Media Communications
Our graduates are content creators, designers, marketers, visual communicators, strategists, writers & thinkers – they are multi-skilled creatives!

Their impressive and diverse range of skills are easily transferable in the marketplace.  Eager to tackle real-world challenges, these grads represent the new era in digital media content creation. We hope you enjoy getting to know our grads. Feel free to reach out to them, they’d love to hear from you!







Media Writing

Young women wearing a white off the shoulder sweater posed to the side; head is turned towards the camera.

Sara Abduwayit

I love creating and consuming digital content. My passions include video editing, social media, and photography!

Black & White portrait of a woman from the waist up looking over her shoulder dressed in 1940’s wardrobe

Opeyemi Afolayan

I’m Opeyemi Afolayan, a product designer, art director and brand expert. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I landed in Canada to study Media Communications in 2019; it was there I got my feet wet in the media industry. After 2 years in the country, I think I can officially call Canada my home. I enjoy getting elbows deep in the creative process from conception to execution. My design chops from advertising and marketing have helped immensely in my switch to UI/UX. I enjoy solving problems and coming up with simple solutions. Afterwards, capturing the user experience in a tasteful and thoughtfully crafted package where clean design works well is the frosting on the cake. I've been described as a self starter, resourceful, detail-oriented and reliable. When I'm not working on projects or furthering my design knowledge, I'm either watching Netflix or visiting cool eateries and shooting Instagram worthy foodie pictures.

Black & white head shot portrait of a 20 year old man with a stern look on his face.

Ella Agius

Hey! My name is Ella Marina Agius. I was born in Maui, Hawaii and I now live in Mississauga, Ontario. I love to travel and most of my photography is based off of my favourite memories and places I’ve been. I have always been an artistic person. In my free time I love to sketch or paint. Nowadays I find myself falling in love with learning new techniques on Adobe illustrator, specifically to bring my sketches from paper to computer. I have always worked hard for what I want and I love feeling proud of my work. I strive to continue practicing my creative skills and use them to emphasize my artwork.

A close up portrait in black & white of a man wearing a hoodie looking down.

Lama Alnaem

A visual storyteller. Passionate about photography and videography. She loves telling stories through the camera and works hard to produce high-quality artwork.

Girl with long black hair looking towards camera

Alyan Ahmad

Hello, my name is Alyan Ahmad and I am a photographer based out of Toronto. I am currently completing my studies in Media Communications at Humber College. I have always had a passion for taking photos. As a child, I would beg my parents to take me to the store and buy me disposable cameras and I would spend the day taking photos of my family. Over the years, the camera equipment got fancier but my passion for capturing moments remained. In the course I learned many new photography and cinematography skills and techniques which I will apply to my future work.

Picture with text "Power to the people"

Verdah Ansari

Verdah Ansari, also known digitally as RVSE, is a graphic designer and a photographer who's aspiring to specialize in the music industry to aid artists in developing their visual identity.

A man wearing a bright blue suit sitting on large royal-looking bright red chair. Man’s face in hands.

Gerome Antolin

I'm a portrait and lifestyle photographer. I love taking pictures of people and fashion, especially streetwear. My goal as a photographer is to provide a fun and comfortable experience for anyone I shoot with.

Two letter A’s flipped symmetrically on top of one another with a blue and red gradient background

Adam Askett

My name is Adam, I'm a graphic designer with a passion for all things marketing and branding. For the past four years I have been strengthening my design skills at Humber, taking parts in various programs and countless projects. With the knowledge and experiences I've gained, I am excited to start my career in the media industry.

A model wearing avocado socks sitting with in a small enclosure with her feet propped up on the wall

Abe Bailon

Hello there! My name is Abe Bailon and I am a highly motivated photographer specializing in fashion and lifestyle photography. I am looking for opportunities where I can showcase my skills and work alongside creative people. I started my journey in photography in 2011 as a hobby and decided to pursue this hobby as my career in 2017 as a freelancer. I have shot multiple aspects of photography ranging from models, events (weddings, birthdays, religious conferences), landscape, and corporate headshots. Besides photography, I like to invest in social media because I believe this is the best way to build one's brand. I enjoy combining my skills in photography with my knowledge in social media to create an online presence for upcoming brands. Oh also, I love drinking green tea!

A book design showing the front and back. Cover has a bowl of food and the text reads What’s Cooking in Guyana

Raksha Balkissoon

I am Raksha, an International student from Guyana, South America. I've worked as a Graphic Designer in the media industry. I also created signage in my earlier time creating vector logos using Corel Draw and Photoshop. I'm proficient in Adobe software such as Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Corel Draw. I'm also proficient in photo and video production, editing and web design.

An animee character illustration. Warrior with red hair with watermelon slice on top and green clothing.

