monochromatic colour schemes. Darker shades represent being unseen, but darker shades including black also allow you to utilize texture and layering to convey a concept without needing colour to express it. I like to mix a minimalistic style with a mix of simple sans-serif / modern style typefaces. On top of all this, I have a passion for vintage-style work that came before my time, and will take inspiration from vintage design to create a nostalgic feeling for the viewer. Simple put: I create because I love conveying emotion through what I can create.

A photo of a beer can design (front and back) illustrating an animal skull on a pink background. The beer company is called "Dead Pets Brewing Co." "Deathwish IPA"

Kristine Rose Basa

Having a background in editorial illustration, I include illustrative elements in my work ranging from full illustrations to minimal iconography. I'm capable of working within a large spectrum of styles, which can be seen on my website.

A white and black logo hangs on wooden storefront sign the logo reads "KO café" in black cut out letters. The "O" is drawn like a cross section of a tree trunk.

Kyle Buchart

A creative mind and practical experience combined to help clients find solutions for their goals.

A white square with the artists name in sans serif purple type. Loosely spaced. Underneath reads "graphic designer" Behid the type in pale purple brush script reads "Laura"

Laura Prytoluk

Being able to express myself through design and lettering is my own way of being free.

A collage image of three athletes of Afican American decent. One is holding a gold basketball trophy. Another is shooting into a hoop and another is squatting in a seated pposition. The background is also a collage of the Toronto waterfront.

Lorenzo Tiberi

Hello, my name is Lorenzo Tiberi! A determined 23-year-old Graphic Designer who prides himself on making design functional, relevant, and detail-driven. With a background in Search Engine Optimization, I understand the importance of Digital Media with the ultimate goal of getting acquisitions and having the consumer invest in a product or service. I possess punctuality of the highest standard to provide all deliverables needed for clients spending their hard-earned dollars.

An advertisement showing toy airplaces on a roulette table with the caption reading Nothing ofYour Flight Should Be Uncertain. SwissAir

Lydia Liang

EnNing Liang is a graphic designer who observes the world with curiosity, using metaphor to tell stories.

A logo with the Inistials MD in maroon on a pink shape. Pink and gold flowers one either side. The business card is set on a piece of driftwood

Mai Doan Phuong

I have the heart of an artist and the mind of a designer.

A photo of a white coffee cup with a black lid set on a dark table with greenery blurred in the background. The logo on the cup is set in sans serif dark red font "Saint Venice" there is a line represing a wave pattern above the type. Below a graphic that represents a scateboard.

Marcela Zwicker

Passionate in everything I do, I always give all my attention, heart and soul to it, and that wouldn’t be different when it comes to my work. I like to come up with ideas and solutions in simple but effective ways, because I believe that sometimes less can en up being more interesting!

A logo for a company called Tribul with a stylized bullhead with horns imprinted on a rough grey fabric surface.

Mary Rose Villa

I am a graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. I love two things, graphic design and dogs. Since I was young, I have enjoyed experimenting with shape and color to create many beautiful things. I tell compelling stories through visuals. I am passionate about creating a clean, elegant, and minimalist on-brand design for print and web. I strongly believe in the importance of negative space. For me, a design should breathe! I enjoy projects that require problem-solving and I offer results-driven, stunning designs. I love to be challenged by new opportunities and to work with people who share the same enthusiasm for design.

A photo of the Wildflower Motel logo on a image of a lit brown candle. The logo is gold and set within a circle with the text "motel" set below. The font is sans serif.

Megan Olson

Hi! I’m Megan, a Graphic Designer from Toronto. I strive to create clean and modern pieces that embody sophistication, have a clear concept and of course, are aesthetically pleasing. I am very excited to begin my journey in the industry and create a visual impact through my work.

A photo of a black and teal shoe box with a Nike logo on the side. The top of the box lid has three turquoise strips and a black and white photo of a soccer player kicking the ball from the knee down. The text on the box reads "Care is Stripes Campaign"

Michael Jitman

I am an artist who is inspired by classical and futuristic styles, and is not afraid to break the rules to create something impressive. I'm someone who is very passionate about design and visual art. I specialize in UI/UX design, design for social media and illustration.

A coffee cup with the logo "The Corner Café" sits on a wood table.

Michael M. Dogan

I currently work as a freelance graphic designer completing the last semester of the Advertising and Graphic Design Diploma program at Humber College. With this program, I wanted to apply my four years of international graphic design experience in Canada and gain a new perspective. As a former educator, I understand the importance of effective graphics communication and its ability to influence the market. It is my passion to inspire and engage the audience, whether an individual or an organization. This perspective is at the core of the way I design.

A vector illustration of three young people two female and one male on a yellow background with red squares. On either side is the Uniqlo logo. Underneath on a white background, uppercase text reads "REDESIGN WEBSITE PROJECT."

