Bachelor of Public Relations

Humber’s Bachelor of Public Relations degree prepares students for all aspects of public relations in a variety of sectors including agency, corporate, consumer, government and non-profit. Students learn how to plan, manage and implement a full spectrum of public relations initiatives including social and digital media management, marketing communications, media relations, investor and government relations, international PR, and corporate philanthropy.

Anchored in theoretical and real-life examples, this program features skill-based courses in planning, consulting, research, measurement, writing, social and digital media, photography, audio and video, presentation skills and public speaking, project management, and proposal development. All of our professors are experienced PR professionals who bring their day-to-day experiences and projects into the classroom, offering students a glimpse into communications trends and issues. Industry guest speakers provide further insight into various PR settings and issues. Additionally, students have access to networking, mentoring, and career and professional development from the Canadian Public Relations Society and the International Association of Business Communicators.

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Thesis Defence Night

May 11, 2021 at 7pm EST

Please join members of the Bachelor of Public Relations Advisory Committee, faculty members, industry representatives and fellow students as selected fourth-year student defend their thesis projects.


Our Students

Picture of Abigael, smiling at the camera wearing a black long sleeve shirt

Abigael Zirnhelt

I am a passionate outgoing and determined go-getter who is always looking for the next big opportunity. I have ample customer service experience and am quick at picking up skills. I’m looking for a job in my field which enables me to utilize my skillset as well as learn new things. I like making those around me smile and am searching for a position where I can interact with others on a regular basis.

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Picture of Alexantria, smiling at the camera outdoors. Wearing a rose pink top with red roses.

Alexandra Ricciardella

My name is Alexandra Ricciardella and I am an aspiring public relations practitioner. As I finish my fourth-year in the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Humber College I have been developing strong writing communication and computer skills through course work. My work experience at Sobeys and New Haven Learning Centre has helped me become a team player and an active communicator. Also I have immersed myself in public relations by doing volunteer work at the Canadian Public Relations Society’s Student Committee to build meaningful connections in the industry.

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Picture of Anh, smiling to the camera and wearing a white shirt while holding a jacket.

Anh Nguyen

Hi I am Anh but feel free to call me D.A. I am a conscientious and detail-oriented public relations student with proficient media writing skills gained through training at Humber College. My experience in working on social media platforms and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment can be an advantage in the workplace. I love working with other people even though I am confident in my individual skills.Despite not having years of working experience in the field I hope my positive attitude and work ethics will help me contribute to corporations or individuals who want to build a strong and authentic relationship with their stakeholders.

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Picture of Anna, smiling at the cameraa wearing a pink blouse and a black blazer

Anna Vucenovich

While working towards an honours bachelor degree in public relations I feel I can offer a fresh perspective with my background in social media. As well I am eager to learn and like to bring my positive energy and sportsmanship to any team I am lucky to be a part of.

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Picture of Arefeh smiling at the camera, wearing a black blazer and a black blouse

Arefeh Ghane

Arefeh Ghane (pronounced Are-ruh-fuh Gain) is a vibrant and dynamic up and coming PR professional completing her internship at Edelman Canada in Toronto. With a passion for food travel and advocacy Arefeh enjoys meeting new people trying new things and learning new skills. Arefeh is interested in pursuing specialties in crisis risk and emerging technology.

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Picture of Carleigh, posing with a black long sleeve blouse

Carleigh Gunning

I am a self-motivated enthusiastic aspiring public relations professional with strong communications skills. My previous work experience has enhanced my ability to communicate effectively with others and be efficient with my time in fast-paced work environments. My education has provided me a solid foundation which is allowing me to continuously grow and I am a reliable team player who is excited to further develop and expand upon my knowledge. My bachelor degree in public relations from Humber College paired with my certificate in event management from Mount Royal University has deepened my understanding of the PR world and readied me for the opportunity to further apply my skillset in my oncoming professional career.

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Portrait of Chalista taking a picture with her camera, wearing a red jacket and while blouse

Chalista Andadari

Chalista is a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Humber College who is resourceful and keen to become an asset to your team. Her work experiences at various entertainment PR agencies have allowed her to refine her communication presentation and interpersonal skills. Through working in fast-paced environments she has learned to be adaptable to any situation. Chalista considers creativity in the workplace a key to success - a concept she lives out through her interests in creative writing playing the guitar and film photography. Since the pandemic she has also taken on teaching herself the Korean language so 만나서 반갑습니다!

