Bachelor of Digital Communications

View the wide variety of capstone projects completed by the Bachelor of Digital Communications class of 2021. Showcasing a range of media production and communication skills, student projects range from app prototypes, interactive web sites, digital stories, photography, and short videos, to social media campaigns, e-commerce businesses and podcasts. All projects were independently proposed, planned and implemented by each individual student with the guidance of a DCOM faculty advisor.

DCOM is Sharing Screen...

Picture of a woman in a grey sweater smiling at the camera

Alexa Menard

Animal Crossing: A Comprehensive Study

This comprehensive study aims to explore the impact that video games can have on society through a multimedia analysis of the popular Ninendo Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With gameplay, written content, and other media to enhance the viewer's experience, the study offers an in-depth look at the popular simulation game and its overall success in the past year.

A circular four-ringed logo that features the colours red, green, blue and yellow on a white square.

Alykhan Bashir Hajee

Africa Rising

Africa Rising is a thrilling and unique weekly podcast that focuses on technology in an ever-growing Africa and is hosted by Alykhan Hajee. This podcast discusses and celebrates the many triumphs of technologies such as the Internet, mobile banking services, wifi and various other industries. It also addresses how we can push technology further to connect rural to urban businesses using mobile networks and mobile money. The podcast brings you prominent and influential industry professionals based in Africa as they offer their solutions and thoughts on a better future for their respective communities. Join our conversations on Apple, Spotify and SoundCloud, as we stir the creative and innovative pot for building a sustainable Africa.

Picture of Angus MacMinn, holding up 2 MIDI controllers next to his head

Angus MacMinn

Pixel Groove Connections

Pixel Groove Connections is an interactive, audio-visual livestream. The graphics are created by myself, with music from DJ Club Sandwich. The event's purpose is to simulate the feelings of being at a live physical music event that is not possible to participate in due to the current pandemic.

Picture of Avalon smiling at the camera with a dog hidden in the corner

Avalon Quinn

Carbon Curious

Carbon Curious is a podcast about learning and growing into a more sustainable lifestyle. This four-episode journey focuses on the key elements in living more sustainably and how combatting climate change can start with just one person!

A yellow wall with a photo of the creator in the middle wearing a grey hoodie and smiling.

Bianca Luz Bozzo

Sound + Colour

Sound + Colour is primarily a video based project that aims to explore the relationships, differing perspectives and interpretations of music and colour. The project uses two songs that have different sounds and colour attached to them and shows visualizations of how the songs to appear to the creator. The project then shifts towards using interviews with others to discuss expectations, interpretations, similarities, and differences of the visualizations.

Picture of creator in a light grey turtleneck sweater smiling at the camera and she is throwing up a peace sign on both hands at each side of her.

Christine Caswell

Catching Feelings with Christine

Catching Feelings with Christine is a podcast series that aims to explore the relationship and experiences that people have with a variety of human emotions. Each episode highlights a different emotion, such as happiness, grief, jealousy, anger, and fear. My hope is that these conversations will produce a variety of perspectives and experiences due to the fact everyone has their own unique individual story! By speaking to a multitude of strangers about their experiences, I hope that it will inspire others to want to embrace more vulnerability and openess on their social media platforms, expressing more than just the happy moments. This series will hopefully shed light on what it is to be human, and inspire listeners to own their truth.

Photo of Danica wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a surprised and happy expression

Danica Abrams

The Blank Box

The Blank Box is a completely customizable subscription box service which focuses on self-care and allows consumers to always choose the products right for them. Based on the mood or feeling indicated by the consumer, a list of carefully selected products based on research will be curated for the consumer.

Picture of the creator smiling and holding a clapperboard. The creator's name, Dannielle James, is located in the bottom left corner of the image.

Dannielle James

Beyond Barriers: A VR Experience

Beyond Barriers is an exploratory visual storytelling project, combining 360° content with web development to create an immersive web VR experience. Through a series of videos, viewers are transported into environments where they can see and hear first-hand accounts of living and coping with a mental illness, as told by the participants themselves. The conversational narratives aim to encourage discussion and address the stigma that often surrounds mental illness. The website also provides a list of resources, should viewers feel inspired to reach out about their own mental health, or learn more about the wide range of mental health conditions.

A black background with the white letter "D" in the middle of a blue Zoom square.

David Mihevc


Stresscape is a free student-support application on cellular devices that allows students to interact with people and seek assistance from their school to discuss various troubles or queries revolving around school or life.

A black background with the letter "E" in the middle of a blue square.