Minh Nguyen

An enthusiastic, hard-working, and creative graphic | UX/UI designer with an eye for design. In love with colour - I believe the design will be more effective with the combination of design colours.

A website home page with a menu across the top and two images cropped off the bottom showing album cover design with blue sky and white type. The web page says "Minju Kang is a Prepared Talent."

Minju Kang

I create advertisements through strategies such as research data, scope, and target audience. I improved my skills in strategic thinking, color theme, tone of voice, typography, and team work. I think that the purpose of advertising is letting people see a view, which is from other perspectives. It is why I used water in the logo. The water represents diversity and transparency. Water has no defined shape and can be of various colors and shapes in different situations. Another thing is the ship. There are lots of unrevealed things in the ocean. The ship is a symbol of looking for new things.

A magazine ad for Colour Blind Awareness. A rubics cube sits in the centre of the page, but the colours on the cube are muted shades of green and blue. The text at the top of the page reads "There is nothing wrong with this Rubric's Cube."

Mirani Bhatt

An aspiring Art Director, I am very passionate about creating art and have been doing this from a very young age. I believe in minimalism and simplicity—less is more but I also believe to go bold when required. I have been making canvas paintings for the last 16 years and I believe that the artist in me created a strong connection with colors and stories. I live life filled with colors and that is reflected in my work. I love bright and warm colors. All the elements of design inspire me. I feel patterns, colors, shapes, symmetry around me everyday which brings me closer to design. It’s like painting the world with my own colors. I love being a storyteller, and I want to tell tales with my designs.

A logo set in organic shaped letterforms that reads "mon." Letters aredark purple on the inside with a light purple border.

Monica Quintieri

I am an aspiring graphic designer from Toronto. Art & design have always been an incredible driving force in my life and is the most natural way of expressing myself. I am continuously striving to gain more knowledge and improve my skills through all aspects of design.

A logo with an uppercase M in a cirlce outlined in black. The M is filled in with yellow, blue and red blocks of colour.

Mykelti Knott

Aspiring Art Director, hoping to remove 'aspiring'.

A poster consisting of a paintbush style smudge blending from purple to white on a pale purple backgound. There is type in all four corners in white showing The day of the year and the number 365 in the other corner.

Namhee Kim

I am majoring in Graphic Design and Advertising and I am interested in packaging design, brand identity, illustration, motion graphics. Being an international student, I am exposed to new cultures and diverse groups of people. This has made me adaptable to changes and gaining a broader perspective, especially in the arts. I am always curious about things and enjoy learning. I like to solve problems and fix errors. I am a detail orientated person and I keep my goals and tasks organized to maintain productivity. I am qualified in Photoshop and Illustration, Premier Pro and After Effects. I believe that the skills that I have attained from this dynamic environment define me and I am looking forward to implementing and polishing them in any opportunity that I receive.

The North Face Logo is white mountain range on a black square. The LGBTQ colours have been added.

Nareg Boyadjian

Making statements with minimalistic ideas.

An ad for Jackson-Triggs Wines shows three photos running vertically over a puple background with gold sparkles. Two photos are black and white and show people celebrating. The third photo on the middle shows the wine box product. The text to the right reads "Find Your Conversation Starter."

Nicole Miller

My name is Nicole Miller and I studied advertising and graphic design. As a graphic designer, I draw inspiration from fashion and textiles. As a creator, I strive to develop and implement creative designs for effective communication.

Three cards are placed on a plain background. Two are of illustrations of women in traditional constumes. Their faces are drawn with no eyes or nose. The middle card  shows the reverse and describes in detail a place in Russia called Evenk.

Nikki Sakhizadah

Hi, my name is Nikki Sakhizadah, a graphic designer and visual artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Art and design has always inspired me to take my ideas and feelings and present it in a visually impactful way. As a graphic designer, I like to bring a sense of enthusiasm and charm into my work that makes others feel excited about it too.

An ad for Spotify with the logo at bottom. The background is orange with green circles. A vector illustration of a purple convertible car with type above in purple that reads "Your Daily Drive Geared For You."

Rayan Ahmed

A Graphic Designer who’s passionate and confident to dive into the world of design with a creative and mellow mindset.

An illustration of two young African American males facing the viewer seen from shoulder up. The male on the left is smiling with white teeth that sparkle like his diamond earrings. On the right, the figure has long chin-length braids and does not smile. The text between the two figures runs vertically top down and says "Mellly vs Melvin." There is a a perforated line forming a square in white that intersects both faces at their noses.

Riley Hind

An out of the box creative looking to incorporate my underground style with clean and modern design.

An illustration of a woman in profile with bright pink shoulder length hair on a light pink backgound. She is wearing red lipstick and has a ring in her nose.