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Picture of Cheyanne with her arms crossed talking to someone and holding her phone

Cheyanne Christopher

I am a highly motivated and organized Bachelor of Public Relations graduate seeking a professional position utilizing strong communication and writing skills with expertise in:- Social Media Marketing - Branding/ Rebranding - Digital Marketing - Blog Writing - Social Media AnalyticsThroughout my undergraduate education I have been mentored by many professionals who have taught me the importance of integrity and hard work in the PR industry which have allowed me to grow my skills beyond the basics. What drives me is writing and creating content whether that be my own personal blog or social media- however you’re more likely to recognize my work rather than my face as I prefer to work behind the scenes. In an industry as large as public relations I find myself thriving in social media marketing and could say it comes natural as a millennial.

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Portrait picture of Dana, outdoors and posing with a brown jacket and a black, gold and blue Guns N' Roses t-shirt

Dana Rosenfeld

My name is Dana Rosenfeld and I a fourth-year international Public Relations student from Israel residing in Canada. With a long background in sales and retail I have obtained high skills in communications group work and managing a team. I am an artistic soul with a passion for creative writing art and illustrations. I am a hard worker a quick learner and highly motivated. I am looking to gain experience and learn new skills in the field of public relations.

Picture of Ethan, wearing a black vest, white shirt and black tie

Ethan Teclu

EthanTeclu is public relations and marketing graduate with management and salesexperience as well as keen interest in government relations and crisiscommunications. Ethan is originally from London Ontario where he attendedFanshawe College and obtained his diploma in marketing management. Ethan’s workbackground consists of over five years of sales experience in thetelecommunications industry, as well financial experience in the bankingindustry. While in his final year of the bachelor of public relations programat Humber College, Ethan wrote his thesis on an examination of public trust ingovernment communications during COVID-19. In the summer of 2020 Ethan washired as an intern at Proof Strategies Inc for two months, and will bereturning full-time come May of this year. 

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Fariha Shahid

I have over 8 years of experience in customer service and I'm driven by concrete results. I have a passion for learning and I bring a positive attitude to every project!

Picture of Haydn posing in fron of the camera, smiling and wearing a beige suit with a dark/light blue tie

Haydn Sequeira

A trustworthy and hardworking professional who bears insights and experience in media communications has the social personality required to deliver a positive consumer experience and collaborate with coworkers and the versatile skill set necessary to thrive in any work environment. Additional qualities include discipline and tenacity acquired through seven years of being a Royal Canadian Army Cadet.

Portrait picture of Jacob, smiling at the camera wearing a black and red shirt.

Jacob Lippert

Jake is a driven individual who thrives in fast paced environments. He gets satisfaction from a job well done knowing he has made a difference and making new connections. After finishing up his Business Marketing program at Algonquin College in Ottawa Ontario he then pursued a Bachelor of Public Relations at Humber College here in Toronto. An experienced customer service representative with over 10 years in the industry currently applying these skills to a career in public relations. With a strong passion for people public relations customer relations marketing social media brand awareness and retention Jake is an uncommon professional. In his free time you'll find Jake out and about with his dog Bentley exploring the city eating out with friends or up north at the cottage.

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Picture of Jamie, smiling at the camera, wearing a black/brown/white vest with a long sleeve white blouse

Jamie Modlin

Hello my name is Jamie I've been told that you can hear my voice through my writing so let's chat! I am an enthusiastic and creative contributor with direct experience in social media and event planning. I am highly skilled in emotional intelligence and I have a deep passion for brand development and community building. I am optimistic dedicated open-minded and thrive in team-based environments. I will bring a level of compassion and eagerness to every client project or situation that comes my way. My interests include mental health feminism fashion cannabis benevolence and new experiences. If your company/team is looking for a creative good-willed leader who enjoys the unexpected then I am the perfect candidate. Let's chat again soon.

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Picture of Jayde, smiling at the camera wearing a white blouse and a pink salmon blazer.

Jayde Deol

Enthusiastic Bachelor of Public Relations graduate with excellent interpersonal and communication skills who uses superior customer-service aptitude to enhance workplace interactions. Proven ability to work under pressure leveraging accountability with dedication to deliver successful results. Demonstrated commitment to building partnerships and maintaining relationships. Reputation as a motivated team player with a strong work ethic combining organizational skills and attention to detail with integrity and professionalism. Future director of communications for the Canadian Space Agency.