Shieka Barrett

I am a passionate and creative individual who loves to draw and showcase her ideas. My hobbies are playing video games and watching anime. As an artist, I have great skills in being detail-oriented. I use Adobe Creative Suite in the production of my work. I enjoy any tasks that let me use my creative side.

Sneakers, black and red, tied together and hung up on the rim of a basketball net.

Ariel Baybayan

A professional content creator who has a passion in photography. Ariel has a goal to one day work for Nike in their Photography and Marketing department and is currently working hard to hone his craft.

4 cell phone screens showing fitness app mockup design

Nooshin Behyan

My name is Nooshin, a UI/UX designer based in Toronto. Currently, I'm looking for UI/UX design job opportunities. I offer six years of experience in the Web and Graphic Design field. As a BA graduate student in Graphic Design and a current student in the Media Communications field I am proficient in: designing user-friendly products from wireframes, creating high fidelity prototypes - Figma, Adobe XD, Invision and Sketch. Proficient in applying design thinking methodology - Adobe Creative Cloud Apps (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign), working with Webflow, Shopify, wordpress, HTML and CSS. I have a great passion for user experience design. I’m putting my focus on designing apps and websites in order to have a positive impact on human centered technology. I'm eager to develop my skills and knowledge in this field.

Close up of an eye with saran wrap and red makeup.

Martese Bellizzi

As child I was enthralled by the arts, and the opportunities they provided me to express myself. Nobody told me directly, that my passion would lead me to be nothing more than a starving artist, but when it came time to apply for College/University I could tell that my portfolio and audition did not impress my teachers the way a classmates’ application to a business or science program did. It was only after I transferred into Humber that I realized my hobbies have value. I am thrilled to have spent the past few years learning about media and developing my skills as an artist, focusing on photography, writing, and graphic design. Humber gave me the tools to elevate my art in a way I never thought possible, and allowed me to create the art you see before you.

Head and shoulders self-portrait of a man with a mustache, black leather jacket and red top.

Alexy Bérard

Ever since I was young, I've had a relatively short attention span, a ton of curiosity and a knack for spontaneity. Following my time at University, I decided to change paths and study in a field in which I was truly invested. Humber college allowed me to get involved in the industry I truly aspired to belong to. Through my website, I hope that I can make clear my passions and aspirations and highlight the abilities I have built over my education and work experience.

A girl in front of blue background holding a large bouquet of yellow and white flowers in front of her chest.

Sharie Bernido

A young professional who is eager to enter the Digital Media world to showcase fresh new skills and ideas. Sharie is passionate when it comes to photography and graphic design. She is progressively working on building her network in social media marketing, branding and content creation!

Lemon Tarts displayed on a wooden board and gingham tablecloth and decorated with lemon wedges and eucalyptus.

Ema Blazic

A young Media Communications professional with a focus of interest in digital design, social media, and content creation. Ema is currently a social media intern building her network in the field. I hope you enjoy my portfolio!

5 drink cans with brightly coloured logo design

Sara Boulay

Sara Boulay is a young professional with a love and enthusiasm for everything media. Her passions include graphic design, writing, and photography. She is looking to build her network in search of future job opportunities. Her goal is to use her platform to empower people of every gender, race, sexuality, and size. Feel free to reach out!

A close up shot of a man’s face applying clown makeup.

Luca Brunato

Luca hopes to bring his skills to the public sector and/or companies who wish to focus their communications on becoming greener and more sustainable. Graduating previously from Toronto Film School with a diploma in Acting with Honours, Luca is a professionally trained public speaker and presenter. In the Media Communications program at Humber, Luca has honed his skills of photography and videography while also learning new skills- including web design, Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) and strategic media writing. This has allowed Luca to move forward as a more well-rounded and creative communications professional. Luca’s favorite part of the Communications industry is the emphasis on collaboration and being part of a team unit that works together to solve problems and create storytelling opportunities. Looking to the future, Luca hopes to continue building his network with people from various backgrounds in Communications and those that also focus on environmental communications.

A black and white side portrait of a man’s head in dark silhouette with grey background.

Leonardo Gonzalez Bruno

I'm a Toronto/Vancouver-based photographer, designer, and web developer. My passion for creating content started when I was young and now I can call myself lucky because it's what I do for a living. During my studies, I have obtained knowledge and experience in the media communications and marketing areas. I continue to develop skills such as media marketing, film photography, web design, strategic writing, and more. Those skills have helped me during my academic and personal life.

Black and white portrait of a girl seated on a skating rink. Displayed as a layered double exposure.