Elizabeth Mayorga


ProStuff is a website prototype that allows its users to quickly view all the relevant information about a product that they are interested in. ProStuff aims to reduce the time that its users spend doing research, allowing them to focus on choosing a product that is ideal for them though concise, accurate, and truthful information. If the users already own a product, they can write a review to help other users with similar interests.

Grainy web-cam quality photo with hearts above the head of the horror author and narrator.

Erica Lowe

Hide Beneath the Blankets

Hide Beneath the Blankets is a multimedia horror storytelling experience that recalls the unexplained encounters of a retired paranormal investigator. The project uses narration, sounds, and visuals to showcase and enhance the different aspects of horror stories. Through a self-narrated podcast, and an accompanying website showcasing transcripts and sketches of each story, Hide Beneath the Blankets makes horror more immersive, accessible, and, for lack of a better term, scary! So prepare to Hide Beneath the Blankets in fear!

Picture of a girl sitting who is holding her cat, Leo

Haniya Yousufuddin


Rainbows is an application to help feel positive and motivated throughout the day and is designed to make users feel like they have achieved something. Within the application, users can complete tasks, and post and browse through different motivational/positivity quotes. As users complete tasks, they can earn points as well as a ranking badge to see their personal progress as an accomplishment.

A black background with the letter "D" in a blue square.

Huy-Duc Nguyen

Daily Finance

Daily Finance is a blog web site project that focuses on sharing finance tips and tricks for college students to save and manage money wisely. Through visual images, infographics, animated videos, and blog posts, readers will not only learn about how to manage their daily spending habits, but also how to build a strong financial long-term strategy during their college years.

A man with a bun in his home office smooching his cat and partner in crime, Artemis

Jeremy Visser

Boon and the Blade of the Air

Boon and the Blade of the Air is a piece of immersive, illustrated fiction. The story follows Boon, a blacksmith's apprentice by day and casual thief by night, as he conflicts with the magic-centric aristocracy and comes to terms with his place in a world where magical ability and privilege are one and the same. The short fantasy story blends art with text and includes QR codes for additional content, including an app with a glossary, map and bonus story to pair with the main narrative.

Pine Trading Post logo, which is a pine branch in a brown circle outline with the words Pine Trading Post below

Jheri Jamieson

Pine Trading Post

Pine Trading Post is an online directory of First Nations artists from Six Nations of the Grand River. Through a user friendly directory and social media platforms highlighting different artists and their work, the goal is to create a connection from artist to consumer to expand the understanding and appreciation of First Nations artists and their traditional artforms.

Picture of creator in her pink hoodie throwing up a peace sign at the camera.

Karen Chung

Culture Chats with Kirako

Culture Chats with Kirako is a video series on YouTube that highlights the struggles and challenges that I have faced growing up as a Chinese American. It focuses on my personal experiences and how they affected me growing up. This project was created with the goal of creating understanding and empathy to those in similar positions and to help educate others.

Photo of Keia mid statement wearing a “Tomboy Records” hat. The wall behind her has posters of several hip hop artists:

Kéia Blake


As someone who is extremely passionate about supporting local artists, I've been trying to think of ways to further uplift the Canadian music scene. Syrup is designed as an information hub that simplifies the search to discover new Canadian artists without an overwhelming number of tabs. Support will be shown through using provincially local publications that promote emerging artists and giving artists a platform to easily be discovered to further build CanCon. The application prototype takes you through the user experience as both a listener and artist, while the website features a case study about Syrup.

Lauryn is smiling at the camera wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt and her black, fluffy dog, Olie, is snuggled beside her.

Lauryn Ferkul

Live Wisely

Live Wisely is a smartphone app developed with the aging population in mind and those individuals assisting them. The senior population is growing rapidly, along with the number of caregivers, so the space for assistive technology is becoming increasingly needed. When developing Live Wisely there was a strong understanding of how stressful and overwhelming life can be for both parties. Live Wisely creates a simple and intuitive home base to track and manage all the important needs and tasks that comes with aging and caregiving, while also providing the option to sync accounts to stay connected, organized and safe.

A pink chrome letter Q on a black background.

Madeline Quadrini

Baby Q Radio

Baby Q Radio is a radio show/podcast dedicated to discussing and celebrating women in the DJ and music industry. The broadcast features guests and live music mixes.

Matt is waving at the camera with a starry night sky as the background.

