Bachelor of Digital Communications

Humber’s Bachelor of Digital Communications degree is a rigorous and innovative program that develops digital storytellers who are skilled in writing, visual communication, web applications and social media. Graduates developed business acumen in an environment where creative ideas and methods cross-pollinate. As they were gaining technical competency, they collaborated and innovated with peers, faculty and visitors, building personal communication and networking skills. Intensive lectures and labs provide direction and practical experience, sharpening technical skills and stimulating critical discourse, using student work as a starting point.

Our Students

Purple and black text logo that says "Is that an E-girl" Vani Sharma presents

Vani Sharma

Is That an E-Girl?

"Is That An E-Girl?" is a podcast series focusing on women in the gaming community. Streamed on, the podcast features interviews with women in the gaming and e-sports community to better understand their points of view on the biases present within the community.

Young, Black, female headshot in a black outfit, a gold necklace, in front�of a purple and white background

Tito Oladejo

Dreaming In Diaspora Podcast

The Dreaming In Diaspora Podcast (The DID Pod) is a knowledge community and entrepreneurship podcast, where young, first-generation Africans in Canada who dream of starting a business, can receive inspiration and expertise from successfully established African brand founders. They can then take this information and launch out into the Canadian market themselves, confident and well-informed. This podcast was curated to bridge the knowledge gaps in immigrant entrepreneurship, equip listeners with resources for their next step in business and build a community of dreamers and dream businesses through storytelling.

Stacy sitting on the top of a bench at Humber Lakeshore campus

Stacy Simpson


Mirror8 is an online dance website that enables aspiring dancers (including dancers with disabilities), to attain the necessary resources to help strengthen their performance skills, and heighten their chances of success in their career field.

Logo for save the sharks featuring two sharks on blue background

Sarah LeBret

Sheild the Sharks

Shield the Sharks is an informational social media campaign on shark conservation. The mission is to raise awareness of sharks' declining populations and how that would affect the balance of the ocean. Educating through digital platforms helps combat fearful perceptions of sharks created by the media and instead empowers people to act. Follow this campaign to learn more about sharks and how you can help save them!

Picture of Olivia Iaboni outside on the streets of Toronto

Olivia Iaboni

Travelling the World in 650km2

Travelling the World in 650km2 (or 650to) is a Toronto travel blog featuring international experiences within the multicultural city of Toronto. Through her outings within the city's 650km2, Olivia shows that "travelling the world" in Toronto is possible thanks to its culturally diverse food scene, attractions and events!

Black and white photograph of Meredith holding a camera

Meredith Sykes

What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner? is a food blog and e-book that aims to encourage people who may not feel confident in the kitchen to go ahead and try! With easy to make meals that can be customized to anyone's liking, What's For Dinner? tries to break down the scary barriers of cooking, to show that you can look forward to cooking everyday as your chance to unwind and be creative.

Image of Melody Gorospe

Melody Gorospe


FitnessFlight is a fitness app prototype that allows Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber students to find gym buddies, reserve gym time, register for on-campus fitness classes, learn new exercises, and track their workouts.

Display of multiple photos showing the app concept of Squad Up

Maryam Zaman

SquadUP: A New Perspective to Good Music

Moving to Toronto three years ago, I learned that the city has one of the greatest nightlifes in the country, with electronic dance music being an intrinsic part of the city. SquadUP is a single platform to connect people ages 19+ in the underground house music community, and to promote local Canadian artists innovatively. Users can share their experiences by posting content on their feed or uploading different music playlists, podcasts and even recommend artists. The purpose of SquadUP is to build a community and strengthen relationships, while at the same time giving monetization opportunities to stakeholders and artists. Maryam is also a Multimedia Design & Development graduate, whose portfolio of work can be found here:

Picture of Marley in a green sweater and red hat smiling outside

Marley Sullivan

Dark Year

Dark Year is a five-part audio series exploring the changes to the Canadian performing arts industry throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the social movements of the last two years. Unlike other industries that could easily adapt during the pandemic, the performing arts were unfairly impacted and struggled to change for the online world. I had the opportunity to interview theatre non-profits, a theatre student, a professional artist from Toronto and a local actor to discover the full story of how the industry has been impacted and how the industry is changing moving forward.