Larissa Camargo Furlanetto

I'm a strong-willed woman! Always pursuing better ways to get the expected results and bring creativity into action. Pushing ideas is my motto, using them strategically is my goal, making them tangible market opportunities is my talent. After entering the Media Communications program, I discovered my passion for photography. Therefore, I'm developing this skill to capture human expressions, hidden feelings and candid moments through my Fujifilm XT-30 lens. Recently, I got accepted for an International Placement Program in FUA (Florence University of Arts, Italy), I'll be working on a Video Production project until I graduate. Currently, I'm searching for an Art Direction mentor and aiming for professional growth in this career path.

Girl reading a book on sofa with a fairy in the background forest.

Vitoria Dayane

Since I was a teenager, I have always been very interested in photography and video, editing was a natural progression of my hobby. I had a teen’s blog and learned how to customize it using HTML and CSS by myself. As a self-directed learner, I learned a lot on my own and found myself doing several designs and editing jobs, such as basic logos, restaurant menus, and flyers, for free to my friends and relatives. So, I thought, why not improve that skill and pursue a career that I really enjoy being in? Now, I am graduating from the Media Communications Program and I am thrilled to be working in the field of my dreams. When I'm producing visual media, be it videos, designs, or photography, I engage, dedicate, and don't see the time go by. I look forward to extending my creative passions to all of my client projects.

A person in a dressed as a ghost wearing glasses and lying on a bed of leaves.

Cole Cespite

I am a fashion and animal-loving media communicator that has big ideas, and an even bigger appetite for creation. I specialize in creative and product photography, advertisement design, and video production with an interest in editing which has been honed through years of freelancing. I use a Nikon D5600 for my images and frequently utilize the strengths of the Adobe Suite to enhance my work. If you like what you see, contact me!

Several cell phone screens displaying protype designs for a food app.

Jay Choi

I'm a digital minimalist who fell in love with UX design. A good UX design can make both the user and the brand rich. Then how do we achieve a good UX design? I found the solution in the minimalistic design approach. Minimalism plays a big role in my life. Before I take any design projects or life decisions, I ask myself a question, "What's the core purpose?" By decluttering thoughts and distractions that are blurring the vision from finding the core purpose, I take the right direction in design and life. I use my free time wisely by studying design theories, software and coding. Once I gained the ability to self-teach, problem-solving skills followed naturally. Now I can not only design stunning websites but also publish them online. Becoming a minimalist UX web designer is an ongoing goal in my life. And I'm very excited to take that first step.

Several cell phone screens displaying yellow and grey protype designs for a kitchen app.

Yera Choi

Yera Choi is a Graphic and Web Designer with strong media skill sets. She presents thoughtful design solutions to assigned projects based on a deep understanding and strong analysis of problems. Yera has a high understanding of web design skills, competence in graphic design tools such as Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, and also has background knowledge in broad media and art including photography and videography. As a Media Communications student, her greatest strength is her experience with various Adobe software and the ability to utilize it in an integrated way. Yera is currently finishing her diploma in Media Communications and hopes to intern in the web and graphic design fields.

Small clear bottle with soft pink flowers behind

Brooklyn Colwell

Brooklyn is a creative professional and a recent graduate from the Media Communications program at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. Brooklyn’s career-related aspiration is to be a “digital designer” in the multimedia industry as her passion lies within photography, graphic design, and creative writing.

A collection of white daisys with one more prominent that the others.

Nathan Cooper

Based in Toronto, my design career stemmed through developing competencies in process. My studies have ranged from English to fashion, film to culinary - spanning the possibilities of content creation. Influenced by content from an equally vast scope, whether photography, logo, graphic, fashion, so on and so forth - making content mirror the puritan being + nature. The equitable realities to ethical ramifications of content development are such a prevalent proponent in society's workings it's with integrity and caliber that message is delivered.

A mason jar holding water and flowers, with a woman’s hand wrapped around it.

Ivana D'Angelo

Hi, my name is Ivana D’Angelo. Over the course of my two years at Humber I was able to develop and strengthen my skills in Adobe CC, excelling in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, XD and Final Cut Pro X. I have a passion for content creation, photography, and video editing. This past year I’ve developed a very minimalistic way of designing. I like to create simple yet eye catching pieces, and I try not to make any of my work overpowering to the eye. After working through such an interactive busy program, during such strange and trying times, I have not only learned how to manage multiple important tasks and projects at once, but also how to get in touch with my creative side to produce the best work possible.

A close up of several cell phone screens showing different websites.

Aidan Dennehy

Aidan Dennehy is a Toronto-based Creative Director. He has experience with Web Design, Full-Stack Development, SEO, UI/UX, Graphic Design, Public Speaking, Coaching, Videography, Photography, and Podcasting. His passion is creating simple user experiences. Get in touch, and we can make something cool.