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Portrait picture of Kaitlyn, wearing a black blazer and a yellow mustard blouse.

Kaitlyn Nguyen

Hello my name is Kaitlyn Nguyen a PR student at Humber College who will graduate in May 2021. As for my story I’m an international student from Vietnam who is working to pursue my PR career as a storyteller. I have been practicing and enriching my PR skills and knowledge throughout four years at Humber and voluntary activities and internships. Besides finishing my program and my internship I’m also a marketing and content creator for two other side projects. One is Beyond Tra Da Podcast that focuses on empowering and inspiring young Vietnamese around the world. The other one is International Hub a Canadian platform that connects international students or Canadian students with jobs or internship opportunities in Canada and globally. I believe chances are what we create ourselves by being open to new challenges and experiences. I’m interested in working in the Food and Beverages industry; however I’m open to other opportunities.

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Picture of Kianna, smiling and posing outdoors with a white t-shirt and blue jeans

Kianna Pearson-Houben

An aspiring Public Relations professional with an impressive work ethic and communication skills. I have developed strong social and digital media skills writing skills and oral communication skills. I am an ambitious detail-oriented student with a will to continuously be learning everything about the PR world. Excited to enter the world of PR and apply expand and perfect my skill sets.

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Portrait picture of Kinga, wearing a white blouse

Kinga Nowakowska

Kinga is a creative and result-driven individual with over two years of experience in social and digital communications. Throughout her career she has not only worked with start-ups but also renowned consumer-oriented brands on their marketing and advertising endeavours. Her strong social and digital media skills allowed Kinga to help a range of clients gain online presence and successfully involve the public in business activities.

Portrait picture of Linelle, smiling and wearing a blue sweater

Linelle Griffith-Ray

A Dean's-listed Bachelor of Public Relations student with a unique ability to craft key messages and communication plans which quickly resonate with target audiences and draws upon applicable in-the-field experiences and knowledge of current and emerging trends. A proficient and accomplished writer and innovator who has been recognized with awards and nominations such as Academic Tutor of the Year (2020) Humber Beyond COVID-19: Global Systems Gap Challenge (2020) and the Student Excellence Award (2019 Nominee) for assisting in the educational development of the wider Humber student body. Lastly a Senior Mentor and Facilitator who is able to deliver to large or intimate audiences using variety software systems and who is mindful to communicate inclusivity and corporate concern in their messaging

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Portrait of Maria, smiling and posing with a black blazer and a red tank top

Maria Bastidas

I’m a PR graduate that thrives on communicating and engaging with people. I value the simple things in life but at the same time I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction and hard work. I apply the same thinking in my studies and extracurricular activities because whether you’re connecting with classmates or colleagues you’re creating meaningful relationships that help you succeed long-term. My previous role as a public relations intern let me lead several digital marketing campaigns from start to finish and my current role as a production assistant for Pinewood Toronto Studios further expanded my strong negotiation skills time management skills and social media skills. Outside of work I volunteer with TedXToronto and assist international students with any sort of questions they have regarding life as a college student in Canada. I also consider myself an avid hiker runner and I love the environment.

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Picture of Mikayla, wearing a black turtle neck sweater

Mikayla Pavlovic

I am a hard-working public relations student with strong conflict resolution and communication skills that I have developed through my previous education current studies at Humber College and work experience. Through the public relations degree program I’ve been refining my communication skills and have practiced applying them through service-related jobs. Currently within the service industry everything I do is communication based. Whether it’s selling a customer on beer or training new employees to be successful on the job you need to be able to effectively communicate and build relationships in a professional and effective manner.

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Picture of Molly, outdoors and smilig at the camera, wearing a floral dress navy, red and orange.

Molly Mcgreal

I have over four years of public relations experience. I have taken on many roles in the public relations and communications industry including publicist social media coordinator content creator and talent and event coordinator. I am skilled in human resources event planning customer service communication and social media. I am very detailed-oriented and social media savvy. These skills were developed through my education work and volunteer experience. Having founded my own lifestyle and home goods brand Gemini Moon Shop in 2020 and finding success in it shows I my strong works ethic and self motivation.