Rosemary Waugh

Rosie Waugh is a Toronto-based Art Director and Designer with an affinity for branding. Currently finishing her diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design at Humber College, she is educated in technical and theoretical aspects of graphic design, marketing and advertising. Rosie has a background in Graphic Design, Photography (digital & film), Copywriting and Social Media Management. She finds inspiration in the world around her and believes in being bold, taking risks and standing out.

The designer's website in blue and white. The logo in green "FARD" in the upper left corner. Three blue squares in a row and one blue rectangle with images of the designer peering out from green leafs. Type on these squares are set in white and match the designer's white sweater in each photo.

Saboura Torabi Fard

I design powerful , simple , unique designs that help business reach their goal and find new customers.

An Starbucks advertisement showing a pink drink with the logo on the cup the background is turquoise with green leafs and the large pink text reads "GUAVA PASSION DRINK."

Sena Lee

I am happiest in my career when I can deploy my vivacious, person-centred nature to express myself and collaborate with others. So I found a way as a graphic designer to bring creativity and originality into my daily work. I convey enthusiasm and excitement for my ideas. My leadership style tends to be democratic and flexible in developing human potential. I enjoy helping others to grow as a team and encourage the freedom to create innovative and unique solutions. I motivate my passion for my ideas and beliefs, and I am often insightful in my assessments of team dynamics.

An ad of a purple laptop on a purple background. On the computer screen reads "Security R&D" "Security Solutions, Based on Specific Use-cases" In white type.

Shelly Breslav

An ever-evolving designer with a passion to bring ideas to life. Constantly learning new techniques and tools to help aid the process of realizing ideas. Draw inspiration from history, culture and from the beauty of environments around me. Create content that best suits the client while also incorporating parts of my own style.

A sandwich board outside a café shows a vector illustration of a stylized figure in blue boots drinking from a white cup. The text above reads " SNNNNUUUWW SNUUUUG SNUG."

Soobin Lee

A poster for the Royal Ontario Museum. On a dark yellow background is an illustration of pink, purple, yellow flowers and butterflies circling. The flowers go from the top left to the bottom right.  The text reads "Current Exhibition: Florals Desire and Design."

Sunyoung Yoon

I have a passion in art direction. I have developed a deep knowledge of conceptual problem solving as well as graphic design skills. My degree in fine art provided me the foundation to develop these conceptual skills and merge them into a commercial framework. This balance between fine art and advertising is my aesthetic. I would like to apply my unique perspective.

Purple paint splat on black backround with text "Siruthi Jeyakumar."

Suruthi Jeyakumar

An innovative Art Director and Designer dedicated to exploring creative solutions for diverse concepts.

As Canada Dry Gingerale advertisement showing two women seated, wearing jeans and holding hands. One is of African American decent and one is white. The text that appears in the front of the couple in large white letters reads "Canada is Real Acceptance." Below beside the product shot reads "Canada Dry is made from real ginger."

Victoria Su

Hi, I’m Victoria! I’m a content creator and creative living in Toronto. I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from the University of Guelph and a (soon to be) diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design from Humber College. My passion for creating meaningful work has led me to pursue graphic design, where I can continue to create and problem solve using my talents and marketing experience. I am always interested in trying new things, inspiring others and living a life full of passion and purpose.

A Dove ad of a black line illustraion of a woman with her hand in front of her face. Some dark skin tones are brushed over her arm and shouler. Otherwise whe is all in outline. The text reads "The difference is beautiful. Accept it!"

Viktoria Kirilova

Hey! I'm Viktoria Kirilova. I came from Bulgaria to Toronto 3 years ago, to follow my dream of a successful career in design. I chose to study Advertising and Graphic Design because I have always had a passion for the fine arts, but I wanted to be able to invest my talent in the digital world. And here I found myself. I can say that I am more than happy with what I do. As a designer I love a minimalist and elegant style,a pure concept simplicity in design. As a person, I am colourful, talkative and extremely positive. I am brave, combative and ready to accept new challenges— my coming from the other side of the world proves it. I love challenge and competition; they bring out the best and provoke us to surpass even our wildest dreams. Art is all around me, I love to create and I love to see my thoughts come to life either on the canvas or on the screen!

A black business card with a gold logo of a stylized W and P looking like wings. The other side of the card is shown grey with very small type "Wynter Park" "Graphic Designer."

Wynter Park

I'm a graphic designer who creates futuristic designs through various communication with people. Also, I’m a collaborative designer with a wide range of disciplines including visual design, UI/UX, etc. based in Toronto, Canada.

A photo of a business card front and back on a blue background. The card front is a blue sky with a y in script letter. There is a small airplane to the upper right corner. The back of the card is the sky again with the artist's name and title. Graphic design Yuka Yoshida.

Yuka Yoshida

I am Yuka and originally from Japan. My interest areas are branding, packaging and motion graphics. I have a great eye for detail, technical skills (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Adobe XD, etc), and a great desire for creative perfection. Likes: exploring negative spaces, trying new things for design, seeing something with varying perspectives and getting out with my camera.