An image looking down a narrow road with fall colour trees

Adrian Di Nardo

My name is Adrian, I am an aspiring Film Editor and upcoming Photographer. I wish to work in the entertainment field in the video, editing, or promotional side. All my life I've loved tv and movies as they inspire me to learn more in this ever-changing field.

A drummer drumming on a brightly coloured drum wrapped in red and green LED lights.

Kevin Do

Kevin Do is a dedicated media writer, spending countless hours deliberating on each word that lands on the page. He believes that messages need to be carefully crafted one meaning at a time and chained together to create endless possibilities. It’s easy to get lost when there are a million stories to be told and a million ways to tell them. Guide your audience to where you want to lead them with his help.

A black and white composite photo of three images: wave, face and person standing

Colin Duff

My name is Colin Duff, I live in Vaughan, Ontario. I have worked as a photographer and videographer since 2019. I purchased my first digital camera when I was nine years old which started my journey of exploring the world of photography. For the longest time, my passion was nature photography, but after completing the Humber College Creative Photography program, I discovered an even greater passion for portraiture and creating composites. From 2019-2021, I attended Humber's Media Communications program. It was in this program that I developed an interest in videography. I started creating promotional videos, documentaries, public service announcements (PSA’s) and short stories. One example on my website is a short documentary about Severn Lodge at which I worked during the summer of 2020. It shows the beauty of the Lodge and the surrounding vistas in a creative and educational perspective.

Poster with a brain and words Head Right repeated on a yellow and black backgrounds

Megan Ellis

Megan Ellis is a creative currently based out of Toronto. She grew up in a small town 2 hours from the city. She learned from a young age that she had a passion for many creative mediums and gained media skills in high school. She worked diligently to make the move and learn more about her passion in the Humber Media Communications program. Megan found a love for all design, specifically brand identity, and is working everyday to become the best creator she can.

A close up headshot of a woman looking into the camera with hand near the face.

Helena Ferreira

Hi there, I'm Helena! My passion for creating content for digital media has brought me to move to Canada to study Media Communications, and I have learned so much throughout this journey. I was born in Brazil, and my first language is Portuguese. Back there, I started to study English when I was 9 years old because I wanted to understand video games. Computers have always fascinated me, and as an artist, I found my talents within Graphic and Web Design, Videography, and Photography. Feel free to check my website to see some of my work!

A girl sitting on a staircase smiling

Francesco Filippone

An aspiring videographer/video editor who is passionate about telling stories. I am tremendously passionate about hockey and hope to combine my skills and knowledge, in order to film for local teams; such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, or potentially be involved with the MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment). My skills in Adobe XD, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign are coherent and efficient. In addition to this, I have experience with photography and building websites.

A close up shot of a yellow flower with dew drops

Keith Flores

Keith Flores is an entrepreneur who specializes in videography, photography, and graphic design. On the side, he also edits music, plays instruments and sings, periodically uploading his works on YouTube. He has worked on commissions in the past; his most notable work is creating a commercial for a product in the Minecraft Marketplace. Ever since, he actively looks for commission work for both online and in-person clients, hoping to start up a business in the near future. Keith has graduated from the Media Communications program at Humber College in 2021 and from Holy Trinity Catholic High School in 2019 under the Honour Roll with a Specialist High Skills Major and awards.

A split image with hand bags on left side of frame and a model laying down on the right side of frame

Jaemilyn Gavino

My name is Jaemilyn Gavino, I'm a multimedia producer, specifically specializing in graphic design and photography. I'm currently freelancing and interning at two companies! I would say that I am very imaginative and through that I was able to find a career I would be passionate in.

Four small round illustrations depicting movie posters.

Hannah Gill

I am a junior designer, soon to be a Humber Media Communications graduate. Being a designer has enabled me to reinvigorate my creative side and branch out into many different forms of digital creation. I’ve had over 10 years experience in the horse industry which has given me perseverance, ability to work in any environment and I’m not afraid of getting mud on my hands. When I’m not hunched over my laptop recreating the Viper from Battlestar Galactica, I’m out in the cold doing extreme cowboy with my horse, Decker.

Three cell phone screen views showing the design of a self-care app

Jasmine Guye

A young professional who is willing to grow with the world and its technologies in a strategic way, while creatively solving problems with innovative solutions. I am a UI/UX, Web and Graphic Designer who is currently building my network in those areas and willing to learn and develop in many more aspects of this communicative field. I would love to keep in touch!

Black and white line drawing of a logo with letters D & H.

Danny Hassan

I am a freelance content creator and visual storyteller based out of Toronto Canada. I found my passion for storytelling at a young age when I received my first camera as a gift. I loved the process of documenting everything and everywhere I went. Later in high school I took some media related courses and realized that this was something I wanted to make a career out of. In 2019 I attended Humber College for Media Communications. The Program taught me everything from web, graphic and UX design to film, photography and marketing strategies. My goal is to start my own business and travel the world telling stories in different corners of the earth and showing people untouched paths of life.