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Portrait picture of Michelle, wearing a grey/black blazer with a black blouse

Nhi Michelle Nguyen

Michelle Nguyen tells impactful stories through engaging social media and dynamic content strategies. With previous client work for TIFF TikTok Canada Big Brother Canada and Broken Heart Love Affair she’s also a published writer small business owner and the first in her family to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Picture of Riley, posing in from of the camera smiling and wearing a dark blue shirt with light bluse flowers

Riley Cowling

Riley Cowling is a graduating Bachelors of Public Relations Degree student who is aiming to jump right into the communications field. As well as getting his degree Riley has also received his Advanced Diploma in Public Relations and has worked for 8 months for a work term in the internal comms sector. Following his education he is also extremely interested in public speaking and creative wring. He is a punctual responsible and extremely hardworking individual who aims to please. Riley also has proficiency in Word minor design programs and has done basic work with Photoshop and other video-based editing software. Please see attached Riley’s LinkedIn profile and feel free to reach out to him.

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Picture of Saria, smiling and wearing a blue jean jacket

Saria Aslam

Saria is a creative thinker with a proven ability to evaluate and enact marketing and communication strategies that facilitate growth and engagement. She has four years of experience in the banking industry coupled with education in public relations written and verbal communication and social media management. Saria is passionate about storytelling and building relationships through compelling meaningful content.

Picture of Savannah, smiling and wearing a brown t-shirt.

Savannah Millan

Professionally I am a seasoned customer service representative with more than four years of experience working in a fast-paced office and retail environment. I have excellent administrative and communication skills. Additionally I handle tasks with accuracy and efficiency with a service-oriented mindset. Currently I am a public relations student with strong skills in media and communications. I am known for being dynamic adaptive and a quick learner. I excel in areas such as writing marketing social media and event/project planning. My goal is to gain experience in my field and learn from an organization so I can develop old skills and sharpen new ones. My goal is to further my professional experience and begin to establish myself within the public relations industry.

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Portrait picture of Savannah, smiling and wearing a light red sweater

Savannah Storm

A highly motivated public relations graduate with solid & diverse writing skills gained through education & international studies at Humber College. Experienced in customer service and social media with the ability to work independently and as part of a collective team. Goal orientated and excels in environments that are meticulous to detail and focus on building relationships.

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Picture of Shania, posing and smiling outside, in front of a window, wearing a purple shirt.

Shania Rohr

I am a communications professional with a background in public relations. I have two years experience managing various social media accounts and doing content creation for my clients. I am a passionate individual always looking to expand my industry knowledge. I have strong social media digital and writing skills and am french/english bilingual. My time-management skills are exceptional having been refined through years of balancing competitive sports school and work. I have excellent customer service skills from working in the hospitality industry for many years and have continued to improve these skills through continuous client interaction

Picture of Anna smiling at the camera, wearing a black blazer

Thi Thu An Nguyen

I am a public relations practitioner who loves to tell authentic and compelling stories to build a strong brand reputation and trust. While I would like to develop a career path in non-profit organizations I am willing to take any job opportunities to gain more experience from working in different environments."

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Portrait picture of Victoria, smiling and wearing a beige shirt.

Victoria Rozga

I'm an aspiring communications professional eager to gain further experience in my field. I am passionate about the industry and offer experience in social media influencer marketing and event management. I'm currently looking for an entry-level PR position.

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Picture of Yanisha, smiling and wearing a turtle neck black shirt.

Yanisha Campbell

My name is Yanisha Campbell I am a public relations graduate from Humber College’s Bachelor of Public Relations degree program offering experience in supporting corporate communications public engagement and digital strategy. I am a friendly outgoing people person with a confident resourceful nature and a strong communicator who is knowledgeable.I have well-rounded experience in the areas of event management influencer marketing and social media. As a poised and competent team player and natural leader I thrive in fast-paced environments and have a flair for writing design and research. As a Social Media Coordinator at See Girl Work I have helped develop social media campaigns plan events and create new strategic thinking across the board to optimize performance with all social media activations. I am looking forward to supporting a great team and a forward-thinking company that will also allow me to broaden my experience.

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Portrait of Zane, wearing a grey/black/white blazer and a white blouse

Zane Ramonu

Zane is an enthusiastic creative and conscientious PR professional that specializes in storytelling market research analytics SEO social media marketing influencer outreach and events management. Her interest in telling memorable stories understanding human behavior and solving problems led her to study public relations at Humber College. Over the years she has learned and honed her skills by freelancing for online magazines major brands schools start-ups and non-profit organizations.Superior writing skills with a thorough understanding of social and digital media developed through undergraduate education.Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment proven by my ability to juggle school work with my job commitments.Well-versed in Microsoft Office MailChimp SEO and Adobe Creative Suite.

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