Bachelor of Public Relations

Humber’s Bachelor of Public Relations degree produces graduates who are prepared for all aspects of public relations in a variety of sectors including agency, corporate, consumer, government and non-profit. Graduates know how to plan, manage and implement a full spectrum of public relations initiatives including social and digital media management, marketing communications, media relations, investor and government relations, international PR, and corporate philanthropy.

Graduates have taken skill-based courses that are anchored in theoretical and real-life examples, and accessed networking, mentoring, and career and professional development from the Canadian Public Relations Society and the International Association of Business Communicators.

Our Students

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Mariia Minaieva

With a passion for storytelling and experience doing copywriting on a freelance basis, I am looking forward to crafting compelling stories about brand. Having recent experience with media monitoring for a Toronto-based PR agency, I'm fascinated by the news and media industry. Reliability, curiosity and friendly nature are assets I would like to bring to the work. Above all, I am equally driven in team and solo projects.

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Lauren Eakins

Hi! I'm Lauren. As I finish my fourth year in the Bachelor of Public Relations program, I reflect upon the countless opportunities I've had to showcase my love for writing and oral communication. I currently work at Media Profile and have accepted a position as an Account Coordinator, where I will work for such clients as Google and the City of Las Vegas. I've recently completed a thesis on sexual health communication for students, which has encouraged an interest in healthcare PR. I look forward to embarking on new adventures in this journey of life!

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Katherine McNabb

I am a recent graduate of the Bachelor of Public Relations program at Humber College. As an experienced communicator, student recruiter and writer I have worked in the banking, government, museums, heritage and historical sites, and post-secondary sectors. Through my experiences in fast-paced environments, I've learned to adapt to any situation and am always up to the challenge of learning new skills.  I'm interested in pursuing specialities in emerging technologies and early talent communities.

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Stephanie Orazietti

I'm excited to graduate from Humber College's Bachelor of Public Relations this spring. I hope to work with influencer marketing, social media, and event planning in the beauty and lifestyle industry. I have experience working in cosmetics and brand education and have developed long-standing relationships with retailers and clients. I have also grown social media platforms for small brands and local merchants within the GTA. I enjoy working in groups and believe that collaboration is key to success, and I'm excited to begin my journey in the field of public relations. Connect with me on LinkedIn, and we can chat.

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Brandon Pacheco

I am currently a fourth year Bachelor of Public Relations student at Humber College and have been working part-time at Home Depot for the past three years. The Home Depot has provided me the opportunity to develop and hone my interpersonal skills, work effectively within teams, as well as independently. One of my biggest learnings to date has been the importance of branding and public relations – especially, during these challenging pandemic times. Humber's program has also equipped me with many skills that may be readily applied to this opportunity, such as impactful writing, social and digital media knowledge, along with the ability to conduct effective interviews.

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Gus Lopes

I am an award-winning public relations student and a zealous communications professional. A relentlessly curious individual, I'm passionate about work that inhabits culture and how institutions create connection and trust through strategic communication. During the pandemic, I helped co-charter a non-profit that connects volunteers across Canada and started freelance consulting with local businesses to support their digital communications as they navigated the changing landscape. Over the past year, I have worked for one of Canada's most awarded public relations agencies, executing media relations and social media strategies for some of the biggest Canadian and global brands. Outside of work and volunteering, Gus enjoys cooking, cycling, photography, and occasionally playing the piano, but only as a party trick.

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Andrea Joseph

I'm an out-of-the-box thinker who is always looking for ways to challenge the status quo. I am super excited to bring a new perspective to public relations combining the people skills earned in retail, my Humber education and the multiple internships that made me well-versed in the different areas of PR. I am constantly advancing my creative communication skills and am dedicated to my work!

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Ricardo Fartura

As a soon-to-be graduate of Humber's Bachelor of Public Relations program, I'm eager to take what I've learned to progress as a public relations practitioner. My time in the program provided the necessary experience to grow my natural communication skills. My studies provided me with the opportunity and privilege of interning with Mercedes-Benz Canada, an experience I tackled head-on and will fondly remember. Through passionate storytelling and a love of communicating with people, I look forward to working in a positive environment with fellow team members. I can't wait to see what the future holds! I would also like to thank all of the amazing Humber College professors and my fellow students who made my experience at Humber an enjoyable one. Cheers to you all and good luck in your future endeavours!

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Tuan Hoang Le

I am a communicator with a passion for community service and great storytelling. My boundless curiosity and thirst for knowledge took me halfway across the globe. I am driven and ready for any challenge lying ahead.

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Noor Jamil

I am a highly-motivated and ambitious public relations student with strong communications skills. Through my internships and studies at Humber College, I've developed strong social and digital media skills as well as writing and oral communication skills. Prior to completing my bachelor's degree, I earned certificates in global citizenship and social work which allows me to bring fresh perspectives to my work. With a passion for advocacy, Noor enjoys meeting new people and learning new skills.

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Jacqueline Bailey

Hi! I'm Jacqueline, an aspiring public relations practitioner. I'm passionate about sports, media and entertainment. I'm bilingual (English & French), an effective communicator, friendly, adaptable, creative, attentive, and a cooperative team member.  I'm eager to learn, contribute and help reach team/organizational goals.