Woman with fur coat posing looking up.

Taisa Shko

My name is Taisa Shko, a soon to be graduate from the Media Communications program at Humber. Throughout the two years of this program I have learnt so much about myself and have developed interests I didn't know I would actually like. Going into the program I knew web design was not going to be for me yet I learned that I have enjoyed the aspect of marketing and photography but graphic design is my most credible. One day I'd like my future job to include the three aspects stated above, I believe they are my strongest traits. I have recently looked into many graphic design and marketing companies and hope to one day work for a known business within the field. Currently, I work for, The City of Toronto and wish to pursue my dreams in the near future.

A brand guide including blue truck, logo with unicorn, menu, and a food truck skin design for the catering company.

Iryna Kalashnik

Hi there! I’m Iryna Kalashnik. A multi-talented creative graduate with a background in media communications and a problem solver up for the challenges modern-day business has to offer. In my work, I focus on intentional design, strategic copywriting, intuitive websites, and telling meaningful stories through photo and video content.

Three cupcakes with santa and Christmas holiday decorations. Sugar snow is falling on cupcakes.

Can Kar

Can Kar is an experienced media graduate. He worked in an American olive oil company as a social media manager and content creator for 2 years. He took numerous online courses including Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign and Digital Marketing. Then he enrolled in Media Communications at Humber College to get a more comprehensive education. He voluntarily works as a camera operator and video editor in Turkuaz TV, which is a program broadcasting on OMNI, for 2 years. He project-based worked in Recro Digital Marketing in Toronto as a photographer and set assistant. He also works as a freelance photographer.

Two small toy dolls sitting on a dollhouse sofa with a red heart light in the background.

Jasmeet Kaur

Knowledgeable Social Media Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, communication, analysis and other analytical tools such as Adobe. I view myself as a responsible, creative, active and punctual person. I accept challenges, and am ready to learn. I am outgoing, a viable listener, a leader and a decision maker. I value working under pressure in order to solve problems and achieve goals.

Black & white portrait of a man sleeping face down in bed under the covers.

Gurmeetsingh Khasariya

I’m Gurmeetsingh Khasariya aka Clicker Singh. I was born and raised in India but currently reside in Toronto, Canada. I’m currently studying Media Communications at Humber College. Design, Photography, and Videography are my main focuses. I’m a lifestyle, fashion, product, and portrait photographer with a knack for storytelling. My unique perspective in the creative industry is to play with colour aesthetic and derivative in my style. Storytelling is a key element which I emphasize most through my artwork. I believe that a creative person can learn anything from anywhere. The learning process of a person never stops. I like to collaborate with people and learn from them. Likewise, I like to express new ideas with creative elements and tools. More than a photographer or designer I call myself an Editor because it plays a vital and equal role when you’re showcasing your artwork.

Dark red image of a girl letting her hair down

Diana Kiriiainen

I’m a detail-oriented junior graphic design specialist with experience building good-looking brand identities and products. I thrive on improving a brand’s customer experience by building strong visual connections and creating outstanding storytelling designs. My main rule is to learn something new each day. Before the pandemic I enrolled at Humber to study design. I then started working as a freelance designer, helping small European-based businesses and entrepreneurs to be visually outstanding, recognizable and build customer relationships. I’m sure design is one of the most important parts of every business and I’m passionate to be a part of it.

Portrait of a woman waist up, with sunglasses against a vibrant yellow background.

Hyebin Kwon

A visual storyteller with multi-creative skills. Hyebin is a new media expert dedicated to photography, graphic, UI/UX design and content creation.

Close up black & white portrait of a 20 year old man looking up.

Ryan Lanteigne

A well-rounded and positive individual ready to contribute to any team. With a background in both Business Management and Media Communications, I will be able to make a difference immediately upon entering the workplace. Excellent communicator with a forward-thinking mindset.

Berry tarts and berry bowl of fruit on a wooden chopping board and brick wall in the background.

Nick Lauretani

As the Social Media Editor for a Professional Medical Journal, I have developed team building, strategy and enhanced social media skills. Alongside my Media Communications diploma, my skills have been honed to enter my preferred career within the entertainment industry. As part of my course, I will complete an internship with Stamina Group Inc, which will help solidify my skills. My internship provides experience as a social content producer, copywriter with on-camera work, as a host of events. During my diploma, videography is where I excelled. This was also the case with photography and graphic design. My communication skills also extend to the written word, particularly for digital media. My career to date within the social media world, including my internship and diploma, has solidified my creativity and passion for digital communications. My skills, experience and enthusiasm make me an ideal candidate for positions within the media and entertainment industry.