Kaye sitting in a car while smiling

Kaye Carandang


Currently completing her final year in the Bachelor of Digital Communications degree program, Kaye Carandang is also a freelance multimedia producer. She specializes in photography, videography, and graphic and web design. While her portfolio is diversified into different industries, her interests gear toward advertising and creative direction. She showcases this through her capstone project #FirstTimeON, a spec campaign for Destination Ontario that challenges people to re-create their most memorable first-time experiences in the province.

Kaitlyn smiling with hands under chin

Kaitlyn Le


Wanderpal is a mobile app designed for those who like to travel and meet people from around the world with similar interests. Travelers can chat and communicate online and map out their destinations. The purpose of the app is to help avoid tedious planning, connect with other travelers from around the world and have the ability to join other travelers' journey while discovering new places.

Screenshot of TheGreater.Me Blog page, showing a website with a variety of articles

Jonathan Baggaley


The purpose of The Greater.Me is to raise awareness on the stigma surrounding men's mental health and help seeking behaviours in response to the rising male suicide rate. The campaign aims to encourage newer health/help seeking habits, and break the long-standing practice of men not seeking help with mental health issues due to the pressure of maintaining a masculine image. By identifying this issue and creating a masculine safe space through the TheGreater.Me PSA on social media, the hope is to achieve the overarching goal of helping men seek mental health help shame-free.

Eventful logo which is an orange E on a calendar icon

Jeremy Bouvet-Lee


Eventful is conceptual platform that focuses on connecting freelance photographers and videographers with event gigs. The project includes a mix of both business and creative components, including a business and marketing plan, along with multimedia components utilizing graphic design, web design, and video editing. An emphasis was put on the marketing strategy of the company, highlighting hypothetical work that could help the platform reach its business objectives. In-depth research on the target market of Eventful also plays a big part in this project, providing rationale as to why Toronto should be Eventful's birthplace.

Circular logo on white background with text "TakesWithJake" and a microphone positioned above it

Jake Kamin

Takes with Jake

Takes With Jake is a local podcast centered around GTA sports teams. The podcast series features interesting discussions with guests who analyze the various happenings within Toronto sports teams. Episodes cover some professional teams like the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as some minor league sports teams in the GTA.

Woman in brown shirt smiling in front of white background

Cristina Nikolic

Where The Boys Are

Where The Boys Are is a short documentary analyzing the exclusion of women in music. Using research from musicologists and interviews with women in the industry, Where The Boys Are seeks to answer the questions of how and why women have been systematically excluded from the music industry.

Christian looking into the camera with a dark background

Christian Gouveia

The Melee Wiki

Despite being twenty years old, Super Smash Brothers Melee is one of the most popular fighting games in eSports today. Filled with videos, infographics, and other visuals, the Melee Wiki acts as an all in one resource to help guide any new player on their journey. Christian can be found on LinkedIn here:

Logo for Blackify Essence featuring the silhouette of a Black woman in profile

Chinonye Olisekwe

Blackify Essence

Blackify Essence is a new and innovative website where Black content creators can come together in a safe community to share, while also providing valuable and helpful advice on how to continue expanding their content/platform.

Amalia is wearing a black sweatshirt and is smiling at the camera in a close-up angle.

Amalia Encalada-Osorio

Orchdea Jewelry

Orchdea Jewelry is a conceptual jewelry brand that creates unique and customizable plant-themed pieces of jewelry that are sustainable and include locally sourced plant trimmings that can be incorporated into one-of-a-kind pieces. The business also focuses on transparency with their customers to help them remain accountable in their efforts to make eco-conscious choices and to educate and provide resources to consumers on how they can start shopping more local and sustainably. The project includes a digital business plan, brand assets, a social media marketing strategy plan and other visual elements in prep for the brand's conceptual "launch".