Matthew Emmons

Remember Us

Remember Us is a dystopian graphic novel drawn by hand and completed in Adobe Photoshop and Procreate. It focuses on the main character’s journey into alien territory on his planet and the mysteries he seeks to uncover. The project itself analyzes human society from an outsider’s perspective and grapples with the uncertain nature of our future. The full graphic novel can be viewed on my webpage along with some process drawings, time-lapses, and animations that allow for an in-depth look at the creation process.

A smiling man in front of a brightly lit kitchen.

Matthew Keegan Morrow

Version 3.0.5

Version 3.0.5 is a satirical science-fiction novella set in the not-too-distant future, examining our relationships online, our social media habits, and the not-so -healthy cultures held by tech giants. Eugene is an employee at Neura, the revolutionary VR company on the verge of releasing its fourth iteration. From visiting the “office” to connecting with loved ones, the Neura technology has become the standard for both work and personal communications. When Eugene discovers sensitive information about Neura, he begins to question whether all the convenience and connectivity is actually worth the cost.

A black backround with the initials "MC" in a blue square and the name Melissa Cordi in the corner

Melissa Cordi

It's her Vision

It's her Vision is a multimedia project that includes a collection of interviews from young women who have just begun to embark on carrees in media creative fields. It is a combination of audio and written interviews, along with photography, which tells the story of various young women and their journey to this type of work.

A zoom picture of the author, with the zoom-styled text.

Michelle Leal

The Lies my Screen Told Me

The Lies My Screen Told Me is a journaistic piece about the portrayal of Epilepsy in film. It was inspired by my own journey as someone who lives with epilepsy. This journalistic piece covers the history of epilepsy in film, my story and then interviews with others who live with Epilepsy. This piece is being posted to create conversation and to bring awareness to the effects of false depictions.

Picture of Richelle Kingsland wearing a beret with an Eiffel Tower Zoom background.

Richelle Kingsland

Lust for Luxe Vintage

Lust for Luxe Vintage is a curated online vintage shop by Richelle Kingsland, with an emphasis on timeless, feminine women's wear you can wear for years to come. Inspired by vintage style, her travels to Paris and London, and previous education in fashion, Lust for Luxe Vintage serves as an outlet for Richelle to share her passions of design, style, and photography, while providing a sustainable alternative to fast-fashion.

A black square with an image of a white square box with hand lettering spelling "SB" on it, in a turquoise blue colour.

Shelby Boydell


Hi! My name is Shelby! I’m a curious learner with big ideas, currently completing my final year of the Bachelor of Digital Communications program at Humber College. Over the past four years of completing my degree and working within a variety of dynamic teams on and off-campus, I have continued to grow a deep passion and interest for developing accessible, inclusive, and innovative creative strategies for the fast-moving digital world. You’re more than welcome to visit my portfolio to check out some of my work. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

A black background with a white letter s in a blue square

Susan Tedesco


Alimenti is a multimedia Italian cooking experience. Through video, web and text, readers are able to follow simple recipes that create authentic and delicious Italian meals. All of the recipes included in the Alimenti project have been passed down through generations of the author's family.

A pink square with the initials ‘TN’ handwritten in white. Tsalane Nhanala is formally written on the bottom left-hand side.

Tsalane Nhanala

Sunflower Magazine

Highlighting local creatives while sharing more about them and their journey, Sunflower Magazine started as a passion project, and turned into a final capstone. Sunflower thrives on creativity, inspiring content, and digital storytelling, while also promoting authenticity, passion, and self expression. Alongside interviews that allows creatives to reflect and the reader to learn more, the magazine also contains letters to their younger self, a photoshoot spread, an introduction to every volume, and an attempt at poetry by Tsalane. Come for the art, and stay for the stories.

A black background with the letter "U" in a blue square. "Uriel Hernandez Alvarez" is in the bottom left corner.

Uriel Hernandez Alvarez

Player 5 Studio

Player 5 Studio is a design studio based around the esports and gaming industry that operates completely remote with no physical location. The studio focuses on 5 specific creative services which are graphic design, motion graphics, visual effects, 3D design and web design.

A blonde woman looking at the camera wearing a red shirt and labelled Xana Mills in the bottom left corner.

Xana Mills


Xana Mills is the founder and creator of Glowvine, a direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand. Glowvine's mission is to offer an innovative twist on the traditional candle that is both stylish and sustainable. Glowvine offers candles that turn into planters or they can be refilled with a new candle. The project includes a complete business plan, brand guide, fully functioning e-commerce website and online marketing. Xana pitched Glowvine to the CFE Launch Me competition and won first place with the prize of a grant for $10,000 towards the business.