Black and white photo of tangled telephone poles and wires.

Donghee Lee

Currently Seoul-based photographer, videographer, and designer. Capturing the moment is one of the most important parts of my work. I feel strongly about making photographs and videos that I can connect with.

Woman with black dress lying on bed holding a wine bottle and looking at camera.

Yeeun Lee

Hi, This is Yeeun Lee. I love looking deeper into the world through different perspectives. My camera is the tool I use to explore my vision. I seek ways to make life fun and happy with new people and environments. When I see a moment that inspires me, I use my camera to capture the mood. I have professional knowledge in photography and technical skills in various Adobe softwares.

Statue in water posing while water is falling around it.

José Lemos

My name is José Lemos I am a content creator studying in Humber College's Media Communications Program. I'm a photographer, VFX artist and I have a passion for the work that I do on a daily basis. I've been a content creator on the YouTube platform for over 10 years!

An orange logo with letters JAITO on a solid yellow background

Julika Lugg

Born and raised in Toronto, Julika is a creative with expertise inprofessional writing, design, photography and videography. She creates content that isinspired by her heritage and culture. After completing the Media Communications programat Humber in 2021, Julika is currently in pursuit of receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in DigitalCommunications to further expand her knowledge in the industry.

A composite image of a moose and bear looking up at a spaceship in a starry sky

Zhijing Luo

I am passionate about videography, photography, and design. Getting out of my comfort zone to experience different things is how I find inspiration and explore my creativity. Most art forms require a contribution from the observer, and I am an observer.

A black and white photo of a man looking up towards a light.

Jarret Maglayo

I'm a photographer and videographer based in Brampton, Ontario. Content creating has been a long-time passion of mine and I love working on projects related to fashion, arts, and entertainment. While photography and video are my main areas of expertise I am also well-versed in graphic design and writing. I am constantly learning new things that help me create amazing content and I hope that through my work I will be able to define myself as a talented creator within the industry.

Woman dressed in black holding her neck with two hands. Dramatic studio lighting.

Mariolya Maksymiw

Hi, my name is Mariolya. I am a storyteller, a creative problem solver, a multi-media professional. I’m interested in the space where art, culture, justice and technology intersect. I’m curious, open-minded, and adaptable. I am detail-oriented and not afraid of a challenge. The most valuable lesson I have learned while being in school has been to fail meaningfully, take risks and be fearless in my endeavours because in order to get better at anything you need to be okay with taking a few hits. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day, and I am no different. This mindset has helped me grow tremendously not only as a creative but also as a human being. I love telling stories through the written word and photography and I am actively improving my video production and design skills. I am also continuously building my skills in Adobe CC, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro, Adobe XD, and InDesign.

Black and white close up portrait of a girl resting her hand on her chin.

Elizaveta Maslova

Media Communications & Public Relations Expert. I’ve been into Marketing long before starting my education. I’ve been doing Social Media Marketing campaigns for fashion agencies and been hosting my own blog on this topic. I am passionate about Marketing and about this industry in general. I constantly search for meaningful insights and ideas in this area. What is more, I always read the news and track marketing campaigns of huge corporations. This helps me to generate new ideas and extract meaningful insights.

Multiple exposure of a bird, clouds, sky and figure in baseball cap.

Aiden Mcgovern

Hey! My name is Aiden McGovern a.k.a., Ampact. I am a proud graduate of Humber's Media Communications program. My main interests include graphic design, photography, and writing. I couldn’t be happier breaking into an industry that seems to hold a bright future. Some of the skills I would like to improve on in the near future are, video editing, script writing, film making and expand on my camera skills. I find myself most passionate whenever I am in creative environments with like-minded, highly collaborative individuals who love to find new ways to make stories more compelling, intimate, emotional and of course ‘ampact-ful’. As someone who is not only passionate and involved with fitness, I am also very involved with music and often times find myself in environments with some of the most fit & creative people I know, which is great for developing content. I cannot wait to grow! Follow the links to my work!

Close up side portrait of a man in silhouette in looking into the distance with a bright blue background.

Jhon Marcos Mena Perez

I have skills in photography, photo editing, video production and social media marketing. While working on various Media Communications projects that involved video production and photoshoots, I have developed planning and video shooting skills. When it comes to photo and video editing, I am detail-oriented with an eye for presentation. I am skilled with various software including; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Adobe XD, and InDesign. I am a fast learner, self-motivated and hard worker who is always looking to learn something new. I am a highly reliable individual and strong team player.

Three multi-coloured cupcakes on a white plate

Suzannah Mitchell

My name is Suzannah Mitchell, I'm 20 years old. I was born and raised in Ontario and grew up in Orangeville Ontario. My passion is photography and videography. As I am still learning, the work I create is very important to me as it reflects my story as I continue to grow. Please enjoy my photo and linked portfolio.

Urban city street scene of cars and road

Taih Morgan

Hi, My name is Taih. I really enjoy graphic design and social media marketing, I would really enjoy working in that field in the future.

Two woman in cultural attire sitting close to each other.

Colin Muir

A young portrait photographer who strives in bringing out the beauty in everyone in front of the lens. His goal is to provide photography services to people looking for business portraits, outdoor portraits, street photography, and more. With his style of photography, he hopes to do something new to change the way people look at photography. Whether it be through the NFT space or the traditional route, he will always find a way to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Girl with hair in a bath towel looking at the camera

Tasya Muley

Hello! My name is Tasya Muley, I studied Media Communications at Humber College. I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and moved to Canada when I was 8 years old. I would describe myself as a confident and hard worker. I have always been passionate about all things media related. I am a little shy, but its definitely something I am working on everyday, as well as my social and communication skills. The Media Communications program at Humber has helped me to find that I am most passionate about Public Relations, Social Media Strategies and Marketing Campaigns. I am creative, initiative, am able to plan my schedules, and have skills in both communicating and writing.

A pair of Nike running shoes on a black background lit with dramatic theatrical lighting

Daniel Pangalilingan

Communications professional with a passion for creativity in the digital world. His strongest skills are in photography, graphic design, and videography.

logo design with letters KP in a lossly drawn circle

Kayla Pantas

A young professional with a fresh perspective and a passion for what she does. She is currently building her network in sports broadcasting, journalism, and content creation. I would love to keep in touch!

Two cell phone screens showing an app design prototype for a fitness company.

Hayoung Park

I'm a UI/UX and Graphic Designer. I'm also interested in creating interactive web. I'm currently working on personal UI/UX design projects and interactive web. I'm good at supporting teams with creative ideas and fast-learning skills to complete tasks. Besides, as a Media Communications student, I have acquired various skills. I have experience with graphic design and video editing and knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, HTML, CSS, WordPress and Javascript. I also have a proficient understanding of the designing process.

Closeup of purple flower on black background

Kieran Payne

My skills revolve around videography and photography. I started both of my best skills in the 11th grade and I've been sharpening them at every every opportunity. With videography, I shine with editing compilations, montages and commercial type videos. I like working with people to help them grasp the kind of shots they would like in their video and how they want their montage or compilations to be edited. In photography, I specialize in capturing scenery. I like taking pictures of the environment and industrial sites at different angles, slanted and long shots, that capture the entire scene. Overall, My skills have helped me succeed through my Humber program and I'm 100% confident that they will also help me seek success in the industry!

Black and white logo with letters LP

Levi Post

Hey there folks, I’m Levi Post, a musician and multimedia artist from the Ottawa Valley. Here you can find my website and get a sense of the work I've done over the last few years while attending Humber. When I started the Media Communications program, my whole goal was to somehow meld my two loves of media and music together. Now, I believe that not only I’ve figured out how to meld them, but that I can now utilize both hand-in-hand to bring people together. Thank you.

Man walking between two tall buildings wearing a yellow robe.

Maddy Quail

Maddy is a Toronto born and raised social media marketer with talent for both sides of the camera. She studied media and history at University before attending Humber for Media Communications. Her strengths lie in her ability to create engaging and attractive content for brands while balancing her work, school and fitness forward lifestyle. Maddy’s core values are integrity, accountability and authenticity.

A mysterious man holding a katana over his shoulder at sunset

Gurdeep Rai

Gurdeep is a young professional that takes pride in pushing the boundaries of his creativity. Through videography and post-production, he demonstrates a mix of excellent storytelling, micromanaging, and initiative skills. With over two years of experience in recreational and professional content creation, Gurdeep is sure to impress. I would love to stay in touch!

logo in red and black, portraying initials r and m overlapping.

Rebecca Rashev

Young professional with a passion for content creation that makes a difference. Focused on graphic & web design, UI/UX and photography. Rebecca is currently building her portfolio and network in STEM, knowledge-sharing and story-telling. Please don’t hesitate to connect with me!

Croissants cooling on a rack with the New York Times and a cup of coffee, coffee beans scattered around.

Kassandra Kenny

A young media communications professional with a background in the tourism industry. Kassandra is currently building her network in content creation, social media marketing and video editing. I would love to hear from you!

A women in her 30’s wearing a winter parka looking slightly off camera angle.

Sergio Saav

Hello, I'm Sergio, and I consider myself a person who believes in challenging what’s possible. I think that hard and smart work beats inspiration, and that truly understanding problems is the first step to bringing insights into the design of creative/effective solutions. Change is the only constant and ideas are the catalyst, so I'm ready to bring my own and be a part of something extraordinary. I'm able to combine my previous experience in Digital Marketing and Advertising with the creative skills learned at Humber College as a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, front-end web developer. I see myself in the near future as a creative/art director in a bold creative forward company for exciting brands.

A cartoon illustration of a young girl dressed in red pock a dot ballerina clothes with a blue beach ball.

Ayesha Yasmeen Shuja

I am a Media Communications representative, Graphic Designer and Digital Content Creator. I operate functions like digital illustrations, magazine design, web design, social media promotion, photography and After Effects. My main interests are handling digital marketing content creation for social media accounts, campaigns and product promotion and advertisement.

Logo with sky and clouds. Caption: at my best I'm a vessel for my Shepherd

Louis Simonin

An enthusiastic Photographer and Graphic Designer with an undeniable passion for content creation and my belief in God. I am currently developing a network with small businesses and like minded individuals. I would love to keep in touch and am open to all forms of collaboration.

Three donuts stacked on top of each other on a red background with chocolate chunks and sprinkles.

Harkirat Singh

My name is Harkirat Singh, I’m a Graphic Designer. I create awesome print and web designs. I define myself as a loyal, adaptable, ambitious, self-motivated, confident and a down to earth person. I breathe, eat, and live design. I also speak 3 languages English, Punjabi, and Hindi, how cool is that? My passion for design is much more than sitting in front of a computer and making ugly things looks beautiful, design is to inspire people’s minds every day with my work. I am passionate about helping small businesses get discovered and gain recognition through my designs and photographs. As an organized and highly creative individual, I love to create awesome designs for the company and love to work in a fast paced environment.

Close up of an eye with saran wrap and red makeup.

Mina Takkaci

I am a Media Communications student at Humber who fell in love with content creation. My love for both dance and media industries has grown stronger through my exploration of how art, perspective and feelings can be channeled into content creation. Together, the powers of content creation and storytelling has a great impact on my work and society as a whole.

A side profile of a woman with golden sunlight on her hair.

Sanjeev T

A creative individual with the skills of being a team player, problem-solving, critical thinking, and leading ready to innovate. Who is passionate about Photography, Graphic design, UI/UX and Web design ready to work and strive in any environment to get the best experience possible.

Woman holding makeup brush close to face.

Naomi Tullo

Storytelling through photography and video is my passion. I love being creative and want to use my talents to make the world a better place. I'm skilled in Adobe software and social media content creation.

Three images of a snowmobile engine detail and one snowmobile rider in a snow suit.

Stefanie von Thelen Newton

Stefanie is a contemporary-retro womenswear designer, from Keswick, Ontario. She has always been interested in art and design, however it was not until taking a sewing class, that she truly found her passion. Stefanie is the designer and founder of the fashion brand Apricari. Working with bold colours and patterns, she aims to create a brand that bursts with positivity. Stefanie attended the Toronto Film School and studied fashion design, receiving top honours. Handpicked by her design instructor, Stefanie competed with a team at the Creativ Festival: Project Creativ Catwalk competition. She has also interned at PYA Importer, working with the design team for brands LINE Knitwear and John + Jenn. Her second passion lies in photography, videography, and graphic design. She has worked on several independent film projects, and is currently a graphic designer, at a printing business in her hometown.

Square brown logo on brown background.

Huong Vu

Huong Vu is an experienced visual advertiser who combines photography, videography, and designing to create creative and technical elements. Driven by her own styles, she takes pride in providing the best creative work in the fields possible. For her future career, her goals oriented as an Art Director and a Content Creator in the media industry.

A side portrait of a man’s face looking into the light and silhouetted against a black background.

Jhennel Young

I am a meticulous Media Communications undergraduate who possesses a diverse range of marketable skills such as videography, web design and writing, social media, photography, and graphic design. As a visual storyteller, I can bring conceptions to life effectively, applicable across multiple platforms using current industry-standard software such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. However, I hope to pursue a career in video production, video editing or multimedia design.

A logo line drawing of a face with a red light where the right eye should be

Lauchlin Yurchuk

I am the eccentric type, I like doing things my own way. My specialties include photography, video editing, I also dabble a bit in web-design. On the side, I do my fair bit of writing as well. I enjoy taking pictures of wildlife when I happen to have my camera with me.

Exterior lamp posts shot looking up and framed against a cloudy sky backdrop.

Bohan Zhang

I am drawn to telling stories with photographs, I am proficient with a wide range of professional cameras, lighting gear and lenses. I have taken several courses in photo editing and I am proficient with Adobe CC. I am always learning and willing to try anything.